09:14pm 09/11/2003
mood: loved
music: Nothings gonna stop us now- the starting line
Jason: Hey everyone well I created this journal for my husband and myself, so that we can talk about what we do during the day, notes to each other about how much we love each other, notes to other people, etc. This is the 1st entry and I would like to start off by talking about what my sexy husband and I did today. Well earlier today we went to the mall to go shopping, we found a FABULOUS jacket that looked good on both of us, so we will be getting it pretty soon. Well before that we went out to lunch at Sweet Tomato. After we went to the mall we headed to Barnes and Noble to look for books for my smart sweetie, we also looked at some of the gay and lesbian books. Then we decided to go get starbux. Apparently, the starbux on 1960 by WillowBrook mall does not carry Tazo Berry's this is a conspiracy! that is all I drink there so I got nothing but my baby got a Carmel Frap. But then we left to go have some alone time. We decided to head home and that was basically our entire day. Well Thanks for reading the 1st entry and come back anytime you guys want to.