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    Thursday, October 30th, 2003
    9:39 pm
    Friends dont read very well!
    well i do have to say that people need to learn how to read! this means tierney and katie!!! because if you scroll down you will see that it indeed does say that i defended you......."i wanst happy that he said that about my friend, i yelled at him, and he got pissed at me".....scroll down its down there on those words or another, i cant remember! anyway i also think its really fucking retarted that you had the nerve to tell tom, cause i really dont see how its any of his business!!!!! and not once in it did it say that shitbrick was grabbing my ass! from now on, i dont want to deal with you if you cant learn how to read, and respect the fact that i defended you......cause thats bullshit, and especially to have katie say something, was really gay! next time, which i am sure there will be one, talk to me first, before you open your mouth to everyone else!
    Monday, October 27th, 2003
    9:56 pm
    Sometimes Life Just Doesn't Make Sense To Me At ALL
    Well recently i was put in the hospital and thats bad, but what is more bad, is that i have been spending time with the person that had put me there. And now tonight on this very evening, i was offered to move back in....he doesn't want to have to worry about me and who i am with, he doesn't want to continue to cry himself to sleep at night, for not knowing where i am, and for what he did to me. I choose to move back in merely because i have no where else to go, my parents refuse to help me, and they laugh in my face at what happened, I mean sure i probably deserved what happened, although everyone i have talked to says no matter what no one deserves to be hit like that, and if its bad enough to need to go to the hospital and the other to jail, then its bad! I just dont know what to do anymore......could it be that i love patrick so much that what he did doesn't have an effect on how i feel for him????? oculd it be that my love for him is so strong that i can forgive him for what happened?????? Am i wrong to forgive him for what he did?????I mean i have tried to get over him but i feel as though he is the only person in the world that knows the real me, what am i supposed to do??? i mean he told paige that i was going to move back in, and her one comment was that i make sure its in my head that the two of them are dating, and they are together, and that if i try and fuck it up again, then she will beat my ass.....thats bullshit....cause honestly if i really wanted to be with pat, i could in a heartbeat, there is no contest bitch so get the fuck over your self, and take your nasty pussy else where!!!!!! and you wonder why you two haven't had sex in weeks....hmm i wonder who he could have been sleeping with instead of you!!!! your just a dumb fucking bitch!
    Sunday, October 19th, 2003
    10:24 pm
    The Night Of Fear!!!
    Well tonight may have just been the worst night of my life.....last night tierney and i were talking about a pervious situatin that deals with pat, and how he was being stupid......and i accidently saved the convo on my comp, i dont know how but it happened......and pat read it, i said some pretty mean things, and man have i paid for it.......we fought in the car ride home from lake in the hills, he called me all these names, and i had nothing to say to him, because i know what i said hurt him, and it was wrong, but yet i still said it, and i told him i wouldn't ake it beack becasue i believe that i am right on how he was acting.....which wasn't a good thing....we got to the house, and i refused to say anything more to him, he got out slammed the door, and i slammed mine, we waled to the gate, and i decided to turn around and go for a walk on the road to clear my head, well he didn't like that, and things we said that weren't very nice, back and forth, it got to the point of telling me to leave....and get my when i was going to do what he said he wouldn't move , so i pushed him, and then he pushed me back, then i hit him, so he grabbed me by my jacket, and shoved me against the house, i kicked the dog cause she was trying to bite me, he said fuck me and went downstairs and started to get all my shit....and threw it around, then i said i would get my shit, and he wouldn't leave me alone, kept yelling at me, so i pushed him to move him out of the way, and he picked me up and threw me on my bed, so i punched him in the head, and we shoved each other for about 20 mins, and then he tried to calm down and apologize, i have never been more scared of anything in my life, but at the moment that he hit me....i am scared, scared to be here anymore, and i need to get the hell out of here, not to mention i am in a lot of pain!!!!!it sucks! and i dont knwo what to do.......i need to save myself, with no options.
    1:54 am
    HMMMMMM...What to do what to do!
    yeah i am really in a confused state right now.......i really like his guy who has always been a friend to me, and now i dont know what to do, cause he has a girlfriend, well sorta! and i am not sure how to act around him now, and i dont want him to know cause then i dont know how is reaction will be...i am kinda scared.......he was talking to me about his girlfriend, and whats going on with them, and like looking to me for advice, but all i can do is listen cause what i want is for there to be no girlfriend......but thats not going to happen.....but again it might....i mean she is at school, and he sees her on the weekends, and sometimes once during the week depeding on their scehdauls....but yeah thats my problem, anyadvice on what i should do??? feel free to help me out!
    Saturday, October 18th, 2003
    3:56 pm
    Yeah so can somebody explain this to me????
    I dont understand the whole cubs situation.....i know they lost and all but why is everyone putting the blame of their losses, a teams losses non the less, on one man, on FAN, who just tried to catch a ball... you see the pitching for the cubs already was going bad, and they were hitting like shit.....but seriously blame the little guy i guess, it makes no sense to me at all......oh and evenmore so, the fact that the marlins franchise offered him 4 months of free hotels and lounging in florida, "so he could get away from the crazy scene in chicago" oh and more to add, which i happen to think is completely and utterly idiotic, our televison broadcasting corporations have decided to make a movie out of this inncident, as if the guy doesn't feel bad enough lets make a complete mockery out of him too! What i do think would be great, and exceptable, is a commercial, you know one of those visa master card ones, you know, " ticket to cubs playoff game....150 dollars, cubs attire.......200 dollars, hotdogs and beverages while at the game 50 dollars...........trying to catch a baseball and ruining the cubs chances for winning the 2003 pennant......Priceless!!!!!!
    12:46 am
    Yeah so i hope you are doing okay casey, and i hope everything is okay with your family! i miss talking to you, and hope to hear from you soon! so when you read this i hope you respond!!!
    Friday, October 17th, 2003
    11:40 pm
    YAY i have a blurty journal too!
    HEHE! i copy everyone! lol! yeah thats right i have a journal dont really know what to put in here but oh well i am not scared! anyway hung out with matt for a little bit today! it was fun, although we did nothing at all! but i dont mind cause its nice to be able to leave the house once in a while, and actually be among living people, and not just my two dogs and cat, i mean dont get me wrong the animals are good companions, they are friendly and soft, but yeah nothing compares to being around friends! Yeah so matt dropped me off at work, and it was fun, ryan flirtted with me a llittle and got yelled at by paul for hitting on the hired help! it was funny! Then tierney came in and brought some brownies for her uncle, as pat calls her " brown nosing cunt" i wasn't happy that he said that about my friend, so i yelled at him and he got pissed at me, heh its just the usual! Yeah so now i made this journal, cause matt has one and i felt left out! oh well! anyhoo!!!!! yeah just hanging around eating dilly bars right now, they are so good, i was never aware that you could buy a box of dilly bars from dairy queen, its an amazing thing, i tell you what! well thats its for now!