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Wednesday, April 30th, 2003

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    What a way to actually update. I've kind of known about this for two months ever since it happened. But today, I went to the center to find out for sure. Dammit. My dads so shocked. My brothers are all like "....". My sisters keep trying to joke with me about it. And my step mom's just..weird.

    I'm sitting here, staring at my closet. my style. My clothes. To think soon it'll be changing sizes every month. This has just started to hit me.

    Yes. The other person who's in this with me. Joshua. We dated for three months and broke up about two months ago. But now we're friends..I told him about a month ago that I thought I was. He nodded then. We kept it a secret because truthfully, we weren't sure. But today, it all changed. It was kind of me crazy but it was. He kept touching my stomach and stuff...not really letting it sink in yet. He swears he's going to be there for me but I honestly don't know.

    Okay..So far it's the size of maybe half of a pinkey finger and doesn't have a heartbeat yet. It will in about two weeks. It's due January 1st so far.

    Hi, my name's Reese Reanne Riley. I'm 17 now, and will be a mother not too long after I turn 18.

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