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[07 Jan 2005|06:54pm]
I went out to dinner tonight with Ryan his girlfriend and some of her friends, Matt Lyndsey and her boyfriend. And we get there and order and Lyndsey looked kinda sick so her boyfriend kept trying to put his arm around her and kiss her cheek and she kept being like stop and pushing him away and Jenna was like whats your problem tonight and lyndseys like just fuck off ok dont act like you know me and Matt laughed and lyndsey looked at him and kinda smirked and Jenna was like ha...ha. Anyway then our food came and Matt started stuffing his face like he hadnt eaten in ages and one of Jennas friends started laughing and was like oh my god matt and he looked up and was like what fuck off and the girls like fuck you and Matts like fuck off! and one of the waiters came over and was like you guys need to watch your language this is a family place and matt was like i know danny watch your fucking language and lyndsey started laughing and ended up choking on her food and so matt started laughing and then one of the girls was like you look sexy when you laugh and matt looked over and crinkled his eyebrows and took a big bite out of his pizza and the girls like mmm can i have a bite and hes like no fuck you eat your fucking salad you anorexic bitch and he went back to stuffing his face and they were at the end of the table whispering about him and he just kept looking up and then going back to stuffing his face and finally one of them came over and whispered something in his ear and smiled and he looked at jenna and frowned and got up and took his food and moved to another table and started eating and one of the girls was like what a fucking asshole and he didnt pay attention and just started eating again and lyndsey was like leave him alone he doesnt like you and the girls like shut up fatty and lyndsey smiled and was like what the fuck did you just call me and the girl laughed and was like fatty and lyndsey stood up and the girl looked scared shitless and started walking back to her seat but lyndsey caught her by the shirt and spun her around and socked her in the face and the girl started crying and ryan was like lyndsey! and lyndsey was like oh fuck you and flipped him off and ryan and jenna got up and left with the girl and their other friends and matt was over there cracking up and her boyfriend was laughing. lol it was great. So we just all finished and then went home.
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