11:04pm 22/02/2003
  You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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hehe ;]   
10:55pm 22/02/2003
mood: tired

Romantic movie! You probably won't star in a porno
anytime soon. You seem to be really into the
whole "love" thing...romantic sex
with perfumed sheets and candles all over the
place. You're probably a hopeless romantic. You
value sex and respect your partner too much to
do anything like porn. AWWWWWW! <3

What kind of porno would you star in?
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i am siamese if you pleasee   
09:38pm 22/02/2003
mood: blah

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09:30pm 22/02/2003
  X-tina Ass
You are X-tina's Ass. Bring on the sex!

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ohh myy goossh   
09:01pm 22/02/2003
mood: annoyed
i so havent writtin in my journal for like ever cuz lets juz face it.. my life isnt all that hm yeah I juz took this lil quiz and it said i was a "hug from behind" awwww isnt that the cutest thing u ever seen?! i love that shit and its so so tru .. omg ask but yeah so whordie said she would help me with my blurty so it could look cool as shit cuz obviously i dont have those skills.. naw mean? but yeah if she reads this then HELP ME cuz you kno im desperate. right? yyeaah .. ok so anywayz wut else? I went to the mall the other day and got dis cute purse and a hoodie.. its hella cute. omg valentines. awww that was like last week but um yeah omg my baby arthur got me deez cute bears. .. aww there like family. S0 cute!.. yesterday I was on the school bus hm yeah cuz I dont have my license yet and thing commercial on the radio came on.. ok so lemme sing it to you. i dont kno all the words but it goes like this " its.. shit i forgot.. lemme think .. .. yeah well fuck it. i juz had a mind blank. I hate it when that wuuutt ellseee... yeah i dont have anything else to say so ima outtie. lol HOOLLLAAAA
08:54pm 22/02/2003
mood: sleepy
hug from behind
hug from behind - you like to feel what the other
person is feeling and see things how they see
them. you tend to be serious and emotional.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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so long   
05:53pm 08/02/2003
mood: cheerful
music: musiq -dont chage
omg.. i havent writtin in so long. I dont even remember when the last time i wrote was. but yeah - nuthin exciting as happend. me ave been going out for 12 days. lol everything is straight. umm valentines is friday and he gave mea hint bout wut he was gunna get me and he said it started with an N so im guessin its a necklace! omg i cant wait. im gunna be soo but yeah wut else.. I had to baby sit lastnight. this little girl was 3 years old and she has the biggest brown eyes. she was soo sweet but she cried when she didnt get what she want but oh well.. and she was so soft!! awww omg cute cute but yeah i dont kno wut else. I got a Con my geometry test. OMG I was SO HAPPY! ive never gotten a C on any math test, i ws 2 points away from a B. yall dont even understand how frickin happy i was. but yeh im done. ho.lla peoples
haha underwear luvver.   
06:06pm 28/01/2003
07:51pm 25/01/2003
mood: bouncy
OMG.. I havent wrote in here for 5 days! omg can u believe it? not a lot has gone on... my good friend that i havent seen in 3 whole years has a birthday tomorrow! i was post to go out wit her fri but it was so so cold outside so we changed our minds and i didnt get to see her! omg i was so bummed out
!! i cant wait to see her! OMG arthur asked me out on friday. hehe hes soo cute and he was so shy when he was doin it. it was the cutest thing. lala omg :) im not even allowed to go out wit him cuz his race and my rents would freak out but i dont care cuz hes juz the greatest thing ever and yeah u do wut u gotta do. :) umm wut else!! nuthin else.. yeah i dont kno so i guess im out. holla at yall later peepz! dawwwn
hey hey   
09:25pm 20/01/2003
mood: blah
music: scary fear factor music.
lalala hey yall... today is um monday for those of you who didnt kno. yeah i thought it was sunday.. haha arent i crazy well yeah wutever. ok so i have sumbody makin me an icon. i hope it comes out cute . im real today i didnt do much. i made plans for fri. me and friends i havent seen in 3 years are goin out. yayaya im pretty excited! were goin to city walk. thats a place in orlando for those of you who didnt kno. but yeah .. omg im watchin fear factor and this people are having bees put on them and there all in there ears and hair and stuff. omg id be SCREAMIN.but yeah this weekend was kinda shitty. I was post to go out lastnight but that didnt go how i wanted it but its wutever. gotta go shower.. holla back!! Dawn
cankles ; fankles & farms. lmao   
11:15pm 17/01/2003
mood: silly
music: Avril Lavigne *im with you*
CANKLES ; FANKLES & FARMS!! haha yeah thats me and J0rdans inside joke bout this kid. lmao cankles=no ankles and no calves. they connect so CANKLES!! Fankles= fat ankles! lmao and farms= fat arms. muhahaha ok so enuff of that. today was an aight today. omg it was so cold!! ahh so i walked out the door this morn and my oak ridge shirt and jeans and sflip flops cuz it wasnt even that bad and then people kept tellin me it was gunna get colder during the day cuz it was post to rain or wutever. ok well by the time 1st period was over.. i walked out to go to my next class and that junk was cold!!1 omg and i was freezing and no one is nice enuff to donate there sweaters! not even my babes arthur. but shit if i hadnt done my laundry and i had sumtin messed up then i would be tryin to cover that junk up wit a sweater too.lolololol yeah ok so wut else? I was post to go to kelsey's tonight but like i didnt cuz i was sleepin and on friday nights.. sleep is the most important thing to me. but im goin out wit her,khiem,and arthur on sunday. were goin to the movies since we dont have school on monday!! woo hoo!! yay im so excited!! hehehe :) but yeah ok so wut else?? yeah I dont kno. I did my vocab for english 3. I copy and pasted that shit off the AOL dictionary and printed that junk out. omg that was great cuz I didnt even have to write any of that shit yall wish u could do im jp! ok yeah so Im done for now. holla back biee love dawniee xoxo *muahz*
sum thingz bout moi   
07:10pm 16/01/2003
mood: giggly
music: *ja rule* - rock star
[[name: dawn elizabeth ......
[[age: 17 years old!!
[[sex: bra and panties
[[place: orlando florida. hollaa
[[school: oak ridge high school
[[hobz: chillin,sleepin,hangin out wit friends,partyin. [etc]
[[occu: student :) sga [sumtimes] heh!!
[[lykes: boys,pastel colors,nail polish,ja rule!!, jewlery,my friends,msuic,movies *etc*
[[hatez: ignorant people,haterz,playerz,stuck up bitchez and lots more.

dawn xoxo ;]
*.bad boy poem.*   
07:05pm 16/01/2003
mood: ditzy
music: *slide* -goo goo dolls- sweet & innocent
*.bad boy.*

I don't know what it is about that bad boy style
all I know is it drives me wild
every time I see you ,I can't help but smile
all the cute and thuggish things u do
make me wanna stay with u awhile
so you better hurry up and take ur pick
cuz u just might be missing out on one bad lil' chick!

dawn xoxo ;]
02:55pm 16/01/2003
mood: drained
music: *ja rule* - the pledge remix sweet & innocent
arial hey peepz. sup sup? chillllin. so today was aight. this girl omg so heres the story
its mad crazy but ok so me and my friend michelle were in the line at lunch but my baby
was way ahead of us and i wanted to go chill wit him up there so we cut a bunch of people
and then my friend michelle slipped by cuz the girl is little as hell and she was up there and then
so i was tryin and this big ass football playin lookin girl wanna block me. so she bumped me wit her
ass and i went hittin dis other girl and i was like omg omg i am soo and then i tried again and
again cuz yeah u kno u do wut u gotta so she smashes me against the door and like sufficates me
and i cant move and i cant breathe and i was turnin all red. lol it was so funny. but the girl is my
friend biut if u saw us then ud kno cuz like im small and shes like 5'10 and 200 and sumtin pounds.
shit is crazy so yeah it was rough ;( i was hurt man. u dont even on the way home me and
j0rdan were talkin and i was like dominic has no ankles! HE HAS CANKLES!! calves that connect wit the ankles
you kno wut im sayin but yeah? i was laughin sooo ahahaha ok well thats all for now folks. HOLLA BACK!
06:49pm 15/01/2003
mood: irritated
music: ja rule *thug luvin*
hi peoples. my goshie. hmm todaii. today was aiight .kinda boring . by guy told me to be quiet cuz he said..i was bein loud but how else are you supossed to be when u got a linebacker chick that keeps steppin on your WHITE SHOES and she wanna keep bumpin you.? i dont kno how else to react to that. lol but yeah anywayz .tonight i had a cuban sandwhich. ive been on this kick wherei have to have those all the time but shit. there like the best thing ever, I LUB THEM!! but yeah my mom said id get over it but no i dont think so. I dont even WANT TO.!! LOL umm wut else? my geometry teacher wouldnt gimmie my quiz
back today even tho i asked and asked! i so0 wanted to kno cuz i studied and i wanted to make sure it wasnt a
BIG FAT F!! like always cuz im an F student in math. yeah that class sucks ass. haha but yeaah so today when i got
off the bus.. yeah the school bus cuz i dont have my license yet. hm yeah it sucks .lol {i would kno} but this kid named
dominic is like satin. the kid goes out of his way to fuck with you and everybody hates him and like u could juz be sittin there
and hes bust out with "BITCH!!" "SHUT UP DAWN!" I juz wanna shoot him in his head. yall dont even understand. and i dont
kno how anyone puts up with him cuz i juz wanna fuck his ass up.but yeah im done wit all this junk cuz i know yall be bored right? lol yeah aight yall. holllaaa
love . dawn
10:30pm 14/01/2003
mood: bored
music: [ mesmorize] JA RULE BABY!!
ok i got bored again right? well no cuz im talkin
to my baby arthur but yeah i was lookin thru other
peoples journals and there all better then mine *cries*
yeah so if anyone has advice on how i hook up this shit
up then yeah holla at ya girl. peace out yall. dawniiee ;]
first entry   
09:36pm 14/01/2003
mood: happy
hola kiddies. haha ima kiddie to but u kno it sounded cute. this is my first little internet journal, might ot be the hit of the party (other journals) but its all gooood. anywayz yeah i guess ima make this junk a daily thing. seems kinda fun. lol yeah but first off. lemme juz say. this boy arthur is such a dawnstah
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