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I found your picture today, I swear I'll change my ways... [23 Aug 2003|11:59am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | "Picture" - Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow ]

Hey there. I'm Shelli Lynne White, or just Shelli. Some of you might not know who I am, but the rest of you might. I'm Ashley Angel's ex-girlfriend. I'm sure if you watched the Making The Band, you saw more of me then most of you wanted to. I was portrayed as a selfless bitch who wanted Ashley to not follow his dream, which is not me. I loved him and wanted him to have everything he had dreamed of. Everyone has their bad moments though, and those were shown a lot.

I'm 24. Don't hate me cause I'm old. *Laughs* I'm very single. I havn't really had a serious relationship since me and Ashley ended things. I mean, sure I've dated a few guys here and there, had a few hook-ups, and been in some short term relationships, but nothing worth while. I recently started doing makeup for the boy band, Natural. I love to have fun, dance, party, and travel. I can be serious at times, but I like to be goofy, a lot.

shyt its SHELLI is the AIM. Use it, mmk? I hope to see you all soon.


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