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Monday, September 22nd, 2003

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    take me away to paradise
    lalala im back. friday night lindsay came over. we went to nino's for dinner and then chilled and watched movies. saturday my mom took us to cow town. it was kuhrayzee. ive never seen so many freaks in my life. none of us had been there before so we didnt know what to expect. they sell porno there. we were laughin so hard. a chinese man and woman yelled at me twice for touching the stuff on their table. it was funny. then we went to boscovs where i flipped out in the dressing room because i couldnt find anything i liked to get to wear to the christening sunday. it was bad. there were like 5454132132 million people there and it was crowded. me and lindsay got free popcorn. it was damn good. then we took linz home :-( and mom and i went skirt shopping @ macy's. two ladies almost got in a fist fight at the counter. it was hilarious. i got a khaki skirt to wear to the christening. then we went to seasons for dinner, then home. sunday we had to go to my mom's friend's babys christening. that was fun (minus the fun). and that was my weekend. the end.

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