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Sunday, July 4th, 2004
6:27 pm - Prom night!
Wow last night was prom and i had the most amazing time ever, we had people that we didnt know take photos if (we being ricki and myself) we're going to be in the echo either tomorrow or tuesday which is pretty fantastic ... we arrived in a portaloo (just grabbed a lil bit of attention) lo by a lil i mean when i got a taxi back from daves i was talking to the taxi driver and he was asking me if i knew the couple that arrived in a portaloo! lol how crazy is that?
then ... to rele make my evening the best ever mr miles (my maths teacher who i have the huuuugest crush on) asked me to have the last dance with him it was aerosmith dont wanna miss a thing (an amazing song!!!) and we were dancing away,we were pressed so close together that i could feel all the heat from his body he was inches away from my ass with one hand the other was y'know fingers laced holding me then !!! this is the great part halfway through the song he whispered into my ear " this is how i'm going to be teaching your lessons in sixth form" i was a cross between :o and :D lol he looked at me then and he said you are doing maths next year aren't you i was like uh huh *currently melting here* and then we carried on dancing until the end of the song where he kissed my hand and thanked me for the dance ... my face has not changed from :D lol when i was at daves after i was like :D and now i'm home i'm like :D yay!!!!
I'm so happy!!!

current mood: ecstatic
current music: none but i can hear dont wanna miss a thing in my head!

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Friday, June 25th, 2004
5:49 pm - Ahhhhhhh
3rd day of work and i'm exhausted!!!!!
my arms feel like jelly and my legs just wont stop hurting but apart from that i rele like the ppl i work with....i've been called love and dear by about 200 old grannies and been told i look like zoe from eastenders (i still dont know whether or not to take that as a compliment or not) lol i've been told i'm gorgous by one old lady who i thought was gunna do the whole cheek ripping off thing that old grannies do .... luckily she did not do this and my cheeks are intact :D
Lol Lee has pulled off my lil pinny (lmao me in a pinny) about 20 - 30 times per day lol first time i thought he was just trying to reach for something past me and i was carrying these plates back to the kitchen and the next thing i knew my pinny was on the floor i thought it was my trousers at first though!!!
ahhh i like my new job! :D
Loadsa love ... from me

current mood: indescribable
current music: Knockin on heavens door - Guns n Roses

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
8:43 pm - I've got a job!
lol for the first time in my life i have done a proper days work!!! :o!!! me!!!!
it was sooo hard, however the people that i work with are great! I'm rele exhausted though cos the work was followed by twh hours of shopping now my legs feel as if they are no longer part of my body (or with the way that they are aching right now i certainly wish that they weren't)
Well this is all short but sweet i think i'll go to bed in a min.
Night night x

current mood: exhausted
current music: Hells Bells - AC DC

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
7:19 pm - Summer Hols
Wow we're a week into the summer hols ..... already!!!
I have a job in a café !!! yay! it pays like £3.55 an hour but they're really nice in there it's in brewers quay just incase anyone actually knows any areas in weymouth! plus!! .... I get free meals and drinks etc ... and 25% off everywhere in Brewers Quay!!! yay!
I've also opened a bank account today quite eventful rele it's chucked down with rain today though which was mean :P naughty weather ... ohh and they'll let me dye my hair pink!!! oh yes! I'm gunna get highlights again although this time just pink and not multi pink/purple!
Wooo! I'm happy! Dad's birthday tomorrow ... that's when I start! awww they're so nice in there lol tomorrow i'll make an entry bout how much it sucked knowing me!
Ahhh well!!!
Love you all
x x x x x x x x

current mood: cheerful
current music: Marylin Manson - Coma White

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
8:52 am - No exam today
lol there seems to be rele long gaps in my journal then a mega essay when i remember that i actually have one or in fact that i'm very bored.
No exams today so i expected y'know to wake up at a reasonable hour of like 10 or 11 but instead i've been awake since half seven and up til one last night watching pirates of the caribbean *wooooo*.
Hmmm well since my last entry i have had my sixteenth well i think i have i dunno how long it's been, i've had my ears pierced (third hole now) ermm had a lot of bloody exams...although only have 6 left!!!!! Last exam is in a weeks time which in some ways is scary but then i think 10 weeks summer hol!!!!
I'm going into school on friday for two hours for maths cos i did rele shit in the exam yesterday so i'm gunna need to get like 100% next tuesday *sigh*
Hope everyone's ok and the exams for everyone or going smoothly!
I'm rele too tired to be writing so i think i'm just gunna have to say ttfn
Love you all
*wiggle wiggle*
xxxx xxxx xxxx

current mood: mischievous
current music: pirates of the caribbean - skull and crossbones

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Monday, April 5th, 2004
3:15 pm - It's been quite a while my dear blurty
Hiya everyone!
I know it's been ages and i've had a lil person nagging me constantly to update *this is soooo not aimed at you gary :P*
lol well i've only got one piece of coursework left!! yay! and all pieces are at least average which is good well apart from graphics .. but i fucking hate that subject anyways. Almost as bad as i found business studies.
Last night I went to the pub quiz with Gareth (who i've been going out with for one month and three days!!!) and it was good a few people there who I'd rather weren't but i had a chalk fight with Gary which was fun! ... well until he got me back anyways and Sadie didn't turn up til like 9 - 10 but it's was a good night.
I'm absolutely exhausted i got hardly any sleep but i've lost half a stone in like 2 or 3 weeks so i'm happy bout that!
Well right now i'm extremely bored also working on getting the 7 part of my maths c/w up to an 8 which sucks cos i don't have a clue what else to write it's tres epuisant.
meh well anyways i think this is quite a long update!
Love you all
x x x x x x x x

current mood: tired
current music: Knockin on heavens door - Guns n Roses

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Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
6:28 pm - Today's events
Well today i've been into town bumped into kathryn and wandered aimlessly around town with her then i went home and david phoned....after a quick chat the decision was made that i would go over to his what was blonde and long hair is now short and blue !!!
hee hee i should go into beauty!
love you all
x x x x x x x x

current mood: enthralled
current music: so happy together (simple plan's version)

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
9:39 pm - Todays events
Well everybody today it chucked down in lovely weymouth ... big time!
Saide, Mikey, Taryn, Steve, Kathryn and I were in town having fun trying on prom dresses and buying my purple hair dye then as we were walking down to brewers quay it the heavens decided to open up and drown us all. So we walked from town to mine trying to keep dry *this however was unsuccesesful* our clothes were slastered to our skin ... and by the time we'd got from mine to steves it looked like we'd been in the bah with our clothes on!
Also on the way from mine to steves there is an evil hill which we had to climb so me and sadie decided we were on the quest to destroy the ring *we didn't actually have a ring to destroy though as there's not a chance in hell of anyone getting near my ring from marc* we then decided to make it easier that we'd run up the hill and this as you may have guessed killed us both off! EVIL!
lol well when we were at stephens saide *very succesfully may i add* dyed my hair and it's now a purply reddy brown! which is really cool! no longer evil and black! mwahahaha! anyways! .... then we kinda sat down with stepehns mum, brother (who has some amazing pics of pete on his phone :D :D :D) and everyone else sat down and watched these music spin off videos which to put it bluntly were pretty lame apart from the jedi one that was cool! ohh and seeing as kathryn and sadie stayed over we ate pizza and chocolate for tea followed by a breakfast of haagen dasz choc choc chip ice cream! Yum!!!!
lol well that kinda leads me up to here apart from I've been talking to marc loads reccently!!! :D hee hee yay!
ohh on fri night i was at this youth thingy and we went out to moonfleet and we were playin bull dogs charge but you have to be lifted up and warren came to get me with mikey and they lifted me up and chucked me down 3 times i was like yeah ok ok i'm caught alright! and they wouldn't stop it andm ikey ended up lifting my top withough realising i had a mouthful of sand!
and i got dirty cos on the night line i was holding warrens hand cos i'd been holding mikey h not f's hand all the way round up til the end when warren said i had to let go of him and he started making me walk rele fast then i heard mikey h in front of me scream i was like i'm not gunna fall am i and he wa like no i promise you wont so i trusted him and he walked round this ditch part and let me fall into it he was wetting himself laughing! pah evil!
love you all
x x x x x x x x x x

current mood: crazy
current music: American Hifi - flavour of the week

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Thursday, January 29th, 2004
1:09 pm - Long needed update
Hiya it has been ages since i've updated!
How are ya all?
Settling in ok miss you all loads though ... hope your GCSE's are going ok.
Well i'm at home right now cos of my evil wisdom teeth and lack of sleep (also lack of wisdom :P)
it snowed last night which was amazing! it was so pretty but it's all gone now :(
I'm having a discussion with iain about whether computers are female or male ... what's happened to me?!?!?!
All of this is pretty random I think I'll add in a lil *wiggle wiggle* just for Jo :D
Love you all


current mood: tired
current music: Sum 41 - Still waiting

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Monday, July 7th, 2003
5:14 pm - The weekend :D
hey everyone!
wow this weekend has been very packed full of stuff!
Friday night - punks night out at the cheese and grain lol alicia jo antonia and catherine were all mega scared bout going into the venue at first bless them! but i think they were ok after awhile, the first band that played were called unless and that's the only band we ended up seeing really but they're amazing! and you all have to look out for them cos they're vid will be coming out on p-rock and scuzz soon! and marc the lead singer rocks so much! i'l tell you how we started talking to him well it started off with them being the first band that played and while they were playing he looked down and winked at me *nobody saw this so noone believed me :(* then after they'd finished their set he came up and took a pic of me so i then asked him if i could have on with him so yeah there's a pic of me and him hugging :D then he kinda grabbed my hand and asked me to sign their mailing list so i was like yeah! ok then! and we ended up talking to him and i now have his ring sweatband signed by him i did have half of my arm signed and his email address plus a message from him on a piece of paper and we got told by their drummer that we're in their crew which was funny! aw wow and we're in their street team so we get free tickets next time they play!!! ahhhh they're lush .... then the beach party was on saturday and adopted monkey rock !!! there were some good bands playing i did have some weird army man making moves on me he was fit and all but yeah very scary! he just kinda sat net to me and was talking to me and erm yeah scary! then on sunday went to see romeo and juliet which was wicked!!! lol
Love ya all!

current mood: cheerful
current music: unless - sure

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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2003
6:58 pm - 2 weeks and 1 day and a half left
hmmm what can i write? lessons today were erm art english ict science and business studies
art was ok mut mrs b kept on talking too long i prefer to just get on with stuff in art
english we did a blind date thing in the characters of the people from our coursework at the moment
ict well yeah need i say more?
at lunch i went up to mrs g's office and got the photos i wanted from my work experience ... dan forgot the video again although apparently he thought about it but then forgot to bring it!
science penni and me ended up having our own lil war with pens!
and in business studies i went to the computer room and got picturs of bags
and yeah that's it!
p.s cannot wait 'til this weekend!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 1st, 2003
4:22 pm - ouch
my head hurts :( erm nothing much happened today had pse science french test then lunch oh and we saw dan the tennis man and he's promised to bring in the tape for tomorrow :S lol i somehow think he'll forget again though...then had english and maths then came home and erm yeah that's been my day so far and there was a message left for a sam marchant (but they pronounced it in like the way you would if it was french) and my simple plan album which i ordered from fopp has come but i bought it anyways from canada so yeah i ahve to cancel that but i like ordered it in april and it doesn't take that long to get cd's in does it? ahh well

current mood: hungry
current music: nothing my head hurts

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Friday, June 27th, 2003
7:19 pm - Hello!
Hey everyone,
what've i been up to....
yesterday went on science trip to some place in bath uni which i thought was gunna suck you know it being a science trip and all but mr hilton (ahem or something like that i don't know) is FIT he has these cute sideurns and these blue eyes and yeah he's fit :D :D :D but well yeah that was a good day really :D.
then today in the morning we had science ict and r.e which werent that bad at all then maths which sucked cos it went on for so long just talkin bout c/w etc then we had the french exam which was hard but it was better than an actual french lesson. erm there's nothing else to say really oh fast food rockers on totp tonight!
love you all loads

current mood: crazy
current music: Sum 41 - The hell song

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
4:30 pm - it's friday :)

hey everyone! wow todays not been so bad school kinda was like slow during maths great during businesss studies seeing as i did nothing :D :D :D and don't have to do the test :D :D :D hee hee!!! then R.E was great cos we did nothing! then i had a drum lesson which was weird cos i've not played for 2 months but after a couple of bars i remembered what i was doing then went up on the field with everyone (well everyone that comes up on the field anyways) erm then there was french which wasn't that bad followed by science which also wasn't that bad was supposed to have a piano lesson during it but erm mrs d had gone home :( lol and tomorrow i'm sleeping over at jo's :D then should be going into town with mike but not sure yet *this is on sunday btw* and well that's it nothing interesting really! should hopefully be going away to weymouth next weekend for the day :D :D :D yay and we'll be popping in at chesil beach!!! aww i love that place sooo much!!!! right now at school it's so boring BUT it's only 4 weeks until the summer hols only 4 weeks!!!
x o x o x

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current music: Good Charlotte - The Anthem

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Monday, June 16th, 2003
6:52 pm - :P :P :P :P :P
24 days til the summer hols! how scary this year has just gone by so fast it's unbelievable! well listening to simple plan right now! :D yay simple plan!!!
oh wow talking about simple plan this has reminded me that i am living for a month in chesil beach holiday park :D and jenson actually seemed genuinly happy about it he'd have usually made a comment like bloody hell that's a month i have to book off but he seemed like he was happy to know we'll be back so my face is like :D right now!!!!
but i keep on having these lil thoughts bout not fitting in at all and i dunno i'm really scared about starting again and i know i kepp on repeating this but i am i'm really scared! but then again if it's all bad i still have people in weymouth and over at portland looking out for me so it's not that bad : )
well i dunno what else to say
so bye for now peeps :P!

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current music: Simple plan - grow up

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Sunday, June 15th, 2003
8:53 pm - Wow!!!
this weekend has been so full of stuff !!!
on thursday after school we left to go to weymouth and it was so cool seeing jensons face when i tapped him on the back it's was so funny! and it was a really crap cabaret at night though which sucked but i was chattin to jenson pete and linda for ages while it was on!
friday morning i looked around budmouth (my new school) and i'm definitely dropping bs studies and taking up graphics and then at 2 i came back to do the entry exam thing which apparently i passed really easily which is gd and then pete gave me a tour round the school (he's an ent at chesil beach hol park bt he's also in 6th form at budmouth) then at night it was an excellent cabaret
saturday morning i was talking to the lifeguards for ages and karen is really funny! then at lunch kieron and ben took me out to lunch and we played a few games of ppol and had a great time (they're also lifeguards) and they're all really cool and then in the afternoon i was with jenson and he kicked my ass at pool but it was fun! then the cabaret was like cool and plus jenson played simple plan for me :D and i made him put all the uv lights on so i was there glowing away
then today in the morning i was chatting to ben and george (lifeguards) for a while and i have ben's and kierons email address and then at lunch i was saying goodbye to jenson and i went up to his appartment and i was jus gunna say bye but we were chatting for absolutely ages and he has the best appartment ever! it's so cool!!!! then we spent the afternoon on the beach had lunch at 2ish then we came home and here i am!
so it's been very very packed and now i have school tomorrow *sigh*
ah well
love ya all loads
x x x x x x x x x x x x

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current music: Simple plan "addicted to you"

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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003
6:27 pm - it's been a while!
hey everyone,
wow it has been so long since i've written in here and so much that's gunna totally change my life has happened
as most of ya know i'm moving to weymouth and i've just realised that i am so scared of starting a new school again it's been such a gap since i've changed schools and i know this'll be my 6th school but i've really settled down here and that's thanks to all of you that live here and i just want to let you all know i love you guys so much! I've really felt that i've fit in thanks to all of you and you guys rock so much i've neve rreally had the chance to make close friends and now that i have i'm gunna miss you all so much. But like i've said you're all more than welcome to come down on day trips or stay duing holidays or weekends in weymouth with me :D it'll be so good to see all of you again and i know it'll make me feel better knowing that all of you are still having fun at oldfield :S erm ok maybe not!
well love you all loads
and i'm gunna miss you all so much
x o x o x o x

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current music: Simple plan "addicted to you"

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
5:16 pm - hey
Hey everyone it's been ages since i've been on here!
how's everyone just a lil note that it's joeys birthday today :D hee hee!
well there's not much to say really just all have a good day especially the birthday girl!!!
loads love

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
6:03 pm - hey!
well today's not been so bad and tomorrow's the last day of this week which by the way is wicked! and well i'm 15 now so that's cool :D hmmmm I'll be in the club this time in 2 days time :D now that is sooo amazing and i know i keep on going on and on bout going on holiday but i really can't wait!!!
well love ya all loads
xxx Sam xxx

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Friday, April 25th, 2003
6:46 pm - well i was gunna fill out that questionnaire but can't be bothered
I wanna go on holiday again :( to littlesea!!!!!!!!

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current music: simple plan - worst day ever

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