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Friday, June 10th, 2011

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    Strategies of the Stars Tracing the Origins of Historic Cults and Cabals
    We come with each other for protection versus predators, for power in figures. No matter whether you are a Freemason or a Boy Scout, the reason you join forces with other folks of like-race and like-head is to obtain strength and safety.

    In the considerable research for my new guide and DVD, Mystery Societies: Gardiner's Forbidden Knowledge, Revelations About the Freemasons, Templars, Illuminati, Nazis, and the Serpent Cults, I identified that, historically, the secret societies of the planet are all linked and all derive from a equivalent if not the very same source, and that the threads operating by means of them all have been traced by scholars during the ages.

    As Le Couteulx de Canteleu explained in his Les Sectes et Societes Secretes published in 1863: "All solution societies have virtually analogous initiations, from the Egyptian to the Illuminati, and most of them kind a chain and give rise to others."

    In accordance to an article published in the Patriot 1922 by G.G. or 'Dargon', entitled "The Anatomy of Revolution",

    "For centuries there have existed specific schools of mystical philosophy (with) . . . elements of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Egyptian occultism mingled with Grecian mysteries, Jewish Kabalism, and fragments of historical Syrian cults. Out of the hodge-podge of Oriental philosophy, magic, and mythology arose . . Gnostic sects, and right after the rise of Mohammedanism, heretical sects. . . To the same resources may be traced the concepts that inspired such political-religious movements of the Middle Ages as the Illuminati, Albigenses, Cathari, Waldenses, Troubadours, Anabaptists, and Lollards and the rise of early mystery societies. The Templars are mentioned to have been initiated by the Assassins into anti-Christian and subversive mysteries, and we uncover equivalent traces of an aged and occult origin in the Alchemists, the Rosicrucians, and later on mystical cults . . "

    This "analogous" sort operating via all secret societies is the underlying belief in and worship of the stars. It is this component which named them the shining ones and it is this component that is nonetheless at the root of so considerably misinterpreted symbolism. Even the Holy Vehm ended up 'wissends' who had the sun and the stars as symbols of strength. This worship of the stars was recognized as Sabeism and the high Mason, Albert Pike, pointed out: "The 7 fantastic primitive nations, from whom all others are descended, the Persians, Chaldeans, Greeks, Egyptians, Turks, Indians, and Chinese, were all originally Sabeists and worshipped the stars."

    The extremely energy of comprehending the stars was jealously guarded by priesthoods all around the world, from Aztec to Egyptian. The purpose of the priest was to interpret the movements of the stars, sun, and moon, in buy to predict the long term and for navigation. This jealousy forged ciphers, codes and symbols and forced the hiding and destruction of implements and resources of the trade. Several of the Freemasonic symbols we see these days have been never ever meant for creating, they have been meant for astrology and the logic of the stars.

    These secrets and techniques of the stars have been mystical to the early peoples who could not recognize the magic. Strategies ended up passed from one particular generation to the subsequent by initiates and adepts and this is how the long thread was woven, by passing on expertise and trying to keep it concealed. Ultimately, the mystery brotherhoods no longer knew why they kept their odd symbols secret and why they explained peculiar invocations. Nevertheless, via custom and dedication to their brothers, they held alive a abundant tapestry, a tapestry that I and other scholars can break down and interpret.

    Hidden Heritage

    We must pull challenging on the thread to unravel the tapestry, a single generation at a time. According to Le Couteulx de Canteleu, the priests or leading men of the organisations followed the Egyptian hierarchy. At the greatest degree, there was the priest, who alone could do magic and get in touch with the gods. At the 2nd, we find the greater initiates, those chosen from the folks and who should maintain secrecy at all charges and guard the priesthood. At the third, the lesser initiates have been only informed issues that have been deemed proper.

    In this hierarchical trinity, we see the approach of most, if not all, of the world's solution societies. The vast majority of Freemasons nowadays drop into the class of the lesser initiates they seek no a lot more because they know of no more. Only at the best degrees in Freemasonry are the true strategies unveiled, and yet there have been some who declare to have been increased-degree initiates or certainly 'priests' and who have because 'spilled the beans'. Everyone who has seen these meant strategies of white powdered gold and even Jewish conspiracy plotswill know that this is misinformation at best and cash-making at worst.

    Lessons for Today

    Each generation tends to appear forward, forgetting that our previous holds intelligent and thought provoking answers to inquiries that are and will always be related. Since we commence every generation afresh, we do not see the thread managing by means of each and every generation from the a single ahead of--the thread of the solution culture.

    In the 20th century, psychology and psychoanalysis emerged, and the clever new words that arrived with them. Yet, why are we arrogant sufficient to feel that we discovered the root of human psychological difficulties? This is utter rubbish--Psyche herself was a Greek goddess.

    For countless numbers of many years, male has sought answers to the conundrums of his very own inner reality--the only radical change is the wording. When we say that a man or woman is psychotic, our ancestors would have mentioned they ended up touched by the spirits. Are we a lot more innovative than our ancestors?

    90% of the world's population nonetheless believes in God, yet, we even now rage war in the title of religion and we pollute the natural environment and ruin our personal households. There is anthropological proof to demonstrate that ancient man was peaceful, residing in harmony with his neighbor and respecting the earth and living in balance with it. As populations grew and a lot more people occupied smaller spaces, small wars erupted and even, violent sacrifices. Small bands of males gathered jointly to manage these who fought, and these modest bands emerged as our kings and queens, medicine guys and priests, and our mystery societies.

    There is a lesson right here for us all. Just a hundred years back, a billion people lived on the planet. Now, there are six billion and growing. Six billion individuals can do a good deal of hurt to by themselves and the natural environment, destroying the complete for everybody.With out balance, with out wisdom, without having knowledge, exactly where are we heading?

    We may well feel that some spark in the bio-chemical and electrical brain is enlightenment, however, it is not. Our masters inform us what to be like, what to acquire, what to do and say. We no lengthier need to have to know ourselves--the Tv has all the answers. And yet, what we see on Tv is a reflection of greed, income and capitalism and these can be interpreted as the dark forces of human nature. Light and dark are opposite sides of the exact same coin. Balance is wisdom, like a coin placed on its edge, and like a coin, it can effortlessly be knocked above.

    I need a good existence that does not consist of a assortment of autos, a yacht in every single port or another million. I am a realist, and the reality is that although one male has, one more does not. My evolutionary instinct is to collect items, house and wealth for the undesirable periods forward, to see me through the winter or the coming storm. The down aspect of this is that we increase that divisive aspect of our nature, greed, and someone someplace suffers. We join forces with other people and hold our newfound cabal in secrecy, defending it until finally time matures the authentic intention till it becomes unrecognizable--these are the origins of the mystery societies of the ancients.

    The historic Chinese texts inform us that mankind has been in this circumstance ahead of several periods and that his greed and 'noise' has brought his civilization crashing down to the ground. How shut are we to undertaking it nevertheless once again? How 'noisy' are we?

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