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[27 Oct 2005|09:05pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | Have You Ever by Brandy ]

What do you do when you love someone so much... but they don't exactly love you the same amount back? Its useless to try harder, cuz all that does is push them away. Its also usless to NOT try, bcuz then u feel like u need to try... its just all so confusing. Why cant love be equally received and equally given when you WANT it to be? Doesnt God want u 2 b happy? Why cant he make everything perfect for everyone? The world wuld just be a much better place and SO much easier to go on with ur life.. Why do relationships hafta be a bunch of games?

well, neway... thats besides the point.. everything else has been fine. I practically have no life bcuz of basketball. We hafta do all this shat. Basketball practice everyday after skool till FUHREEKIN 530. SHEESH! then homework, shower, dinner, and sleep... depending on the amount of homework.. ill either go for EXTRA sleep.. orrr try n go hang out with friends or something. Rite now, i have hw.. but i dont feel like doing it. LAF!

Sigh... yea theres a couple of things that r bugging me.. so what? whats new, right? nothing is ever perfect.


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