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Monday, February 2nd, 2004

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    7th Sea
    Received the following request:

    More Than Bob: well, if you know anyone interested in making that 7th Sea community
    More Than Bob: lemme know
    Russell: I can give people your contact number if you like - they'll probably want more specifics though; "making that 7th Sea community"? what community?
    More Than Bob: like a coordinated 'theah' of sorts
    More Than Bob: different RP groups within the same Theah
    Russell: Oh. I'm not sure I see any advantage to that relative to having them in different Theahs, but I'll pass on the word.
    More Than Bob: I think it'd be fun, and perhaps premoting the game a bit more in the online rpg world =P

    The 7th Sea fans I know are pretty much all on my blurty friends list and vice versa, so this seems the handiest way to pass on the word ^.^ If interested, contact More Than Bob at 10852891.

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