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Ohrwurm, pain

(22:27 4/1/2004)

We have a clock radio, it has an alarm. When Drac's around, she turns it off, I ignore it. When Drac's not around, I turn it off - in doing so I usually accidentally turn the radio on for about half a second. Half a second of random music is apparently enough to lodge whichever song was playing at the time into my head. The random song remains for a significant portion of the day. I've had snippets of naff songs circulate in my grey matter til at least midday on two separate occasions. This must stop.

Credit where credit's due, it's woken me up both times, which is the point after all.

The journey home from work today was notable only for the presence of a thick fog - at several points in my journey I cursed the fact I haven't got my new mobile (the one Drac's forcing me to get) .. it's a camera phone and I saw some fantastic photo-worthy scenes.. the type of scenes I won't see again for quite some time since they'll rely heavily on the mist (and the effect lights have in it). I can see my former photography teacher berating me now, "Always carry your camera around with you!" ... well.. I don't .. no way I'm carrying an SLR all around Cardiff on the off chance I see something awesome to take a photo of.. she'd kill me :)

The camera phone probably wouldn't have done it justice anyway.

Wouldn't it be great if you could plug your mind into a printer and whizz off a copy of something you saw ...? It'd never be exactly what you saw, just what you remember it as, that I'd like.. every picture would be a fantastic composition, or at least, by definition memorable. I want one.

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The container.

(12:51 3/1/2004)

It had been a pretty usual day until that moment, entering the hallway he had seen the box. Memories of incarceration and trauma flooded back to him as clear as if they had happened yesterday. The container, its barred metal door, its hard sides perforated here and there with slits. He remembered that if he tried hard enough they could be used to view portions of the world they moved him in, a strange and unfamiliar world, it's vastness alone frightened him. But that would be later, for now at least, he was free. He bolted.

They would come for him, he knew that, but maybe this time would be different, maybe this time he could evade them and avoid that fate. He hid. His sanctuary, they knew of it of course, but maybe they wouldn't think to look there this time. All hope was dashed as the large loud one discovered him. It spoke soothing words but the actions conveyed a different meaning. Try as he might he could not resist the hand as it lifted him, firmly but gently from his hideout. He grasped at the fabric around him in a vain attempt to hold his ground. To his surprise, it was working! Then the female intervened and he was moving again. No fabric to grasp at anymore, no holding point. Rather than fight now, he saved his strength for the battle that would come.

They approached the container, the door open, almost urging him inside. They lowered him towards it, now was the time to fight! His body tensed as they tried to push him into the darkness, they were stronger yes, but despite their intentions they didn't seem to want to hurt him, he was winning, but he was tiring. They re-positioned him, it was hopeless, he was in the box. In a last gasp effort to win his freedom he made a rush for the door, but it was shut fast. He was trapped.

... at least that's how it could have been. The way my brother tells it our youngest cat put up quite a fight yesterday when they were trying to put him in the pet carrier before a trip to the vet. He was perfectly meek and mild when the vet put him back in it for the trip home though.. heh. Arnie, the cat, needed his teeth cleaned.. I guess he's a bit dental phobic too.

Apparently they blast off the build up of stuff from the teeth using ultrasound (relayed by my brother, so forgive any inaccuracies) .. why don't we have something like that for our teeth? I could probably do with it!

Arnie is recovering nicely, although he was a little disorientated when he arrived home. It was discovered that he has 2 fractured teeth and one chip in a tooth, but at least they're clean now - the vet thinks it best to leave them since he's been coping with 'em well enough 'til now. Arnie's around 14 now.. a fact which was pointed out to me yesterday, and is quite disturbing. He still looks like a kitten.

Anyway, I'm waffling because Drac's not here and I'm bored. I'll stop now. :)

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'Twas the night before Christmas..

(20:41 24/12/2003)

..and this Rat was stirring. I had been planning on an xmas layout, I'd created/ray traced a background and such, then decided I wouldn't bother with the layout- which left me with a background I was not going to use... then I spotted a certain post by thursday_next and took inspiration ..

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy new year or whatever else you want to celebrate! )

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Shiny Driveses

(22:51 16/12/2003)

Parcel Farce Force eventually got around to delivering my new backup HDD this afternoon.

Its installation turned into more of an epic than I'd have liked - upon opening the computer I was confronted with a fairly graphic demonstration of quite how much dust can accumulate inside a case during a period of 8 months or so. Deciding it was probably best not to discover how much dust could accumulate given more time, I dusted every circuit board fairly thoroughly, removing all the fans (case fans and cpu fan) to clean them properly and even dusted between the fins on the heat sink.

That done, real installation proceeded and was over and done with fairly swiftly. No doubt similar delights await next time I open Drac's computer. So long story short, it's now happily installed and is lovingly looking after a fresh backup of the main drive.

Our fellowship - my brother, Drac and yours truly. Our quest - to take the long and perilous journey, via the tracks of rail. "Tickettss please hobbitses", they'll say, and lo, we shall present them. Until, finally, on the 17th December we reach the cinema, our journey to see the Return of the King almost complete.. my precious.

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Merry Cashmas

(9:09 10/12/2003)

The household has been thrown into the festive spirit .. I was persuaded to buy a christmas tree and some decorations - the simple act of putting up the tree was enough to make me realise just how few days there are until christmas. I hadn't bought a single present! So, I've now bought one present - and yesterday I wrapped it. It's sitting under the tree looking sparkly. The observant among you will also notice that I've modified my usual icon accordingly.

I'm not really a big christmas person, I think that, like so many other holidays/events, it's been hijacked by commercial ventures and turned into yet another way for them to rake in the cash.. but eh .. I bought a tree, so I'm a willing participant.

This week has been a week of expenditure .. paying off the council tax that someone forgot to pay .. paying out for some dvd's from amazon (which haven't yet arrived) .. and upon discovering that my backup drive died last night, paying out for a new backup drive. I'll never buy a Fujitsu drive again. (3 bought, 3 failed). so this time Seagate. I'm going to have to be on best behaviour in town today, no impulse buying :)

Anyway, off to see SWAT and possibly something else.. I'll leave you with this unrelated thought..

1 in 3 Britons carry the toxoplasma parasite in their brain. Excellent.

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IMDB 1: Cinema 0

(23:17 3/12/2003)

Ben Kingsley wasn't the director - methinks the cinema just used the same document as last time and just edited the name ... shoddy. :)

The film was quite a surprise. I'd recommend it, although it's probably not everyone's cup of tea. Fear not, I will refrain from real spoilers.

Sir Ben, as I like to call him - at least for the purpose of this entry, summed it up afterwards by comparing it to a mythic tale. The story of a warrior, his king, his prince, a wicked witch and a rusty knight. The warrior, on finding his king dead, relocates with the prince. They find an oasis in a strange and foreign land where they find peace - but are then told to move by the wicked witch and her rusty knight. The conflict which arises over such a small piece of land, which both parties consider theirs, and the casualties that occur - this for Sir Ben was the point. That it happens to be set in our time and in such a way that the interviewer perceived some socio-political undertow didn't seem to matter, for Sir Ben it was the mythic quality which appealed. He really came across as passionate about his work and about this particular film.

He compared acting for the cinema to being a portrait artist, each character a different picture, each one special and unique and each one holding his full attention whilst it is created. A technique learnt during one picture may be used again in a new portrait, though it is always a different artistic work which is the end product. He compared theatre acting to landscape artistry, since he had to bring the whole scene with him, if it was meant to be cold, he had to shiver to convey the message, on film, it's superfluous, unnecessary. (I'm not nearly as eloquent as he was, I've left out lots of what was said, but I don't doubt Drac will have her own views/memories that she'll share, maybe between us we can give a fairly decent description of events)

My final impression was that he is a modest, self effacing man, who has a great passion for his work. If only we were all so lucky :)


A case in point

(1:13 3/12/2003)

Bubba Bubba Bubba is a potential voter.. the prosecution rests.



(9:53 9/11/2003)

The Wales (me) vs England (Drac) game is about to kick off... household fights anticpated :)

[Edit: eh, Wales lost.. ]