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Shock! [14 Jan 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

This is shocking and suprising. Not only is this model beautiful (edit: I meant that I think she's HOTTT) but she is also HALF chinese and TOTALLY doesn't look it. She is truthfully a genetic rarity. 99.5& of people who are specifically half chinese/japanese/and korean (the asian races with the most dominant/strongest genes) do not come out this ultra pale, with light blonde hair, bright blue eyes, european nose, and tall body.

I don't believe she's half, maybe she's a quarter or maybe 1/5 chinese.

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subject. [14 Jan 2004|06:11pm]
I can't believe this. My beautiful, long journal entry just went to cold, hard, waste.

FUCK YOU BLURTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's interesting because in my entry I mentioned how I needed to get another journal because of Blurty's defectiveness and there you go, it screws up my entry and decides to not update it, therefore deleting it.
I also posted the question about how if anyone out there who has an online journal could teach me how to fix the amount of entries that are posted on a page. Because it's the same for all journals seeing that they follow the same protocol. I also begged for a journal code somewhere else seeing that I'm so unhappy here in Blurty land. HAHAHA.

Then I spoke about how the world has turned upside down because I've been home the past 2 days. Then called myself a loser for always being online in the morning and into the early afternoon. Then I talked about how it's actually been nice to stay home for a change seeing that my sister isn't home, the living room has been nicely decorated, my parents are off my back, and I've been watching t.v. with Jasmine on my lap while eating crackers. How's that for you?

You know... some of you have pointed this out, and it's very true. I ignore Jasper (my other cat, if in case you don't know LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!). It's all about Jasmine =)

Then I mentioned how I feel Gross because I haven't cut my nails, shaved my legs, or had a haircut.

Hope I re-capped my entry well.
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*cries tears of blood* [09 Jan 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | I'm UPSET! ]
[ music | SHuT UP! ]

I was looking through my old journal and wanted to cry. My new journal is so ugly... I can't stand it anymore. I'm SO MAD. *sniff* I want a pretty journal again. WAHHHHHH

I will make it look nice... come this weekend. I'm too lazy now. All i will do... is avoid it.

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Genetics! [08 Jan 2004|11:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Malice Mizer- Le ciel ]

Today I learned Basic Genetics. LOL. Here we go:

When learning basic genetics, you get a very narrow picture of how things are inherited. Like for instance, if we are talking eyes and hair, there are more than two alleles (dominant and recessive) that control these features. Furthermore, many times, these genes work together or have co-dominance. In advanced genetics, I learned that though geneticists haven't completely figured it out, there are at least five or six genes that control eye color. A person that has really light blue eyes would have something like aabbccddee and a person with black or dark brown eyes would have something like AABBCCDDEE. A person with hazel/green eyes has AaBbCcDdEe and could be the child od one person with light blue eyes and another with dark brown eyes. There are of course other more complex variations of this, but this is basic.

So let's pretend...
Your mother has medium blue eyes : AABBccddee

Your father has dark brown eyes: AABbCCDDEE.

Your genes could be:

1. AABBCCDDEE (dark brown)

2. AABbCCDDEE (dark brown)

3. AABBCCDDEe (dark brown)

4. AABbCCDDEe (dark to medium brown)

5. AABBCCDdEE (dark brown)

6. AABBCCDdEe (dark to medium drown)

7. AABbCCDdEE (dark to medium brown)

8. AABbCCDdEe (medium to light brown)

9. AABBCcDDEE (dark brown)

10. AABBCcDdEE (dark to medium brown)

11. AABBCcDdEe (medium to light brown)

12. AABBCcDDEe (dark to medium brown)

13. AABbCcDDEE (dark to medium brown)

14. AABbCcDdEE (medium to light brown)

15. AABbCcDDEe (medium to light brown)

16. AABbCcDdEe (light brown - hazel)

The child can get any of those combos and the lightest the child's eyes will be is hazel. There are other more complex factors which is why eye color cannot be exactly determined by the genes (hence the spectrum given behind the genes) and geneticists are unsure how true green or yellow is formed. If given to probability, this child will most likely have dark brown to medium brown eyes. There are about 20 different combinations (5 genes times 4 [2 alleles from the mother, 2 alleles from the father]) of the mother's and father's eye genes that this child can get, but since the mother and the father are the same in the A gene (both AA), I didn't make more combinations than needed.

So... I'm AaBbCcDdEe. =D So what are you, my dear reader? =) I remember some of what I learned in bio... which was like, 3 or 4 years ago? LOL. About how yes, Height wise the tall height genes are more dominant than that of short height genes. How Dark brown is dominant while blue and green are recessive. How dark hair is dominant and pale hair is recessive, etc. I think genetics are so fucking interesting. Maybe I shall think about putting my future along that pathway =D It's so exciting

Everything I stated which is italicized, I learned from a fellow Eurasian. There was a question on the forum about genes and the probability of things. Most Hapas on that site have dark brown to medium brown eyes and dark hair though. It's interesting how that pretty much makes it obvious how those traits are so dominant.

I sometimes feel like a loser being in there while only being 1/5 asian. But 1/5 is much more than 1/18. Some chick is on there while being 1/18 english. if you ask me, once you get into double digits - then it doesnt really count anymore. It is probably already out of the gene pool.

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Gotten bored, so what else is there to do? [31 Dec 2003|09:40pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence ]

-:|:- Layer 1-:|:-
- Name: Daniel
- Birthdate: 11/05/85
- Birthplace: Riverside
- Current Location: Corona
- Eye Color: There is a debate about this. I call them hazel, but others say green. I suppose many hazel eyed people get this especially if they have the same thing I have where their inner iris is hazel yet the outer layer is green. I still say just hazel/green
- Hair Color: Brown
- Height: 5'11"
- Right-handed or Left-handed: Both. Haha
- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

-:|:- Layer 2 -:|:-
- Your heritage: Egyptian, Russian, Mongolian. After much speculation, I found out that I too am a hapa. Go me! Self-revelation! I'm so proud *sparkly eyes*
- The shoes you wore today: My kick ass commando boots. Say hello to a 6'2' Daniel. =) hahaha
- Your weakness: superstitions, pretty boys, sexual compensations >=) MUAHAHA!
- Your fears: Being lied to, being rejected, being backstabbed
- Your perfect pizza: Cheese only - for me.
- Goal you'd like to achieve: I want men to have to stand in line in order to be with me.

-:|:- Layer 3 -:|:-
- Your most overused phrase on AIM: I never notice... I'm not on it that often now adays
- Your thoughts first waking up: "How do I look?" (vanity... gets the best of me)
- Your best physical feature: My facial skin. I'm too goddamn proud of it's flawlessness. Aside from the little scar I got recentally.
- Your bedtime: lately it's been around 2:00 am
- Your most missed memory: I have one? Done too much stuff to myself that my memory has gone haywire

-:|:- Layer 4 -:|:-
- Pepsi or Coke: don't disgust me with that dehydrating, sodium-infested crap.
- McDonald's or Burger King: Do you want my perfect skin to form blemishes?? My mother brought me home one of those breakfast bagel things about a month ago and I didn't want it so I gave it to Jasmine in her kitty bowl and when I unwrapped it a whole fucking mess of oil and cholesterol came out like a fucking faucet. As you may imagine, I decided against giving her that and gave it to my lame sister. She liked it... hAHAHAH
- Single or group dates: single of course, I don't like orgies.
- Adidas or Nike: overrated media brands. Go away.
- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: For some reason I'm not a fan of lipton ice tea
- Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
- Cappuccino or coffee: neither... at least thats my opinion at the moment. I can either love this sort of shit or hate it (coffee based products)

-:|:- Layer 5 -:|:-
- Smoke: yes
- Cuss: all the time
- Sing: yeah
- Take a shower everyday: yes
- Have a crush(es): no
- Do you think you've been in love: yes
- Want to go to college: I'm in college.
- Like High School: I'm a graduate.
- Want to get married: I suppose so.
- Believe in yourself: Yes
- Get motion sickness: no, lol.
- Think you're attractive: yes, lol.
- Think you're a health freak: yes.
- Get along with your parents: no
- Like thunderstorms: yes
- Play an instrument: Do maracas count? HAHAH No, jk. Yeah, the bass, trumpet, and loads of other shit.

-:|:-Layer 6: In the past month...-:|:-
- Drank alcohol: yes
- Smoked: yes
- Done a drug: yes
- Had Sex: yes.
- Made Out: yes.
- Gone on a date: No.
- Gone to the mall?: No
- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: no, actually. But I did at some point in the past 3 months
- Eaten sushi: yes
- Been on stage: No
- Gone skating: No
- Made homemade cookies: no, but I ate some.
- Gone skinny dipping: no
- Dyed your hair: no
- Stolen anything: HAHAHAHA

-:|:-Layer 7: Ever..-:|:-
- Played a game that required removal of clothing: no
- If so, was it mixed company: ?
- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yes
- Been caught "doing something": ..........yes.
- Been called a tease: yes
- Gotten beaten up: Now let me tell YOU... lol. Course not. Who would want to hit me? I haven't done SHiet *shakes head innocently*
- Shoplifted: no... but I shopped. Specifically for cat food.
- Changed who you were to fit in: No... If I'm going on a downward spiral that is my problem, and my hormonal imbalance.

-:|:- Layer 8 -:|:-
- Age you hoping to be married: some day.
- Numbers and Names of Children: Let me think of them first
- Describe your dream wedding: In Alcapulco with a hot boy... or maybe girl. Who knows, life is ever changing.
- How do you want to die: never. I'm the immortal Squibee.
- Where you want to go to college: I haven't a choice anymore. I want to stay here, I'm too lazy to change schools.
- What do you want to be when you grow up: I've decided to .......
- What country would you most like to visit: Spain, Russia, Italy !! Maybe even Japan.. hm... nahhh.

-:|:- Layer 9 -:|:-
In a guy/girl..
- Best eye color? blue, hazel, or BRIGHT green. I hate dull greens... or lame greens...
- Best hair color? black, dark brown
- Short or long hair: short and spiked
- Height: tall, I don't want no pygmy.
- Best weight: 130-170lbs. is acceptable
- Best articles of clothing: black tanks on a nice body
- Best first date location: Don't ask me now because I'll either give a bull shitty answer, or never answer and make a long sentence as I have just now.
- Best first kiss location: hAHAHHAHAHA bed?

-:|:- LAYER TEN -:|:-
- Number of drugs taken illegally: wait... do I count up the types or how many times I've done it?
- Number of people I could trust with my life: .....
- Number of CDs that I own: I'd say 50 or so
- Number of piercings: proud owner of 5 piercings. I'm still sort of raw, but it's cool. I'm still beautiful.
- Number of tattoos: none as of yet
- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: I don't think I ever have had my name in there
- Number of scars on my body: I have a lot actually
- Number of things in my past that I regret: hahahha so many things

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kick it [06 Dec 2003|09:40pm]
[ mood | curious ]

"HARDCORE/OI": To you, punk is about
being 'different' and not conforming, and not
submitting to the will of those bastards at
ClearChannel (good for you!)
Bands: NOFX, Bad Religion, The Offspring,
Screeching Weasel, The Living End, The Ataris,
AFI, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid,
The Tossers, The Eyeliners, Madcap, Minor
Threat, The Dismemberment Plan, Secret Agent
Bills, Oxymoron, The Ducky Boys, Sleater-Kinney

Which Punk Subgenre Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

The offspring? Ugh, no. That's not punk. I don't know why I took this quiz... I'm like, the type you can't stuff into any category. I'm too... complex in mixture. HAHAH Also, isn't the guy in that picture just about the ugliest fuck ever? WOW.

Traveling circus monkeys circle in my head. Yeah yeah.

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Keanu Reeves is HOT [30 Nov 2003|12:29am]
[ mood | amused ]

Since when did Tony Danza make an acting come back? Haha, he was hot when he was younger.... hehehe. But then again, so was Arnold. BAHAHAH. He was fucking hot in Conan the Barbarian, I think it was. Or maybe it was something else... YEAH it was a movie about a woman princess, so forget Conan. HEHEHAHAH, ok. So... he was hot in that one. I saw a commercial for a movie coming out with Jack Nicholson. That guy looks like mother-fucking shit. No more movies for him, please. I can not handle the wrinkliness that is his skin. Ewwiessss. But I saw Keanu Reeves in the commercial too. He plays a doctor in the movie. AHH he looks so hot!!!

Why am I ranting on about hot celebrities?

I don't know! But let me BE!

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