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I'm half the man I used to be... [10/30/05»8:44]
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It's been such a long time. I need a new layout I need to update more. I love this place and I'm glad it's still around. People were so nice to me here, I miss everyone. *one tear*

Onto other news, wow it's a long story. Because I've had so many bunnies since then. But Mr. Peepers passed on and for my birthday this year I had gotten three, two at first then got another. Either way, the white one is Narcy the black and white one is Elmpo and the black one is Dahlia. Now that you know who is who. *snort* Yeah I'm just babbling for the sake of babbling. Anywho....

Narcy bunny had four adorable babies today! Okay I'm done. :)

Sorry if it sounds rushed and not very sentimental but since I've had a good while to get over it, sorta. Anywho... I hope everyone is alright. :(

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Long time... [5/7/05»5:32]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
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It has been such a long time since I've updated. Happy Early Mother's Day, and Happy Early Birthday to my sissy.

R.I.P Nelly ♥

Creative much? [7/5/03»12:21]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | Queen Adreena "Jolene" ]

I'm making this a public post because I want everyone to see it. I'm sick and tired of seeing my crappy html type layout on other peoples journal. Not just anyone's, because I'm not saying my layout style is unique which it isn't. But it just irkes me off when I see other people jacking my html, dotted line crap. Which I did especially for MARIA. And somehow... certain people have the same style as well. Obviously they all go to HHS. I really don't care... but I wish people would let others know. In this case Maria... since I was the one to do her layout back on lunarena. Which apparently she doesn't have the layout up anymore. ^_^;;

But... I have decided to change my layout... don't know what style.. but I have an early adopter and I can do many. I still want to make it of Queen Mab. Since I love her dearly, prettyness. Forgive me for my pointless ranting... but after having a bunch of people jack my icons from my livejournal and Ujournal... and EVEN deadjournal. I'm just not taking it anymore.

I'm also disallowing comments because I really don't want to read anyone bitching me out. This is my journal, and I just feel like ranting. Example: NOW. :D People that really know me know that I'm not usually like this. But when it comes to making layouts, I will do one for basically anyone. But please just ask first....

Thank you...

For more examples of my bitchyness towards people that steal html and icons. Go HERE. Now thank you once again and have a lovely day.


Friends Only... [12/8/02»4:30]
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[ music | Matchbox Twenty "Disease" ]

I got bored?
I just made this friends only just in case. I sometimes like to post things here I don't post in any of my journals. You are all welcome to add me. I love making friends. :)
Take a lookie at my user info if you have any stuff in common with me. :D
I just have a couple of things I would like to add... please if you add me... don't take me off your friends list later. It hurts ya know? :'( At least tell me with a good reason if it ever comes to that point.
I shall hope not, :p

Thank you <3
xoxo Lucy*~

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