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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Time:7:52 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
Music:Story of the Year.
i need you!!!

i love you more then you think!!
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Tuesday, May 30th, 2006

Subject:shes dressed in crushed velvet... dancing in my dreams
Time:9:48 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:static-x shadow zone.

ive been thinking alot about things... which thinking for me is a bad thing... damn my brain!! so... i have a friend whos being a huge asshole to a innocent girl, but she doesnt see through his role... he sees what he wants her to see, which is stupid on her part, but weve started talking and now i think shes finally understanding, which i hope she does, and soon! she seems like she could be a really nice girl, and nice girls shouldent be corrupted by assholes with sexy accents!

on another note... ive made friends with a really cool girl. shes a very in-your-face type of girl. haha. i help her with shit about the asshole above. shes not the girl, but the girls sisters girlfriend. we both try to tell her (the girl). yea, so shes really cool, i wish i could hang out with her out of work. mesh mesh.

one of my other friends is really cool. hes ''tempted'' alot, haha, im waiting for him to snap. i wonder how long he can handle. he says alot of stuff.. and its really weird because i get giddy around him. not in the way like... oh wow i like him, but the way that im just happy to see him. and he has really awesome huggs... im glad ill be able to see him over the summer...

so one of my other friends is rather annoying. shes always complaining about the same thing. shes gotten better, but still. AHG!!! i love her, but sometimes i want to strangle her. shes a little immature, but i think shes growing up. which is good. GAH!

i miss my babydoll, she left me. but when she comes back, were going to have one hell of a celebration. my life is going downhill from here. drugs, alcohol, sex... heh i love my babydoll!

so he is being really confusing... i dont understand. i love him to FUCKING DEATH. but i just dont want to be with him anymore. he is really awesome, but i see us more as friends. i dont know how to explain it to him, and i hate it. AHG... i really dont like how hes dishonest with me, breaking promises, lying, (probably cheating). no se... itll end soon... hopefully on a good note.

and... saving the best for last. one of my really cool friends... weve had soo many different phases. i think shes is one of the only people ive had like a on and off crush on. her and both one of our exs. im always really jealous, i dont know why, maybe because someone else can have her and i cant, but when she talks about people like that it makes me JEALOUS!! eeeeeh. im always never sure if she likes me back (which im always really confused... so i never show it - even though im always kinda flirting, cuz thats just how i act with her from since i met her) but ANYWAYS. i <3 her... shes one of my really coolest friends. haha make sence? now that i want to actually say something nice and productive my mine is so blank... you could uh.... eat off it? i dont know. basically... im going to be full-on lesbian and shes coming along for the ride... (YEA THATS RIGHT BITCH YOUR COMING!!! hahahahahahaha) (you should take my virginity.. hahaHAHA)

well sorry this sucked.... mesh mesh.
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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

Subject:you find me offensive? i find YOU offensive for finding ME offensive!!
Time:8:37 pm.
Mood: bored.
Music:nothing.... was eminem.
lalala.... im so bored. i went up to ocala for christmas.... i got a hat, 70$, cd player, celtic necklace, glass cow and a candel.... WOOh... dontcha'know. yesterday i got david to go to the pool with me... it was quite cold... well for him.. i have weird temperatures.... hmm oh well... i went to the mall with my mommy sunday when i got back from ocala... yay *sarcastic* my dad said that im manly when i burped... it was great... i do it better then him. hmm... i made yummy cookies for david... yay. uh.i got a cool skirt at hot topic, i hope wendy doesnt get it and say she got it before i did like she said about my boots....stupid poser *angry* i dont know what else to say. i got a really really unexpected yesterday from joseph.... hehe... oh yea daivd you have to give me that pin back... oh yea... and im going to give it to sammy... i think shed like it more... lalala... sammy and me are pretty good friends now... she says she loves me... *giggle* and huggs me... thats the last thing i EVER EVER EVER expected. i cant wait to hang out with her and jay and david sometime after she gets back from new york. hm... what else... i dont know.... i guess nothing for today.... well i guess ill wirte in another 2 weeks.... and davids off to sebring.... and i did a bad thing on sunday.... dont tell nobody okay?! lol.... its almost healed... anyways... bye i guess... mykel answer your phone or call back... and roos...... call me i cant call you.. ITS LONG DISTANCE... and david... HAVE YOU ASKED YOUR G-PA TO COME BACK YET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *knows answer: nooo 'does little look'*
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

Subject:OH NO..... MY BRACLET thing IS FALLING APART.... no not the hospital band!!!!
Time:4:53 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
wow... its been sooo long since ive last updated.... i think.... well at least it feels like it. i havent been online... I FINALLY HAVE A LIFE!!!! yay kylelee... uh. well we took exams today. i think i probably passed some of them... the one i cheated on with nic and sarah and kris... lol.... yay. man i miss david and its only been an hour... ish.... im going to miss sammy soo much when she goes to survivor.... *tear* and sabrina is moving to deerfeild. danni and renee are going to tosaunt, deborah and andrea are swiching classes... man im going to be all alone. oh well.... davids all that matters.... sorta... no im kidding... as long as he doesnt move away ill be quite fine. eh im bored of writeing.... so farewell.... i love you david... i cant wait to spend alll winter break with you when i get back... and take good care of kegan... HE NEEDS YOU AS A FATHER!!! i love you
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Wednesday, December 8th, 2004

Subject:AHHHH i hate you... you stupid fuck
Time:5:57 pm.
Mood: angry.
Music:yelling... stupid parents.
holy crap... i havent written in here for two weeks.... i havent been online in forever either... *sigh* ive been pretty busi. davids up in sebring..... again, im lonly. id be talking with him right now if he werent but hes not so poopy. and no hun im not mad at you, i couldent be... BUT YOU COULD AT ME.... *sad*. last week we had a drama play. it was good, the first night, the second night we had to censor it. but it was still good. uhm. tomrmow i have a concert, which my dad and david are both going to miss... poop heads. today in chem. kris was throwing a paper ball at nic and nic tried to block it... he did... but he also pulled the fire shower thing... so it turned on and started showering him and us.... this kid tried to turn it off... but instead he made is waaaaaaay worse... so now its like pouring out of the shower.. and the teacher who has his class contected to ours ran in and turned it off.... AHAHAHAHA it as hilarious... nic is the funniest character.... lol... okay well my mom is yelling me... so i must go... bye... i love you daivd.
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Wednesday, November 17th, 2004

Subject:{`david`} {{ i swear i could hold you all night and forever }}
Time:9:05 pm.
Mood: annoyed.
Music:myth busters on..... uh.... whatever the hell channal it is!.
today was an LTM day.... it was boring. mikes mom had to give me a ride becasue danni distracted me or something because she was talking to me so i ''missed the bus'' and such.... errrrg... oh well it doesnt matter. i just called carli... hehe... shes so cute. but shes going french homework so shell have to call me back. tomrmow we get chessecakes... *sigh* i miss david... and youth group sucked... it sucks when hes not here... i havent updated in a while and i cant really remmeber anything thats happened to me latly so i could tell who ever the hell reads this... so bleh... oh well... bye... i love david..... bye....
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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004

Subject:covers go over us. we take our clothes off piece by piece. until your finally inside me.
Time:8:46 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:eh nothing..... tv - NCIS.
wow i havent updated in a little bit more then a week. sorry! i guess my life is just too good for you. hahahahha thats a lie!! anyways. my little cd player broke... broke in two... i almost cried... so now im using my first one... my reallly really old first one. david went up to sebring. boo hoo. im becoming pretty good friends with carli... yay... were going to hang out sometime and shes going to perice my nipple... and im going to do her belly button... then were going to watch movies and cook cookies while on triple c's. hehehe daivds going to be with us and im going to try to do something on him. i saw a commercial on tv for triple c's.... i laughed... uhm. i dont really know what to say. oh well if you wanna talk to me and get to know whats going on in my life call me and ask me or IM me or something.... if im ever on. and im always on the phone with daivd... so hm... i wonder.... AHHH.... well im going to stop this really stupid entry. i hope this enough for you all to know im living. good bye.
i love you david...................... (and carlis awesome... i hope you like my sporky friend i gave you!!)
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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

Subject:''she wants to go home but nobodys home thats where she lies broken inside with no place to go.''
Time:7:51 am.
Mood: lonely.
Music:danni on the phone and politices on TV.
havent updated in forever i think... oh well.... i hate president bush. i wish kerry won, but i guess thats not going to be the case becuase bush is once again declaring himself the winner... that fucking dick. anyways. latly my family life has been going pretty badly. *sigh* davids my only escape away from insanity, but hes away in sebring... and im sad. *sigh* todays picture day and i look like ickyness... sad sad... oh well ill suffer. on monday i skipped with danielle... we went all aruond the place trying to get daivd to pick us up.. finally he did and we hung out at daivds house... without his mom knowing.. werid. and uh... we actully didnt get caught.... my first time skipping.. YAY for me!! uhm... im bored and im on the phone and i have to go get ready for school... even tho its 745 and we dont have to be in school until 11... but oh well... im just letting you all know im still alive.. (roos i wrote you a letter... now i just have to send it) bye!! i love you david!!!!!!!!
****fallen freak****
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Tuesday, October 26th, 2004

Subject:''all of us are searching for an open arm, it a shame how i curl up in the dark...''
Time:8:18 pm.
Mood: indifferent.
Music:was: prodigy - the fat of the land.. now: david on the phone.
wow.... david has quite the blurty.... lol +my eyes just teared!+ . i havent updated in a while. sorry. i guess im just too busi. *sigh* lets see. i have a sub for a sub... a new teacher replacing the old one.... lotsa candy to still sell... and make up the money of the ones i ate..... sarah was in the hospital (poor sarry!!)... might be going out of town this weekend to go to ocala, i dont really want to becuase of all this Halloween stuff *hopes*.... carly and meg are back together.... gave up on chances with emily HEHEHE.... been getting closer with ashley HAHAHAHHAHA..... kadie doesnt hate me anymore i guess.... uhm.... im bored..... this is a stupid blurty. but i dont care about you guys so deal with it. david washed away his little family.... on his SHEETS.... lol... woooooooh.... man.... poor little kegans ALLL GONE AWAY!!!!!.... lol. eh im so bored. i dont know what to write about since i havent written in a while.... ERRRRRG..... anndal is sooo hott!!!! (sorry david...... lol) eh i think this is enough.... soo good bye for now.... I WANNA DO IT AGAIN DAVID.... I WANNA DO IT AGAIN!!!.... hehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehee.... i love you!! heheheheh... bye...
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Thursday, October 21st, 2004

Subject:''ya'll wanna see me say fuck that?.... FUCK THAT FUCK THAT!''
Time:6:40 pm.
Mood: gloomy.
Music:korn - take a look in the mirror... korn is GREAT to cut to!.
*sigh* im so bored and lonly. david hasnt email me yesterday or today.... *sad face* i dont know why. maybe his granparent wont let him get on the computer.... its another one of those evil scheme from your mom to part us... lol. if she does succesed somehow.... i just might get worse. i hope you can come hang with me this weekend and stuff... i miss you sooooo much. today i had drama club meeting/rehersal... hahahaha everyone in drama is sooo awesome..... and anndal is sooo hott!!! ARG... danni thinks tess is hott... and i think anndals hott... and we were all leaving and me and danni and them were in the room sorta alone... and they started making out... me and danni were really really sad. lol. *sad* i didnt have to take my test in chorus cuz i was too far on the list... THANK GOD... dannis moving back in with her real family... and so shes going to be around more... brandon and daniel are awesome... lol.... max is sorta icky... and danni has like all the guys drooling over her... ERRRR.... i saw mykel today. i miss him. whenever i see him.... after a long time.... its like there was never that loss of time between us... mmmmm i miss being around him. timmy was thinking about shaving his head...... *widens eyes* please dont.... lol.... nick drew in my drawing book today... his drawings are so funny.... lol.... hes so werid... lol its so great hes hilarious... wow ive mentioned alota guys in this thing. speaking of... roos never calls... and ross is a fuck head... i hope dom breaks his heart.... and doms heart gets broken... i know.... mean... but they both deserve it!!!! hehehe... hm. at youth group david didnt seem as mean... we sorta actually spoke... in a sense.... lol... anyways. i miss david soo much. *sigh*well im going now... good bye yall... i love you david... COME BACK!!!!
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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Subject:''ill cut myself and watch the blood hit the floor''
Time:4:30 pm.
Mood: depressed.
Music:korn- take a look in the mirror.
man, i hate when david leaves or when my parents tell me i cant go out to be with him. i had a cutting fest in class today. i was so bored and i just started cutting, it was so amuzing, so thrilling, i loved it. when im leaft alone i get really sad and everything, i start to feel suicidal. i dont really know why. and can you beileve i wanted to disclude everyone in my life before, i dont know how i could have done it. my arm is really sensative now. hehe. today in history i wrote notes with kadie, i dont know if she was bullshiting me, for some reason i think so, but i dont know much anymore. me and ashley are starting to talk more... i guess. i got a new box of candy. danielle is coming back to live with her real family.... wooh.... hooo.... *smerk*. roos called last night, i was too tired to call him back, but he called back, and i miss being around him *frown*. my friend andrea is being a little too dramatic about her parents and everything, i just hate listening to her act all emoish... is so fucking annoying. ''why dont you just rebel against them?'' ''becuase if you lived in a vetnamise family youde understand...'' its not fucking different hun, if you make it be different then it will be, but if you act like others then youde be treated better. if they love you they wont make you ''suffer''. my mousies cage is clean. at lunch i my friend wrote ''christy is a bitch'' and i worte ''and a ho'' and she saw it. she is a fucking ho. i fucking hate that bitch. i hope alex breaks her heart, but he wont. shes so preppy and attention needy, and alot of other things, lol. i didnt see emily between 2 and 4th period... *sad face* ingrid mushed her boobs in my face yesterday. lol. probably not on porpuse.... ahhh lightening and thunder.... so im going before my comp. goes away with the power.... bye.. i love you daivd..... hunny.... come back!!!!
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Sunday, October 17th, 2004

Subject:''im not okay im not okay im o fucking kay!!''
Time:6:57 pm.
Mood: loved.
Music:fuse (on tv) - rock countdowns.
*sigh* my eyes have just been tourchered by the inner feelings.... in which i feel. lol. sorry that probably sounded really dorky. i havent updated in a really long time.. hm. well.... uh. last night i went out with david erin and clint. it was great. clints really funny. he has a funny voice too... probably cuz he just periced his tounge. hehehehe. hm. i was the last to go home and my mommy wasnt too happy about that... oh well. my dads out of town... *cheers* kegan is doing goood. and my kitty has found him out and stuff... but she hasnt eatten him. yay. yesterday (also) i went to my aunts house and did some stuff while he and my mom and my aunts mother-in-law did some stuff in the rooms that the ceilings fell in on after the hurricanes.... i made potatoe salad... and some other stuff...... cleaned.... got attacked by dogs..... died.... lol. friday i had a test in history and a report and my notebook was due too... i was going to skip but ashley didnt.... erg.... so i went and cheated on my test... hm. whatelse. i went to davids house and we watched the old texas chainsaw massacre.... and it was pretty bad... but you know me... i got scared even at the parts where i knew he was going to be. erg. then i fell asleep. i dont even remember doing so. he said that i slept with my face in the pillow at a point... and he was wondering how i did it... i have no clue! i guess i cant sufficate while im sleeping huh? lol. my mark on his neck went away so i put it back last night... wooh... hehe. and i was tragifided when erin told me kim broke up with jason... thats so mean.... first she gives him mono.... then leaves him. HMHP!!!.... lol. my aunt gave me a sorta cool skirt... except the part that is all velvety and stuff... erg its annoying. hmm... oh well. ::bored:: i miss daivd... *sad face* when ever we talk on the phone.. or when were in his car and i make a mean statement i feel like he thinks that im going to break up with him or something... and it makes me sad and paranoid that hes going to start getting sad and stuff... or like last night when we were downtown... i wasnt like i normaly am (probably becasue i was tired and such) and i wasnt really talking to him... well i was... but i dont know how to explain it. i just get paranoid that hes paranoid or something... thats just how i am. i just dont want him to be paranoid!! .... he doesnt think that i feel as strongly about him as he does me... but i think i dont show it as much i guess... i keep all my feelings inside... until times like these where i just spill my heart out and then someone realizes that they dont like me the same way or something..... for example ROSS... stupid fucker.. he kept saying he loves me and stuff.. but then out of nowhere he says that he doesnt feel like i feel. oh bull shit.. you just found another girl cuz i was a fucking temp. you just wanted to fuck me and leave me... but im glad i held back you stupid fuck... *ahem* anyways. i think ive had enough of my heart... ill close it and start filling up again. but dont worry david.... i wont kill myself.... unless... *silence* lol. no... like i said last night about me killing myself... unless it was something like that... or unless you or someone that i cared about as much as you took up my offer... then i would.. okay.. well nite yall.... i love you more david!!! lol
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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004

Time:8:55 pm.
Mood: groggy.
My mommy thinks I'm Anemic. I was when I was a baby also. Werid.
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Subject:Something just isn't right, I can feel it inside. (maybe cuz my tummy is churning and burning..)
Time:8:40 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:TV... N-CSI....
AHHH i feel so sick. i almost threw up. and thats really strange for me cuz i dont throw up.... eek. yeserday i was out of school sick you guys... i wasnt skipping. unless you people consider that skipping. and this morning i was late. but at least i know people missed me. lol. i sat in ISS/ tardy detention... for an hour and stuff.... and wrote a note to david... woooh.... then went to chem. got in trouble... did some group work that had like a 12 sided figure... hehe... i dont know how to explain it. then went to lunch.. and took 1 1/2 pills from danni... dont know what they were.... but im NEVER taking them again. oh GOD no!! i dont even want to get into what happened to me with those things. but i just got rid of my horrible horrible tummy ache. ..... im talking to mykel... yay havent talked to him with a decent convo. in a while. i miss him... and emily. *sad face* emily never talkes to me anymore... i call her alllll the time.... but shes never home and never calls me back. *tear* hm. i called david too many times today.. lol. kegan doesnt like me... with his big home and all... hes too good for me now... with his big home and all... lol. oh well. hell have to suffer when i bring him to youth group and stuff. hm.. i dont know what else to write... so im going now... good bye you people. i love you david.
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Monday, October 11th, 2004

Subject:theres no silence when i sleep... kegan is so noisy!!
Time:1:07 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:TV..with special david!! you have limited ones.
*giggles fircly* KEGAN IS SOO ADORABLE!! me and david have a baby now. lol. but it only used half his ''self'' because.... our baby is a mousie!! lol. my mommy doesnt like him as much as my dad does. i cleaned out a aquarium and made him a little house.... he has a tunnle and a house and a little pool thingy... and a buncha yummy food. lol. thank you soo much david... hehee.. todays my mommys birthday. and im home sick. my throut hurts... but not that bad anymore.. and my nose is runny. i think what got me to stay home the most was that when i sneezed i blew my nose and there was blood in it. yay. i got my lovlys cage clean.... *goes and checks on him* aww hes in his house. hehehe... im going to bring him to youth group. hm. i got to spend all weekend with david again. yay. so happy. we went to his house on friday cuz he got home that day. and he didnt want to go anywhere. then saturday. we went out and did some stuff.. he got ''sandles'' lol... and we got my mousie. then sunday we went to target after church and got my mommys present and stuff. my moms comment on her card i drew her this morning... ''your lucky im in my phycotic stage in life or else i wouldent know what to say about this.... well i still dont know what to say about it. its a good thing i know what you were meaning by these.'' seeeeee i TOLD you see was a pshyco!!! lol.. well i dont know what else to say. im going to go off and talk to david... since hes home... and no one else is cuz their all in school. HAHAHA... byebye... i wuv you david...
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Thursday, October 7th, 2004

Time:9:07 pm.
I'm dying... Come and save me before you can't.

I love you David.
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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

Subject:SHOUT for joy, RAISE your voice, SING a song, TO OUR GOD! (damn it chours)
Time:9:20 pm.
Mood: bored.
Music:none... tvs on i guess....
*frustrated* man. i miss david. im so lonly. tonight i went to youth group.. it wasnt fun. we went to the beach for ashleys baptisum... and it was all bleh... then i got in with kim and ashley. and i was booooored.... erg. erin and david (lee) were all flirty. *keeps thoughts in head* my parents keep bitching about not having cable becuase we were supposed to get this other thing and it got all messed up. and my mom is getting really annoying with the ''wheres my can-opener?!?'' today i had to get taped in chorus... errrrrrrrrrg. my teacher said ''you look like the walking dead... you look like death. look at me when we retape it.'' so i had to stare into her eyes.... i HATE stareing in peoples eyes when they stare back in a bad way... like when my dads yelling at me... eh eh eh..... yesterday was open house. my moms a physco. lol. shes like werid around people. when were at home... shes decent... but in public.... EUGH i cant explain it. lol. i saw ingrid and emily... YAY... and timmy (fishback) gave me a hugg.... YAYAY!! he wasnt supposed to because he was in uniform... but if someone tells on him im gunna kick some ass.. lol. i dont talk to timmy much anymore... *sad* oh well i guess. i think i might be getting some kinda sickness.... ive been having sympoms and stuff... but i dont know.. ERG! im so bored. i cant wait till david comes back... tomrmow me and mike (guild) might go to carver for open house. hehehehehe... then friday davids coming back.... maybe me and him could go to Docs and go downtown and stuff.... seeing as how hes never been to Docs... *shakes head in disappointment* anyways... im going to go.... im tired and cold and lonly... if you ever wanna talk... call me... byebye.... I LOVE YOU DAVID!
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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

Subject:'' theres no way THERES NO WAY that im running away THAT IM RUNNING AWAY!!''
Time:7:49 pm.
Mood: happy.
Music:breaking benjamin - we are not alone.
*sigh of happiness* erin slept over last night. she just got her tounge periced... it was pretty cool. i got to change my belly ring.... i couldent get the ball off before... but then.... it poped and came off.... WOOH... i got so happy. i talked to danni today. i havent talked to her in forever... it was sorta werid. eh. danni thinks that im crazy for dating someone who like 5 years older then me... but she can go eat an ass cuz i love my david... lol. today was my dads birthday. and after church i went to Target with david. it was actually quite fun... we walked around the store for a while... then looked in an aisle and found a axe for $7 a bag thingy that sucks air out so it makes more room for $8 and a bendable shovel for $1.98.... so i got the shovel for my dad... and the sexy sexy axe for me... lol... then we went to his house and ate grilled cheese.... yesterday at like 530 erin, david, and erins friend came and got me and we went downtown... then erins friend had to go byebye.... then we went to davids house and got mike and jason... but we hung out there till about 8... and daivd cracked his chest and i fell off his bed... HAHAHAHAHA it was great. then we went to mcdonalds... met up with kim conwincidentally.... it was really werid... then we went to the beach (without kim) and hung out there until it was time for me and erin to go home. then friday i went to the movies with david... and we saw the forgotten.. it was really good. and i jumped when they flew up into space... lol. theeeeeen we left because he didnt like it there... *tear* all my friends were there... oh well. we drove and talked and we went to lantana road and turned around... went to his house for an hour... and came home. hmm.... then wend. we had youth group... not all that interesting... but got to hang out with david... and sarry came... YAY... i missed her!! then tuesday AHH i forget tuesday.. oh yea... we went swimming. we went to the mall to pick up his friends gift and then came home and went swiming and i have his pants now... lol... and hung out at his house for a while... and monday went to the mall.. hehehheee.... yea... hm. i think i got the whole week.. well i dont know what else to say. except that i dont want to go to school tomrmow... i want to be with david....i always want to be with him. *sigh* oh well... lifes life... well im going to go now.. im sure this is long enough.. and people dont like reading my long blurtys... thats why no one reads them... DARN THEM!!!.. oh well... BYE... i love you david.... *huggs everyone who read through this whole thing*
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Friday, October 1st, 2004

Subject:''show me how deffencless you really are''
Time:2:10 pm.
Mood: excited.
Music:(i dont know what im excited about!) breaking benjamin!!!!.
this is probably going to be short.... just wanted to let everyone know im still alive... lol... since no one calls anymore. oh well. for the last 4/5 days ive been hanging out with david.. yay... yesterday i went with him to the mall to get julie a present... and then we went swiming... fun oh yea. then uh... we ate pizza and then hung out in his room... *cough* lol. i left a mark... a big big mark... i hope your mommy doesnt get mad... lol.. uhm... my mommy sorta gave me one of those talks... lol... hm. oh well i dont care. i might be able to go to the movies tonight... i think im going with david.. im not quite sure... hmm... i dont know.... AHHHH.... well im going to go... cuz im all jshfduisdhfknbwu in my mind... and roos you never called when you said you would... GRR... oh well. i guess your too involved with someone else at the time.. ERG... well bye lovlys... call me... PWEEESE.... i wuv you pammie... and daivd... and sarry....
''thats alright lets give this another try....'' im happy we did...
"Every time I go to the doctors I get a jacket, a straight one. It makes me feel special because I get to hug myself." *giggle giggle* thats me alright!!
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Subject:sorry... just wanna let you know this!
Time:2:05 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
Music:breaking benjamin - we are not alone.

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Blurty for im a loner, im a loser, im a winner in my mind..

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