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[16 Apr 2004|05:40pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Hey! I know. -.-;; I haven't posted in here in forever! I feel so rude for the lack of attention you're all getting. O_O;;;; But what about a little update? HAHHAHA...Fear this :D

..... Shit dude..nothing's changed. >< I'm so lame! lol.

okokok - I made cookies today. Cool? Ohh yeah.

I'm over at LiveJournal as CrazySkippy

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[01 Mar 2004|01:51am]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | Cars racing on the road! ]


I know..long time no see. o-o;;

I thought I would update the bigest events! (there really aren't many)

+ New-to-me 2000 Jeep Cherokee
+ Passed my driver's test!!!
+ Got into SEM! <3
+ Mucho tired-ness-o
+ In Penn. about every weekend
+ Went ice fishin'
+ Still a pretty lame life :D

You can find me over at LiveJournal, too. As :: CrazySkippy. I'm still pretty lazy, as you can see.

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[03 Feb 2004|08:23pm]
[ music | Gilmore Girls! ]

Today was Blah. I got a 46% on a vocab test, everyone else got higher grades because they openly cheated! How crazy! And Fish is making me all angry and negative! And my eyes are all puffy and itchy! >

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[01 Feb 2004|09:27pm]
yet another post! o-o!

gram came for dinner, she was nice to have. ^^ We ate and watched the super bowl for the tv ads. We talked about when she was in college, and when she got married. She was all signed up to go to Vassar, but was "More interested in getting married." How cute is that! <33

Ash is having icky family trouble. We've been on the phone with her a lot, and I told her I'd skip school if she needed to come over. Poor girl. I'm so happy that her dad is finally not acting like a jerk to her. Unlike her mother who made it out to be Ashley's fault to have walked in on her and the boyfriend having sex! Geez!

Harry died. he used to work for us. And now he's all..dead. Another person lost to the bottle. :/ maybe it'll be a double funeral weekend?

"The Scarlet Letter" calls!
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[01 Feb 2004|08:21am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | a ticking clock ]

Ash came over! We ate lunch, watched Tv...yea, my cable really sucks right now. The fuzz!! Then we walked the dogs around the block. Fun times, ya know? We went out to eat an early dinner, walked the mall, went to Circuit City, then to the movies. Only, we didn't see one since I was off on the times. Opps,.. We rented instead! "Bird Cage" & "Midnight in the garden of good and evil" and made cup cakes! OH! Yesh, I bought 3 movies for $30 all together. "Ghost World" "Finding Nemo" and "LOTR, the Fellowship of the Ring." Ash went home a few minutes ago, since she had to met her dad for breakfast. I had to back up the truck so she could get out, and then I drove it around the block...this Audi was on my freaking ass the whole time! Argh! But it makes me thing, do I really want a bmw or do I want a trail blazer? Hmn.

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[30 Jan 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | full ]

I got a 74% on Asher's test...the one I didn't get to study for. She asked what went wrong >< Arg! I hate doing bad in a class I usualy do well in!
In other news, grilled cheese with tomato rocks!

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[30 Jan 2004|07:09pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Let's see...Hardly anyone at school. Got a jump on some homework! Plans seem to be good for tomorrow, at least with Ash. I'm hoping to see a movie with Tina, Ash, Zach, and Fish. Then have Tina and Ash sleep over. I went shopping today!! I bought 2 bras and 5 pairs of panties. Also some PJ bottoms. ^^ Got home from school early and went out to eat. I had a cheeseburger with bacon and a tomato, with out the bun - of course!! YUM!! The fries!!! I swear, my favorite food has to be fries. So I'm home now. I just took a great shower! I'm going to attempt to do some HW. I hope I get at least SOME of it done. Maybe the english? Or just the history.


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[29 Jan 2004|09:36pm]
Things seem to be pretty calm. Isn't it amazing? Arg. I'm not going to school for the full day tomorrow, since everyone seems to be going ice skating. I was skipping class today, and Courtney was so adorable! Freshmen are so cute and little! lol! She was all "Do you now Brook? She's in your grade! I wish I were a Jr.! You are so cool!" >D And Becca and I are cool again, thankfully. I finished the Asher HW too. Half of it, at least. Oh yea - I thnk we're all going to the movies Sat. night then sleeping over at someones house? But I need to get in touch with Ash to see about the fair.
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I swore it was Wed. [27 Jan 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

hah! School was very funny today! People kept giving me food. I'm in an English group with Evan, Molly, and Chris! :D We'll get nothing done, but they are all so funny! Arg..Bia got her hair straightened! It look great! Fish is a fucking pussy who thinks g+d is going kill him. Not really, but he is a fucking pussy who thinks no one else has problems. "Look around you dude!" I want the raver lights Alijhandra has on his key chain! I swear, I'll get a billon! XD Loads of HW. Gilmore Girls is on at 8! I need to get clothes on, finish laundry. Tina and I are talking. Julian wants to see me, he's moving again too. HAHAHAH I'm possible going to phone, tinny room...who knows what else. Wesley will be there, she's a nice kid. The Politician might be there, Maria. Some girls I know. And teachers and stuff. I hope it works out.

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[26 Jan 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Why does school give homework? Well - this much of it anyway. It's not a lot, but after the day I had. O_O it is.

I left my science to do at school, and I'll have to finish The Scarlet Letter sometime before 11AM.

My head is really pounding, and I feel extremely nauseous.

I don't know what I'll do about school, now. People are telling me to stick it out, go to SEM, and other things. I'll wait till the President gets back to SEM, which will be at the end of the week. I don't think I would have that much of a problem with going back there. I kind of look forward to it.

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[26 Jan 2004|03:54pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]


School sucks.

They won't let me do early graduation.

They called me to the office TWICE to tell me that.

And I really need to be up in PA.

So I'm gonna try to go back to SEM.

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[25 Jan 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | I think I'm gonna barf O_O ]
[ music | Kim Possible Theme :D ]

I have the hiccups! heh. What a bother.

I've been all..down today. It really bites. I ended up going out to lunch at the B&T with gram and mom. A lot of people stopped to say their sorry's about Carol and Papa being dead. I kept wanting to run away and cry. And sun bathe. But I didn't really do either.

I went out to the mall quickly and saw Phyllis! She wanted to hear what everyone had said about my hair and such. She's great to talk to.

I went home and put up my new Sanrio shower curtain! It looks great with all the new magazine ads in it! hahah! You all must see it and be in awe! I moved my room around, again! It looks really cute! But I did all that myself, so I'm pretty sore. What? You try moving my queen sized bed & mattress!

Back to school tomorrow, I'm pretty much ready. The meeting with Mr. Stone is tomorrow, about early graduation. Yuck!

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[22 Jan 2004|08:55pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | "dude! wheres my car?" ]

Ah! I finally finished the Asher USA map! So that means that school is still tough. lol.
We're gonna do monologues in Drama, again. Anyone have any good ones?
Tomorrow I'm going out for dinner and the dog park!
I can't even think if anything cool really happened.

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[21 Jan 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Running bath water! o-o ]

I had my meeting today, after this year, I only nee 4 1/2 credits. heh. We had to make an appointment with Mr. Stone (headmaster) to discuss early graduation. After the meeting, he'll consult with the school's owner. The guidance lady said it's not allowed, but maybe if they hear us out..

I changes back into drama and study hall, ^_^.

I've worked 2 + hours on a map for history. I have a test tomorrow first period. I'm pretty stressed, going from zero to loads of homework. I'll live.

Friday I have to talk the dogs to the park since mom will be at a party. I'll also go over to Elaine's for taco night after that. ^_^ I had taco's tonight, but mom messed up my order. I don't blame her really, I didn't exactly tell her what I wanted.

Stomach is killing me, so is my back and head. So I'll take a bath and go to bed! <33

Bah..what a boring update!

Cole wrote on my stuffed animal's tage that it's my dog. And Paul came over 1st thing, he was going to wash our cars but couldn't. Other stuffe happened, but I can't really recall it.

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^___^ [19 Jan 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | nofx - falling for you ]

AH! Good morning!!

I'm terribly sad to see my vacation leave. I start a new class tomorrow. How...thrilling.

Yesterday I made cake & cup cakes. I delivered them all to the gates, The Ginns, and the Pollens. It was a lot of fun!

I have Asher homework to do. o-o! Ekk! It's evil!!

I might go shopping, I know I've been talking about it for a few days now. Evreyone will be out now, since it's a holiday.

Things are good with everyone. ^_^

And...Hmn..No new news, really. Besides that I moved my room around- again!

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[16 Jan 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Sara's latest obsessions :: <33

the iPod mini
Penn State!
Louis Vuitton

^___^ Don't you feel sorry for my whoever I date? XDD In other news, Mom bought a Coach! I'm proud of her! XD They offered me a job there. O_O;; Soo..My stomach hurts like hell. I saw a few people at school. The English exam wasn't too hard. I'm waiting for my class ring to come on in. x.x

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[15 Jan 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | full ]

Hi. Today kinda sucked. And I'm all PMSy and feel sick.

I ate cookies and they were yucky..I feel really bad for eating. Them. And I want some of that hummus stuff. But mom wont go buy it. So I'm stuck here feeling fat and ugly.

I'm scared that things wont work out right for me at school. It's the only thing I've been crazy happy about for years.

The allergist was a horrible experience. We couldn't find the place, and she made a scratch on my arm that's still there. And we aren't going to go back. They were mean.

My head really hurts. And I need to talk to Becca about Spring Break. And I really want a shower and someone to snuggle with.

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[14 Jan 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Math Exam! It was hard, but thankfully multiple choice. ^^;;;

We did a lot of shopping and eating today. ^^ We went to the Lilly store, and talked to old friends. I saw Nate's sister, heh. We ate at Hamburger Heaven, I'm still full from that lunch! We came home and putted around. We just got back from dinner and shopping. I bought a great stain lipstick and an adorably packaged mascara! I love shopping for make-up. ^^ We got a lot of free samples, as well. Right now I have a hair and face mask going, which is fun.

Tomorrow is the allergist. o-o;;

I figured out what I want to do.


I want to graduate early. Take summer school for english, so I can do the whole graduate early thing. And then be done. o-o! I'll apply to a few schools, but I'll really want to go to Penn State. So for the Spring Trimester, which I'll be out of school for. (harharhar..) I'd either go to college or vacation. But I'd definitely be in school over the summer. And then in the fall and so on and so on.

I just hope my school won't screw me over and say no.

Because you know what?

This is something I'm truly excited for and every inch of my body is saying that this is the right thing for me to do. And I have a feeling I'm right, this time. I haven't been's not really excited, but it's a feeling that..kind of clicks.

Lenny stopped by while we were out, he left a huge "Keep Off Grass" sign in our yard. It is the greatest thing!!

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[13 Jan 2004|08:32pm]
[ mood | blah ]

1. Mom and I went out to lunch, and the place was really yucky. O_O And we bought furniture for our new room.
2. We went to look at BMW's. The salesmen were expecting us to buy a car A.S.A.P. The Phantom, it's a new Rolls Royce, is wicked amazingly awesome! So is the BMW X3.
3. My Passat is finally at the shop!
4. I have an exam tomorrow! I have yet to study! hah.
5. Gram wants us to have dinner with her tomorrow, gag. I'm eating a lot, too.
6. Cleaning my room. O_O;;;;
7. I'm probably missing something, but I like this number list.
8. Oh yea, went to the mall in search of something pink. No luck. But I saw Mark, he's an old dude who I met when I was dating Mitch. Cool guy.

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[12 Jan 2004|06:03pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

The shortest week! XD Only have to go to school today, Wednesday, and Friday!

o-o Yes. So I went to the guidance lady.

1 - My transcripts are screwed up.
2 - I dropped acting for the Computer course I needed.
3 - I'm not taking the SAT class at school, like I'm supposed to, so I'm doing it out of school.
4 - Next year I'll take the following classes: History, English, and 2 electives each term, 3 the first. Sounds easy.
5 - The lady bitched at me for not wanting to go to college. She said that my family bi=ussiness is going to fail.
6 - She was rude as hell, always answering her phone or talking to people.
7 - I have another appointment on the 21st, she said for mom not to come. Mom is going to just show up.
8 - Anyone want to help me find a way to leave this school?

Yea, so I don't really want to go to college. I might just get a few classes done in business and forestry. Or get some two year degree from Penn State.

I'm kind of tired, and upset. But I'm making brownies! <33

And my hair was loved by all!! haha!

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