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Thursday, September 4th, 2003

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    school sucks
    First day of 9th grade...I hate school!! My first class wasn't too bad, x'cept Megahan (aka: pissy white ass bitch) sits right next to me. ~.~ I hate her so much, i can't even say! Algebra was *boring* Mrs. Drool (aka: Mrs. Suel) talks way too fast and way too softly. For teacher's aide (3rd) I was sitting in the office with nazcrap's boyfriend for one hour!It was so bad. P.E was a bitch...Nazzcrap, and white ass bitch were 'ignoring' me and avalon...but there like, so bad at it! They kept looking over and pointing, they need to look in the mirror...oh wait, they broke them all. At lunch my old table was open (thank god i was going to kill anyone in MY spot!) and English was a friggin bore...World History is so fucked up, first day of school and we have a TEST tomorrow!!!
    bie for now
    -demon child

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Current Music: good charlotte- lives of the ritch and famous

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