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Sunday, September 5th, 2004

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    What an idiot.
    Someone very dumb in my family just walked into a fallen-over dresser in the middle of the upstairs hallway. Oh man, that's

    Okay it was my mom. I felt bad saying she was dumb because well....she's my mom. But she is. And MAN oh MAN is she being rude tonight?!?!? Honestly, I didn't do ANYTHING. I just got home a few hours ago and I've been doing homework. HOMEWORK ON A WEEKEND............and she yells. I just don't know what to do anymore. I want to live with my daddy.

    PS: I have lots to write about the adventures I've had these past few days! I just can't right now because I gotta go to bed. I'll post a humung-o message demain! Have a nice night, everyone.


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    I really don't understand why allergies only struck me this year. And they struck HARD. I woke up this morning & went to look in the mirror.....big mistake. My eyes are enormous. It's actually kinda creepy so I chased Brandy around the house!

    Other than my insane allergies, I've been having one of the best weeks of my life! School is just....amazing! It's so amazing, being able to see everyone again. It's also AMAZING that I'm so involved this year! I'll be big on student council, & Lisha & I joined Hayden Garden commitee! It's pretty much a geeky thing to do, but why not? I just want to help this year! Woohoo. It'll be fun, I know it!

    Another reason why this week has been sunshine in a bottle is because MIA VISITED FROM THE T-DOT. She came to my school after the bell rang, and Marini & I RACED to be the first to see her! Of course, speedy gonsalas won. A.k.a ME. Hahaha, I'm joking. I'm slow, but I guess Marini was having a VERY SLOW day! Hehehehe. I love Marrrrrie. Oh okay, so then! So then! I saw Mee-ah & I It felt so good for her to be 'back home'. I miss her so much all the time. So Marini, Mee-ah, Courtney, Kayleigh & I walked to the train station where we'd be waiting for ROBYN the love of my life. So vee vaited & vaited & VINALLY she vas off zee train. I missed Rob too, she's such a YUM. Sooooo zen Kayleigh left for work & the rest of us walked to Robyn's! We did a bunch of stuff. You know, we basically just 'hung out' I guess. For dinner, Coutney left & the rest of us went to Pizza hut! Now -THAT- was fun. Another booth through a crayon at us, so we threw some back. Then we heard people complaining about us. Hahaha, but our waitor took care of it & we did NOT get in trouble. I liked him a lot. Muahaha. After the pizza, we all got a sundae except for Robyn due to...well....she saw what Marini's sundae looked like: An overflowing bowl of none frozone ice-cream with chocolate sauce & oreo stuff in it. So basically it was milk with stuff in it. That didn't turn ME off though, nothing could turn me off about ice-cream.....even if it kinda wasn't ice-cream. In the end, I thought it was some damn good cold milk with chocoloate sauce. Rawrrrrr. So we all went back to Robyn's & slept there. We didn't sleep 'till 4 because we did so many things. We played the creepiest board game EVER! A.k.a Nightmare. Holy moses, I'm telling you now, it really is like a nightmare. It was such a fun night, I loved being with all of them! Especially Minou, because we all missed her very, very much. Actually, who am I kidding?! I missed all of those girls the exact same amount. Just in different ways. I even missed Marini as much as I missed the others, even though I see her all the time at school. Hehehe. I missed her in a non-school related way.

    WE WOKE UP & WENT UP STAIRS......and we saw SAINT CINNAMON BUNS! & HOME MADE FRUIT SALAD! Wow, Shamoo's parents are EXTREMELY nice. (Shammo=Robyn)

    *drools* That was for sure a great breakfast, FOR...sure.

    In the day, all of us gals went to visit our dear friend Alisha N.! She had surgery recently so she can't really do we went to go see her at her house! It was a lot of fun, we watched X-men 2 & made bracelets & ate lots of good food. Well, I made a ring. I was too lazy to make a bracelet. & wait a sec.....hardly anyone made anything. Only Alisha & Marini.....well, I did too. But only a ring. Okay, not the point!

    SO THEN I GOT HOME LAST NIGHT AT LIKE 8-ISH! I did homework, got school stuff organized....but yeah, history is MIGHTY hard. Oh, did I tell you that I got switched into the advanced english class?!?! I was SO incredibly happy. Kelly Belly switched into it also, :o). There were about 6 or 7 people in class, including me & Kel, because the rest were -already- on a field-trip to the film festival. I wasn't jeleous........................................actually I was.

    BUT YEAH! So now I'm finally in one of Leanna Banana's classes! & I'm with my cousin Katherine, who is 68% smarter than me. I decided that alls I got is 32% of the smartness between us. My gramma loves her so much more because of this. I cry......

    & NOW I'M IN SHERI'S HISTORY CLASS! With the same teacher, but in a different block. I'm also with Daniel Maye. :o)!!!! YAAAAAA!!! I'm sad though....well, not SAD. But I'm kiiiinda sad because I left Marini in English class! :o(. I also left Sara & Joey &.....everyone! But it's okayyyyy because I'll make them proud in the geek class. Or I'll try. The teacher already LOVES me because she loves my older brother (I DON''s been 4 months now since I haven't spoke with him.) I don't know why she loves him so much, he's such a retard. BLAH!!!

    Anyhoo I should go & finish my breakfast. Or blow my nose. Wow I hate allergies but NOTHING CAN RUIN THIS HAPPY MARATHON I'M IN.


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    I -love- Roseness.
    Rosie sent me an e-mail that made my day perfect:

    Lindsay, Alison, Rae (oh my!) Lindsay, Alison, Rae (oh my!)

    And that vas it. She really knows how to push all of my happy buttons.

    On another note, Leanna & I went shopping today! I got the comfiest sweater EVER & it's b-e-a-yooootiful. She got a shirt that says: Em I see kay ee why (with a picture of Mickey Mouse on the front) And then on the back it says: Em oh you ess ee (with another picture of Mickey!) GET IT?! M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E! Hehehe, like in the song! I loooove it. But we'll never tell you where we went shopping. It's the biggest secret ever. Muahahahaha.

    After shopping we took the bus to fairview, AND I SAW ARIELLE ON THE BUS! We didn't talk much though, only because she was with a friend who I did -NOT- know and I thought leaving her friend out would be rude. So I left her to talk with her buddy. :o) She's so nice. Then Leanna & I walked from Fairview to our homes. Well, she went to her house & I went to my daddy's! My daddy & I watched the storm thingy in Florida, & a Frank Zappa dvd which was very hilarious indeed! Then we ate maccaroni. Is that how you spell it? Maybe it's with one C? Who knows. I've been on such a hunger strike lately. I really don't know why. I'm just not hungry.

    So apres dinner, Leanna walked over & we walked to Uniprix & I finally got some new lipgloss which I was DYING for. It's so moisturized. I love it. LOVE it. Then we walked to McDonald's & got sundaes. It wasn't that great. I never liked sundaes. Ontop of that, I wasn't even hungry, as I said before. Well, it was okay! :o). Thhhhheeennnnn we walked to some random video store nobody goes to and we saw our friend Aaliyah from cheerleading! We helped her pick movies to rent. Ohhhhh & I saw such foxy posters of Lord of the rings. Ohhhhh boy oh boy was I tempted to buy those bad boys!! Rawrrrrr. THENNNNNN we walked to Leanna's house & made popcorn & watched that miracle home edition thingy-ma-jigger. You know, with Ty Pennington the foxy carpenter! He's soooo nice. Ho wow. Ho wow. HOOOO wow.

    I miss my all-American rejects. Awwwww, I love the part in their DVD when Tyson says "I guess we'll just have to break it downnnnnn." He mumbles that sentence SO well. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I love Nickolas Don Wheeler. He's my FAVORITE in the band. But no, he's just my husband. They're ALL my favorites. Awww poor Mike a.k.a Grizzly Adams & now a.k.a Anna-anay (annorexic) Well we're not completely sure, but from the recent pics from the warped tour in Texas, Mike looks TINY! He's like, skinnier than Tyson which is......very incredibly skinny. Poooooor Anna-anay. I send my love. So does Mee-ah. THEN THERE'S CHRIS. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. He's such a god in his own way. Ohhhh Chris. Such a juice bum you have, SUCH a juice bum you have. I just love the all-American rejects. If I had to choose one band to listen to for the rest of my life, it would for SURE be my AAR. *breathes* I miss & love them. Their new CD should be comming out early 2005. I'm going to party like it's 1992 when it comes out. Why 1992? Because that's when I was like......3. & I wore overalls. & what better to party in than overalls?!

    I love the all-American rejects. I need them. I need the all-American rejects.

    OH MY GOD I'VE GOTTA GO CHECK THE FEABLE WEINER SITE FOR TOUR DIARY UPDATES. I hope Josh's hand is okay! He's the drummer & there's just no Feable Weiner without Josh.


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