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    Saturday, January 1st, 2005
    1:47 pm
    New years Resoultions
    To be broken approximately 3 days from, really.

    Resolutions are in no particular order:

    1) Eat better food. Less red meat, more veggies. Cut back on sweets and starches. Eat more whole grains.
    2) Lose (via #1) weight. Ideally 70 #, realistically 40#.
    3) Move my arse more to accomplish #2.
    4) Have office cleaned by Feb 1. I swear.
    5) Attempt to look like a girl every day rather than the bulldyke I am. Do hair and makeup daily.
    6) Complete projects on time or early.
    7) Update both online journals regularly.
    8) Drink more wine! (Because, thats one I will enjoy)
    9) Read more books
    10) Save at least 20$ per paycheck for savings acct.
    11) Pay off all credit cards
    12) Find a way to keep wife from spending money without seeming like a biatch.

    I am sure there are more, but its time to open the doors to the BLC!
    Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
    12:49 pm
    Kerry conceded.

    Which, if I really think about it, was the totally right thing to do. W won the popular vote. Do I think some people who wanted to vote didnt get to? Probably, but it was probably some W supporters too. Do I think some people who could have changed this didnt get off their butts to vote? You bet.

    At this point, I can only hope that somewhere in that tiny brain, W gets that his actions of the past 4 years have torn this country in two. I just hope he realizes this and doesnt do it again.

    That said, I am poised to move if need be.

    Mostly I am mad that stupid Mitch is governor.
    Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
    4:45 pm
    Meme from Clur
    The \\
    Last Cigarette:LIke...2 years ago?
    Last Alcoholic Drink:Glass of wine on Sunday
    Last Car Ride:Does driving to work count?
    Last Kiss:UGH! Its been 2 weeks (wife has cold sores)
    Last Good Cry:About a month ago (at the wedding)
    Last Library Book:all I get are kids books...
    Last book bought:"Tell me again about the night I was born" for a friend
    Last Book Read:Patricia Cornwell, "Unatural Exposure"
    Last Movie Seen in Theatres:Catwoman (Hangs head in shame)
    Last Movie Rented:Latter Days...RENT THIS MOVIE!
    Last Cuss Word Uttered:LIkely an F bomb...dont remember when.
    Last Beverage Drank:Water at lunch...and I am parched.
    Last Food Consumed:MMmm Mc Flurry
    Last Crush:real person: my wife celebrity: Angelina...always...
    Last Phone Call:Beth called me like 2 minutes ago
    Last TV Show Watched:The today show
    Last Time Showered:This AM...not that gross
    Last Shoes Worn:Same ones I have on now
    Last CD Played:Boy From Oz
    Last Item Bought:Fabric last night to make a bebe blanket
    Last Download:some stupid update
    Last Annoyance:the stupid update? No...probably something a republican said
    Last Disappointment:um...nope, its TMI
    Last Soda Drank:Diet Coke, like 2 days ago
    Last Thing Written:my blog update
    Last Key Used:to get back in my office after the fire drill
    Last Words Spoken:Hey David
    Last Sleep:last night
    Last Ice Cream Eaten:Mc Flurry! Oreo...
    Last Chair Sat In:The one I am in now
    Last Webpage Visited:This one!

    4:31 pm
    Blahg (Xposted at LJ)
    I have sleepy mouth.

    Things I did today:

    Late for President's coffee. Missed yet another in a series of attempts to get me to switch banks. I like my bank. It likes me. I am NOT switching.

    Had a fire drill, with visitors present. Interesting. More grumblers than last year. Wanted to smack them. It was at least a nice sunny day out. Could be worse...could be raining.

    Have the overwhelming urge to nap on my keyboard. I dont know why. But I have sleepy mouth on top of everything.

    Ordered about $1000 in uniforms today. Woot. Got me a hot pink lab coat!!

    News and thoughts:

    Watched the debate last night. Eh. I really thought it was a draw. Edwards is really still a lawyer (and kind of a sleazy one last night) and I dont buy the whole "I'm a sweet southern boy so love me." Because I work with one of those (and you all know who it is), and he is an arse. He really was harping too much on the "we dont support gay marriage" thing. Which I get, since they are trying to get moderate voters to come on over to the dark side, but still...annoying. He was smug and smarmy, and I was bothered by him. Which is unfortunate, because I liked him in the primary debates.

    Cheney was Cheney, what can you say, really. He did a good job of making his points, but I dont agree with any of them. I think Dick Cheney is a good politician, and a good speaker, and I think he does a far better job than his assclown of a boss, but I dont agree with his ideology, and I think he has missed the boat on what America needs.

    My sister keeps talking about how she is boycotting KFC for PETA. Now first off, this die hard liberal cant STAND Peta. UGH. I am annoyed by veggies who try to impose their life on me. You dont wanna eat meat and wear fur, fine. Cool. Rock on. But dont stop me from having my rack of ribs or wearing a fabu mink stole, dammit! Anywho, sister claims that "her friend" (read: I dont remember who) told her that KFC was "genetically engineering chickens with no wings and no beaks." "How cruel!" She cried. And I hit her on the damn head.

    Ok People, dont be as stupid as the government thinks you are! Geneticially engineered to be born with no beaks. do they get food to grow big enough to be those AWESOME juicy chicken breasts I love so much? SMACK! Thats for being an idiot.

    Yeah, KFC kills chickens. (Rather, their suppliers kill chickens and send them to be KFC. KFC just supplies the herbs and spices.) Personally, I find eating chicken while its alive much harder. But cheese and rice people, genetic monster chicken with no wings? WHAT?? Christ.


    Back on the "Science...Baaaaaaad" track...

    Found this site:,1284,65066,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_4

    Apparently some guy has decided that he needs to put God on the phylogenic tree of life. WTF? I just...Jesus.


    And back to Republicans....

    Apparently this arse in SC has decided that gays and single mothers shouldnt be allowed to teach. HUH???? Can someone, anyone explain Republicans to me? They dont want you to abort babies, but they sure dont want you to be a single mom. They dont want gays to marry, but do they want you to sleep around? They keep talking about how they want to keep the federal government out of our lives but then they try to amend the Constitution, and legislate more morality than I can STAND!!! UGH. OK...seriously, annoyed.


    Fun site of the day:

    Anyone have any thoughts on a good freeware graphics program for making icons? And, can you use icons on blurty? Cuz...I have a BILLION!
    Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
    3:59 pm
    Remember whenever I got married? Hee.

    I have a Hee-yoooge headache. I hate coming back to work. Urgh.

    OK, gotta go make the man sign some papers. And take some pictures for powerpoints. Yay.
    Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
    6:55 am
    Somebodys getting married!!!
    And thats me!!! WOOT!

    OK, a quick update, since there are like, 2 people who read this.

    1) I am getting married on SATURDAY!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I am a wreck.

    2) OK, so I heard this thing on the radio that makes me AGAIN hate George Bush (heretofore known as the ass clown). The frickin Patriot Act/Homeland Security Act (read: "To hell with the Constitution") has some kind of clause in it that says we have to track all foreign born students who come here to go to college. OK, so Marta from Denmark or whatever, now has to be tracked while she studies Marine Biology or some crap. Does this make sense to ANYONE?? I am not saying only do this with Arab countries, no no. I am saying DONT DO IT AT ALL!!!!! This is so fricking awful! Basically, it will cost over 40 Billion (thats BILLION) annually to do this, and of course we all know that government and university employees arent overworked, so surely no one will fall through the cracks. They are now charging the kids that come here an extra $100 per semester to offset the cost. But STILL!! OH I mean, this is re-damn-diculous.

    3) Apparently my lack of focus has triggered mycreativity. I have written or started 3 programs in the past 2 days. What? Yah, crazy.

    4) A certain Chris (NOT his real name) is driving me crazy. Had the nerve to yell at M in our meeting yesterday. The rest of us were HUGELY uncomfy. So, I told him it was best left to another day. I really really dislike him. Really. He can stay in his little dome and I will remain here in my tower and if we dont meet, so much the better.

    5) Everyone (well, Claire and Rashida) pray to whatever deity you choose that this hurricane doesnt ruin my honeymoon. Urgh.

    OK, its like 7 am and I am at work, huh? But anywho, I gotta go do some work.....since I am LEAVING AT 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Current Mood: crazy
    Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
    1:55 pm
    New Journal, new place
    OK, so I am coming over from ::gasp:: LJ. Yeah, still have an LJ, but its more for fan fic and stuff. This will be my online journal for real. YEAH!!

    Um, yeah thats it. Gonna go friend shidabee since she brought me over here. And here I thought I was the only dork at TCM with a bloggity blog. Rock.