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Thursday, September 3, 2009

9:58PM - Opportunities Are Out There

Where do the hours in the day go after the next hour starts? I am trying to be funny by saying the days are going by so fast since I started going back to school. I am working less at Publix and finding myself spending more time at UNF. I am proud of myself for staying on task with my classes this semester. I made a promise to myself that I would write an on-going to do list of what is expected of me during that week for each class. On the to do list I have added my assignments I need to complete, the page numbers that need to be read, or the notes I need to type up on the computer. With a list for each class it shows me what progress I have made. I am making the best of my time instead of putting it off until a later time. I know it is only week two, but so far keeping a list has given me a sense of accomplishment. Now that the weekend has arrived, I know I have close to everything completed on the list!

Today in my Introduction to Leadership class we had guest speaker. The guest speaker was a woman from the Student Affairs office who talked to us about the Leadership program designed for UNF students. I knew by signing up for this class I would be given 16 weeks of opportunity to embrace my inner leadership skills. After hearing the guest speaker talk about a program that UNF offers to help us as students year-round- this grabbed my attention. It would be awesome to graduate with honors (that is what I am hoping to do), and have a Leadership certificate attached to my Bachelors’ Degree to show future companies I have the grades and skills for the job. I sincerely hope this is something I can take part in because it is good to know I can still get involved in leadership activities (of what seems so long ago) since high school. With me taking on a full time class load, for the first time in my college career, I think it will give me more time on campus to find more activities to engross my time in.

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