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    Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
    9:11 pm
    Hello people in my life.
    I hate…………….nevermind.

    Today was pretty fun. Last day of summer. I went shopping with Sheri, Meli & Kelly. I went there with 6 pennies & 2 buttons & ended up with 2 shirts. No, the shirts didn’t cost 3 pennies & a button each, they were bought by Meli & Kelly! Oh, and I love the shirts! The one from Kelly is a long sleeved white & red shirt. It’s really cool, I mean, the way it’s built. It’s like a tank top and then long sleeves and no shoulders. Hard to explain. I really like it! Meli got me a brown, pink & white striped tank top & it’s really nice! I didn’t try it on in the store, but I tried it just a while ago in my room & I LOVE IT! It’s so different from my other million tank tops. The reason why I let them get me these 2 things is only because it was a deal in the store. You know like…..3 for 30? 2 for 10? Stuff like that. And they both needed a 3rd item, so they let me choose something! I usually don’t let people buy me stuff, but they’re some of my best friends & if I didn’t get the 3rd item for both of them, that would mean it would cost MORE to get just the 2 items they each got. Because it was a deal. Am I making sense?

    Anyhoo, I think Mia’s going to stay with me on Labor day! She e-mailed me a few times in the past few days & we think everything’s set to go! I miss her already, school tomorrow just won’t be the same without her. But we’ll keep in touch and I hope to see her like…every month! She’s coming to like, all the school dances!!!! We’ve decided already. Kelly & Marie are running the dances this year, and I asked Kel today what the theme was for the first one and she said “maybe Western” AND I GOT SO PSYCHED BECAUSE I JUST GOT A COWBOY HAT FINALLY!!! Wuhooooooo! And I have such a Texas belt, it’s insaneness at it’s best!

    Okay I gotta go because school is tomorrow & I want to watch a bit of our family guy DVD before I go to bed! Man, I feel better about back to school now…..but only because I know I’m with Alisha in Leadership class! I love fun homerooms.

    Ciao everybody! :o)


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    10:44 am
    Cookies & milk for breakfast.......narsty.
    Bleh! We have hardly any food.....well, not true. We have one bagel left & golden grahams (my regular breakfasts) but I just don't feel like either of them today! But seriously, cookies & milk for breakfast.....wah. It must be back to school time that's making me eat this way. BLEH!

    I really am excited though, I mean, I get to see everyone! Just.......the withdrawal is not over YET. I need to go to school on wednesday (tomorrow) & convince myself that school IS here. I'm in denial.

    Kelly should be calling me very soon about shopping, and I'm not ready what so ever. So I better go is what I'm trying to say. Wish us luck on our last back to school shopping adventure! Actually, that's not totally the truth.....tonight me & Leanna Banana might go look for a new schoolbag for her! I love schoolbag shopping, SCORE! We'll see....and until then my friends, y'all best be having a beautiful last day without school (that's for all you who start on wednesday) and as for the rest of yas......well......YOU'RE ALREADY IN SCHOOL! SUCKKKKERS! Naaaa na na na na, na na na na na na na na na na HEY HEY HEY! Just kidding.........kinda...


    Ps: I LOVE the all-American rejects. They're my favoritest band in the whole entire world & I hope EVERY last one of you knows that.


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    Current Music: The all-American rejects
    Monday, August 30th, 2004
    11:46 pm
    I miss Tyches. His friend Rob stopped by tonight & told me he's back in Georgia, and i died a little inside. But that's okay! I'm glad he's safe & sound in Georgia where the peaches grow.

    Which reminds me of a song.......


    Wow, I was obsessed with that song when I was younger. I was also obsessed with Greenday. I still love them, their new song American idiot is really good!

    Me & Kella-Bella are going back to school shopping tomorrow (we've done that many times this summer) but honestly, school is in 2 days OFFICIALLY! Omigosh....omigosh. It's 11:40.....which means in 20 minutes, school will be none other than............


    Oh my lord. I'm in withdrawal. It's all over now. It's all over.


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    8:16 pm
    Oh man oh man........oh man...OH MAN OH MAN!
    I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo going through withdrawal. THE SUMMER IS NOT OVER...........BUT IT IS. AHHHHH!!!!! I'm all for school, you know me.....but I just can't believe it's over. Summer is OVER. After tomorrow. Oh man oh man oh man. I'm not nerveous, and I'm happy I can be with all my friends in the same building but........JUST NOT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    4:40 pm
    Wow, I had -so- much fun in the T-dot with Mia. Canadian idol really was amazing. The guy who got voted off (forget his name) was soooo good. But Mee-ah was laughing due to his "female voice". I really liked it, though! We took 100 pictures (curtesy of my diggy-cam!) Ohhhh but my favorite is the one of me & Bill (a post-man statue.) He was QUITE the fox indeed.

    We went into this costume store thingy, it's called "My party".....oh wow we had fun in there! I took a picture of Mia when she had a dead-Bill-Clinton mask on. Or....that's what it looked like at least. Hahaha, I had fun in there!

    I was also on T.V because these people from Canada AM came in to Mia's room to clean it up & organize it. 2 guys from reno depot came to install some shelving & mirrors & lamps & MORE. (FOR FREE) Wow she is SO lucky. So yeah, all you see is me in the background like vaccuming & folding clothes. It was so much fun, hehe! It was kinda like trading spaces but Canada AM style & I had no microphone on me. Mia did, and so did the crew that came in to organize her room. I was the mute-friend.

    Oh man, we went shopping! I really like shopping, have I ever told you? I didn't get much....only a shirt from Urban Outfitters, a skirt from Bluenotes, huge bird earrings from H&M & my FIRST pair of semi-high-heels from H&M as well!!!! They're so adorable, they're not even like, an inch off the ground! Hahaha, Mia bought a shirt that says: Be fit, have fun! Aroebicize!! (She's the aerobics QUEEN.)

    Ohhhhh but it all went downhill when I had to take the train home all the way from the T-dot.......urgh. I got on the train, all alone....and sat in my seat. With my luck, a cross-dresser came to sit next to me. I was pretty scared but tried to have an open mind. It was a guy, but.....a girl. You know? A guy trying to be a girl. He was telling me about his adventures & showing me his silky smooth shaved legs.........YARD! He had the hole "gay voice" thing going on, too. And when he bent over, you know, I couldn't help but wonder what was under his shorts (Oh boy were they shorts....) and he had purple silky underwear on! I just about peed myself, but I didn't laugh because I was still just so nerveous &....blah!! Then he started telling me how I should be a model & how he thought I was beautiful. Usually I would take that as a compliment, but it creeped me out coming from him. Or Ah, I feel bad saying that, but whatever it was, it was weird & bothering me! It wouldn't be quiet. I was so tired. He/She left the seat next to me when the first stop came around (Belleville, which was 3 hours from the stop I got on) and yeah........I was so thankful! But then this guy Johnny sat infront of me with his friend & they were so loud. I didn't get one minute of sleep for the whole billion hours I was on that train. Oh, not to mention our train was 1 hour and a bit late getting to Dorval (my stop to get HOME!!) But here's the bad part......the train was late, I was fed-up, and it was pitch black. My train was supposed to pull up to Dorval at like.....7:36 pm -ish-....but NO! It was an hour late. Ish. Maybe even more. So yeah, I was all worked up and just totally wanted OFF. I took notice of how 30 minutes before every stop, they'd call out on the inter-com: 30 MINUTES 'TILL BELLEVILE...30 MINUTES 'TILL ROCKLAND....30 MINUTES 'TILL (insert place here)!!! It was a routine. And I knew what to do now! :o).....but then.....when they'd finally reach those stops, they'd always say: NOW ARRIVING AT BELLEVILE. (Or wherever...) And I took notice of that, too! But when Dorval was next up, they said: 30 MINUTES 'TILL DORVAL! So I waited about 30 minutes & heard nothing. Our train stopped, but they didn't say anything. Nobody on train 4 (my train) got off, so I figured it wasn't Dorval because of course like all the other times, they'd announce it. BUT turned out that it WAS Dorval but the guy just didn't say "Welcome to Dorval" AS HE SHOULD HAVE! AHHHHHHH I WAS SO PISSED OFF.......SO pissed off nobody even understands. As we pulled away from Dorval, I tapped the scary man infront of me on the shoulder and asked: Was that Dorval? And he said: YES. And I said....."WHERE THE HELL ARE WE GOING NOW?! WHY DIDN'T THEY ANNOUNCE IT?!??!" So I freaked out, alone, and cried of course. Oh man did I cry. I got up & asked this other dude for his cell to call my mom's cell & tell her to come get me in montreal (the next and LAST stop) And that's downtown......oh boy. But as I was about to call my mom, this big beastly man walked in & had his radio thingy on and said "Lindsay Rae? Lindsay Rae?" In such a MEAN WAY!!! And I gave the phone back to the guy who lent it to me, and said to the beast "THAT'S ME....why the hell didn't you announce the arrival at Dorval?!" And he said "Ohhhh it was the second to last stop of the night & we thought everyone knew...." Oh man, I spazzed at him and told him that I was alone & had never been alone on a train before....and had only been on a train once before in my life when I was like 1. Ohhhh man I hated him. So he's all like "Your mom called the train & you should get off the train in Montreal (next & last stop) & meet her at the big green light upstairs." And he walked away......and I was still so pissed off and freaked out and traumatized. Wow I'm never taking the train AGAIN. So I'm sitting there waiting for the frikin train to come to it's final about 20 minutes later it did, but right before it did, I hear that beast of a man talking to some random lady on the same train as me, and he was saying "I can't believe that girl didn't know it was Dorval, how stupid of her, she's so stupid....stupid stupid stupid, ETC.!!!!" And I got SO mad and just cried out of anger by myself. Man was I mad. UUUURGH. SO I got off in Montreal, walked upstairs with all my luggage (nobody helped me....nope) And so I looked all over for a "BIG GREEN LIGHT" but couldn't find it. With my luck, of course, I just couldn't find it. So I took a quarter, still crying, and put it into the payphone nearby. I called my mum's cell & she found me about 30 minutes later. It was like, 9:30 ish at the time. So it was a long way home, and my mom said when she called the train, the man she spoke to was very rude & selfish & saying that MAYBE he could find me....MAYBE he could help. Ohhhhhh man and I told her about the beast who called me stupid & who laughed at me. And she was mad. She's going to write a letter, and so am I. You better believe it! So I hadn't eaten FOREVER, and on the way to Brandon's friend's house (my brother's friend's) we stopped at a McDonald's and got me my favorite, a #9! Rawr. That made me happy but I was still just so scared & crying & URGH....just MAD!!! So then we got to Brand's friend's, I went outside & talked to Brand's friend's mom. Well, Brand's friend is kinda my friend too, we're all family friends. And my mom's best friend, or one of them at least, is Brand's friend's MOM! So yeah, connections a la max! And I talked to my mom's best friend for so long, and my mom's best friend's OTHER friend was there too, and we all talked forever. And my mom talked with us too. I told them about what happened and they were OUTRAGED! We talked outside in their beeeeautiful backyard until like midnight. Then I got really tired & decided to wake myself up by playing slam-ball on the trampoline with Brandon & Trev (OUR friend) And yeah, it didn't wake me up, it just scared me because I was scared the ball would hit my head.) That sucked, but it was perdy fun! So I went inside & fell asleep on one of their couches with the three dogs. My allergies sky-rocketed!!!!!!! AND THAT'S MY STORY. One of the worst nights of my life.

    Wow this was a huge entry, I bet you're all confused. Meh! I needed to get that out of mon systeme!!!!

    SCHOOL STARTS ON WEDNESDAY! I'm so excited & so comfortable with school now. I know everyone & stuff, so it's going to be a good year! I just know it.

    Have a nice day everybody! And if any of my porch pals are reading this......come see me! I miss & love y'all!



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    Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
    8:19 am
    Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin....JUSTIN!!! That's 11 times!!!!!!
    I'll miss you buddy.

    I'm leaving in like.....2 minutes! G'bye everybody, have a nice week!!!!!!! Call me friday night!


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    Monday, August 23rd, 2004
    10:05 pm
    NO GAME...... FREAKIN' called me. Uuuuurgh. So we had a practice until 9:30! It was kinda' fun! I had to hit off of a machine, it was kinda' creepy! I missedthe first 10 balls because I was just so scared. I'm used to real people pitching it to me, hehe.

    Steph called my mom's cell & told her to send me over to these bleachers across the field. She was there! I was happy. So I stayed there for a few minutes. Antonio was there, too! It was good to see him again. And Abdulah & 3 other girls &....someone I don't like very much. Ahem Ahem....

    So I was at the field 30 minutes longer than everyone else (except Leanna, she ran over to my friends with me.)

    Toronto is TOMORROW. Wow I think it's the first time I've ever called it Toronto & not the T-dot. Hahaha. I also always call Ile-Bizard the I-dot. Just for fun!!

    This may be the last thing that I write for long...can you hear me smiling when I sing this song? For you......and only you. - The All-American Rejects

    (Seriously though....this may be the last thing that I write until friday when I get home. Unless I get home on Saturday or Sunday) (....I might get home Saturday or Sunday now because if we lose two playoff games, we're out. And we're playing on thursday and if they play 2 and lose them both, why should I come back so soon?) So yeah, when I'm comming back is kind of undeclared. I'll miss everyone a lot! I know I've been in a non-Linny mood lately, but it's really not because of any of my friends. I love you all. I want to get away strictly because I need a vacation. I just need to go somewhere where I can do stuff without thinking!!! Somewhere where I don't know anyone. It'll be a lot of fun, I can't wait! I'm also looking forward to seeing everybody again when I get home. Have a great week & TRY not to miss me too much. *winks*

    Always & forever,


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    5:56 pm
    Ooooh baby I love your way, everydayyyy.
    Awwww, I miss Kyle so much! I just called his cell to say g’bye because I’ll be in the T-dot ‘till Friday….Boy do I miss that man, oh boy.

    I just walked to Jay’s a few minutes ago & he was in the shower. Jordan was being so awkward with me….he’s all like: Okay….so what do you want to do? Go home? Stay here? Sit outside? And I was all like….no. Your house is my house. GIVE ME ICE-CREAMMMM!! Hahaha, no, I was joking! Jordan went to go scream to Jay in the shower & Jay said he’d stop by after he’s done. But I hope he doesn’t disturb my ‘family dinner’ (Even my dad will be here!!) We’re having steak, drools. Someone put my tongue back in my mouth.

    I’M STILL SO NERVEOUS…..but I’m in a better mood. Kyle can always make me smile.



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    5:20 pm
    I'm so nerveous about my game tonight. I just tried pitching in my backyard & I'm so off today. Oh mercy, I better keep practicing. Playoffs start on the day I get back, friday, and I'm screwed if I can't pitch well. Ohhh no. I'm still pretty sick, too. & my daddy laughed at me so much at Jack Astor's last night because I told him I think I have lock-jaw. Hahaha. That reminds me of a level in Diddy Kong's quest called Lock-Jaw's Locker. It was an under-water level & I hated those.....but those were the days. *sigh* WISH ME LUCK TONIGHT! I miss everybody so much. Thanks for being great to me the past week.

    I'll leave y'all with a quote: Stay true to your friends, 'cause they'll save you in the end. -Sam Roberts


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    4:03 pm
    I just started on Blurty instead of Blogger....I feel bad!!
    Awwww....I only switched over to Blurty because it has pictures and stuff! It's so much better that way! Me & my Blogger had a nice few months together, though. Who knows, if I can't get the hang of Blurty than I might just switch back to my picture-less Blogger! Hmmm...

    Anyhoo, it's my brother's birthday today! He's 14!!! Happy birthday Brandon! I can't believe it, I'm in denial. I'm 1 & he's 14. That's Can't be right. Someone made a mistake!

    Anyways I was at Fairview today with my family because my mum wanted to buy Brandy something else. It was kind of weird being at Fairview with my family. Yiiikes. I got a nice pair of jeans, though! They're really dark but just the way I like them....not TOO tight, but tight...but not. Haha. I bought Brandon these really awesome sweatpants from Roots, but he hasn't opened them yet! I think tonight (before or after my softball game, I'm not sure which) He'll open his presents & have cake & stuff! I'm so excited. Oh yeah, and I saw Dayna at Fairview!!! She is my sunshine. My ONLY sunshine. :o)

    Yeah, my softball game is ON tonight! I haven't played in so long....I think I'll be sucking it up tonight on the field & at bat because I haven't played for so long that I probably forgot HOW to play. Oh murphy.

    Well anyways, I gotta go! Have a nice day, everyone!!!


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