joey's Journal

Friday, June 20, 2003

4:12PM - schools out<--- Hurray?

AHHHHHHH, no homework, no hastle... right?
school bein out isnt as funn as i thought!!!!
theres nothing to do. But theres a party tomarrow!!!! yeah. Shawn's is gonna be Awsome!!!!!!!
anyways, graduation , was okay. Can you believ that i didnt fall with those monsteres on (shoes) Oh yeah, ive got skills. Anyways Val made me give that note to erik! oh how embarresing. i HOPE he doesnt think anything of it! But watch this be like the only time he actually reads and understands the meaning of the text. LOL, yeah i guess ppl cant stay dumb forever!
Its surf season, and i cant wait for the first competition, watch me get whiped out tho, like last year! that was great minus the whole "sand in my pants"lol!!!!

nights out with friends, used to be so fun... what happend?

Current mood: chipper
Current music: learning to breathe - switchfoot