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Date:2004-02-13 00:20
Subject:I wish I had more time to update
Mood: tired
Music:clarity- j. mayer

Which 1990's Subculture Do You Belong To?

[Another Quiz by Kris
@ couplandesque.net]

My world has gone in a whirlygig of 360 spins over the past 36 hours. But, do have homework to do. And I just wanted to point out that somehow, I am grunge. Which I am not. But that is okay. I still enjoy my Pearl Jam and Nirvana any old day.


PS: was there ever a canadian grunge band? i dont think so (early our lady peace???)

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Date:2004-02-10 18:17
Subject:a stolen quiz
Mood: cold
Music:Better Man- Pearl Jam

01. favorite color: to wear- green, overall-pink
02. favorite drink: chocolate milk, lattes, smoothies
03. favorite computer accessory: cd burners and msn
04. favorite cookie: gingerbread-the soft moist kind
05. favorite author: Oscar Wilde!
06. favorite beatle: other than the dung beatle? i like john.
08. favorite chipmunk: simon
09. favorite ice cream: maui waui brownie or blue raspberry sherbet from 31 flavors
10. favorite lover: you. or that cute boy over there ;)
11. do you believe in love at first sight: yes, but you may not know it until afterwards
12. do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom: is that even a question?
13. do you put empty cartons back in the fridge: yes. im guilty
14. do you do things you know you shouldn't: depends on what level of shouldnt? kill people? no. Throw jube jubes at cars, yes.
15. do you take responsibility: when i get credit i get responsibility. yes.
16. do you have someone else's underwear: underwear? whats that? kidding, um no.
17. do you associate with people you don't even like: only when they sit next to me in class.
18. do you have any psychological disorders: im a teenager, cmon!
19. do you drink diet soda: only.
20. do you kiss on the first date: it would help if i've had a first date lol.
21. have you masturbated in front of someone not your lover: umm...what?
22. Broken the law: yes.
23. have you had one too many to drink: technically i shouldn't have even one since im a little underage. so in that case, yes. in the case of have i ever been plastered? no.
23. have you stuffed cocoa puffs up your nose: no. just corn pops.
24. have you backed into something: no, not with a vehicle.
25. have you graduated high school: im a young one...still there.
26. have you bitten someone until they bled: no, but my nails are pretty rough..
27. have you ever stolen a street sign: no: but if i did, i think it would be something really amusing like Gaylord Avenue in a city in michigan that has that sign...or other amusing ones.
28. have you ever been kissed: only playing around. No real kiss with a real love.
29. have you ever been in a food fight: not unless you call fighting cars with jube jubes.
30. have you ever sucked helium: yeah, but my voice is pretty squeaky as is.
31. what are you not doing: homework!
31. what are you talking about: im singing some music and no one is online-come online...please...please. im so lonely.
32. what are you wearing: lounge pants and a white tank top.
33. what are you craving: a nap, but i won't let myself take one. a harveys hamburger. warmth.
35. what are you lacking: sleep, marks in economics.
36. what are you going to do after this: eat, sleep, rock and roll.
37. what are you dependent on: love-by someone, or anyone. water and food...especially good health food.
38. what are you hoping: that a boy will give me my first real kiss by the end of the month....there is a certain boy that will be involved in this lol.
39. what are you reading: this quiz. the yahoo website behind it.
40. what are you listening to: evanescense-my immortal, and pearl jam before that
41. last movie you saw: pulp ficiton!
42. last person you touched: i think my hand grazed the supermarket lady's when i got my change today...
43. last person you yelled at: my mom.
44. last time you had your heart broken: dont think its happened yet.
45. last person you told you loved: im telling you right now.
46. last thing you drank: water in my basement, tea before that.
47. last year, what were you for Halloween: a girl, handing out candy
48. last year, you were: 16-17
49. last time you were on the phone: to check messages today, at about 4....funny only one was from me, calling to say id be home at 4.
50. last song you heard: pearl jam-better man
51. do you want to get married / divorce: yes/no unless he cheats which he WONT
52. do you want to have children: yes, plenty...i am irish and a catholic
53. do you want to tell certain people off: tell them off? no. kick the crap out them? often.
55. do you want to be somewhere else: yes. somewhere warm. and happy.
56. do you want to be someone else: on occassion.
57. do you want to be famous: famous, yes. but for all teh right reasons and none of the wrong. sure, one day i'll be a white oprah, but i wont have a beef scare and issues with the tabloids lol.
59. do you want to hug anyone: yes, everyone. all for hugs
60. do you want to make a difference: most definitely.
61. how do you feel about PDA: hugs and kisses are fine. anything else belongs at the bar on a friday night.
63. how do you feel about sex: all for it, once youre with the right person.
64. how do you feel about president bush: im canadian, what do yoy think?
65. how do you feel about birth control: there are other methods of protection. plus it doesnt eliminate STDs
66. how do you feel about abusive relationships: only when thy're drunken and abusive :D
67. how do you feel about the internet: darn great!
68. how do you feel about your family: i looooove my family.
69. how do you feel about your friends: well, they wouldn't be my friends if i didn't love them, too, right?
70. how do you feel about abortion: Not my life to choose these things, but I would say no if it was me.
71. do you like jelly beans: only watermelon and jalapeno ones
72. do you like it when it rains: only when theres thunder
73. do you like to drive: if i could i would.
74. do you like to eat out: eat out? lol, oh my. but yes i do like to eat outside my home. as long as its healthyish
75. do you like being home: depends
76. do you like the people (or animals) you live with: im a fan of them on some days.
78. do you like Microsoft: they suit my needs.
79. do you like your name: yeah. but i wish there was only one i.
80. do you like the person you ganked this from: dont know her, but yes.
82. worst feeling in the world: rejection and non-love
83. worst color combination: brown and black!.
84. worst color: ash grey-reminds me of grade one and sweatshorts.
85. worst taste to burp: anything acidic.
86. worst thing about people: self-centeredness and self inflicted ignorance. There's a whole world out there. Educate yourself.
88. worst element on the periodic table: the ones that are around 100-120.
89. worst disease / infection to get: not a fan of AIDS.
90. worst position to sleep in: without someone ;) lol.

I am not: well slept
I love: you.
I hate: neck cramps
I fear: being just another face in the crowd.
I hope: tomorrow the sun will rise.
I hear: lifehouse.
I crave: the boy to come online.
I regret: this cold weather.
I cry: at weird, unpredictable times.
I care: too much sometimes
I always: look on the bright side
I believe: in a thing called love.
I feel alone: right now.
I listen: whenever its needed.
I hide: behind the tall kids.
I drive: when I get my G2 (think part two of beginners for the US kids)

peace and love and so tiredness

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Date:2004-02-08 23:28
Subject:i feel out of the loop.
Music:wheat kings-tragically hip

is it just me or am i out of the loop?

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Date:2004-02-07 01:52
Subject:a rant about the fallout of janet jackson
Music:falling in love- howie day

alright, so youve heard. Janet and Justin. The boob and the beast. The NFL catastrophe that made us realize: there still is morality in our country.

my camp director posted something on the message board about the fallout, and how networks are doing things..he listed the following:
ER last night cut a clip about breast cancer that showed a woman's breast
The oscars and grammys are on time delays
JC from N Sync can't sing a the Pro Bowl
And he mentioned how SNL has no time delay.

this was my response about that and teh idea of censorship in general.

... I thought I'd comment a bit on what he mentioned as examples of the fallout...aong wth one or two other pieces of information:

The Grammys: Last I heard, the 5 minute tape delay was suggested, and its been reduced to 1 minute. As far as SNL is for comparison, like This Hour Has 22 Minutes, they do several rehearsals on stage and there is definitely the fear of losing their contracts, etc. As far as guests on SNL go, keep in mind that Sinead O Connor was critisized in the same magnitude back in the early 1990s for ripping in half a picture of The Pope after singing her piece.

Another note about the Grammys and the Oscars: At the Golden Globes last year, U2's Bono cursed in using the F word of which the network in question got a numbner of complaints that didnt need to be dealt with. He is appearing at the Oscars to present an award and also at the Grammys (cmon we're talking BONO here, duh!) They fear him--or other artists--using curse words and therefore are insisting on a time delay.

NBC had already pulled last night's episode earlier because of concerns and then decided to air it after much consideration. I think they made the right decision, because really, after the Fallout, it wouldn't seem tasteful to make a mockery out of breat cancer by showing the breast after what happened with Janet. As company execs said, it was more out of not wanting to damage the situation further, and furthermore they weren't intedning on airing the episode until a few weeks ago.

Now for JC Chasez--this is what really gets me as far as misleading information-- He didn't do anythign wrong at the Super Bowl, but I understand where the NFL is positioned.

Chasex's new single is called "Some girls like to dance (with girls)" And it has homosexual implications. Now, really, after the passing and banning of same-sex marriage throughout 40 states in the United States (I believe its 39 or 40, correct me if I/CNN who sends me updates is wrong...thats teh # that have pass any legislation of any sort). Think about it: After its been inn the news and is a front running poltical issue for Novemeber's election, would the NFL be smart to shove it further into the face of those who really should pick up a newspaper instead of turn to the TV to have their opinion fed to them? The NFL made a smart move, and IN FACT:

They asked Chasez to perform the National Anthem at the game, but said no to the halftime show. Theyd love to have him perform, but not under certain lyrical content. Chasez declined.

I'd love to sit here and rationalize and say that all these people should be given back their chance to perofmr and that the Grammys should go off without a hitch on a live recording.

But if we're going to be realistic, then realize that every artist wants attention especialyl starving ones like JC Chasez (sorry but he is) and Janet, who has a new album out next week (I only know this from the breast plug). There is no such thing as bad publicity, and it seems as if major networks are picking up on that and trying to find the median between the celebrities and the morality of society.

comment if you want. its a rant more than anything

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Date:2004-02-05 22:29
Subject:Just for those who are confused
Music:something beautiful- cauterize

Okay, EB I know you're confused out of your mind and I'm sure a few others are too...all 2 of you who read my blurty.

There's a boy. I met him 5 years ago, at a bowling tournment (yes im a bowling geek). Anyways we hadn't seen each other for 4 years and we hung out while I was in Ottawa.

He's wonderful and amazing and I never realized how much I value his friendship. The only thing I didn't realize that's worse, is that I think I might be falling for him in the worst, strongest way possible.
This could work too, which makes it harder: We see each other 3 more times before I go (at least 3, which is as much as I see some of my riends in the city), and he'll be in Germany for a bit while I'm there...

I dunno...


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Date:2004-02-02 21:31
Subject:blue bayou beads
Mood: happy
Music:new-no doubt (loving it!)

smooth, like your voice
deep, like your eyes
swirling with shades of the sky and of midnight
you string me along like beads on a loop
shiny, pretty, wonderful
like all of you


Okay, did I not promise myself to give up boys? Did I not say I wouldn't fall into anything: like, love, pure hatred?
And yet I have.


The world is a dangerous place. And the danger starts with the capital letter GERMAN :P

ick I hate the language.


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Date:2004-02-01 21:39
Subject:my life in point form
Mood: relieved
Music:home to you-josh kelley

okay, i have mixed emotions right now, that run long and fast...but not very deep...and a lot on my mind to run by.

1. Had a wonderful time in Ottawa, saw a very good friend and became closer to that very good friend.
2.That friend and I made future plans--which is very exciting. Something to look forward to
3.EB and I decided to:
a)not go to prom together
b)see each other before then anyways

Those are the three main events.

On a less happy note:

My best friend's grandpa died today. Please pray for him.
One of our family friends is also in a coma and not likely to come out physically well (he is already a paraplegic), please pray for him as well.

Wishing you lots of love and prayer

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Date:2004-01-27 22:56
Subject:what did i do to deserve this?
Mood: shocked
Music:the perfect time of day- howie day

As some of you may know, there's a retreat for grade 11s called COR--Christ in Others Retreat. Its a full weekend, of talks and prayer and reflection. Its a lot of fun, but its also a lot of self-discovery.

There's four parts of the COR family: Those making COR for the first time, Upfront--those who have made COR with a story to share, Backup-suppot for like kitchen and other logistics and the parents (a couple who are really spiritually active and have been involved in COR for quite a while)..

When I made my COR, I met a girl named Tarryn. She was sweet, kind, loving, caring. She was a nice girl. However, when I did backup with her in March, she kept treating it like a competition---whoever gave the most would be on upfront next time...which is insane. She was put on upfront, I was told that I was the backup if anyone couldn't be part of upfront..so obviously jealousy kicked in. I was a bit of a bitch to her to be honest and I regret that now.

But, only 3 days ago--after bickering and such and after I deleted her from MSN--she msg me. She asked me if I would read her story for her at COR. Not because I was a backup person to someone on the upfront team. because she wanted me to. Because she trusted me... This is a HUGE deal for me. And that's why I felt so blessed the other day.

It goes further. Since then, she's asked me to go to a concert with her (Ryan, you'll laugh if I say who....ahem, the Canadian Idol--he's a good singer.) The point isn't that the concert is Ryan Malcolm. The point is, she's being uber nice and so trusting of me when I don't deserve it...not that I don't mind. I just don't get it.

peace of mind


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Date:2004-01-27 21:39
Subject:lacking in brilliance--and when i say brilliance, i mean communication
Mood: aggravated
Music:Your Song- Moulin Rouge

Ugh. I hate communication. Its the devil. Its pretty nasty stuff...
I just don't like people when they can't communicate well. Makes my life harder.

well, I'm off to Ottawa until Sunday, so I guess my next post will be Monday or so.

peace and quiet


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Date:2004-01-25 22:53

i feel uber-blessed right now.
God has answered my prayers and taught me compassion for those whom I may not love as much and taught me to learn that they are wonderful, loveable people.

i feel super blessed


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Date:2004-01-25 22:17
Subject:over it...the more tragic the better?
Mood: working
Music:unsent- alanis

I give up on boys: As of Ash Wednesday, this kid, here with two thumbs and a pink hoodie will not like any boys. Not be attracted in anyway shape or form.

Boys arent silly or stupid, but they can be an issue, one which I'm sick of: I'm not a high school preppy little girl who adores millions of them, so why do I bother to act like that sometimes? i dont know.


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Date:2004-01-24 22:18
Subject:feels like home.
Mood: confused
Music:dolphin's cry- live

Tonight was eventful. And it sucked, and rocked at the same time--I need to get my head checked.
Mass was great, I got there, sat with Kyle* (the one from my church whom i like but havent known that long), James* was playing piano (if you want a recap on either of them, see the post below...I hate using real names). Kyle...Forget that thought, but I won't delete it. On a side note though: He was saying to me how much he liked my friend Jess' voice (she sung tonight), and that kinda irked me a bit...he was hanging around her a lot later...but mabye I'm over analyzing. We finished mass and went to McDonalds for dinner (oh joy to the world...ick). This is where the problems started to arise:
My friend Jess came up to me and said that James was confused: WELL DUH!!! I could have told her that. But he insists on telling me all in good time. Which I'm not a fan of really. Because it messes things up between him and I and between me and Kyle. Thank goodness I didn't sit next to Kyle at dinner, because I had to talk to someone about me and James/ me and Kyle--and I wasn't going to let Kyle hear about it (note the two bathroom trips for talking to friends about it.)
Then, came the skating. On a side note: Kyle and I rode in the same car the way there and back and in between...it was interesting. I almost felt like I was being clingy, which I didn't want to be. Then again, I want Kyle to fell like he fits in at youth group. So, skating. Right. The first while, he was very cold with me, very not talking to you, despite knowing you...and it was a bit annoying I won't lie. Anyways, eventually he warmed up which was good, but in the meantime, my friend Laura and I had a good 40 minute talk about how BOYS SUCK a lot sometimes, but I didn't get any advice from her at all. So I was stuck there. No advice and all. I fell on my butt twice :) It was good, I was just getting tired of skating and annoyed at Kyle.
Here's when things became a bit more...obvious?
We went to Tim hortons (coffee) for hot chocolate afterwards, and I was sitting there, not so much in the conversation with Kyle and our mutual friend AJ. I was like "this is dumb." And I looked over and saw James and a few other friends, including Laura. And I excused myself, walked over to James and Laura and was like "I'm sorry guys, I'm being a jerk (more flavorful word, i deserved it) tonight and I'm sorry.". And I sat with them, had hot chocolate and a cookie and talked. And it was WONDERFUL.
THEN: Our youth minister's husband called over to our table and said that we had to drop off Kyle and that we needed to get going, unless I had other ways home...which I didn't, even though I wanted out of that car ride---wanting to stay with my friends. So, home I went.
We dropped me off first and Dan--my youth minister's husband, who I see as a second father, and they're a second home for me-- was like "okay, you two can kiss goodnight", sort of jokingly, sort of serious...Dan knows I like Kyle, so I was like "you DEVIL" in my head, even though I was secretly happy he did that. Kyle and I looked at him and were both like "What?" and I kept my cool as to not be so embarrassed (told you he was like a dad to me). We hugged goodnight and it was good, because it was the first "real" hug (like without saying "hug" from either of us...both of us have done it and its not comfy).
So. techincally I'm back at square one. Back where I started, but in the trip I learned something.

Friends are more important than ANYTHING in the world. Even if you have a crush, or you don't know about what's going on with them: YOU CAN ALWAYS FALL BACK ON THEM. True friends are love forever and ever and ever. And, if any of my friends are reading this: thank you so much, you have no idea. I love you all.

peace and love and happiness

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Date:2004-01-23 00:39
Subject:a ramble involving wheat thins.
Mood: thoughtful
Music:this is the way god made me- chantal kreviazuk

it only involves wheat thins because that is what im crunching on right now: though i really wish we had something crunchy and sweet and juicy: think celery with peanut butter...that kind of sweetness...like a nutty sweetness.

have you ever realized how much life revolves around the opposite sex...or rather love. and how i honestly don't know a girl or boy aged 16-20 who isnt fascinated with liking at least one person at any given time. and once you become 22 or 23, ever boy/girl you ask yourself "is, or isn't THE one?" note how i mentioned that at our age, we're fascinated wth at least one or more of the sex we're interested i (in my case, double the selection...heh heh heh...) I on the other hand, am a unique exception: i have 4 people in my life that i'm lucky enough to consider "crushes"...really good friends who I want to take a relationship with to the next level.
And see, this isn't a huge problem: beacuse its simply a case of me being super attracted to these our people...no biggie.

The problem lies more with this Saturday: I'll introduce you to two of the "crushes": James*--from my church, really nice kid whom I've known for about two years. We're good friends: We don't look right on paper but feel right together-- no common ground other than music and God-which is a good start...but not enough really. He lacks a sense of want and ambition. But when I'm with him, things feel right. Secondly, is Kyle*. Kyle is super involved with student politics and government stuff (president of student council, the list of stuff goes on.) One paper he looks perfect. Everything I want in a guy: religious, into current events, smart, humourous, well-read, outgoing. The last one is where the problem begins:

Saturday, my youth group is going skating: Kyle has tagged along with our youth group for a couple of months now: he's best friends with one of my close friends. James is also part of my youth group. So, what's the deal? I skate with both? Not quite so simple. James doesn't want to skate. This is where the "outgoing-willing to try it" trait is a very good thing to have right now and wins brownie points with me. I told Kyle I wasn't 100% sure about skating because I knew James didn't really want to and I haven't skated in a bit. And he told me: "skate with me and by the end of the night, you'll eght be able to do figure eights, or we'll fall on our butts laughing together." I could care less that he can skate. And I could careless that he wanted to skate with me. The point is, he wanted to at least try and wasn't afraid of a little bump on the ice. I mean, I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but it is when its the nth time that this has happened in which James has decided not to do something because he hasn't done it in a while, or just doesn't want to try it... So I was talking to James last night and mentioned skating with Kyle . And James made it a point of guilt tripping me and saying "Oh, well if you're going to skate with him, I may as well go home after dinner and not come to teh park to hang out" and I asked him if he was okay with it, because I knew he wasnt...and he lied. I could tell he wasnt okay with it, but didn't want to make a fuss out of it. Its just very frustrating because I like James a lot...but I have an aching feeling that things aren't going to work out for the best with the two of us.

This leads me to Germany. I'm excited as all being. But, scared. Brutally frightened about what's to come. Everyone I've talked to has said: "You won't get homesick. You'll have SO much fun!" And while the second half is true, the first is not so. Its easy for someoen to say "Oh, I'll miss you" out of pity or actually maybe missing them. But, really, I don't think its possibly for one to comprehend how much I will miss my family and friends while I'm away: Consider this, I have maybe 50 friends and family who say they will miss me: Multiply that ache by 50 and that is how much I will be missing all of you as a whole. And I don't like to make everything a sorrowful deal, but it is a bittersweet sorrow. This brings me back, into the cycle of romance: I hate the way that everytime something goes awry that I cannot be in a relationship, there seems to be at least one boy (in this case 2..maybe 3) who are interested in me. And I hate it! Because like I said, we base our lives on finding a sort of love: Whether it be a marital love or the love of a best friend. You cannot live without having loved. And, I'm sitting here, contemplating the next 16 months, until my return. And I talked to my friend about Kyle and he said something along the lines of "Kyle could do the long distance thing". Kyle himself even mentioned it, about how his only two close friends in London were me and our mutual friend from church, just because of the way he is and the fact that he travels a lot too...so Germany and me could go well, or not. Because it might not work.

I guess I'll never know until I try.

keep the faith in me


(PS thanks to all who got to the bottom! im proud of you bookworms!)

* Used nicknames for every reason possible.

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Date:2004-01-22 22:43
Subject:the length of beauty:

Why do us females go to such lengths to look so perrty?

I'm sitting here, having just washed off a chocolate manicure, with egg and mayonaisse on my hair.

I still have lemon juice to put in after the rinse lol.

Plus, later on, i'll continure the chocolate phase with a facial...

Why do we go to such extremes?

The laser treatment, the liposuction, the diets... everything!
But quite possibly the oddest, is the fact that everything bad for us internally: like chocolate and mayonaise and butter does WONDERS for our skin and hair: I don't get it.

Its kind of insane if you ask me: then again, so is the thought of little 12 year olds throwing up to be "thin"...there's thin, then there's skin and bones: don't get me started



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Date:2004-01-21 21:20
Music:as you sleep: something corporate

I think I have an allergy to soymilk...I've gotten sick from it twice in 3 days: times to stop drinking it, which is bad because I like it a lot (yes Im a freak to like soy, I know...but hey. its good)


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Date:2004-01-21 20:09
Subject:the cat is out of the bag, no?
Music:Have a Little Faith- Mandy Moore

Well then, I guess it doesn't even need to be said, because it has been said, just not over here...then again, Traci doesn't know. So she deserves to know: She is after all, on my friends list: If only for the quirky quotes and the comments about JRN 391...which I want to take :D lol...

I'm out. I'm bi.

Awesome_girl, I don't know how much EB told you... when or why or how...but if you want to know: maybe you do, maybe you don't...msg me. Its cool. I'm open about it, just a case of EB actually telling you, coz I didn't really know how...

Anyways, apparently you had quite the reaction awesome_girl...it made me smile, then laugh. Thank you, I take it as a compliment :D

But, MDM 4U1 and EWC 4U1 call (Math, English--Writers...the joy of Ontario H.S)....

want you now, love ya later


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Date:2004-01-20 17:21
Subject:because i spell konfusion with a k.

According to the Which Something Corporate Song Are You? Test...

hurray for being konstantine :) it excites me.

You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla
and dory? whats that all about?

did you know i miss you?

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Date:2004-01-19 23:10
Subject:on a side note

its funny how all the good ones are taken.
then again this one was "perfect": plays sports, acts, works at american eagle, model cute...and a nice guy.
albeit, not my type: no chemistry.
at least i found out before being hurt.

EB, dont feel bad about liking so many girls, I'm just as bad--at least I like guys though



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Date:2004-01-19 22:42
Subject:peaceful. calm. tired.
Mood: calm
Music:she says- howie day

Wow, I haven't (publically) posted in almost over a week...almost over, yes its true.
Tonight was SO much fun, but so exhausting--I hate high heels!

I went with my dad, decked out in my finest, to the 48th Annual London Celebrity Sportsman's Dinner. Now, I'm a big sportsfan. I've met some of the best: Walter Gretzky (Wayne's Dad), Bobby Orr, Bobby Hull, Kelly Gruber (Blue Jays), Carlos Delgado (Blue Jays), some of the best.

But tonight was the most special: Tonight, I met the boy that I grew up watching on TV, while all the others had their eyes glued to Johnathan Taylor Thomas: Tonight, I had the joy, nay, the privilege of meeting, greeting and having my photo taken with Mr. Elvis "the canadian king" stojko. Elvis has won the world's 3 times, had 2 silver medals and numerous other titles.

I was in awe. I was inspired. I was astounded. At him, his speech and the memories that flooded back of me doing miniature pirouettes while he performed--yeah Im a geek. I was in shock at some of the things he mentioned tonight: about balance, motivation and inspiration. I've heard a lot of motivational speeches before, but this by far has shook me the most and touched me on several levels.

He talked about how we're always told to look at the positive, but if we do that then then good good positive, with no bad stuff, is never that sweet. And how, the motivation to be better can often come from the bad things, and striving over the crap that gets in the way, is one of the best feelings, even if you end up getting silver instead of gold, when you have an injury.

I was inspired tonight.

I however, am very very tired...but I'm not a swimming fish (hint to EB)

love you


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Date:2004-01-15 23:36
Subject:a true friend. and then some.

a true friend is patient
a true friend is kind
a true friend is loving
a true friend doesn't give up on you
a true friend understands--or at least tries to
a true friend is honest
a true friend isn't perfect, and doesn't try to be...
a true friend doesn't think you're perfect either, but loves you no matter what.
a true friend will be online at 2 am, trying to help you out with your problems.
a true friend will talk on the phone until 5 am, especially during the holidays
a true friend doesn't need inside jokes, but enjoys them anyways--even if they involve marshmallows.
a true friend gives

thank you for being a true friend EB. i love you more than i could probably ever say.

you rule like rulers and erase bad things like erasers...not to mention the fact that you can calculate friendship faster than my HP calculator...I got nothing.

I love you, eh?


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