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MOVING [14 Sep 2003|12:06pm]

Ok everyone listen up!

Yes i knwo i am not a MOD but billy is and he asked me to pass alogn this message for him since he can not get online very often at the moment.

i just want to let you know that rpg_punkrockers is moved to UnlimitedRPG/GreatestJournal . com


So please go make a journal for your character over there and make sure and join the comm THERE.
After you JOIN please post a joining updating IN THE COMM.

Everyone who is on the blurty comm. here has TWO WEEKS to transfer. otherwise your character may be taken over by someone new.

brought to you by Tina : from Billy
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laying on the couch [14 Sep 2003|10:28am]

[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Sheena is a punk rocker - The Ramones ]

not feeling too good. -frowns- i haven't for about 2 days now.
"your momma's so dumb they said it was chilli outside and she went and got a bowl!" -laughs then coughs- i'm watching 'bebe's kids'! i haven't seen this movie in years! i feel so old now that i've said that! i was.. lets see.. i was 10 when it first came out in 1992, i snuck off and watched it at one of my friend's houses because my parents didn't want me to see it. Lead a pretty sheltered life! i had never left Utah before, never seen an ocean, never gone to a disney place, nothing really fun. but i'm past that all now, i've seen the things on my above list and done way more than i ever would have expected! Being in a kick ass band, recording a CD, tourning, Dating rock royalty.. not too bad for a former homless kid from Mormon-ville USA!
anyway, i'm feeling pretty shitty right now so i think that i'm going to take a few more asprin and get some more sleep.

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[13 Sep 2003|04:26pm]

[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Good Charlotte, Mest, Goldfinger::The Innocent ]

Hey Everyone Nicky Hilton here. I see Paris got a journal already. ::nods::
Well first time intros' suck. So yeah, leave me some love lol.

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[13 Sep 2003|04:00pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Your rockstar husband by girl_rotten
HusbandPierre of Simple Plan
Wedding DayNovember 16, 2011
Number of Kids9
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I KNOW Your Lil Secret! by terribastedo
Your secret name
Your big secret...heh.You want me. Bad.
How many people know.7
Your parents know....the Penguin told them.
How *I* knew. Your parole officer told me.
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Your Dirty Mind by MySecretGarden
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Your biggest fantasy is...To have sex at a family outing
Your biggest secret is...Secret? You HAVE no secrets.
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Omg my fucking god!!!
who will you marry? by punkmehard
who you will marrybritney
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This stuff is stolen [13 Sep 2003|03:51pm]

[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Stacie Orrico_More To Life ]

I know no one knows me yet but I will do this again but I want to see how many people are gonna response to this so just anyone can response to this and I will just count them!!!
1. I love Stacie's ____
2. Stacie has the best ______
3. Me and Stacie are ______
4. I met Stacie_______
5. Stacie loves______
6. I hate Stacie's______
7. Stacie hates my_______
8. I wish Stacie would _______
9. If Stacie was with me right now I would ________
10. Stacie's best quality is________
11. Her worst quality is _________
12. She has the best______
13. She has the worst______
14. If I could do one thing to Stacie it would be _______

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ew [12 Sep 2003|03:36pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Simple Plan-"Perfect" ]

Ew...screen name change...no more XxRockerBabe13xX and yay to xXSkittleHoSamXx ::dances::

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HEY!! [12 Sep 2003|06:02pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | I want you to want me - MxPx (Cover) ]


the name's bert! Bert McCracken, from a little band called 'the used' from Bum-fuck Orem Utah!

chat me up sometime @ : GreenRwitScene (AIM)
OR email: Taste_My_Ink@yahoo.com

learn it, love it, and fuckin' abuse it!
Love, As Always

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School [11 Sep 2003|09:29pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Lately I have been haveing school that why I haven't been on in hella long.Sorry about that I kgith have missed some important if I have I am so sorry its not even freaking funny.I just heard Tina had her wedding today.She just wanted to get her wedding over with cause she was so damn excitied.So I am talking to Evan (from Avvy's band) I haven't really associated with him yet but I would like to get to know him.I finally know the dates of the wedding.But that ashame I still have no fucking date DAMN!!!!! OH well by tomorrow if I have no date I will be going alone and I am not ashamed about that well sorta.
Everyone has a date exept me I feel alone.I will go to the wedding alone cause I said I was gonna be there so I am!

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LOOK! [11 Sep 2003|03:11pm]

[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Mest-"Doady Road" ]


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??? [10 Sep 2003|08:56pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I dont know what to write about. But I updated again.
~~* Sarah *~~

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Ahhh [07 Sep 2003|07:39pm]

[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Nirvana - "Smells like Teen Spirit" ]

I updated!!! Well thats all.

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yay im back! [07 Sep 2003|11:51am]

[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | die trying- oxygens gone ]

hehe im back and i updated so everyone show me love!

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[06 Sep 2003|11:53am]

sorry everyone. I know i havent been around long, but I have to leave. I'm really busy focusing on my other communities and then work and school. It was kinda fun. Remove me from AIM and journals. thanks.

[06 Sep 2003|12:27pm]

udpated after my looooo0ng break!
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[05 Sep 2003|07:16pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | Goldfinger - counting the days ]

hmm.. I'm alive... I guess.

not much has been happening. yep.. life...


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[03 Sep 2003|11:55pm]
woot i'm in the coolest family alive! if you wanna be in this family it'll be $2 woot
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Update [03 Sep 2003|06:34pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I updated.

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Hey all [03 Sep 2003|09:43pm]

[ music | Up & Go [x] The starting Line ]

Hey Im Foxx Im from a little band I like to call Live on Realease, I play the bass. So Im not good on intro's so drop me a line on this sn xlorxfoxx and HI ALLY, Peace out Foxx

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[03 Sep 2003|09:25pm]

Ok here i am Updating.... HMmmmm

Ok i'm sad again!!

I haven't talked to pauly wally since like forever and i wanna tal kto him him... well ummmm i duno wat else to update about soo... Pauly leave me some love!! ok thats all Bye

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Hello [03 Sep 2003|01:26am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Smells like teen spirit [x] Nirvana ]

Hi Im Evan ::nods:: I play guitar for Avril, Im her emo punk!!!! Well Im not good on intro's so IM me:xspinfirexevanx, Ok hopefully i will talk to you later

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