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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005

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    so...yeah. The electrician came on Sunday. He did something with the wiring and so now everything that didn't work before works now. The PROBLEM is....he reveresed the fucking thing. So now everything that worked before doesn't work now. That means....everything in my room...doesn't work

    :( times a billion. I'd type it out, but then it'd look weird.

    Anyway, because of this, i'll have to move the cable modem to a plug that does work so i can at least hook up the other computer to the internet. damnit....i want my computer! It's times like these i really wish i had a laptop. So much more convenient.

    Why is life a bitch? School just seems to be kicking me in the ass right now. Probably cause i've waited until now to do everything, but still...even if i had 4 fucking classes, i'd still have the same amount of work. WTF? this isn't normal. God last quarter was so laid-back, i should've taken a 5th class then.

    I feel like i have more to say, but i can't think to say it, or i don't know how to say it. in any case i'm moving the damn cable. 1 day without the internet is enough. i can't suffer through withdrawals like this.

    OH YEAH! I JUST remembered what i was going to say. Not that anyone really cares a whole lot, but holy fuck. This weather is extra shitty. I really can't remember the rain ever being this bad. Even when everyone was talking about El Nino and what not back when i was in 4th grade. What was that....'94...'95? somewhere around that. Consequently when the last La Conchita landslide happened. But i can't really remember having thunger storms with lightening in a really really long time. Hell i can't even remember one at all. Lightening yeah, but not thunder. At least not this regularly. It's so bizarre. California is supposed to be sunny...and fun....not rainy and shitty.

    Speaking of, that reminds me, the California state quarter comes out this year. I saw a picture of it. Here, i'll find one:

    Doesn't it look shitty? I forgot who that guy is supposed to be....but ugh it's so ugly. We couldn't do any better than that? FUck man. Anyway, i'm out. I would love to sing in the rain, but i don't have the time to get sick.

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    My two favorites words...EVER
    REPRIEVE!!!! I don't know why. It's just a fun exclamation whenever you're happy. Doesn't even matter if it doesn't fit, it's fun to just scream this random word.

    Peripheral. Also a cool word. Just to use. It doesn't get used a lot, which is why it sounds cool when it IS used.

    random post, i know, but i wanted to say, REPRIEVE! the electrician came today and fixed the problem! Whoo! so now i'm back on my computer as you can probably tell. Well....yeah anyway, yeah. damn it...i have a midterm tomorrow that i didn't study for that i TOLD myself i would....look here i go. For the same class i didn't study for the last midterm. I'm fucked. I was supposed to go to a review tonight, but i really don't want to go. ugh, it's just such a hassle having to go BACK to campus just for an hour and a half for some damn review that could quite possibly not be helpful. especially if the TAs...excuse me..."tutors" (cause technically they aren't TAs cause they're only 3rd and 4th years, and they don't get paid for doing what they do.) don't do a good job of reviewing. shit. i'm fucked. i said that already didn't i? fuck.

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    Current Music: "Every Heart" Boa

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