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Wednesday, April 2, 2003

2:06PM - "Who’ll be there when I need someone, Count on nobody and no one will let you down"

Well today was alright i suppose.
1st] I had to make up a Science test. It was pretty easy, but i hate tests in the morning. The only reason i took it then was because my friends in that class.
2nd] I went down to guidance for a list of therapists. I figured id only be there for like 5 minutes because my mom had called twice asking her for the list. ANYHOO. She didnt have it ready so while she was looking up all the munbers we talked. She said if i ever had thoughts of hurting myself to see her right away. ::no:: . Andd we talked about medicine. I makes me miss jen <-- the friend who was sent away for O.D. --> I mentioned tht my mom takes the same pills she did. And she said my depression may be genetic. (?). Sooo there was only 5 minutes left do instead of wasting another pass i decided to stay down there. Blah Blah Blah...
3rd] HmEc... We made our meal yeterday. My group made the garlic bread. Well we got to eat today. IT was all good excaept the garlic bread lol. anyhoo it only too like 20 minutes to clean up. THATS what i hate about cooking. :]
4th] Lunch. Nothing exciting exept i wasnt hungary. Chelsea and manda founf my cuts from last night. I got yelled at. Chelsea is an ex-cutter whos convienced her problems are worse then mine. I dont argue. I dont care that much to argue.
5th] Math.. yah... i forgot to bring in the equation i finished last night. It only tok abou t45 minutes to do. this was it:
let a and b each equal to 1. Since a and b are equal,

b^2=ab <---------------equation 1

it is also obvious that

a^2=a^2 <----------------equation 2

now subtract equation 1 from equation 2:

a^2-b^2 = a^2- ab <-------------equation 3

factor both sides of the equation. a^2 - ab equals a(a-b). likewise, a^2 - b^2 equals (a+b)(a-b) . nothing funny just happened. plug in numbers if you don't believe me. now substitute these changes into equation 3.

we get:

(a+b)(a-b) = a(a-b) <--------------equation 4

now divide both sides of the equation by (a-b) and you get:

a + b = a <------------equation 5

now subtract a from both sides of the equation, and you get:

b = 0

but we set b equal to 1 at the very beginning, so we can conclude:

1 = 0.
however there is one major philosophical flaw. can you find it?

Well yes i found it. And i beat my dad might i add. (hehe rhyme) Can YOU find it?!
6th] English. We finished descussing The Wave and then we talked about peer pressuse. Pfft fun!
7th] Soc.St. I guess it was okay. We took note. yay?
8th] german. I was told Frau is really sick. Shes not comming back for two weeks. In a way im happy cause we dont get anywork for weeks. But i feel bad.
9th] always a drag, science. I sware. if that lady talked anyslower shed be speaking Japenese! were only on atoms and the periodic table when other classes are way ahead of us. maybe she FOREGOT we have an EXAM in 4 MONTHS!

haha im home now. im not in to great a mood but i dont knoiw why. hmm im gunna go
-kaitlin michelle

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