01:51pm 16/12/2003
mood: anxious
music: Aus-Rotten Modern Day Witch Hunt
Holly shit. Havint updated in forever! Yeah. A lot of shits been goin on. I met this awsome girl named Gillian. Shes so great. I'm gonna ask her out tomorrow. Well I was today but everything went to shit. Yea. My band has a show on the 20th at Sara's house go to the website for more detals. I saw Battalion of Saints...fuckin great. It was by far the werid'ist show i've been to.. wow, you had to be there to understand. Then I saw Career Soliders. That was much fun. All the bands were badass, except for the Christan Club. They were fuckin horrible! Yeah. I'm going to the Lower Class Brats/Defiance on Christmas day. Anyone wanna give me a ride? :) Please! Yea. Not much else to say.
Ass Tuches