09:48pm 09/11/2003
mood: cynical
music: The Ejected- I'm Gonna Get A Gun
saterday was pretty boring, i didn't get to do much, cuz of my bitchy moms b-day dinner shit, so i ended up haggin around the house doing absolutly nothing. then around 5'ish i drove up2 joeys, sence there was nothin better to do and i wanted to go to taang and hill crest to get some cds cuz i was lodad with cash and i wanted to spend it all. but saterday night was lame, joey and i jes hung around the house, watched some movies and played hang man, but i bought a macc lads cd and a battalion of saints shirt at the muse and we has some hot choclet(spelling?? bleh) at clares. then this morning, we drove up2 taang and i bought 2 rudimentary peni cds and a condemed84 7'' then we went back to joeys and had lunch at the pizza joint at the end of the block, then we walked to hill crest and i got a crass patch for my vest and a uk subs cd. then i came home and talked to my love..nydia. yea, thats pretty much it yo.. peace!
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