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Mwhahahaha! [28 Jan 2003|11:00am]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Taking Back Sunday - You're So Last Summer ]


I have this thingy up and runinng. Hopefully I'll be able to continue updating this journal. Sure noone reads it but that's alright. I finally have a place to put down all my thoughts. ^^ If you're reading this, please comment. I'd just like to know who's actually reading what I have to say. It's somewhat exciting knowing that other people are reading my random banter. Then again, small things amuse small minds and I for one, know that I have a small mind. Oh well, on with stuff...

~ Phil

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Avril Lavigne [28 Jan 2003|11:29am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | Steadfast - Passing By ]

So many people now-a-days are 'anti-Avril' (as they call themselves). I don't get what the big deal is. I mean, sure the argument against her is "She claims that she's punk but her music is all pop crap"... or something along those lines... And I'm not denying that her music is 'pop'. I just hate people labelling music.

Okay, okay... I know I do it too. I mean, it's almost human nature to give things names and catagorize various things... but I am trying to break down the walls and barriers between genres.

'Punk' people have always been 'cool' people to me. They don't care about things and take life as it comes. They seem to live the easy life without worries and they don't take crap from anyone. If you noticed, I put 'Punk' in little '''' Ya. Just cause the term is used so much now that I really believe that people don't know the true meaning of being punk. I mean, yes, I am no punk nor do I claim to be. I do know for a fact however that they wouldn't bash people that claim to be what they are. I mean, ask yourself honestly, would punks really care about what others think?

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but the bass player of 'Avril's Boys' is no longer part of the band. His reason being that Avril is getting to commercial. So he left and went to do his own thing. All he wanted was to play bass. Is he anti-Avril though? No. Why? Cause what would the point of that be. He instead just left and went to play music. Something that he loves to do. He didn't let something like pop-culture get the better of him.

I guess the whole point of this banter is to tell people to just 'let go'... no pun intended... it just fit. Seriously. Do you not have anything better to do than to focus on something that you dislike in a person? Yes, I find some 'musicians' idiots but I don't voice my oppinion on how much they suck. Rather I listen to what I like, not focus on what I hate. Just suck up what the media throws at you. It's not worth hating someone over it. If you really are anti-Avril, is it so hard to leave it alone?

Just be punk and leave it be. Listen to the music that you love, leave the music you hate be.

And that's my 2 and a half cents

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