Merry Christmas!!   
01:31pm 25/12/2003
  Hey there, guys! Merry Christmas!! I got tons of gifts.. (i'll update later :-)) Today I'm going to my aunts.. and tomorrow morning I'm going shopping with the great Drew. Sooo I'll try to update later :-D

Here's a grand survey I took... take it aswell, hookers. (unless youre a guy??.. lol)

okay.. have a great Xmas. love yas!
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Merry Christmas.. EVE!   
07:51pm 24/12/2003
mood: excited
music: nothing!

Xmas eve! :-D

Went to Joes mom's tonight, and got more gifts from her than my actual grandma. lol I got this cool necklace from Joe's sister too.. It' sparkly and has an E for Erin.. yay.

Tomorrow morning is Christmas :-D and I'm excited. I think tonight in honor of the great holiday, I may just watch A Christmas Story since I wanted that movie sooo badly ;-D I think Drew is also coming over tonight.. hm, not sure. ??? who knows.. hey! he just got on!! weirddddd

Well i'm gonna go get my movie.. have a GREEEATT holiday, folks. I'll talk to ya the 26th!!
hahah deal with my surveys..   
08:05pm 23/12/2003
music: Blink 182 still.. :-)
ONE THING YOU'RE GRATEFUL FOR, TODAY. friends and family.. wait that's 2
DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM WEDDING. Idont know.. in the country or moutains
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE DOING WHEN YOU ARE 60? living.. does that count?
WHAT IS YOUR FIRST MEMORY? going to this cabin
MY FIRST HEARTBREAK HAPPENED WHEN: the whole billy thing 2 years ago :-(
WHAT'S YOUR WORST FLAW? built up anger..
WHAT DO YOU PLAN TO DO THIS SUMMER? get my license.. 6 months late
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW? Lost without you- Blink 182
Humor: ELF!
Romance: mehhh
Drama: Love and Basketball
Action: man i dont know
Horror: the IT.. you gotta love 1970s horror films.. lol

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DISNEY SONG? You've got a friend in me
YOUR TYPICAL SLEEPWEAR: t-shirt and pj pants
WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG? chapstick, lotsa quarters, IBuprofen, pen, paper with people's #'s, and lotion
WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF IN YOUR LIFE? being number one on the XC team as an underclassmen
HOW WAS YOUR SENIOR PROM? since i've been to it and all
TELL US ABOUT ANY OF YOUR BIRTHDAYS. Last year, sucked. But the day after we had a huge superbowl parttaayy with the XC team :-p
1.a car
2. Dashboard Confessional tickets.. Chris is hottt
3. i dont know
4. o.o
5. leave me alone, you whore
WHAT IS YOUR DAILY BEFORE-GOING-TO-BED RITUAL? take meds, make sure winder is locked..
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES? white tennis shoes that i fall in love with..
WRITE A LINE FROM ANY SONG. Turnin to you is like falling in love when your 10

Have you ever...

Fallen for your best friend?: welcome to the wonderful world of Erin
Made out w/ JUST a friend?: was Jon my friend?
Been rejected?: yep
Been in love?: yep
Been in lust?: yep
Used someone?: poor Jason...
Been used?: yep, Jon wil pay
Cheated on someone?: yep
Been cheated on?: yep
Been kissed?: yep
Done something you regret?: yep
Who was the last person...

You talked to?: mom
You kissed?: Jason B for a peck.. Drew for teh great make out sessions.. :-/
You had sex with?:why is this question in every survey?
Who broke your heart?: Andrew
Who told you they loved you?: mom :-)
Do you...

Color your hair?: i have before
Have tattoos?: no
Have piercings?: my ears
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: nope
Own a thong?: yes
Ever get off the damn computer?: yeah i do
What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others?:eyes/smile
Would you marry for money?: never
Have you had braces?: nope
When was the last time you had a hickey?: like a couple weeks ago.. Drew did it as a joke.. ugh
Could you live without a computer?: yeah maybe but id go crazy out of boredom
What is your favorite place to visit?:I dont know
What is the last movie you saw?: uhh.. toy story 2
Do you kiss on the first date?: havent but i guess it depends
Do you drink alcohol?: no
Did you like or do you like high school?: maybe
Who do you want to kiss?: my dog
Do you think you can draw well?: yea, okay
Do you write poetry?: I write stuff.. not stories, not poems.. just stuff..
Which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?: emotional
Are you a sex addict?: no
How long is your hair?: bellybutton
Do looks matter?: yes and no
Do you trust others easily?: not anymore
What do you look for in a guy/girl?: stuff
What is your nickname?: Ernie
What are you worried about right now?: losing a best friend over something we worried about in March.
Do you think you are strong?: holy crap.. I benchmore than I weigh
What's your least favorite thing in the world?: heart breaks.. (thank god i only had 2)
What would you change about yourself?: lashing out on random people.
Christmas is a comin!   
07:42pm 23/12/2003
mood: cheerful
music: Blink 182~ feeling this
2 mo days! yeeeaa..!! Last night I opened up gifts from Drew, Jason, Chad, and Drew's mommie + step daddie. From sir Andy>> t-shirt with our pelican pic on it :-p and a new poster for my new room (i got him choc. covered pretzels, the grinch who stole xmas cartoon, a picture frame with the TOH, and i made a xmas cd)
From Jason>> a HUGE bag of gummi bears (the best gift so far ;-D), some bath wash, and a teddy bear. (I got him a lava lamp and a homeade cd)
From Chad>> a hug (I gave him a hug.. lol)
Mommie and step daddie>> $20 dollah gift certificate to the Mall (I got them a shexy candle.)

Today I opened up presents from my dad and step mom, and from Joe + Tristan.
From my dad + julie>> A Christmas Story, Without Limits (prefontaine movie.. my faaavorite runner :-D), a running shirt for the winter that hadda be like 60 dolla hollahs... and the one and only Blink 182 cd that I begged for.. oh and an ornament. (I cant member what I got them.. it was a while ago when I sent it to them in the mail)
From Joe>> 2 polo shirts, a bag, and polo pants.. dudes, i'm turning into a prep! ;-) nahhh.. (he hasnt opened his gifts yet.)
From Tristan>> A bracelet (I got him a Tonka truck)

And the other day I got a new watch from my mom. It's the coolest ;-) I also got some money for Xmas, but I had to pay people back, so I ended up with like $7 at the end. Then i spent that on Drew's chocolate covered pretzels, who by the way is trying really hard to earn some major brownie points.. lol. Keeps sending me emails with Christmas Smurfs and Mr. Potato head dressed up as Santa (my two favorite things..) And he brought me that apple..all the way from Lapeer. hmm.. we'll just have to see. I'm still rather upset with Mr. Sir andy.

Buttt friends.. i'm in the mood for some food at the moment in time.. pppeeeace out, brothas!!!
03:40pm 23/12/2003
mood: happy
music: DisMissed
Today I woke up with a cold. Fun. My nose is stuffed and I sound like a man.. lol. I went to Big Boy this morning with Joe, Paige, and Tristan. And guess what? With my very nice permit (rolls eyes..) I drove. Yea.. cool. When i'm sick, I crave APPLES!! Sooo.. the Drew... brought me an apple.. all the way from Lapeer. I think someone is trying to win some points back. hm. I'm watching DisMissed right now, and I keep sneezing. The girl on DisMissed sucks at singing btw. Not that you cared. I never hardly watch T.V.... I'm bored. Someone come get this girl and bring me to BRONNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kthx

well I'm outtie

adios blurty amigos.
My boring survey.   
12:04pm 23/12/2003
mood: bored
music: Rollie pollie ollie :-p
I am supposed to fill this out on someone I know best.. well ya'll know who that is.. (this doesnt mean I am his friend quite yet...><)

1. My First Name? Andrew

2. My Middle Name? Sean

3. My Last Name? Davidson

4. My Parents Name? Cassie and Jon (diane and bill are step parents)

5. My brothers/sisters names? Matt, Colin, Haleigh, Cierra, Ben

6. Do I have any pets? your bird (tweety I think??), and the dogs.. Zoe and Manard

7. My birthday? July 8

8. How old Am I? 16

9. What color is my hair? brown

10. What color are my eyes? almost blue/green/grey (depends, I guess)

11. Do I or have I ever worn contacts or glasses? Dude you have like better than 20/20 vision.. hah

12. Do I or have I ever had braces? You wear them!

13. What’s my favorite color? blue.. green.. uh.. I dont know o.o

14. What’s my favorite song? Well it changes frequently.. but your ALL time must be.. American pie??

15. What’s my favorite food? Sea food? Chinese food?? ahh...

16. Who is my favorite person? I would have to say.. Erin? lol or Jason

17. Who is my best friend? wellll.. me or Jason

18. Do I have a boyfriend/girlfriend? You did have a GREAT one.. lol.. but you couldnt handle her greatness ;-)

19. If so, whom? was me.. lol

20. How long have I been with them? uh, I think just under 7 months.. or was it 8? lemme count. SEVEN :-)

21. Do I love them? As a best friend :-D

22. Have I ever had sex? *cough*

23. What do you think I’ll be when I get out of school? Male stripper???! LOL, I mean lawyer or chef.

24. Am I nice? most of the time

25. Am I good looking? Better than most

26. Am I hot? not as hot as Jbiggs.. sorry but you dont come close :-p

27. Am I beautiful? we're all beautiful on the inside...

28. Am I ugly? not at all

29. Am I mean? at times

30. Am I rude? actually, youre one of the most polite friends I have

31. What would one word to describe my personality be? crazy :o)

32. What would one word to describe my looks be? 800-ton gorilla :o

33. Do you like to be around me? hope so :-)

34. Would you ever kiss me? You have.. several million times

35. Have you ever kissed me? yep

36. Do you think I am or I would be a good kisser? on the scale of 1-10...[[ 1 . . . 5 . . * . 10 ]]

37. Would you ever date me? not again

38. Have you ever dated me? yep

39. Do you love me? I thought I did.. but as a friend, of course.

40. Have you ever loved me? As a friend.. definitely.. as a bf? maybe..

41. Could you ever love me? Youre a great one.. of course (as a FRRIIENND :-p)

42. Do you hate me? I've tried.. doesnt quite work, sir

43. Have you ever hated me? sometimes I want to choke you..

44. Could you ever hate me? Like I said, I've tried.. doesnt quite work :p

45. Would you ever have sex with me? *sneeze*

46. Have you ever had sex with me? mmmkay.. too many personal questions.. lol..

47. Would you ever marry me? I only marry straight people.. jk.. You would make a good husband.. but no

48. Do you think I’d be a good husband/wife? yes, youre caring. and fun

49. Would you ever have kids with me? Our kids would be the GREATEST!!!

50. Do you think I’d be a good father/mother? better than me! :o

51. What do you think I’ll be when I get out of school? haven't we already gone over this?

52. Do you think I’ll ever get married? yes

53. Where do you see me in 10 years? as a nudist

54. Do you think I am a good person? yes, actually

55. What is my favorite thing to do? your finger? wait.. lol.. um, I dont know actually. You do alot of things

56. Write a sentence about me stating how you feel about me… Youre my bestest friend :-D
10:19pm 22/12/2003
mood: bored
music: Cityhigh~ caramel
I ended up going to the mall with Drew. (yell, scream, do what you must).. anyway.. we were there, and someone tapped me on the shoulder.. None other than Mr. Curtis. Well, I jumped on him, and when I turned around, Drew had walked away! I couldnt find him for 30 minutes. Then when we found him, he left again. I was so mad. He did it on purpose to make me mad. Well, Steve was playing with some band at the mall so we stayed and watched them. We left, and went to Kohls and to his mom's work to give her the candle I got her. Later on, I went and FINALLY got my permit. :-) Then i went to Drew's to exchange presents wtih Jason, Chad, drew and Drew's parents. Funtasteeeko. Cept me and Drew fought the whole dang time. And EVERYONE in the world is on my side, thankyou. Even Jason.. who rarely has an opinion.

After that, we be off to Silvio's. They have gross pizza, but awesome bread sticks. I molested them. Still fighting..

I read something in Megan's away message.. so here I shall post it: _if you hold on to what you think is the only thing for you + you may find out you're missing all the rest.

Thankyou my blurtian whore. <3

And then there was something that was mucho funny.. Something about hot sauce that I hadda tell my good friend Amanda. lol.. hot sauce.. PEOPLE.. where do you get your SICK and TWISTED sense of humor???!!!

Got my daddy's presents in the mail today.. I must wait til Xmas, though :-( I alwasy open it early. but mommie said to wait for Tristan to open his gifts from his dad. **tearage**

I'm bored. I'll ttyl :-D
butt wiper   
09:36am 22/12/2003
mood: pissed off
Yep. Today was supposed to be when Drew and I exchange gifts. But no. He wont even come to Clio to get them. We were supposed to see Ang today, but I have no ride and he wont take me. He's just mad b/c i talked to tiffany. And Curtis is basically calling me a whore. I'm not. I'm faaar from it. I dont care what you people think of me!! I DONT. That Eric kid also called me last night. Which was kinda funny. He's another Steve kandow.. lmao. Drew's mad at that too. Am I NOT allowed to have friends??? I think good ol Mr. Rheinhardt was right.. no more Drew.. for a long time. I freakin need a break. For real this time. And Drew also told his dad... about that 'one thing' that curtis keeps calling me on.. Why?? I'm not sure. I love his dad, his dad loves me.. but if for some reason, he gets knocked off his rocker, he may just go tell Drew's mom, too. She'd flip. She'd never want to talk to me or see me again. And I would feel bad. But I guess it doesnt matter anyway, since I'm not talking to Drew.. This is sooo 7th grade, I swear. We should be on 7th heaven or some crap like that. Let me know of any auditions.. I'd be more than happy to be on some crappy little kid soap opera.
07:40pm 21/12/2003
mood: surprised
music: Simple plan~ i'm just a kid
-Last night-

The coolest thing happened. I was online last night, and all of a sudden TIFFANY IM's me. That never happens. So we start talking, and we ended up talking for like 2 hours. (shh. people cant know this.. ) Anyway, she's really funny. And I realized this last summer when we went shopping with Chase. But we never really hung out again after that. Mostly b/c people talk so much shit at our school. And i'm sick of it. But Drew always says how she's constantly mad at him. And so I just thought she was a bitch. But she explained her side of the story, and I just realized something.. Drew just doesnt understand girls.. at all. Thank God he's gay. lol Well, she also helped me see that Drew is so easily made perfect in your eyes. And he's absolutely not.. And by all means, HE'S A GUY, so of course he's far from perfect. lol Appearantly she went thru the same thing. And I feel good talking to her about everything. It was weird.. she told me some secrets, and i told her some secrets.. but those secrets would never be told to Drew.. and I dont even talk to her.


Today we had that Xmas party at my Aunts. It was all going good til Tristan tripped. He had to get stitches, and the skin broke all the way thru by his eye. Poor guy. It was all swollen up and stuff. I havent even seen it yet, b/c they left really fast, and now he's sleeping.

Eric just im'd me. That really mean gay kid who said HORRIBLE. Now I'm on the phone with him.

So let me get this straight.. Last night I talked to Tiff for 2 hours, now Eric on the phone?? Oh man.. Drew may just piss his pants.. that is if I tell him.

I must go. I need to breathe.
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Good moods rock   
10:04pm 20/12/2003
mood: good
music: our lady peace
:o) I feel like smiling.. so I will.

Dont it feel the coolest when you listen to a song and are put into a different place? (not correct grammar.. I know, my mom has yelled at me all day for saying wrong things :-/)

I went to Joe's family's christmas pary today... It was actually okay in a sense, but shh, dont tell. We played cards most of the time. But his family all smokes, so I sound like a man when I talk now. x-(

Isnt it AWESOME when you talk to someone you havent in like ages? DUSTIN!!! I missed him soooo much! :-D BUt I think the Dustinator is sad today. :-( **Hugs Dustin**

Also, I've talked to Amanda Mullen a lot more lately.. :-) I miss that beautiful young girlie.

My font is different for some reason.. time to change the thang.

I want to go shopping on Monday. After I FINALLY get my permit, that is. I want Angela to go, also. Will she? --doubt it. really wanna do something with her.. and soon. I miss 6th grade sometimes, I really do.

4 days til Christmas!

Also, I'm ALMOST out of debt! lol.. I paid my sister back, and now I only owe mi madre $18. Shagadelic, dudes.

Okay, enough of the random facts, eh? Mkay then.. I'm outta here. Adios
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"those were the best days of my life, in the summer of '69"   
11:45am 20/12/2003
mood: dorky
music: Michelle branch~ breathe
Yesterday, Mr. Schott paid Drew and I to sing in front of his class. It was the funniest thing ever. And I paid Drew back sorta. :-D

I went to Driver's ed this morning. I did NOT receive my permit... But have no fear, friends, b/c I can make up my class this coming Monday morning!! :-D yay!

Yea, I'm bored.

I'm going to a Xmas party for Joe's familia today. And right now I'm talking to Jason Bigelow about my victory lap on the track yesterday. Very sexy. VERRRY sexy.. lol ( not jason, my victory lap, sillies :o)

yep, bored. I'm outtie. :o peace dogs.

wooo! dont you love surprise visits from drew?? I DO!! :0)
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you wrote the words I love you, and sprayed it with perfume...   
09:57pm 19/12/2003
mood: drained
music: Blink 182~ here's your letter
today was mucho fun. Mrs. Sanocki gave me and drew a gift.. I was happy :-) DUUUDE, Drew got the TOH's a fricken awwwesome gift. I molested the kid when I opened it. It's a shirt with a huge picture of us on the pelican. Oh man.. sexy. I wore it all day. I got tons of candy from people, and a necklace from my secret santa. Drew and I will exchange our gifts on Christmas Day I think.. not sure. After escuela, I went out to the track to give the team their gifts.. (couldnt go to practice. :-( ), and I ran around the track in my jeans, shoes, and huuge coat looking for people. And I was SCREAMING "Feliz Navidad" and dancing like a stripper with my sexy Xmas scarf. Well, I found Jason Bigelow who was shoveling snow off the track.. so I sprinted and flew into the air and tackled him onto the snow!! I was so proud. It was a great moment. Tonight Drew and I went shopping and then went to eat at Chichi's.. I hate that place. -throw up- Then back home. Now I must go eat something.. I want meatloaf. Gross, but dude, i may just go orgasm over it... SPEEAKING of orgasms.. (lol), I seriously thought Angela would be happy to hear that Zac lives by drew and that I saw him at the mall. She was sposed to come to the mall also, but she didnt. But no. Instead, she is mad b/c I didnt get his number. Well, sorry. It's not my responsiblity. And he is scary. i dont know what you see in him, Ang. ugh. Sorry to burst your plans b/c I didnt get his number.. BUT I KNOW WHERE HE LIVES. alkdjf;ladkjf <---Frustration of trying to do a nice thing >:-l

Oh and I went to chad's to bring him his card b/c he's a sickie. :-) poor chad. Hey, least he cant steal my jokes;-D.

I've got to get up for Drivers Ed tomorrow.. LAST DRIVE! I actually didnt go to my class yesterday. Mrs. Chapel said it looked like I had a bad day b/c I was "teary".. so she let me go home. I dont know what I'm gonna do now.. hm. I better get my permit tomorrow, or I'll be pissssed..

oh yea.. IT"S XMAS BREAK!!!!!!

nighty night! :-D
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10:37pm 18/12/2003
mood: accomplished
ahh.. so today after the fight, and i went home, i went back to school at the last 6 or so minutes. drew is in my 6th hour, so i said hi to him. obviously, there was some built up tension. when the bell rang, we went up to mrs. sanocki's room and started fighting. in walks ms. moore. well, she has best intentions.. but she is a man hater. and I'm not. and she automatically thought it was drew's fault.. b/c he is a guy. well thats really stupid. then mrs. sanocki comes in and all 4 of us start yelling. so then jason kramer comes in and starts saying "jason comments". i was about to kill. somehow, it worked itself out. and i spent the evening with him and we watched our thursday "will and grace". you cant live without that show, i swear. we finished our xmas shopping. i'm broke. i owe my sister, mom, and drew. ugh, i feel so overwhelmed when i dont have money. especially when i owe people.

drew finally cut it off with eric. finally. and he's not lying. i read the convo. i'm still angry about the lie though. eric is so weird and possesive and has never met either one of us. it's creepy.

uno day til xmas break!!! yeaaa.. then partttaaays all week, then xmas!! on xmas, i'm going to my family's and hten i'm going to drew's that night. :-) i love christmas time. it makes me smile.

well i must go finish my stuff. i havent studied for civics all night. :-/

nighty night, friends
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lonnnng day   
12:54pm 18/12/2003
mood: irritated
music: nothing
Today was bad. It's 12:54 in the afternoon.. and I called my mommie in 2nd hour to come pick me up b/c I had a really bad day. Drew and I got into a serious screaming match in 1st hour. He lied to me about something really big. I was so upset. This has been a rollercoaster from hell. I need to get off now I think. I think it's time to officially move on.. No more contemplating things.. I'm just done with it. Forever. Now I'm at her work with her. She's in a meeting so i'm waiting and then we'll be going back to school so i can go to Driver's Education. Fun. Last class.. LAAAST class :-) I drive on Saturday.. but with Mrs. Hearn. I've only driven with Chapel, so I'm kinda nervous. I'll be sad. I heart Mr. C. He's the coolest..

Last night when i was falling asleep, I was so mad at everything, I didnt want to be touched by anyone. So I fell asleep with my arms waaayy out to my side, and my legs apart, with no covers on me. I didnt even wipe my hand on my hair, b/c it felt like someone was touching me. ugh. I'm really irritable today. No its not PMS, and I'm tired of people saying that. I have real feelings, and those feelings are hurt. Now it's time to fix those feeliongs.

well, good day to you all. :-)
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yo dogs   
09:29pm 17/12/2003
mood: sleepy
music: giggling drew ;-)
hey.. Once again, Chad has STOLE an inside joke. Why am I not surprised? He does it every time. bah.

Today I cleaned my house until now. Long night. Tomorrow I'm going to drew's and we're gonna wrap presents... AND WATCH WILL & GRACE!! :-) same ol same ol.. I know, but I love it!

On monday, we're all going to drew's to exchange gifts. Funtastic. I'm not even done shopping yet!! I need to get going!

This morning, I was late for school (me jason and drew) b/c the roads were so dang bad. We slid thru an intersection. yikes

ONE more class of Driver's ed.. ONE more Driving!!! then PERMIT.. thank god.. even though I have just over a month til i'm 16.. lol

Yea, this is random. So I am going to go now.. lol have a good day!

see ya!
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10:13pm 16/12/2003
  okay.. had a good day.. but then!! that freakin eric kid.. oh he'll pay. here's the great convo. TELL ME if I got mad for no reason.. I'm DYING to know..

RunnerSmurf24xc: hey.. drew sent you an email abou this saturday and going to the mall, but we BOTH have family xmas parties to go to..
RunnerSmurf24xc: and also, sorry for offending you.. :-)
RunnerSmurf24xc: hello???
RunnerSmurf24xc: um.. you gonna ignore me now?
EAWeidner05: okay, what about xmas parties?
RunnerSmurf24xc: we(well him.. and me too I guess).. cant go shopping on saturday (he sent you an email) b/c we have family Xmas parties
RunnerSmurf24xc: and if you dont believe me b/c you think i'm keeping you guys away.. call him
EAWeidner05: okay, first off the shopping never included you, and second off I do believe you and third off drew doesnt like you, as for last time you said you guys still liked eachother was a lie, everyone including him said so. And you are trying to keep us apart or from meeting because you still like him. Stop trying to be in the middle or the third wheel. I dont know you and I plan on not getting to know you, I want to know drew not you, so could you please stop talking to me and if drew has something to say he can tell me. I dont care if u run to drew and try to say i'm a bad person for saying this to you, oh well. youll get over it because your annoying and i dont play games.
EAWeidner05: Goodbye and grow up.
RunnerSmurf24xc: I"m on the phone with him right now.. grow up? dRew invited me to saturday for your information. 3rd wheel? Drew never said he doesnt like me.. he just said we werent going out. You dont even know us.. you dont know the circumstances.. so dont act like i'm butting in trying to get in the way. I am the one picking out the outfits for the dates YOU dont show up to.. I'm the one who listens to him when he's upset because YOU didnt show up. I'm his best friend and whether you like it or not I'll ALWAYS be here.. and yes, he DOES like me.. doesnt mean we're gonna go out and DOESNT mean he cant meet you.
EAWeidner05: I never said it doesnt mean he cant meet me
EAWeidner05: I want to meet
EAWeidner05: him
EAWeidner05: and get over it, everyone knows I didnt show up
EAWeidner05: its nothing new
EAWeidner05: but I dont know where you come in
EAWeidner05: I want to get to know him, NOT you
RunnerSmurf24xc: I know that. drew just wants me to go.
EAWeidner05: okay then....
EAWeidner05: When me and him have sex youll prolly be there too right by our side
EAWeidner05: you need to get off of his nutz
EAWeidner05: friends is one thing but obsessive over him and fantasizing that you to date is wayy to much
RunnerSmurf24xc: you think i'm fantasizing?
EAWeidner05: your prolly doing more then that
RunnerSmurf24xc: what in the world did that mean?
EAWeidner05: they told me not to tell you off and how I feel but I'm not going to be fake. i'm not the bad one, you're the bitch and one day drew will find that one out!
EAWeidner05: til then
EAWeidner05: later
EAWeidner05: bye1


I had a good week.. but i've been grounded. so I couldnt talk on the comp.. I'll update later. Have a good night.
FLU BUG!!!   
05:58pm 13/12/2003
mood: sick
music: Blink 182
Oh man alive! I have the flu! :-/ I'm grounded, and everyone is at Anna's party! :-( Drew stopped by to talk to me for a bit (shhh). My mom is gone with Joe at a meeting, and I'm watching Tristan while Paige is at Mariah's. NOT my idea of fun... I feel so sick.

Today while driving, I almost died. (well, not really) but a ZILLION cars CUT ME OFF. I was pissed. And my driving partner didnt show up so my mom had to ride with us b/c legally Mr. Chapel cant ride with me alone. yea, fun.

man, nothing sounds good to eat. the only good thing of this day is seeing Drew when I'm grounded. He makes me smile whether I'm sad or not. I mean, it's so pathetic, when I'm sick, I CRY over everything. I couldnt find the mayonaise, and I cried. And Drew was upset about something so stupid, and I cried. LOL.. I'm a freak.

Well, Tristan is begging for something.. and he'll black mail the drew scenario if I dont go.. I'll see yas.
"I'll end you and I'll make it look like a bloody accident!"- cat in the hat   
08:19pm 12/12/2003
mood: confused
music: Blink 182~ lost without you
Hey. First we'll start with funny.. then we'll head into the great "saga" once again.

Tristan is 5 years old, and is looking at this cartoon naked chick on this computer game thing... And Joe was like "Tristan, I thought you just said it was nasty.. why are you still looking at it?" And I said "At least he's looking at a girl."

Anyway, Eric just IM'd me and said "Are you going ice skating tomorrow?".. Uh, that means DREW is too. Like how they were sposed to be going on a 'date'. Dude, that whore blew him off TWICE! And NOW, Drew is um.. involved with ME. I seriously dont know if Drew knows about these plans.. I think Bree just planned it. I love Drew, but these kind of stupid things make me think things... such as my first kiss in little kiddie school (3rd grd.) was Drew.. my first make out partner was Drew.. and I lost the good ol "V" to Drew, aswell. (I've kissed other people.. I'm not stuck on this kid, I swear.) Anyway, it kinda is a weird feeling to think that all my "first experiences" were with a bisexual. Someone who may end up with another guy in the long run. I mean, is it just me, or is that kind of disturbing to you? I mean, would it bother any of you?? I dont know.. confusion is so crazy. ugh.. the wonderful life of a teenager.
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04:30pm 12/12/2003
mood: needy
music: Bowling for Soup~ Punk Rock 101
I remember when Ang used to come over and play with this doll she called Britney Spears. LOL.. great times :-)

Yesterday, at our school, there was a 'walkout'. I most certainly didnt participate in it. I disagree in a WAY about our Superintendant's decision on firing the principal, but people are getting out of hand. So, I didnt feel like getting suspended for something I didnt fully support. Today people were wearing shirts that said "hail Fay" like they did back during the Hitler Age. (our superintendant's name is Fay). It is becoming ridiculous. Our school is constantly on the news from all the riots. And it's turning into the time when we had all those bomb threats back in 6th-7th grade. GAAH stupid people.

Today was boring, and it never ended. And I dont feel good. I think i'm gonna end up with Strep throat here, soon. Drew has signs of it also.. :-/. I'm also grounded for the weekend so that means I cant go to Anna's party, and I'm mad. ugh. Oh well.. Jillian cant go either b/c SHE got grounded aswell. And so there will be only 3 toh's at that party. How sad. :-(

I need a friend to talk to. I just want a hug. hugs are one of my favorite things in the entire world :-)

I must be going now, I'm going to update my prof. for AOL

Have a good day, friends, and I'll try (TRYYY) to comment in a few! xoxErin
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09:28pm 10/12/2003
mood: blank
music: New found glory
I love when Drew and I are driving and he puts his arm around my shoulder, and I lean on him. And at stop signs/light he sneaks me a quick kiss. :-) I love how when he tells me something serious, he puts his hand on my chin and tells me to my eyes. I love how he plays with my hair without even thinking about it. And Drew, hon, tonight was just fine. I love you so much. This night made no decline in our relationship. I promise you with all my heart. :-D

I woke up early just to call Drew so he could bring me an apple. I looove apples so much! haha
1st hour- Didnt play music. We just had a free day. Boring, yes. But we planned this weekends party at Anna's. Cooltastic.

2nd hour- I fell asleep. And my head was on the book and Marley moved it, and I thought I was at home on my couch. And I looked up and was frantically looking for Drew.. yea, i'm that cool.

3rd hour- Geo is so easy at the moment. I just cant remember how to find the altitude to things. :-/ oh well, I'll ask Ms. Moore instead of Mr. Healey. That man is Satin dressed as a fish.

4th hour- Civics... DUDE, I FORGOT to take my make up test! Youre supposed to take it two days afterwards, or you automatically get a zero.. no exceptions. And yesterday was my last day. I FORGOT!! I walked into his class today and he said "Youre just going to take a 0/130!" OMG, I almost cried. I'm so close to a B- in that class, but w/o those 130 pts., I woulda dropped a whole letter grade! But he gave me an extra day! I was soooo happy, and so close to jumping on him and giving him a huge hug. :-)

5th hour- My teacher actually acknowledges me now, and it seriously makes me happy. It makes me want to do well in that class.

6th hour- We made these timelines, and mine and Drew's kick butt. Youre all jealous I know. Mr. J always tells me to stop talking b/c he thinks I'm going to say something innappropriate.. nahhh.. ;-D silly.

Afterwards, I made up my test in Civics, then I was off to practica. Ran a really sucky 2 miles with Sir Andy. We seriously needa get back into shape. I cant lift for a few weeks b/c of my dang back. I'll cry! ahh!

Then I went to work with Drew and we moved tables with Matt. Then we ate dinner at his house and watched some TV. Then headed over to my casa. Now I'm hungry. And that dinner we had sucked. I hate Alfredo sauce. omg, I'll puke the next time I eat that crap. lol

Okay, yea.. so i'm gonna go find food and talk to my mom. Necessito hablar con su. Buenas noches!