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    Friday, July 11th, 2003
    2:57 pm
    Last day at home...
    For at least a week and a half. Leaving tomorrow morning for New York City...from which my next journey will be the one I've been looking forward to for over a year. It's finally almost time...early Monday morning I will be boarding a plane bound for Salt Lake City, and from there I will take another to Boise, Idaho. Waiting at the Boise airport will be the love of my life, Tiffany...I will finally see her in person.

    I guess I am starting to get nervous, but oddly it's not about meeting her. I am excited about that, and I can't wait. I love her with all my heart, and all that I've wanted to do since I met her was to be able to talk to her in person, to give her a hug. I know things will work out between us, even if they are awkward at first.

    What I am getting nervous getting there. I was supposed to have a government issued photo ID to pick up my boarding pass at the airport. That's not going to be here in time. Why? Cause the DMV is slow as all hell, and for some reason it takes them TWO WEEKS to send an ID. We called the airline...and they said a school-issued photo ID and a birth certificate or social security card would be enough. I am hoping it will be, because my luck in the past sees things like that not working out. We of the Freund clan consider ourselves cursed with bad luck.

    I don't know how it will be once I get there...of course I am a bit nervous about that too, though I'm sure that feeling will grow some in the coming days. I wonder how it will be to finally witness her beauty in person...will I be able to speak? Will I be too shy? Will she be too shy? I've never been too good at talking to girls, but I suppose that the voice chats and phone calls we've shared can serve as a sign that we will be able to talk comfortably to each other...though I don't know if her mom's presence at the airport will initially help that.

    That gets into another aspect of it...her family. I love Tiffany, I really do, and I have sacrificed gifts for Christmas and my birthday in order to save enough money to go see her. I don't care about them, all I want is to be with her in person. It's all I want. I want to make a good impression on her family, to show them I'm not some punk New Yorker or an internet stalker or whatever. But I will be uncomfortable staying at her house, as though I am intruding in her family's space. It will be awkward for me, but we shouldn't be spending too much time with them I guess...

    Just as Tiff is scared about what I will think of her, I am scared of what she will think of me. I hope that I can be everything to her in person that I am online, that both of us will be able to overcome the shyness and awkwardness and talk as easily in person as we do online. I have confidence that it will work out that way. I don't act like another person or hide myself when I talk to her online or on the phone, but I know that won't come as easily in person. Hopefully we can help each other get passed that, and our relationship will be stronger than ever.

    This is going to be the biggest week of my life. I can only hope that everything works out so I get there okay. And yes Tiff, this was mostly for you. You are pretty much the only person who cares to read it, and I started this before you came online hehe...know that I love you, and that love will only grow when I step off that plane and see you for the first time through my own eyes and not a picture on a computer.

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    Sunday, July 6th, 2003
    3:03 pm
    Tiff is on and she's okay!! Now I can be happy again too and stop being depressed because I'm happy and that does not entail being depressed.

    Last night I was sorta writing some...not working on The Flaming Path or the rewrite of the other thing...I was depressed last night too so I wasn't really in the mood to work on either of those. Something is getting me into the creation mood...not just the creation of stories though, the creation of history...of information behind an entire world. I think it's this Forgotten Realms campaign book I have for D&D...

    So I was messing around, trying to get a history going. I attempted to write some creation myths...the first I did was the creation of the world as told by the elves...but erm, that wasn't going to my liking and I stopped. I want to do these, I just can't get them done right. I need to consult a friend of mine who is better at these things to get some ideas flowing...Alex. He's knowledgeable on mythology and things of that sort, so hopefully he can help me a bit on it. I am going to the city this weekend, hopefully I can talk with him about it. I'd like to spend a day with him, or the night at his's always a big group of us, I like to get some time with each of them alone (in a non-sexual way you perverts).

    But yeah...then I got into the mood for some reason to work on the post-apoc type game that I wanted to make. I had quite a bit of it down actually, which surprised me when I opened the file last night. So, I was writing some stuff about the Draconians...probably going to wind up changing it again cause I wasn't too happy with how it came out. But yeah...that's just the type of thing I've wanted to work on lately; races, nations, histories, relations blah blah blah etc. I mean, if I could just really crack down and get into this stuff in detail, I could literally write hundreds of pages of information on Iluvedor (the world in which pretty much all of my writing is based).

    Anyways, that's all for now. Nothing new besides that stuff...slept late again cause I was up late watching the South Park movie on Comedy Central...they had it uncensored hehe...and then went to bed after that. But I've just been having trouble getting myself out of bed in the morning. But seems to be fine in the afternoon. Argh. Oh yeah, and I LOVE TIFFANY!!!!!!!!!

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    1:15 pm
    I'm sad...
    Tiff was sad yesterday, and that made me sad too. And now she's not on yet today, when she usually comes on really early on it just cause her parents are home? I hope that's all, that she's still not until I know, I will be depressed as well. :(

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    Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
    5:39 pm
    What the hell am I supposed to write in this journal anymore? Nothing comes to least not anything that I feel like sharing. I haven't updated in forever, but oh well. What does it really matter? Oh makes Tiff happy at least, or that's what she says anyway.

    And what do you know, I messed up and somehow wound up posting the above before I finished. Whoopee, yee haa, yippee kay yay.

    My laptop came on Tuesday, much to my pleasure. It's a dell...(dude, I got another dell), because I like their computers and their service so far has pleased me. Cost me $975...but it's in pretty much every way superior to my desktop. The only thing that's wrong with mouse. Though the touch pad thing is actually pretty nice, it's not too easy to use for many games.

    One thing that is great is it has a DVD-rom drive on it, so I can finally watch all my DVDs again. My PS2, which served as my DVD player, died on me some time ago and I have not been able to watch anything from my DVD collection without stealing my little brother's PS2, which he bitches about even if he's not home.

    Mostly though, this laptop provides me with a means to write more. I can actually go somewhere more comfortable than my little wooden chair here at the computer and write without the distraction of the internet...I consider that a great bonus. So far, I've used it to finish up Chapter 3 of The Flaming Path and start a rewrite of another older story I had dubbed "The Keldin Chronicles" until I came up with a new name for it. I guess all of my friends...or at least Alex...writing these D&D style stories about parties of adventurers accomplishing amazing tasks has inspired me to do something along those lines as well. I can't seem to create the same feeling they have in their writing though...that sense of high adventure you get when playing a session of Dungeons & Dragons...Alex in particular inspires me with the tales he tells of how stories he is writing are progressing.

    But I suppose that the sense of adventure there isn't my strong point...I prefer getting deep into the mind of one character, of seeing things through his or her eyes, and working on a far more personal basis, I plots so far tend to be more political...involving war and leaders and whatnot. I don't know, just babbling at this point. But anyways, I just can't seem to do stories of adventure well...they seem...I guess they just seem cliche to me unless they have a real meaning behind them.

    Anyways, that's enough out of me for now. Yeah, it's been a long time since I made an entry here, but this is plenty of stuff for now. With Tiff's help, I can post more regularly on here. Anyway...back to talking to her now, I feel bad for being so quiet for so long to write this.
    Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
    3:22 pm
    Oh boy another uneventful school day...
    Another day of school has come and gone, and it leaves me to wonder why it seems to be getting longer and increasingly boring each day. We only have 8 days of classes left. Sounds like 18 too many for me, we should have been out a few weeks ago. But no, we must continue to go until June 13th. Friday, June 13th. A wonderful date to choose for the last day of classes, isn't it? Well, if you're superstitious, it is a shitty day to pick.

    That's not even the actual last day. We have tests throughout the following week (though I only have one to take during that 5 day period, the big bad EARTH SCIENCE REGENTS....or Eart Science as my teacher says). Once that is done, I will breahte a sigh of relief, for it will finally be (mostly) over. Of course, there is more stupid shit we'll have to go through before we're finally free of the hell hole that is Valley Central High School...two graduation rehearsals...from fucking 9AM to 2:30PM. According to the school "handbook", they are mandatory if we want to participate in the graduation ceremony. I hate this school and its dumbass policies.

    Enough about school, that only serves to piss me off.

    I wrote last night...yes, I wrote. Wow. I was just sitting around for a few hours...not too sure what I wanted to do. I definitely didn't feel like playing any video games, and I felt the desire to write strengthening...but I could not figure out what I wanted to write. So I finally gave up trying and instead started looking randomly through my folders of things I have started to write (folders on my computer that is, most of my writing off the PC is in tons of random notebooks or on 40 billion sheets of papers all over the damn place). I dug up this thing I wrote about something that happened once while I was playing Neverwinter Nights...and the part about the impact of a fireball on a guy with an amulet that offered him protection from fire inspired me.

    So, finally, after several hours of nothing, I wrote. At first, I didn't know what it was. I somehow got the introduction to Return to Castle Wolfenstein in my head, and it sort of came out like that...a mage battling some big evil dude. Except this evil dude was a necromancer...annnnd then it somehow tied into the character who I will be playing when we open Talikar RPG, Tharis Kerigord, who is also a necromancer. You see, the necro in the little snippet I wrote last night is named...KERIGORD! What a coincidence. So probably will wind up being a prologue to something I will write about Tharis...with this olden day necromancer Kerigord being his ancestor. Anyways, have to talk to Tiff some about that in a bit...but more to come tomorrow I suppose!
    Monday, June 2nd, 2003
    3:53 pm
    Another Day....
    Another journal entry from Tiff. So you know what that means, another for me to write. Yes, I like to keep up with her because in my never-ending quest to be a typical male, I must not fall behind or be defeated in any area. This journal being one of them. Ah, wonderful society.

    Well, as you know that was a load of bull. But anyway...if I were that kind of ultra-masculine "I must be #1 at everything" guy, I'd probably have ripped my hair out already. Why? Well it's simple.

    Tiffany beats my sorry ass in Yahoo Games.

    Yahoo Games as in the games you play on Yahoo. Primarily, we play Word Racer and Literati. Now, way back when I remember I could beat her in both of those games. Yeah, I would go and beat her in Literati and Word Racer and probably have my ego pumped (though checkers has always been a different story, more on that later).

    Lately, however, she has been whooping me in both these games. Now, I'm not (much of) a sore loser, but it scares me sometimes how good she's gotten. In word racer, she regularly defeats me by 300-500 points, whereas when I beat her it's by a margin of no more than 100 on average. Eek. She finds approximately 3 words for every 1 word I get. And in Literati (basically a rip-off of scrabble) she also has been owning me, sometimes beating my score by 60+ points. But oh well, I don't mind losing. It doesn't do me any harm, as I said. I'm not (much of) a sore loser. I know how to lose and still have fun, hehe.

    In checkers, record against her is at this point probably a remarkable 5-25. She's been slaughtering me in checkers ever since the first day we played. Why, I remember in one game I had about 6 pieces left, she had 2. She won. Yes, she won. Even when it was 1 of her pieces against about 4 of mine, she WON. Now if that's not sad on my part, I don't know what is. I really do make careless mistakes in that game...all the time. But hey, I can admit it. She's a helluva lot better than me in checkers.

    She's also better than me in Diablo 2. Her Assassin character whooped my druid character in approximately 7.5 "pets" (probably about 5 wolves and a raven or two) were annihilated in .5 seconds. Ah well, I don't mind it since that was the only time she wasn't in my party, and it was all in good fun. Still, my druid seems soooooooo crappy compared to her assassin.

    Heh, that's all I'm whine about today I suppose. Another boring school day has gone by...the only interesting part of which was spent chatting with my sister in studyhall about our family...who pisses us off and who doesn't, making fun of a few people, etc. Perhaps more tomorrow, eh? We'll see...

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    Sunday, June 1st, 2003
    12:39 pm
    Oooo, I get a second entry too....
    Well, it's Sunday morning and I have another journal entry in its infancy. Tiff wrote another one, so I suppose I should too. She's so cute!

    Anyways...I woke up at about 11am today. My alarm was set, today is Sunday so it's my day to spend like 8 hours with Tiff. I can't sleep in all day...I wanna spend it with Tiff (like I am right now). Let's see...what have I done so far this morning...

    I ate a big bowl of Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries, my usual breakfast these days (at least until I finish the last box of it) as I talked to Tiffy. Afterwards...I worked on a character sheet for the Tiff's Avian Elf Healer, Molaya Paradith, all set up. So that's two of three characters regged...just my brother Jimi's to do and then I will submit my own character and get him up.

    Soon enough the game should be open...will be a few more weeks, but it will happen. It'll take that much time because Tiff is going on vacation soon, and it's been decided that we'll delay opening until she returns. I will take that time to finish everything up, tie up an loose ends in rules or races or the site, and make sure everything is all spiffy for play. I will open it for registration before then (it's technically opened for that right now since all races and classes are up)...but only my friends and Tiff's friends will get the site to be able to do so.

    Anyways, that's hopefully what I'll be doing today...working on the game as I hang out with Tiff. Have to get work in on my Creative Writing final piece too, it's due on Friday. Hopefully I can get about four chapters to go with my prologue. Right now I am on chapter...two, I believe. Kind of hard to write well while in that class, just seems distracting. But I should get that stuff done without too much trouble, just have to expand and revise what I have written in my notebook when I type it.

    Well, that's it for now kiddies. Back to talking to Tiff!

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    Saturday, May 31st, 2003
    4:44 pm
    Oh my, an entry.
    Well, Tiff told me I should get one of these journal things so here it is. Who knows what I'll write about in this thing...I sure don't. My life is generally boring, the only highlight each day ever has is that three hours I get to spend with Tiffany. I don't get much to tell about...nothing ever happens.

    Well, Tiff talked about the plans she had had for today, so I might as well do the same about the plans I had.

    Last night I was asked if I wanted to head down to the city (New York City) with my family...I didn't know yet, wanted to see if my friends down there were free first. Well, before I could talk to any of those friends, I was nagged constantly and asked if I was coming or not about 12 million times. 10 million of those times by my little brother, who didn't want me to go so his friend could come instead. It climaxed when my stepfather "needed an answer" about it. So, in anger, I said NO. So arrangements were made for my brother's friend to go.

    Turns out my friends weren't busy at all, and that we could have gotten together.

    So today I slept until 2pm, ate Captain Crunch, talked to Tiff, took a shower, talked to Tiff more, and what do you know I am still talking to Tiff now. Yay. Later on I will have to get to work on the Talikar RPG webist and the story I am writing for Creative...Writing. Hmm, writing in Creative Writing class. Interesting. Apparently some of the more intelligent people who are in that class with me didn't know that it was a class in which you were to write.

    Anyways, that's enough for today. I probably seem grim and pissed off...but I think that's just how I write. Most of my work...even journal entries...comes off that way. Meh.

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