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[02 Apr 2005|11:54am]
I was with one of my friends today and we were walking her dog and we ran into Ryan and Devon who were walking and holding hands and i was like ryyyaaannn and he waved and we walked over to them and were talking to them when this group of girls walked up and was like hiii ryyyyaaaannn and hes like hey and devon moved a little closer to him and he put his arm around her and one of the girls was like who are you and shes like his girlfriend who are you and the girls all turned to look at each other and they looked pissed off and one of them was like nice shirt and they all laughed and devon was like thanks its ryans and they stopped laughing and ryans looked at her and smiled and she kissed him and there was a lot of tongue action going on and they were all like ugh gross and ryan grabbed devons ass and she moaned and i couldnt help but laugh and the girls got pissed off and walked away. And when they were gone ryan and devon stopped and started laughing and my friend was like have you guys had sex and i was like no shes a virgin and ryan laughed and was like that wasnt your place and i was like oops and devon was like i dont care just cuz i havent had sex doesnt mean i dont have experience with other things and she looked at ryan and smiled and he smiled and put his arm around her and kissed the side of her head and was like isnt she fuckin great and i was like yea this is like the sami thing all over except you guys met and ryans face dropped and was like this is nothing like that and i was like sorry and devon hugged him and he seemed like he felt a little better so I decided to leave them alone so i wouldnt make him sad again.
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