01:30am 24/11/2002
mood: blah
music: bowling for soup-- Girl all the bad guys want
Ech, im so b0red. It's lyke 1:30 in the morning and im wide awake...must have been all that, my hunnie is c0min up tomorrow. ;x Thanksgiving is our 2 month aniversary! pretty cool huh? anywayz, hes c0min up around 12 which means we have lyke the whole day to ourselves. i got my nails done yesterday! hehe, just thought i'd throw that in..


have y0u..
x. Fallen for your best friend - n0pe
x. Made out with JUST a friend - n0pe
x. Been rejected - yea
x. Been in love - yes =\
x. Used someone - no0o
x. Been used - most likely
x. Cheated on someone - no0o
x. Been cheated on - no comment
x. Done something you regret - possibly...

Who was the last person..
x. You touched - Alex
x. You talked to - ScottiE
x. You hugged - Alex
x. You instant messaged - ScottiE
x. You yelled at - Beth
x. You laughed with - Derek
x. you had a crush on - No crush herre
x. Who broke your heart - ?

do you..
x. Color your hair - LoTs!
x. Have tattoos - n0 but i want 3
x. Piercings - yea my belly button-n-my ears 7x
x. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both -yep yep ;x
x. Floss daily - uh? at times
x. Own a webcam - n0pe
x. Ever get off the damn computer - of course
x. Sprechen sie deutsche - da! Sauq Dir einen!!
x. Habla espanol - si! yo comprendo

Have u/do u/do u have..
x. Considered a life of crime - none of the sort!
x. Considered being a hooker - um yeh all the time
x. Considered being a pimp - oh yes just yesterday
x. Are you psycho - you dont even have to ask
x. Split personalities - umm..i d0nt think s0
x. Obsessive - yeh
x. Obsessive compulsive - most of the time
x. Panic - no im cool
x. Anxiety - n0
x. Depressed - at tymez
x. Suicidal - n0
x. Obsessed with hate - n0
x. If you could be anywhere, where would you be - cuddled up with my boo alex ;x
x. What are you listening to - go0d Charlotte-the anthem
x. Can you do anything freakish with your body - not really..
x. Chicken or fish - Chicken!
x. Do you have a favorite animal, no matter how lame it may be - hmm..i like monkeys and....snowmen...?
x. Current Clothes - a pink tee -n- Jeans
x. Current Mood - hungry =\
x. Current Music - punk r0ck..rap..sum pop i quess
x. Current Taste - pepperoni
x. Current Hair - bl0nde -n- curly..messy too
x. Current Annoyance - n0thing..
x. Current Smell - shamp0o
x. Current thing I ought to be doing - sleeping
x. Current Desktop Picture - Vin Diesel <3
x. current Favorite Group(s) - of geez...okay, umm..good charlotte, sugarcult, simple plan, system of a down, bowling 4 soup, Disturbed, Linkin Park, ect......
x. Current Book - n0ne
x. Current Movie - 007-- die another day (last movie i saw)
x. Current Refreshment - Sprite !!!
x. Current Worry - d0nt have 1
x. Current Crush - no crush...
x. Current Favorite Celebrity - Vin Diesel 4 ever and ever and ever and ever........

x. Drink - Sobez... yuMmi
x. Color - Pink
x. Shoes - Lugz
x. Candy - cotton candy ;0)
x. Animal - monkeys..
x. TV Show - lizzie mcguire..wayne brady..
x. Movie - Love -n- basketball
x. Dance - hip-h0p

Are you..
x. Understanding - can be..
x. Open-minded - yes
x. Insecure - sum timez?
x. Interesting - very
x. Hungry - n0
x. Friendly - sum tymez
x. Smart - kinda
x. Moody - only if i dont like you
x. Childish - WHAT? all ways
x. Independent - i try
x. Hard working - uh.. Lazy?
x. Organized - i try
x. Healthy - no0o
x. Emotionally Stable - nah..
x. Shy - sum tymez
x. Difficult - ?
x. Attractive - i've been told
x. Bored Easily - yes
x. Thirsty - kinda
x. Responsible - indeed
x. Sad - not right now
x. Happy - at times
x. Trusting - yees
x. Talkative - mostly
x. Unique - thats my middle name!
x. needy - yes i need

Who do you want to..
x. Kill - n0 one
x. Slap - yo momma!
x. Look like - uh...
x. Be like - ME
x. Talk to offline - what? thats stxpid

On you..
x. Name - Amanda Marie Ackner
x. Nicknames - Manda, Moe, Miss Cleo (hehe) Acky..
x. Age - 15
x. Hair color - bl0nde
x. Birthday - April 1st!
x. Eye Color - blue
x. Siblings - 1 big sis
x. How do you describe yourself - ?
x. What's your sign - Aries
x. Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Alex <3 luff u!

On friends..
x. Best Friend(s) - Jami..Alex too :)
x. Friend(s) you go to for advice - Jami -n- Joelene
x. Friend(s) you have the most fun with -Alex, Jami, Joe, Mike, Sam, ScottiE
x. Friend(s) you've dreamt about - =X
x. Friend(s) your tell secrets to - Jami

On preferences..
x. Chocolate milk or hot chocolate - h0tt cocoa
x. McDonalds or Burger King - Mcdonalds
x. Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend - perfect friend
x. Sweet or sour - sweet -n- s0ur
x. Root Beer or Dr. Pepper - Dr. Pepper
x. Sappy/action/comedy/horror - c0medy/h0rror
x. Cats or dogs - doggiez
x. Ocean or Pool - dependz
x. Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheesier - c0oler ranch
x. Mud or Jell-O wrestling - jell-o ;x
x. With or without ice-cubes - sure..y not with
x. Shine or rain - b0th
x. Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring - Summer/Winter
x. Vanilla or Chocolate - Chocolate
x. Snowboarding or skiing - b0arding
x. Cake or cookies - cake!
x. Cereal or toast - cereal
x. Gloves or mittens - gloves
x. Eyes open or closed - wtf?
x. Fly or breathe under water - fly !
x. Bunk bed or water bed - wata bed!! fasho! --right hunnie :)
x. Chewing gum or hard candy - gummy gum
x. Motor boat or sailboat - motor boat
x. Lights on or off - OFF bitch!

What's your favorite..
x. Number - 8
x. Holiday - X-mas!
x. Radio station - 88.3, 102.3, 102.7, 103.9
x. Place - dont matta
x. Flower - lavander..roses..
x. Scent - Peaches, tropical dream, candies, fetish, gl0w


Lately, I feel so distant from everyone around me.
Are my troubles and unhappiness that hard to see?
Lately, my plans have been fading fast,
I cluelessly watch the present turn to past.

Lately, everyone thinks I should be this happy person,
when deep inside, I can't help cursing.
Lately, my eyes have been windows to a most hidden soul,
two doorways to the mind, a way to look into the black

Lately, no one seems to know the real me,
they don't know the hardships my life tends to bring.
Lately, just hanging around this town, has done nothing
but bring me down.

--well nite..
Pissed. . .   
12:59pm 24/11/2002
mood: pissed off
music: --none--
Hey...Well guess who isnt' coming up to my house till around 5? yep..Alex. everytime we make plans he always changes them. i know its not his fault but im still a bit pissed. we have school tomorrow too so he'll prolly leave at 9. oh well i guess. Lakens visiting 4 the week. arent i lucky. alex is friends with her too. if she even tries to break us up...!!! that bitch will know it when im through with her. hehe anywayz.. i only have 2 dayz of school this week! yay!! im taking wednesday off cuz im lazy. :) well im gonna go watch sum fresh prince and finish gettin ready.. maybe i'll update later tonight--peace

. . .
if it ain't you then i don't want it is and if it ain't you
then it isn't for me i can see your face wheneva
i'm asleep but it hurts when i realize i'm dreamin
so if i can't have you then i'll just be single for the
rest of my life cause you cant be replaced by no one
else and i'll go crazy if i can't have you all to myself
..theres no one that can make me feel the way you do --Dedicated-- MUAH
. . .