Ishinou is like a cockroach.   
07:31pm 28/03/2005
mood: anxious
I heard about the situation. I think Luli is right, and the rest of you worry like mother hens. Ishinou is fine. He's like a rodent or a cockroach. He just won't die. I know, I've tried. If *I* can't do it then NO ONE can.

Quit acting like the world is ending (even if it is). It's our job to handle these things, right? Should be no problem at all.

This doesn't mean I'm not worried...StarChild was the first real home I had...

We should still hurry though. Not everyone at StarChild has the constitution of a roach like Ishinou. Minoru, is Gisella with you? If not, kindly tell her I will leave her if she does not get on the transport in 10 minutes.
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Dream Theatre   
10:05pm 05/12/2004
mood: good
music: Metallica - Enter Sandman
The journals have been out of commission for a while haven't they. I see Ishinou wasted no time in getting back to normal on here. I don't really have much to say.

Luli is still annoying. But as she said. Same difference.

I think...

Nevermind. It's best not to think.

Memoirs of a Prisoner   
08:43pm 10/09/2003
mood: crappy
music: ~*Led Zepplin - Stairway To Heaven*~
Satisfied, woman? Here's the update you demanded.

Space. It's an interesting place. Peaceful. Contemplative.

Unless you happen to be sharing a ship with a hord of complete lunatics. Then it's Hell.

Genbou brought his little three ring circus aboard. Joy. My life is utterly complete.

Nein. Actually...Luli completed it when she 'accidentily' walked in on me. While I was showering.

My foster father taught me to never hit a woman, because women are weaker than men, and can be easily injured or scarred.

Unfortunately, old-fashioned teachings don't exactly apply to this age, so I needed modify it a bit.

Never hit a woman. They'll hit you back. *Hard*.

Hn. To be fair, I didn't really hit her at all. She caught me by surprise and I slipped. The foolish woman bounded into the bathroom --MY bathroom-- like a raving phsycopath and skidded to a stop right in front of the shower. I slipped and landed on my back *accidentily* kicking her in the ribs. The ending is self-explanatory, I'm sure.

So, here I sit, bruised, irritable and exhausted, and I can't even get a little peace to work on the ship-logs or update my journal. Why?

Genbou, the little grey-haired kid and Aikawa decided to have a watergun fight. V__V#

This is shaping up to be awful trip. But it's probably just me. Everyone else seems to be having a blast.
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Middnight Requiem   
12:12am 19/08/2003
mood: frustrated
music: Cirque Du Soleil ~ Dralion ~ Ravendhi
I don't like coffee.

No, nevermind. I do like coffee. One type.

A Hazelnut Cafe Latte with a shot of french vanilla and another shot of chocoate swiss. It's not because that's what she always drinks when we go out. It's just that I hate everything else.

We went to another cafe tonight. That's not all we did, but it just seems most signifigant. Not because we've gone to the same cafe every night for six consecutive days...but because--Well, I'm not so sure I know anymore.

She's so loud though. I can't *not* listen to her. And when she finally lets me alone, I can't get her voice out of my mind. If I wanted to be poetic, I could use some stupid metaphor about a bell and the sound of her voice echoing etc etc...but I'm no poet.

And I don't like her. She is by far, the most annoyingly stupid woman I've ever met. And she won't leave me alone. Genbou told her all about where we're going when we leave Paris. She's already made arrangements to come with us.

Why won't Maddy listen to me? We can't keep adding new people to our group!

I won't protect her if something happens. It's not my job. She should stay here, though. But she never listens to me.

Why can't I ignore her like she ignores me?

It's not as though I *want* to think about her. The way her eyes sparkle when she thinks of a particularly stupid plan that usually ends up getting us into trouble. Or the way she tosses her hair, and turns red when I manage to get her angry.

Or the fact that she'll stop at nothing to get me to look at her, to pay attention to listen to her.

Damn Her. She doesn't understand does she! I *don't* like her! This is stupid. I'm sitting here, lamenting over a woman. Aikawa and Genbou have been rubbing off on me. We don't have time for relationships.

Not that I want one. I was referring to them.

I need to finish packing. If Maddy has her way, we'll only be here another day or two.

And if I have my way, She will not be coming with us.

But do I ever get my way?


Ordinary World   
09:52pm 13/08/2003
mood: indescribable
music: Seal ~ Kissed By a Rose on the Grave

You're welcome, liebchen.
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Note to Self: Never let Genbou use laptop again.   
01:41am 12/08/2003
mood: aggravated
music: Ramstein ~ Du Hast
Genbou's laptop broke yesterday morning. So naturally, he's been using mine since the moment his self-destructed. Normally, I wouldn't let the fool touch anything I own, but I have been feeling a little guilty for being so nasty to him. I suppose it isn't his fault he's so annoyingly childish/selfish/conceited/shallow/LOUD.

Maybe it is.

Anyway, I finally got the computer away from him about 20 minutes ago. My new conclusion is that Genbou courts disastor and chaos wherever he goes. Thanks to him, I've got four viruses on my machine, and my screen saver is glitchy. I won't go into the fact that *somehow* he managed to change all my icons into little pictures of his face.

Believe it or not, though, aside from the computer issue, I think Genbou's changed a little in the past couple of days. He isn't as loud, or as obnoxious and he actually returned my brush (and numerous other items that should have been in my possession but weren't) to me.

It's a little unnerving. To say that I miss the loud annoying Genbou would be lying, but it is a little strange.

Wonderful. People are congregating outside the hotel room. (Probably Genbou's friends, here to take him out again.)

What's she doing here at this hour of the morning?

What right does she have to yell at me, and tell me to get off MY laptop?! Stupid woman. I was just going to go to bed anyway!

I suppose I'll have to write more later, as I am being dragged out to some god-forsaken cafe. With her. Although, I'm pretty sure normal people do not go to drink coffee at 2am in the morning. Damn.

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One Winged Minuette   
08:30pm 09/08/2003
mood: calm
music: Metallica ~ The Unforgiven
Alright, Frauline. Here. See? I made one. God.

...If you want to know who I am, go check the biography. -__- That's what it's there for.

Hmm...Paris. It''s refreshing. As much as I love Maddy's ship, I'm glad to be out of it...although I love the air more than the ground.

The people, on the other hand...I don't know. I...don't like the big crowd Genbou keeps surrounding himself with. What is it with him and always having so many...*people* around him???? I could never handle that.

I suppose it's because I don't like people. I don't. I guess...the ones I'm stuck with aren't so bad. Ishinou can even be interesting when he's not jabbing at that gott-be-damned video game. I swear if I hear it one more time, I'm going to destroy it. No, I'm going to tie Ishinou down and force him to watch me destroy it piece by fluching piece.

Wait wait. No, nevermind. I don't care if he plays it. I don't.

God, my head hurts. Why can't I think straight? Must be the lack of sleep...and that comes back to Genbou and his stupid flock of little ducklings. They follow him around like he's a god. It wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't share a room with him.

Well, right now it's peaceful. He just left (probably to meet his friends), and so that leaves me alone. For the most part. What the hel--Well how wonderful. Ishinou seems to be back in the land of the living, and he and Hanae just squirted me with water guns. Death. Death death death.

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