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[18 Dec 2003|06:32pm]
loose the shades: excuse me
KilT Sk8Er 14: yah what
KilT Sk8Er 14: did u do?
loose the shades: i thought id tell you that you have a Shania Twain lyrics in your profile
loose the shades: thought you should know
KilT Sk8Er 14: i kno
KilT Sk8Er 14: she rox
KilT Sk8Er 14: y?
loose the shades: my 36 year old mom listens to Shania Twain
KilT Sk8Er 14: and?
KilT Sk8Er 14: what r u getting at ?
loose the shades: and a kid like yourself shouldnt be listening to country
KilT Sk8Er 14: r u tryin to say she's only 4 elders
KilT Sk8Er 14: she ROX
loose the shades: yes
KilT Sk8Er 14: she is not
KilT Sk8Er 14: her music is the bomb!
KilT Sk8Er 14: just take a good listen next time
KilT Sk8Er 14: u hear it
KilT Sk8Er 14: and....
KilT Sk8Er 14: props to ur mum
loose the shades: this is horrible im leaving, bye.
KilT Sk8Er 14: nah
KilT Sk8Er 14: nah
KilT Sk8Er 14: don't

i love blink 182 chatrooms
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[17 Dec 2003|08:37pm]
name: bec

5 favorite bands: brandnew, blindside, hopesfall, from autumn to ashes, billy talent

5 unfavorite bands: good charlotte, slipknot, fountains of wayne

5 favorite movies: empire records, 70's horror, sweet november, texas chainsaw massacre, final destination

2 favorite books: z for zackariah, by that guy and criminal/mystery novels

3 things you can't live without: my camera, pants, and hair

why do you think you're cool? Because I'm so modest ;)
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[17 Dec 2003|08:31pm]
me and holly went to the mall today, to get presents for my mom. i got her a CD, a sweater, and this hideous bobble-head turtle. i saw bam margera, we ran into a few people and shopped more when her stepdad came to pick out a present for holly's mom

holly's been gone all week because she was sicky poo
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