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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Subject:I love you, blurty
Time:4:41 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:"Date with the Night"- Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
I've abandoned my blurty and it's so sad. I went to Xanga. I will be keeping 2 journals now because I think it is fun! :-D It is a difficult process but I will be able to manage it.

We have a huge research paper in english due on Thursday. I was so stressed about it but Mrs. Mitchell gave us an easy way to organize it all so that's good. I'm already done with it. Every day until it is due I will go over it and make corrections. I think it's pretty good. I hope Mrs. Mitchell finds it that way too.

Today I have to run for field hockey. :-\ Luckily Bridgette and Stephanie will be there! We're gonna be on a team together! Yay! I haven't been running since October. I am soooo out of shape. Ugh. Oh well, it's good to get in shape for the summer and for Europe. I've been doing crunches during commercial breaks of American Idol and the OC. I think I've seen a bit of improvement. I'll have to test it out at the beach then. :-)

I am so excited for Spring Break! I am going to Huntington Beach for 3 or 4 days and on the first day of break I have my driver's test! AHHH! I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I'm nercited. Lol. That was lame. I can't wait. I hope I pass. I'm pretty sure I will though, but I can't be over confident.

I think that is all I'm going to do for now.

Is This It
--> Field trip for world history on Friday! Oh yeah! Charter Bus!
--> I need to re-dye my hair. :-\
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Saturday, March 6th, 2004

Time:2:56 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:"You Talk Way Too Much"- The Strokes.
I really didn't want to update because I thought that my last entry was superb with the pictures and everything- but I felt it was time because something incredible happened yesterday.

I have screwed up completely. I think I'm doing the right thing one moment and then once I've said it then I wish I could go back in time and wish I hadn't said that at all. But I know this is something I shouldn't regret, but for some reason I do regret it and I hate myself for that. I just lost a friendship.

The incredible thing that happened yesterday was seeing "Hidalgo." It really didn't mean anything because Melissa wasn't there because it would have been 10x better with her there considering that she didn't want to see it and I wanted to see her pain. :-) Lol jk. Or am I? ::dr. evil pose:: We got at the theatre 30 minutes before the show started. We meant to go to the 7 20 showing but the ticket person accidentally gave us tickets for the 7 50 show. It was still good though. I got us the perfect seats- the ones right in the middle second row behind the bar so you can see the full screen right in front of you without having any extra black on the sides. You probably have no idea what I'm talking about but that is cool because I do. It was pretty empty but once it got closer to show time it started to fill up. I wanted them to show a preview of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" but they didn't. I figured they didn't because Warner Bros. and Disney are contenders, I guess. They had a preview for "Troy." Orlando Bloom looked so hot. I wish I was Helen to Orlando's Paris. That would be so nice. "The Day After Tomorrow" looks so freakin scary! Omg! My heart was beating fast when I saw the scenes from the movie and I thought, please don't let this happen when I'm alive. That's selfish of me, I know. :-\ Finally the movie started. DUH DUH DUH. The beginning was slow but once the race got going then it was good. I can't believe that was a true story. That's crazy! During the ending of the movie the idiot behind me kept hitting my chair and it was causing me to shake. So I had to elbow my seat real hard to get the person to stop. It would stop for a minute and then he/she would start hitting my chair again. I kept on elbowing and he/she would keep on hitting. It was a never-ending cycle. After seeing that movie I wish I lived on a ranch with my own horse named Hidalgo. That would be neat.

School is pain. I have been wearing my new shoes though and it feels so good! Lol. Definitely a hit.
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Subject:You think you know but you have no idea...
Time:7:11 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Music:"No No No" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
"Reptilia" music video is one of the best I've ever seen in my entire life. Plus it's one of my fave Strokes songs. Behind "Hard to Explain" of course! When I saw this video I seriously had an *word*.

Julian has quiry expressions on his face.

Fab looks very good with his perfect spiral curls covering his face

Nikolai is strumming his bass with perfection.

Albert is strangely attractive to me.

Nick is just a f*cking babe. That's all there is to it

Mitchell read my Maturity essay to the kids in class and I felt good and nervous at the same time.
"Amanda, is it okay if I read your paragraph to the class? It's really good."
"Yeah. Is it okay that I read it."
"Um yeah sure."
Then she dumped a bunch of tickets on my desk and I was shaking when I was writing my name on all the tickets. My heart was beating moments prior to her reading my essay. Then I got this wave of relief because the period before I was talking to Mel and we were discussing our papers and I said that mine was complete crap. Then when Mrs. Mitchell, Grammar Queen, said it was very good I felt so great. Now my chances of making journalism are good and I feel great! That made my day. Just hearing her read my story to the class was so terrific. I wished she would read it over and over because I love the sound of my sentences and words. Yay.

I saw "Miracle" again this weekend. But everyone knows already that I love that movie. It's so fantastic. I get goosebumps when I watch the games they play. It makes me wish that I was born in the 1970s so I could watch the game in the Winter of 1980. So good. Plus, some of the hockey-actors are way hot. Like OC aka Michael Mantenuto. Or Jimmy aka Eddie Cahill. Oh yeah. Hotness right there. If anyone wants to see it then let me know because I will gladly see it for a third time!

My dad bought "School of Rock" yesterday. I was so excited when my brother unwrapped it. We started watching it and only got to the parents night part before we had to go to bed. Then when I came home from school today I watched the last bit of it with Ian and then we watched it again. It's just such a great movie!

And if you wanna be the teacher's pet
Baby, you just betta forget it
Rock got no reason
Rock got no rhyme
You betta get me to school on time

Did you know that The Mooney Suzuki wrote that song. They also make a cameo in the film but I don't know where. I must look harder then.

Signing out- I am Amanda and you have just left my thoughts.
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Sunday, February 29th, 2004

Subject:Academy Awards
Time:9:17 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Music:"Maps" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs (such a great song).
Amanda's First Annual Academy Awards Wrap-Up

Hello! And welcome to my First Annual (and perhaps my only) Academy Awards Wrap-Up. From 3 pm until 9 pm I had my butt on the couch watching Red Carpet Arrivals on E!, WB, and ABC. I had chocolate fondue in front of the tv and I kept my ballot in the U section of the newspaper. It was an exciting and lazy day.

This was a good year for The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.
Yes, they swept the Academy Awards winning in there categories:
Best Picture- Barrie M. Osborne, Peter Jackson, Frances Walsh
Best Directing- Peter Jackson
Best Adapted Screenplay- Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson, Frances Walsh
Best Editing- Jamie Selkirk
Best Art Direction- Grant Major, Dan Hennah, Alan Lee
Best Costume Design- Ngila Dickson
Best Makeup- Richard Taylor, Peter King
Best Visual Effects- Jim Rygiel, Joe Letteri, Randall William Cook, Alex Funke
Best Original Song- Annie Lennox, Frances Walsh, Howard Shore
Best Original Score- Howard Shore

Wow. What a great way to end the trilogy. Truly amazing. I couldn't believe it when I heard Lord of the Rings being called over and over and over! Excitement. My mom was happy for that even though she hates that movie but she said it was quite boring because they always won. Oh well. It was rightly deserved for them. Years of hard work finally paid off!!

I was disappointed that Johnny Depp didn't win. When Nicole Kidman started saying "Seeeaaann..." I thought it would come out "Seeaaaany Depp." It seriously sounded like it. So I was upset. But I guess Sean Penn did a good job. I wouldn't know- I didn't see the movie.

I loved that Triplets of Belville song "Belville Rendezvous." A toe-tapper. It had me up and dancing. My mom and I liked the guy playing the bicycle as an instrument. :-D

Some of my favorite gowns for the night.

Scarlett Johansson

Naomi Watts

Angelina Jolie

Charlize Theron

Jennifer Garner

Julia Roberts

That should be all for now on the fashion because I could go on and on about it.

I really wanted Keisha Castle-Hughes to win for Best Actress because she is only 13 years old and it is a great achievement to be nominated for an Oscar. I'm getting quite tired of Charlize Theron always winning. ::sigh:: Oh well. I guess she does deserve. Again- I didn't see "Monster."

Well I think that about wraps up my take on the Oscars. I hope everyone watched it and enjoyed it as much as I did!

--> "Miracle" had better get some Oscar nominations next year!
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Friday, February 27th, 2004

Time:10:19 pm.
All of my entries and thoughts are copyrighted
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Time:6:49 am.
Mood: sad.
Music:"So Alive"- Ryan Adams (mmmmm).
Well I got a shocker last night. Right when you think things are going wonderful it all comes tumbling down on you. I knew this would be coming. I officially give up on guys.

My life has been so boring. The only thing that will make it better is going to El Capitan Theatre on opening day weekend to see "Hidalgo" and see the horse Hidalgo and pet it and take a pic with it. That will make me happy.

Sadies is coming up and I thought I wanted to ask someone and now I realize that I don't..AT ALL. There is no way I'm going. I'm gonna stay at home or hang with Bonnie and Mel if they don't go. \

The movie in english is gay. It's focused around the 5 guys and it makes me sick. The damn english video was too overhyped. I'm sick of them and I can't wait to get out of that class.

I am in love with Ryan Adams. "So Alive" is one of the best songs...EVER. It just makes me so happy when I listen to it. :-D Which is why I'm listening to it right now because I'm in such a horrible/sad mood.

Is this it
Yeah it is
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Wednesday, February 18th, 2004

Subject:Quiz Time
Time:5:57 pm.
Music:Backdrifts (Honeymoon Is Over)- Radiohead.
Ballet Shoes
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Saturday, February 14th, 2004 theaters March 5th
Time:11:28 am.
Music:Do You Realize- The Flaming Lips.
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Thursday, February 12th, 2004

Subject:My thoughts...
Time:7:27 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:Say It Ain't So- The Thrills.
I feel that as each day goes by I never accomplish anything significant. I occasionally exercise but not as much as I used to. I could clean my never gets done. I want to jump no the never happens. My time is passing and I don't even know it. I guess the saying is true that "teens think they can never die." I need to take that into consideration now. My parents constantly have to tell me to "do the dishes", "pick up the dog crap", "take out the trash." I feel like a burden. I need to get up off of my @$$ and do something about this. Starting tomorrow...I will be the best citizen in America!

Going to school is like hell for me. The only good thing is seeing my friends and going to english. Lunch is good too. Those are the best parts of the school day. Some people at the school really need to get their heads out of the clouds and start focusing on reality. They don't realize that high school grades get you into a good college and a good college gets you a good job. People are living it like it's a huge party. Which is good to live life to the fullest and have the most fun you can, but there is time for work and time for play.

You know what always pissed me off? The Disney commercials with the Lizzie Maguire and Even Stevens cast. "Disney Channel stars are just like you!" WTF! No they aren't! They go to premieres, they get lots of money, and get whatever the hell they want! No way are they like us! Come on, people.
Finished my behind the wheels. Everythings squared away. Just 20 more hours and i'm off to having a nice license with my pearly whites gleaming in the picture. :-D

Another 3-day weekend. So nice. So relaxing. Valentine's Day on Saturday. Still need to figure out the plans. This takes time and thorough planning. :-P

--> No way am I doing a one mile run.
--> 2.5's all going by so quickly
--> I feel like some friendships are deteriorating
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Sunday, February 8th, 2004

Subject:it has been too long
Time:1:19 am.
Mood: full.
Music:none at the moment...shocking! i know.
wow. it has been awhile since i updated.

today i was a complete stress case. this morning i went driving with my dad on the freeway and stuff for an hour and a half. then i went to the azusa public library with my mom to get my passport. driver's training guy came at 3:20 and i went driving. i did pretty well. then melissa, mel, and i went to my dad's soccer game. we saw mrs mitchell and she was upset that we came. i think she was cool with it though. she couldn't here melissa yelling at her. she was too into the game. it was so much fun! omg! such great times there. "FAME!" i was doing all these dance moves and melissa was seriously on the floor laughing with all of the faces and pirouttes i was doing. i guess it was funny. :-/ lol. my brother and his friend were playing keep the soccer ball away from each other. it was such great entertainment. they did it for the whole soccer game. i could have sat there all night and just watched them. the game was scoreless btw. after doing all my dancing us girls went to hollywood video to rent center stage. i have a new respect for that movie. mel had never seen it so we HAD to get it. we bought peach rings and m&ms too. we chowed down and watched the movie. it was great. tons of fun! good times good times.

Memorable Quotes
* "Matress Gal"
* "FAME!"
* "Sean's Biggerstaff"

Is This It
--> might go to a vines/jet concert
--> strokes concert in april w/melissa. we may get backstage passes and tickets for the pit. ooo ya!
--> wow it's late
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Friday, January 30th, 2004

Subject:bada bing bada boom
Time:10:07 pm.
Music:where i end you begin- radiohead.
i write at the beginning of the week and i write at the end. that's good. it spreads things out a bit.

**i inspired anne robertson and it feels so good! she liked my journal so she made her own. that's neat! i added you to my friends, anne!**

so today= friday= fun. which of course happened. i came to school feeling crappy, and i don't know why. mysterious. here's the bre@kdown::
1st period-- we watched the twilight zone. it was very very interesting. i was scared to see what was under the bandages of the lady. she was very pretty. we did this whole self-esteem and beauty and stuff in that class.
2nd period-- always the longest class of the day. we took a quiz. i think i did ok on it. then we watched a movie about explosives. is it just me or does this seem wrong? i think mrs powers wants us to make fireworks or bombs or something. kinda creepy. **i'm sorry, can't help you. free bagels in the teachers lounge!** gold, melissa
3rd period--math...that's all i have to say
4th period-- we had a discussion...i didn't feel like participating...too much a bit. i don't like how we have new people in our class. i wish i was in ms flores class again. :-(
5th period-- ceramics. we listened to bob marley. some girl didn't know who it was. she was like "but i thought he was dead." hi, did you know that you can play a person's music once the person has already died. buhDER!
6th period-- spanish quiz. i think i did ok. so so. last period of the day.

after school-- i listened to music and cleaned my room. i also went through magazines cutting out stuff. i have a total of 3 notebooks. one with jenae, JAMB, and melissa. it's fun! i love being all creative. :-D

today mel, bonnie, jenae, and i were going to go to the movies but the times were a little late so we went to kosmo's instead. it was the best. mel and i split a banana split. haha...split-split. haha. it was yum. i kept on spilling on the table though. kind of a nuisance. we were joking around and being stupid like always. then we ordered some fries. there was a hole in the window and jenae thought it was a bullet hole. so jenae said oh bonnie it would go right through your head. don't worry though i will hold up my cup to protect you. lol it was the greatest thing. i had to sit at another table because i was laughing so hard. good times good times. we ordered some fries. the other customers must have thought we were freaks. lol. who cares. it was fun. we were playing spin the cellphone. i had to kiss jenae's purse and bonnie. "pucker up, bonnie." lol. nothing happened. good times again. kosmo's is good i should go there more often.

--> postal service equals so great
--> i partially cleaned out my closet. i'm so proud
--> radiohead cd is good too
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Monday, January 26th, 2004

Subject:The IQ is dropping
Time:4:56 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:This Place Is A Prison- The Postal Service.
I sit at lunch everyday and I seriously think I will be losing brain cells listening to some peoples conversations. Why don't you talk about something with SUBSTANCE! Haha, Mel. Classic.

So Finals are over. Great. School is crap. I got my 2, count 'em, 2 Strokes posters. They are awesome. A black and white one and a colored one. One is going on my closet and one is going on my ceiling. That is a total of 6 posters. Although Melissa has beat me by 1. If I didn't have so much crap on my walls as it is already then I could so put some more up. People who have been into my room know that it's very BUSY. Very busy! My room has personality. Yup. That's what it is.

Mel is now going with me to Europe! I'm so psyched! I'm glad I'm not going to be alone! The 2 Belles together in Europe! Working the streets. Lol. That sounds weird. Haha. But yeah. We will be there for 5 WEEKS! OMG! This is going to be so great.

I was so happy that Lord of the Rings won all of the awards they were nominated for. They SO deserve it! It's such a fantastic movie and trilogy. Ya know, I really think that fantastic can even describe how great it is. How about platasmic? I like it. THE WHOLE TRILOGY WAS PLATASMIC! Haha.

--> um
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

Subject:we don't have no control
Time:9:31 pm.
Mood: grateful.
Music:under control- the strokes.
tomorrow i'm going to disneyland...again. crazy madness. i got my glasses yesterday...they're neat. nobody really noticed at school except for my friends. i guess people may have thought that i wore contacts before. oh well. i'm glad no one made a big deal about it. i feel different and look like lisa loeb. weird. last of the finals tomorrow. nerve racking. the hardest ones too- english and math. oi vay. i'll be fine. i went driving today. not too good. i won't go into detail. but yeah.

--> suckiest entry ever
--> um...
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Monday, January 19th, 2004

Subject:mm lollipops
Time:8:19 pm.
Mood: okay.
Music:erase/rewind- the cardigans.
today jenae, mel, bonnie and i went to disneyland. no matter how many times i go there i never get sick of it. so we arrive at 8 15 and the gates haven't opened yet. it is not that crowded at all. we get in and we go to the end of main street and there is a rope blocking everyone off. so we had to wait 25 minutes to finally be able to go to the park. we spent the time trying to find cute guys and making fun of each usual. we went straight to peter pan because that line is usually so long. i hadn't been on that ride in so long. i forgot how cute it was. then we went on the teacups because there was no line. the seats were so wet so jenae and i had to do a partial squat. we were spinning so fast thanks to mel and bonnie that i was going to get sick. then we went to matterhorn. the line was not long at all. (it pays to get to disneyland early). so we went on that ride. it was so jerky and fast. i hadn't been on that ride in forever either. we then went on the alice in wonderland ride. we then went on the carousel. i went on the horse that had the letter a on it. perfect. we were very much into the little kid rides. mel and i went to put our jackets and gloves in a locker while bonnie and jenae got fast passes for indiana jones. we went on pirates to waste time. that ride is so slow and it's sorta boring now. i say they have orlando bloom and johnny depp robot humans in there. that would be cool. we went on indiana jones. jerky. then we left to go to california adventure. the line to get into disneyland was so long! so we got into california adventure and we saw a sign that said they were having tapings of live with regis and kelly. we were so excited! so it said to meet where the sun icon is so we stood there. then we noticed a line and it was the line to see the first taping of r&k. so we stood there for the first showing. of course we missed it. so the guy said we could wait there for 2 more hours to get guaranteed seats for the second show. we decided to stay because when does something like this ever happen? mel and i went to get passes for soarin' over california. we ended up not going. we got pins for our backpacks. mel and i got belle ones, jenae got cinderella, and bonnie got ariel. cute eh? we were starving so we got fries and onion rings. then we saw someone with a parfait and we just HAD to have one. we scarfed that down. we were starving. finally we got into the taping! we heard rumors that ashton kutcher was at the first taping so we were pissed. we had seats way in the back but it was cool. the guests were amanda bynes, carrot top, sarah rooooooo (less than perfect), and snow white and the 7 dwarves. not exactly my first choice of guests but it was fun. it was really cool to be at a taping of a show. we left early. we went on the swings inside the orange thing and the supreme scream-ish ride. then we went to take a picture by the disneyland rose parade float. then we went on the roller coaster. i always laugh when i'm on it. a huge water drop fell in my eye and it hurt. i got over it. we saw the cutest guys there but we think they were gay. darn. but then we ate some more. and went to disneyland. went on the monorail to the downtown disney and back. we waved and yelled to people. then we left. we got lollipops! they were good. that's it.

--> finals in 2 me
--> disneyland again on friday! YAY!
--> i'm gonna watch american idol for the first time
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Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Subject:the days go by too fast
Time:9:35 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Music:step on me- the cardigans.
i've had so much fun in the past 2 days. first movies with melissa and soccer game with melissa. today shopping with family and starbucks and "studying" with jenae. i have seen jenae 3 days in a row so far! tomorrow it will be 4 because we're going to disneyland! i feel like i have so much power with a pass. it's almost like a credit

today mi familia and i went to target. we got zoolander on dvd. then we went to big 5 and my mom got some emu ridge ugg boot things. she was majorly happy. we gave her birthday present to her early. it was a photo album and sleepless in seattle. it even came with a $10 starbucks gift card! wow. then after that we came home and my brother and i watched zoolander. that's a great movie. "oh i'm sorry. did my pin get in the way of your ASS. do me a favor and lose 5 pounds IMMEDIATELY!" lol. classic. or the all-time classic "MORE LIKE A CENTER FOR ANTS! how can the children learn to read when they can't even fit inside the building?" so great. then my dad had his soccer practice so he dropped ian, jenae, and i at starbucks and we studied for spanish. i just realized that i suck at it. hard. i don't even know my endings that well for preterite and future and imperfect. WHY MUST THERE BE SO MANY ENDINGS! lol. not very many people showed up for my dad's practice so he came back and we went to rhino records. that place is awesome. jenae and i started rummaging throught the pin box. that's the first place i go to when we go there. i looked at the poster section and i saw a coldplay one but it didn't have the band on it so i didn't want to get it. then jenae and i went back to her house. we were supposed to study for history but we figured we could just put all the info on the index card that we can use on the test. so we listened to some jason mraz while searching for her disneyland pass. unsuccessful. so we went outside to lie on her hammock that sunk so low your butt hit the ground. it was fun anyway. :-D then we decided to play some badminton. i won both games. oh yeah. sorry, jenae. then we played some love while listening to the no doubt singles cd. good times. good times with john and nick right , jenae. *winkwinknudgenudge* lol. then i went out to dinner with my family. we came home and i was so full so i watched my coldplay dvd with the concert. very relaxing. now i'm sitting here listening to the cardigans. i forgot how great they were. i was obsessed with "lovefool." such a great song.

--> d-land tomorrow...oh better not rain this time!
--> one day I WILL go to a coldplay concert
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Saturday, January 17th, 2004

Subject:go racing snails!
Time:10:14 pm.
Mood: mellow.
Music:inertiatic esp- the mars volta.
i told ya i would update. so jenae is dropped off at my house at 7 45 ish. we listen to some culture club (0f course) and get some hot chocolate in our cute little mugs. this time i made sure we had tons of blankets and i wore 2 jackets because it was so cold. we finally get to "the pit" and we see this nice mini cooper pull up. it was my dad's couch "MC" (as i like to call him :-D). but then i noticed a girl got out of the car with him and i was mad. so we set up camp near the field and pile on the blankets. we start drinking a lot of hot chocolate too so we can get warm. then the head soccer person comes and has to talk to MC right in front of us. so i'm just sitting there staring at him. i think my mouth was open too. lol. then this cute blonde guy comes up to talk to him. or as i like to call him "blondie." so the game finally starts. it's a good one. blondie is really good. this guy comes in the middle of the game wearing a black jacket and some white shorts with red stripes. he's so hot. luckily he's on my dad's team. all of these hot guys are on my dad's team! thank you, god. lol. so he takes off his shirt right in front of jenae and i and we're dying. very nice very nice. we kept on singing "you and i both" by jason mraz. lol. we have such GREAT voices. i bet we were bugging the people near us. :-P Whatever. then "stripey" goes into the game. jenae and i made up a little song for him:

he's the hottie
with the body
in the red striped shorts
he's got the hair
with the stare
and you wanna hug him
like a teddy bear

so pro..i know! he was good at soccer too. jenae and i basically spent the time looking at mc, stripey, and blondie. it was fun. my dad's team lost 1-0 but it was a really good game!

--> i am definitely going to all of my dad's games!
--> jenae and i are so going to join one of those adult soccer leagues
--> i forgot how great culture club was!!!!
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Time:7:30 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Music:i'll tumble 4 ya- culture club.
Tonight was full of memories. Melissa and I went to see "Big Fish." Great great great movie. I would say more but I didn't want to spoil the movie for others. So we get to the ticket office and there is a movie poster of "Hidalgo." Melissa goes, "That movie 'Hidalgo' looks so lame." I replied, "I wanna see that movie. It looks good!" She was astounded. I really do want to see it. "That horse is his only friend!" Melissa replied. I couldn't help but laugh. Then we went to the ripping ticket place and they had a huge banner and I raised my arm towards it as a sign of saluting it. I kept on saying "HIDALGO!" like how Will Ferrell says "EMELIO!" in "Roxbury." Good times...majorly. So then we get into the theatre and they had this Lord of the Rings thing. The people were there to see all 14 hours of all 3 films. Craziness! I would do it though. I kept on joking around and saying "There I am!" Lol. Then the movie is starting and these stupid idiots walk out of the theatre laughing so hard. Melissa and I were about to run out of the movie to beat them up. Stupid stupid stupid. We were so loud in the movie. Melissa said very loud, "I lost a M&M and now I have a chocolaty butt." It was so funny. Then the movie started. I shed some tears near the end. They were rolling uncontrollably. It was a fun night. Melissa and I are too cool!

--> Jenae and I are going to my dad's soccer game...I'll write about it when I get home.
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Friday, January 16th, 2004

Subject:another day of my boring life passes
Time:5:39 pm.
Mood: stressed.
Music:the sound of settling- death cab for cutie.
so today mel, jenae, bonnie, and i decided to wear skirts. we all did. it was so foggy today but it burned off so we were okay. bonnie talked to smiley again. they're so cute! ahhh! jenae burned me the new amsterdams cd..she burned a copy and accidentally gave me the copy that melissa burned for her. lol. i was like you can keep it and just give me the other one? and she's like no. so yeah. after school jenae and i went on a walk. we went to our old middle school and it was so weird being there. we nearly got locked in and the assistant principal had to come and save us. then we were walking down the street and this guy honks at us and gives us the thumbs down! OMG! we were so pissed!! we were fuming. we should have yelled at the guy "you're ugly!" but we didn't. damn. well we know for next time. we walked past the singer is so gorgeous. i wish i lived there. it's so beautiful. i guess that's all

--> so mel is now going with me to europe? i hope
--> umm...people aren't really talkative today...:-\
--> i have to do a power study for all of my finals
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Thursday, January 15th, 2004

Subject:my whole life is going to change
Time:7:35 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
Music:closet to me (cure cover)- get up kids.
so today i got my haircut after school. my hair feels so healthy. i keep on touching it. it's really nice and is medium length and has lots of layers. then i went to my eye exam. FIRST ONE EVER. i have been having trouble seeing things far away aka NEARSIGHTEDNESS. anywho so they tested for gloucoma where they blow a puff of air into your eyes and i totally jumped. the lady said so i guess you've never done this before and i said nope, first time. i did the same for the other eye but not as bad. i was so nervous for the test. i kept on thinking something bad was going to happen. then i looked at some glasses. had to see which looked best with my eyes and face shape. i knew that i needed to get square ones so my face wouldn't look so round. lol. my friends know what i'm talking about. ::cool point:: lol. so then i finally get the official exam started. so he has me read the letters which are 6 feet away and there are 6 lines and he's like read the one nearest the bottom that you can read. i could read the 2nd line with my right eye and the 3rd line with my left eye. HORRIBLE. then he had to see what lense would go best with my eyes. so he set each eye and everything and it was NIGHT AND DAY! omg! without glasses it was so blurry and then with glasses i could read everything. THE DOCTOR IS A MIRACLE WORKER! my left eye is 20/40 and my right eye is 20/50. then he prescribed my glasses wearing and he says wear them ALL THE TIME. at first i was like oh yes this is awesome it's a whole new me. and then i think about it later on and i'm like omg this is so weird. but i'm gonna be able to see so much better. it's exciting. i can't wait until i can actually read things off the board. i'm happy about that.

--> my glasses are super cute
--> disneyland on monday so excited!
--> big fish this weekend w/ melissa yay!
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Tuesday, January 13th, 2004

Subject:fun in the hot burning sun
Time:3:36 pm.
Mood: pleased.
Music:talk to me, dance with me- hot hot heat.
check out my's totally awesome. my fave queer eye. i still have my nick one though. cuz he's the hottest.

shortened day today. it was nice. none of my classes were super long and boring. especially chem. even on a min. day it is so long. in english we had a bunch of greek food. we had baklava. soooo good. that is the best! so then jenae, bonnie, mel, and i went to plaza produce. it was totally yum. it is always so good there. then we walked to longs right down the street. we all got princess stickers and i got belle! i was so happy. it was meant to be. lol. we were hanging out in front of longs (losers, i know) and i saw kelly and john. so i said hi and talked for a bit. then we went home. i think i have a headache. ugh.

--> :) <-- i'm gonna be going there when I got to Europe!
--> today is orlando bloom's b-day!
--> this is a short entry
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