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Date:2003-09-24 02:00
Subject:Number One
Music:All We Have Is Now

So here we all are... all one of us, ready for my first entry. Crazy. I was encouraged to do this by a friend N... you see, I'm not going to ever mention peoples correct names because I don't want to realize the full onslaught of aggression that will ultimately follow if I mention names, and thus my life will consist of interactions with characters A,B,C... and so on...and perhaps I will encounter a Z along the way, poor kid's parents wanted to try something different. Not to say that a Z name is an odd name, in fact, I think it is generally much more interesting than a standard name. Then again, names like john or ben or such are become more uncomon these days as creativly unique names have become popular. Since we are talking about names I would segue to a description of myself... but I think we'll just skip that. I'm boring. I don't have anything to say today so this is my post. Probably didn't enjoy it, but it doesn't matter. Next time when I have more sleep I'll try to be more Woody Allenesce in my thinking and writing.

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