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Date:2003-09-08 22:00
Subject:I love
Mood: lazy
Music:Rent - Original Broadway Cast Soundtrack

I hear they're going out of business soon though.. for other reasons but also because of Barnes &, which I might start working for soon. Hmph. I'll be getting paid to help the demise of one of my favorite websites. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Anyway, one reason why I love them is their shipping. Spend more than 25 bucks and it's free. Then, they say things like "It should arrive on blah date" and it _always_ gets here much, much sooner. Their shipping people kick all kinds of ass. Today I got a brand new pretty covered 1984 by George Orwell, Uzumaki Vol. II (japanese horror, super gross stuff), and the dvd of one of my favorite movies: Ravenous (only ten bucks!).

Other than that I haven't done much of anything, I'm super broke and whatever money I do have has to go towards bills and boots for Lucas*. My birthday is in a few weeks, and I keep getting reminded about it. It's not _so_ bad, I'm still very young.. I guess it's that we, and by we I mean my friends and I, lived such hectic.."experiance filled"(to put it nicely) lives that I think I might be having a midlife crisis. At 23. Go figure.
I'm in a good mood, so I can't really be cynical and angry, therefore, I really don't have much of an entry do I?

Books you should read:

Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions - by Daniel Wallace - Very cool book. I just finished it and it's basically about a man coming to terms with the fact that his dad is dying. In between those chapters are chapters about his father's life, tall tales, like the time he met the devil while fishing, or the year it snowed in Alabama. The only reason I picked this book up was because I'd heard it was soon to be a Tim Burton film and I was curious, I mean, the man has great taste and vision, this had to be a good book right? Right. After reading it I'm a billion times more excited to see the movie when it finally comes out. Check out Danny Elfman's site here for some incredible pictures...

The Drifters - James A. Michener - Written and set in the late 60's it's about a bunch of young adults travelling who all have thier own reasons for running. One is escaping the draft, another is wanted by the Philly police, and another just wants to get out of her cold home. They meet in a town in Spain and the adventure starts. I haven't finished it yet, but was told I'd like it because I've had some wanderlust lately and this book brings it out even more.

Damn. 10pm already. I still have to do a complete cleaning before the landlord gets here tommorow. Arrgh.
Oh, before I go..

9/13 The Slackers CD Release Party:
The Slackers, The MIghty Imperials, & The Brimstones
B.B. King's (NY) $12 advance $15 day of show all ages
show starts @ 9 p.m. and the slackers are supposed to play TWO sets!

9/17 The Distillers & The Bronx
Bowery Ballroom (NY) 16 & over only
show starts @ 9 p.m. $15

If anyone knows of any other shows feel free to email me and whatnot.
I'm out for now.

"My rhymes so phat they got cellulite" - Northern State

*- Lucas is my boyfriend. He's in the Army. Stationed in Oklahoma right now, he's learning how to blow stuff up and drive tanks. It's a bit complicated, our situation, and I'm pretty sure I won't go into it here, but if I do, it'll be in another entry. Right now all you, the reader, has to know is that we love each other very much and he recently bought me the Adidas I'd been coveting for months, hence my insistance on buying him boots.

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Date:2003-09-06 02:17
Subject:the infamous first entry
Mood: sleepy
Music:Northern State - Dyin' In Stereo

What to put here? I've started so many online journal/diary things over the years and always abandoned them after a few months. I've realized that my life isn't interesting enough for these things. Or maybe it is, but I'd never be convinced of it and so, always feel stupid writing down the daily minutia of my uneventful life. I don't want to be one of those people who bombard you with horrible "deep" goth poetry, or spend 2000 words talking about what their friend thinks of that guy in biology or what they wore to the mall. (Then again, those kinds of people are usually way past the online journal thing, to the point that they're actually _paying_ money to share their bullshit with the world on "blogs"..)

So this is me. I'm hoping to not fall into that trap. This journal is going to be (supposed to be) a place for me to vent mostly. I'm unemployed and out of school so I have A LOT of free time to think about just how stupid the rest of the planet is. Don't get me wrong, I don't spend my saturday nights staying home with a pipe listening to Vivaldi and re-reading War & Peace for the billionth time but I feel secure in the mindset that there are a whole shitload of really, REALLY stupid people out there and I, am not one of them.

Every once in a while I'll go see a movie, or read a new book, or on rare occasion, get a new video game, aside from that, this "journal" will mostly be bitching. But in a good way I assure you! For example, I'll go into my proposition that anyone who wishes to reproduce must be required to take an I.Q. test, or how certain groups of people should be neutered to stave off the growing army of stupidity. Maybe I'll write more tonight, but my bug phobia is in high gear and I'm a bit too fidgety (and yet tired) to concentrate right now.

Oh yeah, if anyone can help me out on how to add.. things to that bar on the right I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm a complete idiot (minus the savant) when it comes to Html type stuff. Thanks.

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