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Thursday, July 10th, 2003

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    AwWw ... My "KiSkA"
    If I could howl like a wolf just to Express how I feel lately, I WOULD !!!

    ... LOL !!!

    This "KiSkA" really takes my breath away !!!
    What in the hell A Super-GoodLooking-Model with the BRAiN, and the FIGURE ... Could possible crazy about ME ???!!!
    *So okay ... he must have drunk* --- That's what I thought that time until for some times later on.
    Then after I tried to "avoid" him ALOT for at least a month, he just didn't change his mind about wanna be with me ... *so I thought he must not only drunk - but crazy too!*
    Am not the kinda woman that soOoOoOo ... impressed with the glamourous-model Life thingy...
    Besides, I've had enough knowing how most models are on women ... LOL
    ... But he's so different with the Intelligent he got ... All I see was A Great-Combo ... *giggles*

    Well that was then --- the sweet January`2003 ...
    So then I decided to say the "magic" word ... the I.L.Y., on February`14th`2003 ...
    I know it's kinda "Late" for him to hear that in return, compare to him that had been showering me with his words since he met me first time... LOL...

    This Light-Brown-Haired Man, 5'11" tall, muscles wrap his white silky skin, with his pretty Hazel-eyes captured me completely, with his confidence, determination, faithfullness, loyalty, Affections, ... after so many arguments and the escapes of mine from being "afraid" to deal with A Model.
    I was just trying to saved my heart from getting hurt again ...
    But then again, he conquered this miss Icy-Cold ... after being alone and refused any new relationships for couple years... LOL

    And it's just sounds like a Fairy-Tale, YES I know !
    He's too beautiful to have somebody Like ME!
    Even I showed his pictures to some friends of mine, and one of them even said "OMG !!! ... I dropped my pants while I looked your Man's pictures!!!" ... LOL !!!
    She's so silly ... but she's so right! ...
    He's just like A Doll ... The Dream-Prince ...
    --- And he's All MINE !!! ---

    "KiSkA" ... actually it's the way he calls me ... which means "Kitty CAT" in his Language... So cute!
    But now, we calling each other with "KiSkA" ... cos it's HiM that got the Cat-Eyes ... LOL

    ... I Love You Too, KiSkA ...

    Current Mood: loved

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