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Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Subject:terrible :\
Time:2:05 pm.
Last night was HORRIBLE, i mean like HORRRRRRRRRIBLE. I met up with Jaclyn at the mall and we went to her house and just chilled. We ran into some guys I used to go to school with and chilled with them for a little bit and then waited for Jaclyns friend to come over. So her friend comes and locks her keys in her car and she's blocking every1 in the driveway so the damn cops have to come unlock her door. So then we go to Danvers to meet up with Jaclyns friends and play some pool. After the pool hall closes jaclyn wants to go home so me and this girl sharon go to cambridge. some girl was celebrating her party so every1 was still drinkin at like 2 in the morning. So we get there and I immediately start drinkin. I was soooooo gone after three Vokda/Ginger Ales which is so unlike me. So then every1 leaves and I lose it. I can't see straight I can't think straight im just a mess. I've never gotten sick off of alcohol b4 and i drink like a fish so i dunno wat was up with it. I woke up this morning just as drunk as wen i went to bed and I drove home and I still feel kinda drunk...and I cant even sleep which is weird. Last night just suked plain and simple...and this is so weird, but after hearing about all of the drama in south carolina im not looking forward to going back there either...weird.
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Tuesday, November 11th, 2003

Time:6:10 pm.
Yeah so, I went to Rhode Island on Friday w/ Jaclyn to pick up her friend. We got lost and somehow like ended up at the school; it was weird. So then after we get back to Mass, we go to Cambridge and I get SO wasted. Jaclyn and her friend didn't wanna stay but I did; I was soo out of it. We kept smokin and smokin and drinkin omgg. Then we left and I was like blacking out in the backseat. The the next morning I go home, shower n then meet back up with them at this kid Taylors house n we all go to Boston. At the T in alewife some crackhead kept coming up to us it was fukin funny. Then me, jaclyn and her friend went out to dinner and I was seriously falling asleep at the damn table so afterwards I just went home to sleep. So yeah, last night was fukin wild. Me, Jaclyn and her friend from work go to cambridge and get DRUNK. str8 up. Jaclyn breaks out the sex dice so it's like her and 6 guys playing, they kept trying to get me to play and i was like "um, im not drunk enough for that." haha dis. I had them wake this kid up for me :x heh, it's good being bad! the roof is so fun to chill on at that place. anyway today I feel like shyt. I had a bad hangover, and even after i slept I still have a headache, my back hurts and my stomach hurts. My lil cousins are here from SC they are soo adorable. I love those kids sooo much. Anyway I'm going to watch tv it's only 6 pm but feels likes 11 pm :\
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Friday, November 7th, 2003

Subject:uhh STFU kthx
Time:2:03 pm.
ew nasty bish on maury. i've turned into a talk show junkie, yay. blahh im BORED!!! All i wanna do is get wasted!! I need to be drunk, since it's been a while. Charleston is nothing BUT drama right now. Maybe it's good that I'm not there right now. But if I was there I'd be too drunk to care. LOL oops...yeah it's true though. Well I have nothing to say, b/c I have done nothing. so im outtiez
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Subject:The Update *whoa nelly*
Time:8:41 am.
ok, so sat I go out and get fukin wasted! I was like so0o out of's not even funny. First I went to Cambridge and chilled there for like an hour and a half. Then me n these 2 guys go to this party in roxbury. I was acting like a dum dum 4 real; I went up to every1 in that place asking for a cigarette. Too bad I can't like control myself wen I've been drinkin. o_O So then I spend the night at this kids house...the next morning I drive home still like drunk but my head hurt s0o badly I was like drunk/hungover at the same time. Weird. So yesterday I go shopping with Jaclyn and she's all like "wanna go to cambridge?" and I KNEW I was going to feel weird about going over there so I was so hesitant about it, but w/ reluctance went. So I get over there and the fukin kid like doesn't say two words to me. WTF I have NEVER been dissed by a guy like that!!!!!! Im so fukin mad it's not even funny. Jeezus, and I thought I was the morning after bytch but I guess I met my match. GRRRR But it's okay I got wasted last night. OMG I was feeling good, but now I don't. HAHA yeah. okiez im outtiez luv yall
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Saturday, November 1st, 2003

Subject:let me be sad
Time:2:33 am.
2night was rough. I got into a huge argument with my mom all b/c i wanted to go out n she wouldnt let me...and not 2 mention she found out i had been drinkin and smokin last night and "i had made progress." On top of it all, I woke up real hungover this morning and then went back to bed at like 10 am and slept until 8 2night. i still feel tired, and really achey... I hate being hungover. all my friends in sc are out having a blast partying and im stuck up here doing NOTHING. it really sux...this night just needs to turn to day. it's been pure hell.
no1 knows my struggle, they only see the trouble...not knowing it's hard to carry on wen no1 luvs u
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Friday, October 31st, 2003

Time:2:40 am.
Wow, I got home - thats good considering I was kinda not sober like 2 hours ago. I didnt even know how to get home but I somehow managed it and passed a lot of cops. I felt like I was swerving the whole way home though. I got drunk b/c I was supposed to stay at Jaclyn's but I wanted to come home so I did. Um im tired and i don't feel like typing
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Thursday, October 30th, 2003

Subject:OMG adpigfasdouihgsd YAY!!!
Time:12:46 am.
Okay, so Jennifer gets to come visit me and stay for a week!!!!!!! She's coming on November 21st and I'm so happy yay yay yay. We talked on the phone for like ever and it was sooo fukin hilarious. I haven't laughed like that in soo long. We were trippin on Daniel majorally. Like the time when he drove his car into the ditch cuz we missed the turn for Kristens apartment so we drove across the grass and got stuck. So of course we're like DRUNK AS SHYT and I jump outta the car into a big pile of mud, and I run to this tree cuz the area is hawt, and I don't need to be arrested. So Daniels muddy azz follows me, and Im like wtf are my cigarettes? And i make him go back to the car and get them and he FALLS in the mud. LMAO. So then I call Kristen to come pick us up. But when she comes daniel wants more beer so he says he's gonna get it at the gas station the cop is at. SMARTY. So he goes in there like all muddy and the cop is like "Why are you all muddy son?" and Daniel's like "Uhhh, my cat ran into the marsh and I chased after it." and Jennifer is like "where the fuk is the marsh in North Charleston?" obviously not a that moment but yanno. So then, the gas station attendant is like "You got mud all over my floor, clean it up." So the guy makes him mop the floor. OMGGGG LOL that was hilarious. And omg then we were talking about the time when when Alicia and Jennifer met up with me n Daniel at taco bell and Alicia was like "U parked all up in the bushes." and he was like "yeah cuz i have no brakes" omg im seriously crackin up right now. And he asks jennifer to ask me "if i felt safe in the car with him" i was like "tell him FUK NO and that he sounds like a damn country hick" ewww u cocky bastard. Anyway IM soooooo happy jennifer is coming and alicia needs to come too, yayo. okay great great great great entry every1 doesnt care but i doooo sooo FUK U crackers!!!
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Sunday, September 14th, 2003

Subject:Finally Finished With This Shyt!
Time:1:22 pm.
Mood: Anxious.
Music: R U Still Down - 2pac

-- Name: Caitlin.
-- Nicknames: Cait, Dum Dum, Babygirl, Mi Amor, and Legz.
-- Birth date: December 4th 1983
-- Birthplace: Los Gatos, California.
-- Hair Color: Blonde, for the most part.
-- Height: 5ft4
-- Righty or Lefty: Right.
-- Zodiac Sign: Sag.

-- Your heritage: Scottish, French, Lithuanian, German & Cherokee.
-- The shoes you wore today: Black flip flops.
-- Your weakness: Shy, jealous and insecure.
-- Your fears: Life & death; being alone.
-- Your perfect pizza: Cheese and olives.
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: To actually go to school.

-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: I don't use AIM
-- Your thoughts first waking up: 'What a fuked up dream.'
-- Your best physical feature: Lips.
-- Your bedtime: Whenever I'm tired.
-- Your most missed memory: Past Summers.

-- Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi.
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Wendy's. :)
-- Single or group dates: Depends on how comfortable I am with the person.
-- Adidas or Nike: New Balance.
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Ew.
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla.
-- Cappuccino or coffee: I don't like coffee.

-- Smoke: Yeah.
-- Cuss: I never FKING cuss. :)
-- Sing: In the shower & Jennifer's car. lol
-- Take a shower everyday: Always.
-- Have a crush: I'm not in 5th grade anymore.
-- Do you think you've been in love: I THINK, but I don't KNOW.
-- Want to go to college: I actually do want to.
-- Like(d) high school: Yeah, I never really went.
-- Want to get married: Of course.
-- Believe in yourself: At times, rare times.
-- Get motion sickness: Cosmo in the car makes me sick.
-- Think you're attractive: Not when I wake up!
-- Think you're a health freak: I smoke cigs, what do you think?
-- Get along with your parent(s): Sometimes.
-- Like thunderstorms: Yeah, not at the beach though.
-- Play an instrument: I used to play the piano.

In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: Yeah, a little less often though. :/
-- Smoked: Ya think?
-- Done a drug: Yeah.
-- Made Out: Yeah.
-- Gone on a date: Not exactly. :)~
-- Gone to the mall?: The mall is my second home.
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Nope.
-- Eaten sushi: Nope.
-- Been on stage: Nope.
-- Been dumped: Basically.
-- Gone skating: No, I need to though.
-- Made homemade cookies: Nope.
-- Gone skinny dipping: Nope, and didn't go all summer either. :)
-- Dyed your hair: Had it highlighted.
-- Stolen anything: Nope.


-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Like every night of the summer.
-- Been caught "doing something": One too many times.
-- Been called a tease: Yeah.
-- Gotten beaten up: No.
-- Skipped school: Yeah, a lot.
-- Changed who you were to fit in: Not really. I think I have my own personal style.

-- Age you hope to be married: Around 24/25
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 1 Girl - Pierson or Cole and 1 Boy - Kennedy
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: Somewhere really pretty.
-- How do you want to die: I don't.
-- Where you want to go to college: Somewhere in the South.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: Hmm, either a paralegal, cosmetologist, or interior designer.
-- What country would you most like to visit: I hate flying, but I soo want to go to Mexico - Cabo and Cancun.

In a guy/girl..
-- Best eye color? I like blue or green.
-- Best hair color? No pref.
-- Short or long hair: Short.
-- height: Pretty Tall.
-- Best weight: No obesity. lol
-- Best articles of clothing: Abercrombie or thuggin.
-- Best first date location: Anywhere.
-- Best first kiss location: Anywhere.

-- # of drugs taken illegally: I didn't take them on purpose, except for 1.
-- # of people I could trust with my life: Family, and 1 other.
-- # of CDs that I own: Too many to count; around 200.
-- # of piercings: Four.
-- # of tattoos: None.
-- # of scars on my body: I dropped a blunt down my
-- # of things in my past that I regret: Spending time North Charleston.
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Saturday, September 13th, 2003

Subject:I'm Bored :/
Time:11:02 pm.
Like my new journal every1?
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