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[22 Jan 2010|08:35am]
I woke up in the morning not feeling a thing like P Diddy... What the hell is that song about?
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Oooooo the first entry [21 Jan 2010|12:59pm]
Here we go. I have a lot to say but sometimes I don't say it because a) it might insult someone. b) i might be judged for it. or c) the appropriate person to tell isn't around. Well I don't know any of you who might be reading this. Human feedback is great, I hope I get to know some of you. But I think I can speak more freely in a place where I know my friends and family aren't reading or listening to every word, such as on the wonderous facebook which has taken over everyone's lives. Facebook is so BORING lately...seriously, I sign onto the chat and get annoyed that I see the same 47 people on there constantly. But then I think oh god I'm one of those people that OTHER people see constantly, so shit. I don't really even enjoy it, it's a waste of time and if I really wanted to talk to a particular person I'm sure I could come up with a better way to do that such as using a phone or holy shit even talking to them in person. My boyfriend doesn't really use his facebook, I think that's sexy. Well everything about him is sexy. But still, props on the lack of facebook usage Alex. You turn me on every time I sign on and never see a status update from you. We should all follow example. Where am I going with this? Let me flip a bitch and get back to my original point, which I think was about information shared on the internet. I like to share. I like to use my freedom of speech. But that should be more for my personal expression and outlet, not to tell all my friends every little unnecessary detail about my life. So maybe no one will ever read this, and that'll be cool too. I can look back on it one day for shits and giggles. But if you want to share journals or whatever it is we're supposed to do on this type of blog site, just ask me (or add me? i dont get this yet ), I don't bite. I'm probably snooping on your shit anyway. :)
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