i. hate. makeup.   
07:24pm 18/10/2003
mood: angry
music: fat lip - sum 41
today i just got back from the mall. i saw school of rock with my friend sara glesne. then we came home and raked leaves and then i got tortured with makeup....

sara invited over me n our other friend sara s, and they told me to close my eyes and then they put lipstick and blush adn eyeshadow on me....it was horrible. i looked like pikachu from pokemon or maybe a stupid french guy on crack...no offence to gucci lol.

oh yeah then sara n sara started hitting on eachother...it was kinda creepy and im kinda afraid of both of them.

oh, and sara s also put my hair like the spice girls...lol, scary or baby spice were the funniest of them all though.

um. i like froggies. im not stupid. stop lookin at me like that.

ill be going now.....