...Why can't it be friday yet...? [23 Feb 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | Idle ]
[ music | Approaching Heaven (Your Arms) - Yoko Kanno ]

Meh~ I should be doing homework...but...*shrugs* it can wait for just a bit more. I swear today went by too quickly! Er... Aside from my Fundamentals of Liberal Studies lecture.... that went on...AND on... and well, you get the point.

I have a headache right now, though it's better than before. Ummm... Still no idea what to use for a new avatar. T_T; And drawing last night was a complete bust. Got nowhere REAL quick. ^_^;

Pondered the meaning of Daylight Saving Time and finally got somewhat of a grip on it. I still don't like it, and I don't know many people who do, but oh well. What can you do, it's coming around..oh...April 4th? *shrugs* Go here if you want to learn more.

Going to get some facial waxing done tomorrow. Yay~ Hair ripping fun! But I need it, the last treatment I had was back in mid December. It lasted for a long while, but now it's high time for an update. Also I bought some new candles and such with some of the birthday money I got. Just 4 votives, a glass candle plate, a glass votive candle holder, and a long lighter. So no more smelly matches or burnt fingers!

Taking care of my nana kitty is getting really taxing... ~_~; She's starting to have problems eliminating completely/at all AND in all the wrong places. XS She's already went in my room twice over the last few days and whenever she's awake I need to keep a CLOSE eye on her... Oy... X_X; I can't keep her out of my room because she will scratch at my door and meow until our ears bleed. And trust me, there's no waiting her out! I guess that's a plus to being ancient: Too old to want to move and too senile to leave! ~.~ So I keep her out while I'm at school and such, but let her do what she wants when I'm around or I know she's sleeping. Pain. In. The. BUTT! XS Oh well...

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"Ai ga utatteru~ Aidake ga ikitsuzukeru kara~" [23 Feb 2004|12:59am]
[ mood | Quirky...? %.% ]
[ music | Ongaku - Maaya Sakamoto - RahXephon ]

Well! I did nothing today...er...exciting that is.

I got my hair cut and slightly styled today. So I lost another 2 inches or so, so that makes a grand total of...oh... 4-5 inches give or take. And I got the front of my hair layered, so now it looks a pretty and stuff~ Though I think next time I'll cut my hair even shorter. Now that I use a ceramic hair iron more, I think shorter hair will be very managable. And my hair is so DRY and damaged it's disgusting.. XS So I got some conditioner and shampoo that was recommended for my hair type, dunno how it works yet. I was considering on going to purchase a new candle and a new lighter [you know, those long wand-ish kinds], but I just couldn't be bothered. It was raining and my tea kettle back at home was calling me. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow on the way home from school... *ponders*

Speaking of tea... I hope we get our order from Celestial Seasonings.comsoon... *figits* Right now, my current favorite tea is Honey Vanilla Chamomile [although it's tough to top a good cup of Earl Grey or Prince of Wales tea]. So so SO good.... I dunno... tea has always been so much more appealing to me than coffee. Lessee... We got [double packs for all types] a big box of chamomile for my sis, chamomile green tea for my mom, "Perfectly Pear" white tea for myself, and honey darjeeling just for the sake of trying it.. And man, I love their webpage. ^_^; ...I'm such a tea whore... ~.~

Hrmmmmm.... And that does it for now really. Just sketching idly and trying to get the creative juices flowing... Though failing miserably... ^_^; Considering on revamping my blurty journal a bit since I'm done with the whole blue theme. Hmm... Just might do that actually... *goes to scrounge for a new avatar pic*

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Blarg! [20 Feb 2004|01:46am]
[ mood | Sleepy ]
[ music | Missing - Gackt - Moon ]

Didn't do much today~ Went to school and Asian American studies yet again completely wiped me out ~.~; Ended up taking a 30 minute nap. Broke my diet today... ^_^; What can I say? We ordered pizza and it was calling to me ~.~ *wipes away drool*

Went out with parents to go see a movie and FINALLY saw Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. It was quite good and I'm glad I finally saw the end to the series, but I still thought it was just okay in terms of the trilogy. Two Towers still remains my favorite. RotK was....just a 3 hour long battle... I mean, yay for people who love battle scenes, but man.... It hurt my eyes. X_X And it didn't help we were watching this in the Imax theater! Major eye ache after that one... ~.~

I need a new candle...my 2x3 died on me.

Gonna go help my sis look for a picture for her room as well as a new lamp tomorrow, hopefully we'll find something. Not to mention I need to make a trip to the post office before my 12pm math class. I wonder what I got on my quiz..... *ponders*

I'm going to make an appointment to get my eyebrows, lip, and chin waxed as well as getting my hair slightly styled. I don't want to do much to my hair, being i like it long, but just a little something to give it a little more...hm...pizzazz? I dunno. XS My first exam as well as a major essay are creeping up on me, gotta get myself in gear.

Damn...and it's hard to believe that in 6 days I'm going to be 22... o_o;

You are a Folkie. Good for you.

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Oh procrastination...How I <3 thee... [08 Feb 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | Lazy ]
[ music | Monochrome - Yoko Kanno - Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex OST ]

Blah...Taking a short sanity break. I've been doing homework since 2pm today and I needed to amuse myself in some form or another. XS So with that, I bring you pointless things by the boat load!

"Real Facts" from the back of Snapple drink caps. Nothing like having one little pointless factoid push out a week's worth of math lectures, eh? *snicker* Here are some of my favorites:

Real Facts Highlights )

And yay for links!!

• Goblin Art.com - Handmade Fantasy Masks: Pretty masks and a bunch of neat-o links!
• Bitter-Season.net: A great Silent Hill fan community with shrines, multimedia, and series info.

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Made it! @.@ [06 Feb 2004|08:52pm]
[ mood | A bit frazzled, but okay ]
[ music | Mermaid - Glay ]

Yay for the end of the week! Man... This week just dragged on and on and ON... I think it's because I've been consistantly busy rather than sitting on my butt and doing nothing. 9_9; Not to mention hunting down those damned text books on off campus bookstores! XS Hate that... Only ONE of my classes ordered its texts through the campus bookstore, the other three do it at two other locations. And I STILL can't buy my class reader yet since I wasn't going to wait an hour for the damned print shop manager to get back! X(

Painting baseboards suck... Was doing that for 4 1/2 hours today and I need to go back to do some touch ups with an art brush... Why? Because either my hand just spazzed, or the brush bristles "folded" over each other, and made me streak paint onto the wall. That wouldn't have been a problem if the room had white walls, but noooo~ It has to be beige! >.< And once I fix that problem? It's off to painting the kitchen. Then the hallway and it's doors, then bathroom, the patio awning frame, and THEN possibly my sister's room. At least on the plus side, it's money... "Yay for money!" cheers the poor student in debt.

Cleaning and babysitting tomorrow. Doing tons of reading and homework on Sunday. Whoop-dee-freakin'-doo~ 9_9;

Only thing I've been doing that's been remotely entertaining was having a match on Soul Calibur 2 with my father [he won by a HAIR! 10 to 9, right down to the final third round] and attempting to draw. I'm still not quite back in the swing of things, so now that I did portraits, I decided to move onto body shots. Current subject: Iseria, a "Lady of the Lake" sort of character. Heh, to finish off the series of elemental characters I've been doing, I need to do a fire elemental. ^_^; Anyhoo, once I finish her up, I'll move on to more daring poses and such.

Anyhoo, ta ta and such~

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Second day~ *checks it off the list* [04 Feb 2004|12:24am]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Final Fantasy 7 ~ Nanaki Searches for Truth - ocremix.org ]

Again, nothing too bad considering this is only my second day of school. But it was, of course, just another series of introductions. Making sure everyone understands the syllabus, taking role, asking questions. Blah blah blah~ Things aren't really going to kick up until next week.

My Asian-American Studies course seems simple enough, but just alot of reading. Just gotta do the assignments and I'm sure I'll be just fine. My other Lib. Studies class doesn't seem as bad as the one on mondays and wednesdays. At least there is more to determining your grade than just three exams. T_T;

Can't say that my day has been much more than that. Just went to school, came home for lunch and a 15 minute nap, went back to school, came home, did homework, etc... OH! Though I did beat Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance today. Even though it was a short game, 5 hours, it seemed longer with all of that walking around and hunting for relics. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and got all three endings, but it's still nowhere near as good as Aria of Sorrow and Symphony of the Night. Those two will be awfully hard to beat. ^_^; Next up on my GBA agenda is Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

And Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is coming out in a couple of days! XD *bounces around in excitement*

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First day o' school [03 Feb 2004|02:39am]
[ mood | tired ]

For a brand new school and what not, things went rather swimmingly...Er...sorta. There were some complications here and there, but nothing too bad. First off, left the house at 9:30am expecting the worst in terms of parking and traffic. Well, I was dead wrong. Got to school in 15 minutes, much to my surprise, and found parking in 5. It was in the farthest away out of all the parking lots, but it was a parking space. Soooo...that meant I was 2 hours early for class ¬_¬; Note to self: Leave at 10:30am at latest.... But either way, it wasn't a complete loss. Got my shiny new ID card, returned a book I didn't need, and lounged at a table while sipping blended mocha and feeding a sparrow crumbs of my muffin. Huzzah~

My math class was cancelled, but thankfully the school automatically switched me into a different one. Same class, same times... Just on the fourth floor instead of the third. My professor is a sweet lady from Poland who seems that she will be a very good, if not pleasant, teacher. And...ugh.... my first Liberal Studies course.... Oy... I am NOT looking forward to that class.... Namely because your success in the class is dependent on 3 exams, each of them with 3 essay questions chosen from a list of 9 given a week in advance... Ouch. Thankfully I've done stuff like this before...but 3 exams with 3 essay questions? Damn.... I'll survive, I just can't fall behind in the reading... @_@;

Drove around for about an hour looking for a freaking off campus bookstore, and the reason I didn't find it was because the plaza name was different from what they told me. T_T

Aaaaaand that brings me to now. Tired, pissed off at my printer, sick of having my cat scream at me for food [or on many occasions, for no reason at all], and bunch of other crap ~.~ I just need to go to sleep.... Good night everyone.

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Un monde inimaginable~ [29 Jan 2004|01:32am]
[ mood | Content & Inspired ^_^ ]
[ music | Alegria (A Man Called Adam's Magical Mix) - Cirque du Soleil - Tapis Rouge : Solarium ]

Well, after a very filling (not to mention delicious) meal at our favorite chinese restaurant, my family and I went to go see Cirque du Soleil's "Varekai" in celebration of my parent's 26th anniversary. And man, it was great! It's really hard to sum up into a couple convieniant paragraphs, but I'll do my best... ^_^;;

We got there at around 7pm and much to our surprise, we ran into an old friend of mine's parents! o.O; Small world indeed, lol. Well we had a nice chat with them and then went out separate ways to go find our seats. Thankfully the seating area was much closer than we previously envisioned. True, I already knew that the Cirque tent can only be so big, but you could technically get seats in the very back row and still see everything perfectly. The seating arrangement was quite intimate and it seems that my parents didn't need those binoculars that they thought they'd need.. ^_^;

The show was definately a feast for the senses, just as I imagined. So many colors, sounds, etc... I think all of our eyes were going crazy from trying to focus on every little thing going on the stage, or in many cases, above or beside it...Or in the aisles even... ^_^; Oodles of tumblers, jugglers, contortionists, dancers, and clowns. I think my favorite acts were..um.. I guess the best way to describe it is "Body Juggling" (you know, people flipping others into the air and what not) and the Russian Swing. MAN those guys got some major air time! O_O; And even though my sister and father didn't really care for alot of the clown acts, my mother and I actually liked them quite a bit. ^_^ God they were hilarious... Though I will agree, I think there was a little bit TOO much clown and not enough acrobatics. That's just me though... In all honesty, I'm a bit hazy on the actual storyline, but I think now I'm finally starting to piece two and two together... I'm not very good at interpreting dance and "cirquish" ^_^;;;

Hrm...I wish I could say a bit more about this, but man... It's just one of those things you have to see for yourself to understand, you know? All I know is that whenever another Cirque show rolls into our area, we all agreed that we'd go see it. ^_^ Though overall, even though this show was fantastic, I still love Phantom of the Opera much more. Though I think it will be really hard to ever beat that ^_^;

Well, being the souvenir lover that I am, I definately got SOMETHING from this place. Not much though since it's all so freaking expensive! T.T; I got a program filled with nice pretty pictures and yet another Cirque CD which I adore. The CD is called "Tapis Rouge: Solarium", and it's the special music they play in the VIP waiting tent. In other words, it's very nice mellow remixed music from a variety of Cirque shows. Very ambient and very good to relax to. I don't regret buying what I did at ALL, though I do kind of wish I ponied up the dough to buy this really cute shirt there... But it's $40! T.T; Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of cash and I'm in debt as is... ¬_¬; So it will have to wait until it shows up in the online store (IF it does...). Same goes for the collectors edition CD of Varekai, which I'd like in the future because it has 6 new tracks, 2 remixes, and a small dvd in it. Not bad for $25, actually...

And thus ends our night!

In other news...Hm... Lessee... Well I got a new lamp and I updated my art conspiracy page. Woo! Go..me? ^_^;;

--[T-minus 5 days and counting until school begins]--

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Buh...? [24 Jan 2004|02:42am]
[ mood | o.O ]

Which Final Fantasy (IV-X) Character are you?

by steevi
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No more Home & Garden Network for me... T.T;; [24 Jan 2004|02:32am]
[ mood | Bored and...overly artistic...? o_O ]
[ music | Man Of The Hour - Pearl Jam - Big Fish OST ]

Jeez... I have that channel to blame 'cause I have been so overly arts and crafts-y for the last couple months, and it's only getting worse. Whenever I look at a room, I start thinking of all the ways it can be redone and what color schemes to use. Contemplating floral arrangements, wanting to make decorative boxes, and GOD knows what else @_@;;

Other than that, just been busy with preparations for school. Drove to my college again to go pick up some of my required texts and what not. Sadly to say, I could only get textbooks for two of my four classes because the Lib Arts classes didn't order their books through the bookstore. T_T;; So either I need to somehow find the names of the books by calling the Liberal Arts Department or wait until the first day of class and go RUSH out to buy them... ~_~; Naturally, I'm not too thrilled about the second option. But, on the plus side, I got a zip up hooded sweater in a medium tone sky blue with my college initials on it ^_^ *is a happy girl*

Went out to dinner with my parents tonight and we stopped by Pier 1 Imports and Circuit City afterwards. They were nice and bought me a beautiful 10" vase [Click to see picture] and three candle "coasters" [two are clear, one clear violet]. On sunday I'm going to go out with my mother to go find some silk flowers. And I'm thinking of things like irises, some blue-violet flowers, creams, and other accents to help bring out the colors of my room. I really don't know how to describe the feel of my room, it just has a romantic aire to it... The linens give it a classical French, almost fantasy like, feel with its beautiful shades of blue, teal, tans, and browns. Not to mention there are plenty of swirling fleur-de-lis and damasks. And paired with my contemporary cherry finished bedroom set. it gives it a nice blend of modern and old world. I might repaint my room, but I like the light earthy tan I have already. It makes the room very warm, rich, and inviting. As for pictures, Michael Parkes seems to be THE perfect artist to display in my room since his style is like a blend of Pre-Raphaelite and Modern Fantasy. Plus his color pallette somewhat mirrors that of my room. Though I might throw in a smaller picture from a Pre-Raphaelite artist... We'll see. Anyhoo~ Enough rambling about that. Though I know once my room starts coming together more, I know it will be a cozy place to escape to. ^_^

Also visited with my friend Lisa R. and watched the movie Two Weeks Notice. Yay for mushy romance comedies! XD Soon after we talked for a long while over a couple cups of tea and a big plate of Claim Jumper's Motherlode Chocolate Cake XS Too rich I tell you! Oh well... OH! And I got the soundtrack to Big Fish, as you can see, and I love it. Namely I wanted the song that's on my music playbar right now, but I do love alot of the other songs. Especially Danny Elfman's score...So pretty... So I'm listening to this and drawing... Curse this man's hair! XS

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[18 Jan 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | Idle ]
[ music | Nephilim - Yasunori Mitsuda - Xenosaga ]

Wellll I didn't do much today. Cleaned some more and went to continue my search for a suitable incense burner. And I finally found one! Which was a surprise because there is a lack of decent incense burners out there... And I hate those stupid wooden "ski" burners, "smoking bottle", and what not... But it's a nice horizontal wooden incense burner that...well... can be best described as a "coffin". Not an ACTUAL coffin shape, but that's what comes to mind when I look at it ^_^; It's just nice cause it has a beautiful pattern of airholes on trapazoid arched lid, keeps the mess INSIDE of the box rather than all over my nice dresser, and it even has a little compartment on the base to store incense sticks ^.^ It's so nice.... Though now my room smells really smoky... Buuut that's better than it reeking of dog...

Other than that, I've been playing Fire Emblem and getting STOMPED on the Ch. 16 [?] battle of where you have to reclaim the Castle Caelin. Oy... I've died at least 6 times and that's annoying since it always happened when I was doing GOOD and was well into a 20 minute stretch of time. But then I do something stupid like moving a cavalier where I shouldn't have, or failed to see that I left my mage in range of an archer... And I refuse to let anyone fall in battle [since you can't get them back and all] so I end up restarting each time >.<

Also said goodbye to my friend Rachel today... I'll miss youuuuu! ;_; *sniff*

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Sweeeet~ [15 Jan 2004|05:36pm]
[ mood | Idle ]
[ music | Rain One - Cirque du Soleil - Varekai ]

Well not much is new with me, as usual. But I AM actually drawing now! Finally T_T;; I swear, I got so rusty after not sketching for a month or so... Couldn't even draw a face, much less a line. I'm still having trouble of course, so I'm just taking it easy for now and doing a face in front view. Much easier... *hugs my compass...carefully*

Had a good time late last night with Rachel & Kasey, playing Gitaroo Man and Super Smash Bros. Melee. Gitaroo Man was short lived being our eyes could only take so much ^_^; I think it was safe to say that all of us were seeing lines and dodge symbols for a while after that. Not to mention I still have the songs stuck in my head... >.O; And I really suck at Smash Bros now... *snicker* I rarely touch it unless friends are around. And especially when Rachel is Sheik/Zelda, we just get stomped. Curse you She-Man! *shakes fist at Sheik* I don't play Peach as much as I used to, but she comes in handy on occasion. My usual line up now is Jigglypuff [Purin, whichever you like really], Pichu [I am so cheap with those damned lightning bolts XD Mwahahahaaaaaa], Samus, and Gannondorf. Aaaand...Bowser if I'm feeling daring.

Oh, and I beat Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and LOVED IT. In my opinion, it's one of my absolute favorites. Right up there with Symphony of the Night. Though it was rather short o_O; Oh well... Now I'm working on Harmony of Dissonance, mainly because man... Circle of the Moon seems so damned clunky! T_T; I mean god, hurry up Nathan! Don't get me wrong, it's still a fun game.

And it seems like I'm not only going to be seeing one stage presentation towards the end of this month, but two. I'm going to see Riverdance with Lisa, which I'm looking forward to. ^_^ And now, much to my surprise, my father had me go purchase Cirque du Soleil: Varekai tickets to surprise my mother on their anniversary. Luckily, my sister and I are coming too! *bounces* Finally, I get to see one. Which is about time because I have like 8 of their CDs and I have never seen a show [excluding a small special that came on when Alegria first opened]. Joy~!

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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! [28 Dec 2003|01:31pm]
[ mood | All Fuzzy Inside~ ]
[ music | Answer - Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow ]

Hee hee... Had fun yesterday with my friend Rachel. X)

Went out to EB and I sold some games [Diablo 2 and .Hack//Infection], and bought Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Still haven't played it... YET. But dude it looks awesome. Then went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory [*cue evil grin*] where I splurged on snackable items, namely an insanely large peanut butter cup and two truffles. Man... I should have gotten one of those oreo and caramel apples. XS That was GOOD...

Went to Hot Topic and I bought a black ostrich feather pen [it's a feather! and it's black! and it's a PEN! Need I say more?] and had fun lookin' around. Then it was off to Barnes & Noble where we talked for a while in the cafe area, poked around at some books, and I used my gift card there to purchase the CD you see in my Music Bar. X) *squees and dances around* I've been waiting SO long for her new CD. At long last, my muse has returned! *hugs her*

Then we went to get some boba tea and kick back at my house until it was obvious that Rachel was getting batty from being sleep deprived. Ahhhh, it was a good day indeed. ^_^

And on a random note.. I'm only 2/3 done with sharpening my new colored pencils. XS Can you believe that my freaking pencil sharpener over heats every 20 pencils or so?

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XD [23 Dec 2003|12:27pm]
[ mood | Ecstatic XD ]


I got an A in American Government & a B in Biology! I already knew what I got in gov't before but not bio! Hell I'll TAKE the B gladly!! Now I'm home free once I transfer! XD Dude, I was so freaking scared... I thought I wasn't going to pass... Oh thank goodness... *HUGE sigh of relief*

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An update! It's a miracle! [23 Dec 2003|01:26am]
[ mood | Pretty good & rather nostalgic ]
[ music | Jealousy - Takehito Koyasu - Angelique ]

Well, I just haven't had anything really relavant to post as of late up until now... ^_^; Oh well...

The last two days involved catching up with old friends I haven't seen anywhere from 4 weeks ago or 4 months ago. On sunday my friend Katherine, who is back from Kyoto for the holiday break, and I visited for about 7 hours. Didn't do much aside from quite a bit of "chilling", talking, going to the Taco Factory [Katherine was missing real mexican food after being denied it in Japan.... ^_^;], and played some Mario Party to kill some time. All great fun. ^__^ Also met up with Lisa R. that day being the poor girl is going loco from her boyfriend coming to visit, so she's trying to clean her house as fast as she can.

Today, on the other hand, I visited with Bitsy, Rachel, and Lisa E. All who I have missed a great deal ^.^ Spent most of the time shopping with them, but it was great fun none the less. Got coffee [or a tea latte in my case], ate at Red Robin, and at the end of the night kicked back at Bits' while playing some Space Channel 5. Good stuff I tell you. X)

Just got finished playing YET another round of Mario Party 5 with my sister and her boyfriend. I swear, one of these days I should just buy it. It's a great time passer, not to mention it's getting really addicting. ^_^;

...Dude I missed Angelique... I need to find that ROM of it again. Oh! Btw, thanks for lending me that CD of yours Bits ^.^

Love you all, my friends. ^.^ Take care of yourselves! *massive group hug*

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*Props eyelids open with toothpicks* X_X [15 Dec 2003|01:28am]
[ mood | Surviving ]
[ music | Nebulous Mist - Mystical Sun ]

Still alive, which is quite miraculous come to think of it. Hitting the books hard and heavy, so I'm taking a little sanity break for now. I'm going to be up for at least another hour or hour & a half reviewing government notes... Oy... I can hardly contain my enthusiasm... ¬_¬;

Plus I need to wake up really really early tomorrow... Not just for the sake of studying, but to finish my chores that I neglected this weekend. Not to mention, if possible, I want to fit in at least one or two hours worth of Christmas shopping. Only 9 more days of holiday shopping is available. @.@; Thankfully I ordered my father's gifts today and they should be here within the week. So I'm more like... 50% done now... But still, nine days left of shopping. Not much when you think about it.

I'm going to try and have something with fish in it tomorrow...er...today... since fish is food for the brain. So probably something like sushi or a salmon dish at a restaurant. We'll see... Only 1 1/2 more days of studying for my government final left. @.@; Wish me luck and feel free to donate any brain cells you might not be using.

Okay...BACK to the books....

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Back to the salt mines [14 Dec 2003|07:01pm]
[ mood | NOT wanting to study XS ]
[ music | Silent Hill ~ Nay Tomorrow - Tamimi - OC Remix ]

Blah... I've been so distracted today it's not even funny T.T;; I can barely even concentrate and this is NOT a good thing considering my first final is two days away XS I might be somewhat prepared for the essay portion, but I still need to study for the multiple choice questions AND the extra credit questions! *grumbles* Not to mention there's my bio final the day after... Anyhoo...

As one would guess, I've been studying, but nowhere near as much as I need to. After when I finish this I'm gonna sign off the net and study 'till I can't study no more.. *snicker* Hmmm... lessee... Yesterday I finished up the required amount of minutes to get credit for my gym class at my college, hmm... came home and studied for a while and typed up more notes, and went to my babysitting job with my sister. You know, for watching 8 children it wasn't all that bad. I know I'd go nuts if I had to watch them all by myself, but with my sister there to help watch a group of children while I watched another elsewhere [if needed] was very convieniant. Thankfully I brought my Gamecube and rented Mario Party 5, which is a nice and simple game, and it helped pass the time for all of us. The pay was decent, but at least not miniscule. Besides, it's the holidays.. ^_^ After that I came home, studied a smidge more and that was that.

Today we got a new refridgerator ^.^ Which we've been needing for a LONG while since our last one was 20 years old... o_O;; But it's a nice light almond colored Kenmore Elite, one of those double vertical door kinds, and it's great. I'm so used to our old clunker that I can't help but be in awe of this one.. ^.^;; It has a little blue light where the water and ice dispenser is.. XD *snicker* It's a nice and shiny "new fangled contraption" *pokes it with my non-existant cane*. Also made a quick stop at Sav-On to get some new makeup [which i don't use much of, but still I was out of it], and Old Navy. ...Just so you'll know, I detest Old Navy as a whole, but man... they have, in my opinion, the best sleep & lounge wear on the face of the planet. So I got two long sleeved fleece sweaters and two lounge pants, two of each in gray and light/medium blue [which is funny since I love dark colors.. Oh well, variety~]. I've needed a new pair of decent sleepwear for GOD knows how long... I think the last time I actually purchased anything like that was 2 years ago, and that pair is worn out.

Dear god it's hard to believe it's almost 10 days until Christmas... T.T;; And I am only 30% done with my shopping! I just couldn't be bothered with it for the last two weeks thanks to rearranging my room and now finals... Ugh... you can bet I'm going to do some serious power shopping ASAP...

Anyway, that's it for now. As much as I hate to, I have to hit the books again. Man... I think I need an energy drink or two... T.T;; Or five... *snicker*

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Sleeeeeep....but must...study... *faint* [12 Dec 2003|01:09am]
[ mood | VERY Apathetic ^_^; ]
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Dude, I am so worn out, both mentally and physically, today. I can't even concentrate on my damned notes and I've gotten VERY little studying done today because of it. ~.~; Guess I'll just be busting my ass tomorrow to compensate for it...

Went to the gym today for 2 hours straight, needless to say my limbs are killing me, and I only need to do about 1 1/2 hours more in the next two days to fill my requirement. Piece 'o cake~! Also, on a positive note, I found out what I am getting in my American Government class as of now. I'm getting a B, much to my surprise and delight, though with the boat load of extra credit I did, I technically have an A. It's rather reassuring and takes the edge off of the final to a degree, but I still can't slack off since the final is 100 points [which can really determine our grade naturally, hence "final" test ^_^;]. I have to study...SOMEHOW! *snicker* And I still find it funny, when I approached my professor to reconfirm my grade, she was showing me my extra credit points compared to others. I have 31 EC points [which goes a long way in this class] and I think the person who had the next highest had something like 12 points... *snicker* ^_^; Better safe than sorry, I suppose.

The Biology final isn't that intimidating, since it's on genetics and evolution. I've always been good at evo stuff, but genetics...hm... it depends. I'm better than I was before, but I still have trouble on some of the complex punnet square problems. But if anything, it's nice to know that today was my last day of lectures. ^.^ Winter Break, here I come! XD

Hmmm... *tapping chin* Oh, well whenever I have some free time I am playing a new rental game, "Kya: Dark Lineage". Oh.. *snicker* When I first saw the title I pronouced it as it looks, as in the girly Japanese exclamation kind. But it's pronouced "Kai-ya", thankfully... ^_^; So far it's not that bad! I enjoy it quite a bit and I love the visuals, very lush and the landscapes & character designs are nifty. Sadly, there were still no copies of Prince of Persia or Final Fantasy X-2 [yes yes... i just want to TRY it, so I can be scared witless and rightfully damn Square for making such an abomination], but this is still a good game none the less. ^.^

Oh, and I finished Howl's Moving Castle two days ago. Jeez... I can see this being made into SUCH a great Ghibli film! XD I mean it has the perfect formula to mesh with their style. Full of fantasy, humor, romance, and a couple twists here and there. I will admit, I found the wording in some areas lost me...Buuuut I think reading on a treadmill has a hand in not quite absorbing it ^_^;; I'll re-read it later, its not that long anyway. But either way, Howl, his apprentice Michael, Sophie, and Calcifer are all very loveable characters. *snicker* You have no idea how surprised I was to see that Howl was a young, handsome man in his mid twenties instead of a lecherous old man like I invisioned. ...He's still lecherous, and very self absorbed, but oddly enough he's still very charming...? ^_^;; In a rude sort of way.... Er.. If that made any sense... And I still love that the main girl is turned into an old woman for 95% of the story, you don't see that happen very much! And Diana Wynne Jones' reasoning is that old people are just funnier... And that they are! ^.^ Poor Sophie was really batty at times, it was great. XD Overall, I'd have to give this story an 8 out of 10. It's simple, fun to read, captivating, and overall a very memorable story. Can't wait to see how Studio Ghibli interprets this fine little tale... XD

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~.~X *grumble* [09 Dec 2003|11:25pm]
[ mood | Worn out and apathetic ]
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Wow, for once I don't have an OC Remix song in my playlist, eh? ^_^;

Anyway, today has been REALLY trying... ~.~;; My day started off unpleasantly, at around 6am, thanks to me waking to the sound of my cat getting out of my bed and crapping on my carpet ~.~x I don't hold it against her, since she's 20 years old, but it is definitely not a good way to start off your morning... Hauled myself to the gym, went to American Government [thankfully we didn't have a quiz], and came home with the intent on having a quick lunch before I go out again... Well, that was short lived....

As it turned out, Fletcher made a huge freaking mess. And I puppy proofed the damn place; shut the doors to rooms we don't want him in, moved any food items, etc... Well as it turned out he hopped up on our kitchen counter and raided our utensil holder, chewing up wooden spatulas and spoons. Not to mention he broke the sugar canister and ate a majority of the sugar [at least 1 1/2-2 pounds of it... ~.~;], then knocked over the coffee grind canister, and the flour one as well. THEN he pulled the flour bag out of it, hopped off the counter, and dragged it outside. Leaving a nice trail of flour in his wake as well as white footprints.... ¬_¬

Needless to say, it was quite a mess... The kitchen floor and counter was COVERED in coffee grinds, sugar, ceramic pieces, and flour... So I spent a good 1 1/2 of my time cleaning it up. And what topped it ALL off was that after I cleaned it up, my nana kitty decided to vomit repeatedly on the kitchen floor.. XS I swear, today is not my day...

Sadly, I naturally had to discipline Fletcher and I kept him in the back yard for an hour or so. Not to mention that I tossed my cat outside to let her go eat some grass or something.... I let him in after I had lunch, and that was that. Went out again to the gym and to the dry cleaners soon after...

And dude, I do not want to study right now... I know that's bad, especially now... I'll try in a bit, but at least I got some of my bio done. I just have to prepare alot of notes and what not... Thankfully my bio final isn't cumulative, like parts of my gov't final... ~.~ Ugh... I am so dreading that one...

Hm...happy news... Nope, don't have any... Just that I beat the game "Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy" and the ending was REALLY disappointing... ~.~; Though they're just setting it up for a sequel.... Dude, they could have just wrapped it up there PERFECTLY! Set defeated, balance restored, huzzah and all that junk.... Oh well... 9_9

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Booyah! [07 Dec 2003|12:20am]
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Quiz time!! )

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