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Bands DVDs, Bert McCracken, and Poseurs YAY! [01 Aug 2003|12:39pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Ape Dol Mils // Glassjaw ]

Howdy! Let me start off by sayin Randy is dope as FUCK! Last night I talked to him online, I've talked to him before but last night was just so funny. Me, Austin, Jade, and Randy are all in a private chat it was just funny.... Anyways he's so awesome! I had this picture of him in my buddyprofile and Randy was like that picture of me, it looks like a have a bit of a boner there. So were all looking at the picture it was funny. Good times good times. I stayed up til 3:45 in the morning talking to him. I was like your a P.I.M.P. like 50 Cent huh Randy. He was like NOOO! I was like Yes u are u aint gotta lie lol. He was like actually Randy's a virgin and Randy's a good lil boy, my mommy said He's kinda dorky but hes cool. So yeah RANDY FUCKIN ROCKS STILL! Some crazy fuck said he died in a car crash in some chat room... what a loser eh? Anyways OH YEAH... I found out Rands favorite song is Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades by Brandnew And that's mine. It was crazy cuz i told him that i loved that song and he was like ME2! Yeah good times...
Anyways! I did not know Brandnew had a DVD out im gonna have to go pick that up... I have to get The Useds DVD too. My cousin has it he says its awesome. Speaking of The Used.. Lately I've had this obsession to tell everyone that I'm Bert McCracken I LOVE THAT NAME! So this guy Daniel IMs me and was like who's this. And i was like Bert McCracken he didnt say anything... I was like who's this i knew it was him cuz of his SN... He was like Daniel... Then he was like do I know you cuz you were in my buddyprofile and i was like um no lol I had already told him i was Bert so i couldn't say yes. The funny thing is when i tell people that like only and in chats and stuff they believe... No one listens to the used...
Anyways theres a bunch of preppy kids online right now that go to my school i think ill go fuck with them ill update later....

oh yeah check out the video called Brians Video or something on it cracks me up those guys r so funny...

"Oh, My Tongues The Only Muscle In My Body That Words Harder Than My Heart..."

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[29 Jul 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Brandnew // Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades ]

Howdy! Summer life is boring as FUCK! But hey its better than school. Yesterday I got the new Die Trying CD they fuckin ROCK! And the new Brand New album. They rock too. Jesse's lyrics are just amazing. I have to say though this CD is diffenately not better than the first but it's still awesome. "My tongue is the only muscle on my body that works harder than my heart..." amazing... lol. Um I have to buy the used's DVD. I keep forgetting to look for it when I go anywhere. I'm dumb... Oh well. Bert's sexy for a dirty fuck. lol. Me, Caitlyn, and Kevin finally picked a name for our band. TRIXIES GOING COMMANDO! Yeah I thought that up. Woohoo. I was gonna steal Apple Pirates from Dave in Allister. lol. That was an idea for a name for the new allister record. I liked it but no one else did. oh well. I watched the osbournes the other night I was crackin up cuz Courtney Love was on. She's cool and all but she's like retarded. The shit she was saying was hilarious. "JACK YOU'RE NOT LISTENING TO ME!" lol. I want to go over to Anthonys today but he hasn't called me. He's such a dork he called my cell and was like "hey macy you fuckin lesbain i have my mexican friend here..." he puts gloria on the phone and she talks in spanish. "Okay mexican friend god! Oh yeah fuck finch fuck taking back sunday fuck good charlotte fuck all those little pop rock bands." I know he was kidding cuz he likes those bands too. "you stupid lesbian i have the used's DVD and you dont lesbain..." he gets out his guitar. "I'm gonna sing you a song... Fuck me fuck you fuck us all fuck yourself fuck everyone lalalala..." the he starts laughing and then he hangs up lol. WHAT A LOSER! Stupid fuck huh? well thats it bye.

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RANDYS B-DAY [23 Jul 2003|01:05am]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Walking On Glass by The Movielife ]


Anyways i just wanted to update and say its Randys B-day so bye.

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lol night owl [22 Jul 2003|04:14am]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New ]

Hehe i was watching All Things Rock just right now. Anyways Benji looked so fucking HOT! I wanted to jump on him and rape him. lol. Well Anywayz they show waas coming to the end and Benji was like, "We gotta go cuz it's Joels bed time..." Then he like was bending his finger like he was talking to an infant, "Go to sweep baby Joely..." lol when he said that he sounded so cute. I WANNA FUCK HIM! lol. He got a new peircing. FUCK IT LOOKED SO FUCKING HOT! I wanna chain him to my bed and lick him from head to toe. I wanna kiss his soft lips and pull on his peircing with my teeth. =) He's so damn sexy! I want him, i need him, hes my fuckin drug. DAMN! Anyways.... Bree stayed at my dads for like four days. It was fun we watched Next Friday a million times. I miss Benji now. Ai! Papi! He's such a sexy bitch! well I'm tired I'm gonna go find a picture of Benji to masturbate to lol jk. But I am gonna find a pic of him recently so you guys can see how fuckin hot he is.

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Victor [18 Jul 2003|12:33am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | Cosmopolitan Bloodlose by GlassJAw ]

Last Thrusday my little cousin Victor who is 13 almost died thank God he's still with us today. Thrusday evening Victor and my brother Brandon were racing down our driveway, which is pretty steep, on their heelys. Victor had hit something and he just ate shit. He fell face first onto concrete.He hit his rib cage and he started puking and crying from the pain. He said it hurt when he breathed. My cousin Anthony took him up stairs to the bathroom where he just puked his little brains out we went back outsid eto clean up the mess. We went back inside to check on him and he was shaking. Anthony sent me to go get his mom who was in the back house. So i ran up stair to the back to get Christina. Chris came with. We sat in Victors room wondering what was wrong. Anthony like the good brother he is suggested we call 911 because Victor wasn't looking well at all. Christina tryed to figure out what was wrong with him. He couldn't of broke a rib becuase Christina broke a rib when she was younger and she said he wouldn't have been able to move. She said that he was probably just shookin up from the fall and he was puking because he had just eat and he was going to be fine. My dad picked me up later that night. Christina said i can come back next week, thats today. I called today cuz I wanted to come back over. Chris answered. He said that Victor was in the hospital. I didn't ask what happened or if it was serious but it was bad, real bad, worse than I thought it was. Anywayz I called a little later and Christina had answered. I asked what happened to Victor. I thought aww maybe he did brake a rib or fractior it or something like that but Christna told me. She said Friday Victors dad took him to the hospital they did a catscan and found out he had busted his spleen open i can hear Christinas voice change as she tryed to hold the tears back to explain what happened. She said he was enternaly bleeding and the normal blood level is 48 and his dropped to 21 if it would have gone below 20 they would have had to do an emergancy Blood transfusion or he would have died. When he fell a rock had punchered his spleen which caused the bleeding. He almost died. He hasn't moved in a week from the hospital bed. Christina gave me his number so I could call him and so I did right when I hung up with her. Victor answered I said hi and he asked who it was and i told him it was me macy and he was like hey. I was like r u having fun in the hospital he was like no i got up today from the first time and i got dizzy and started puking. I felt so bad for him I guess he's not allowed to do anything for 3 months but he might be released from the Hospital tomorrow if everything goes smooth tonight it scared me so much I was so worried, I just found out this stuff today because Bernie had lost my cellphone number so they couldn't call me today was vry sad but im just so happy hes still alive I wouldn't be able to take it if I had to lose another family member I just so glad hes okay k well bye

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [17 Jul 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Lover I don't have to love by Brighty Eyes ]


For all you people reading this today is Nate from Finch's 22nd Birthday. You're getting old man lol. Just Kidding. I love you dude have a great birthday. Wait wait wait. I have to sing the song lol.
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear NATEY, happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu..."


Sorry you guys I haven't been updating. Silly me, I forgot my password for Blurty when I came back from my cousins... Let me catch you up to whats been happening in my life lately.

Friday July 4th:

All my cousins went camping for the 4th of July weekend and within the 3 days I was there there was many laughs a few cries and lots and lots of DRAMA!

Warning: There are 2 alexs one my cousin (alex1) and two is a friend of the family (alex2). Thank You.

So my brother Brandon is getting already to go up to the camp site. I had decided not to go because it was my friends last day in San Diego because he was staying at his moms house in LA for a month. I thought I should hang out with him I mean I could see my family any time I wanted the don't live that far away, San Ysidro. Well Brandon has all his stuff we're ready to go. My dad was like are you sure you don't wanna stay I was like i dunno. I just wanted to go up there to say hi but I wasn't gonna stay. We get there and I step out of the car and there he his... Joe. Joe is another friend of the family we've known his my for forever. He's 14 and like a cholo type person, but he also acts like a punk rocker person which confuses me because he goes back and forth. Cholo punk cholo punk. (Cholo is a mexican gangsta if you didn't know.) My Tia Christina was like u guys are here great. And she was like where's your stuff Macy? I told her why i wasn't staying and stuff but I really wanted to stay. So I talked to my cousin Bernie she's about 12 and she likes Joe too but she doesn't know I like him because she's a very jelous person and I don't wanna mess up are friendship so I just keep my mouth shut. Anyways I talked to Bernie and she's like please stay and I was like I can't and she was like I'm gonna have no one to hang out with and I was like alright I'll come back later. Luckily the camp site was on an indian reservation by a casino near my house so it was no problem to go back up there. So my dad was like okay I'll bring you back up here after we go see the movie. We saw Tremanitor 3! Anywayz I came back and I had to share a tent with Alex2 and Bernie which is cool it was a good size tent so we were okay. Well I see some tention between Bernie and Joe. Something awful must mof happened when I was gone. Bernie kept apologizing to him and saying are you mad at me? Joe was in his little tent listening to music. I guess trying to ignore Bernie. I should tell you right now Bernie has 3 older brothers also my cousins, Anthony who is almost 18 and he's like my favorite cousin because he like bands and stuff everyone else is into hip hop and stuff, Chris who is 16, and Victor who is 13 and very perverted. All her brothers are really cool but since Bernie is the only girl by blood (they have 2 step sisters in Milwaki, they came to visit for July, Alex1 and her little sister Sessy) they all are a little overprotected. Anyways I just was like whatever she'll tell me what happened later. So it was like 8pm it was dark but the fireworks haven't started yet they start at 9. We were eating and hangin out. All the adults were hanging out by the bonfire thingy and all the kids were hanging out by the tents under a tree. listening to music talking it was great. We all had our little beach chairs lol. It would have been better if Anthony was there but he was at his girlfriends Glorias. That's okay. There was like 13 of us. Anyways my dad was still there visiting and stuff. So I went to go talk to him for a minute. Outta the corner of my eye I see Bernie get up andwalk to the tent all pissed of my little cousin Jessika follows so I was like be right back dad. I go to the tent and sit down inside and Bernies crying and Jessikas trying to comfort her and I'm just totally lost. I was like what's wrong Bernie. She told me what happened. When I was gone at the movies all the kids had gone to the pool and I guess Bernie and Joe were flirting and stuff and Joe kissed her... like tongue and all but Bernie knew it was wrong if her brothers knew that he kissed her he would be dead. She pushed away and he remembered about chris and victor. They didn't see them kiss but they did see them flirting so when they left the pool Chris went up to Joe and was like stay the fuck away from my sister. And so Joe stopped. Anywayz fast forward to what just happened. I looked outta the tent and i saw alex1 sitting on Joes lap. Like I said before Bernie is a very jealous person. I knew now why she was pissed. Joe likes to flirt a lot he's a guy tease lol. So we had talked about what happened and then alex2 came in and started butting in and tryed to be cupid or something. "The Peacemaker". She talked to Joe privately and asked if he liked Bernie and he said no. The why did he kiss her? I was so lost. SOOOO... it was almost 9 and we went to the front of the camp site and watched the fireworks of course alex1 and Joe were at it again they were laughing and flirting and stuff. Bernie was so mad. Afterwards Alex1 came in the tent and tryed to "explain" what was going on?Whatever she wanted to talk to Bernie in private so we were kicked outta the tent. Bernie told me that she had said that there was nothing going on between them and that they were just friends like i said "WHATEVER!" That's a whole bunch of bullshit
you'll see what I'm taking about later. Bernie wasn't mad at alex1 well at least that's what she said with is bullshit. She told alex1 that its not worth losing a sister over a stupid boy. She was mad at Joe no doubt but not mad at alex1. Everyone was drinking and dancing and partying what not, my uncle he' s cool he was dancing and stuff he kept sneeking the teenagers drinks. I guess its okay if you drink. Im sXe so I didnt have anything to drink but both alexs did. They were SO drunk it was hilarious but they had to hide it a little bit from the adults. Alex1 decided to go to bed she was hammered so she took a nap. alex2 on the other hand was rude obviously drink she was just very very annoying. Anyways so later on everyone was starting to get into there tents and Me, Jessika, Joe, Brandon, Bernie, Freddy, and Alex2 we're all still up outta the kids. Most of the adults were still up sitting by the fire listening to the "oldies" lol and taking. So Brianna called me from her house she couldn't go because her mom wouldn't drop her off. So I was sitting in my tent talking to her and Joe came in and said something to me then pulled the phone away from me really quick and started talking to her. The talked for like 3 hours the only reason why they stopped cuz my cell phone was dying. So hes like wanna walk down to the store i was like sure it was about 11:00 and well all started walking down there it was fun cuz it was dark and stuff and all we had were a couple of flashlights. I had never seen so many stars in my life. It was so beautiful out there. Anyways we had walked down to the store for nothing it was closed so we decide to roam around the campsite. Brianna was still taking to Joe on the phone. He was trying to act gay saying his name was bubba and he just broke up with his boyfriend and all this shit it was pretty funny. So we were waking around and me and Joe switched shoes my shoes were WAY to small for him so he was walking funny it was hilarious. And his adidas were freaking h uge so they were nice and comfy lol. So hes sitting there and hes talking to Bree about her but cuz she SWEARS she has a "ghetto booty" but she doesn't . Anyways Bernie said she didn't like him anymore (NOT TRUE!) cuz she'd didnt wanna get in a fight with her sister. So were walking around and Joes talking about how he like brees "ghetto booty" and what not he was basicly flirting over the phone. Bernie gets mad again. "Why'd you give the phone to him Why'd you do this why'd did you tell him this why is she talking to him" Now people tell me the truth THAT'S JEALOUSLY IS IT NOT? Yeah thats what i thought. Anyways there was a road on a small hill and I had stopped while everyone was walking and layed down in the middle of the road just to see if they would notice. lol. They did. Joe came and sat next to me, the phone still attached to his ear. We sat for a couple of minutes then alex2 sat down still a little tipsy from the alcohol anyays everyone was like lets go then alex2 had shut her eyes or a couple of minutes so week got down on our knees and turned off the flashlight
and crawled like 15 feet away and just huddled together all crouted down. And alex2 was all scared then we started cracking up and shes all you guys fuckin suck lol it was so funny. So then we waked back to camp Jessika got tired so she went to her tent so we went to hang out with Joe in his tent. It was SO FREAKING SMALL. I was suprized all 6 of us could fit some bodies were kinda outta the tent. I was in there with Joe, Brandon, and Bernie, freddy was in there but his legs were out and alex2 was like that too. So we listened to music Joe talked to Bree until 3am we talked about wenis' (your wenis is the skin on ur elbow it just sounds funny ya know Penis, Wenis) anyways lol Joe was pretending to get all horny cuz me and bernie would rub his wenis. lol. so then we were having a good old time until Christina woke up and threw out my tio frenando cuz he was drunk. thats when everyone else woke up. Yea. So then. my tia and tio fought the woke up alex1. Bernie and her fought over Joe again. It was choas. There was a lot of drama anyway I was in the tent now Bernie and Alex1 come in and we crying they worked everything out between thenbut now their parents we fighting all i wanted to do was to try to sleep. So Alex1 asked if i can watch her sister sessy for her so they can walk around so i fall asleep.

Saturday July 5th:

I wake up and Joes already up. Roaming around. Bernie, Alex1, and Sessy are still asleep. They wake up to me russling around and so alex1 and Bernie tell me that they were up til 6am this morning with joe and brandon. whatever. so anyway we eat breakfast and decided to go down to the pool. That was um yeah ..... Anyways I'm not a very good swimmer and Joe found that VERY amusing and used it to his advantage. ALL FUCKING DAY LONG HE KEPT DUNKIN MY ASS, IT SUCKED! He dunk me then id come up then he did it again and again and again. Bernie pulled me aside and said he was flirting with me. I dont think that was flirting but whatever. So we spent all day there so nothing really happened my nose was brunt afterwards. Damn me for not puttin on sunscreen. We went back to camp and me bernie and alex2 took showers. Then we went back and eat Jessika was so funny shes so little and she kept farting and they were big old farts so alex2 suggested a farting contest money WAS involved. lol. it was me, jessika, bernie, alex2 and micheal (chris' friends). Well we ate a lot of hot dogs a lot of beans whatever we could do to win those 2 bucks lol. So jessika letting out these stinkyu fart but they arent loud enough to win alex2s wre good mine just werent coming out and bernie didnt have anything. so were all setting down to go to sleep and micheal comes in our tent and was like hey u guys listen to this and he just blows us away of course he wins it was a raunchy fart. yeah so then we slept.

Sunday July 6th:

We had to wake up and pack everything up cuz we were leaving. So we were leaving Christina took me and brandon back to her house in San Ysidro so yea it was fn. Joe came over. Everyone was pretty much pissed at him except for me and alex1. (im gonna stop saying the 1 cuz the other alex is home now.) Everyone was pissed at him. I wasnt on any side i just had no reason to be mad at him. Anyways we hung out. Me and alex and bernie were in the dining room they sat on the table and i sat on the floor joe came over and sat next to alex on the table so i was like oh i see how it is the fat person sits on the ground okay. Then joe laughs and gets up and sit next to me on the floor i was like high fives for fat people lol only fat kids sit on the floor. so bernie gets up and sats giggling and she sits down (she swears shes fat when shes really a twig) shes all high five i just gave her a cold look it was funny. Then like Juan chris' other friend came over so we watched John Q it was sad :'( All the kids sat on the floor in chris' room and just watched the movie there was like 11 people in this small room lol. so then micheal and juan leave to juans girlfriends house for a while. So then we listened to music and Joe had to go home at like 8:30 pm but he wanted a hug from me and alex. Since hes so tall i had to jump to give him a hug and i put one leg up. and he was like hey ur foot popped like that girl in that movie i was like what? he was like ya know that movie with the girl and when she kissed some guy her foot got stuck. I knew what he was talking about (the princess diarys or w/e) but i just pretended like i didnt know. lol. Anyways later Juan and micheal came back and we watched the exorcist. THAT MOVIE SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME IM NEVER WATCHING IT EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!! I still havent been able to sleep normally for the past week. Anyways it was scary then Anthony came home i was so happy i hadn't seen him in like 3 weeks it was cool i was happy hes such an awesome cousin i wish he was my brother. Anyways so then we went night night. Or we tryed to i was scared. yeah.

Monday July 7th:

Alex left for LA for a couple of days. Bernie was happy she was getting on her nerves. Me and Bernie woke up and went in chris' room to watch TV the boys were all asleep. they all woke up on by one Micheal was last. I was like mornin sunshine. He was like don't call me that it sounds gay is was like okay sunshine so now i call him that. lol. its funny. anyways hey got up and i saw something i really wasnt expecting. lol. he was just in his boxers and the little flap was open and yeah u know where that goes. anthony and i sat and listened to music then we went to the mall i hung out with gloria a lot of other stuff happened since joe and alex were gone it was pretty much smooth sailing so yea im just to tired to type it all i bet all u people dont wanna read IF UR STILL READING THIS! I know im boring but whatever. so im gonna go bye

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[23 Jun 2003|10:20am]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | Metallica // Fade to Black ]


Graduation ceramoney SUCKED! I had to where a dress I looked ridiculous! Anyways whatever. It was kinda funny because tyler was there and he looked spiffy... My mom was like hey does that Tyler boy you like have a girlfriend. And I was like I dont think so I never see him with anybody at school?! So then she was like I think he does because he's holding hands with a tall blonde skinny chick. And I was like huh? That doesn't sound like Tyler's type but I look over anyways. And yep it was true he has a girlfriend... I never had a chance with him anyways but it just made me feel worse about myselk I'm not quite sure why? The i was like maybe it's his sister and laughed uncomfortably... oh well.

Saturday was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Anthony just graduated from high school so my Tia Christina decided to through him a graduation party. It was fun. Everyone was there. Bree came with me. We hung out with Bernie, ALex, Melissa, Michael, Jesika, and Anthony. My dad was talking to little Dee Dee and my cousin Rueben all night. The party was in th back yard and there were so many people were there. It sucked because Chris was DJ and he didn't play anything Anthony liked. I felt bad because it was his party and he was bored outta his mind. Anyways I thought it was fun. So around 11:00 thats when everybody started drinking and dancing. There was this drunk gay guy hes like only 17 and he was dancing with my cousin Veronica and she's like 21. Oh man it was so funny. My dad started dancing with my tia Christina and my auntie Dee dee. It was fuuny my dad saw me sitting down and he kept on waving for me to come dance and I really didn't want to but Christina saw me and she sent my cousin victor's friend Joe to come get me so he came over to me and he was like come one dance. And I was like i dont want to and so he grabbed my hand and pulled me to go dance with hiom so I was dancing and stuff then bree came and danced then Joe got bernie to dance then melissa and alex came and danced. It was funny cuz joe was dancing with bernie and he started freak dancing with her a little bit and chris looked over at them and he was like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER!?!?! And then they stopped dancing but it was kinda funny. So then the drunk gay guy was trying to freak dance with bree it was hilarious! The party was over at like 3am so me and bree went to go hang out in Anthonys room. Alex and Bernie were in the kitchen eating chicken. So he's all wanna watch nightmare before xmas I was like yeah i love that movie he was like i never saw it. I was in shock. I was like you've never seen the nightmare before xmas. he was like yep. I was like wow. so me and bree layed on the floor and watched it Anthony feel asleep right when he layed down in bed. so then bernie came in and sat on the floor and watched it to. we all ended up falling asleep in his room. It was funny because i woke and i didnt know where i was it was sorta scary. lol. so then we al woke up and anthony played his bass for us then we eat breakfast and crap. It was great. Anthony gave me a weezer pin and now i never take it off . My bestes cousin gave it to me. :) well thats it see ya

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BEACH DAY!!!! [14 Jun 2003|12:20am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Glassjaw // Mu Empire ]

Oh my god today was beach day and it was so cool. Beach day is only for 8th graders and it only happens at the end of the year and we spend all day at the beach on a school day. So I get to school I decided I DIDN'T want to wear a bathing suit because I knew I wasn't gonna go in the water. I just wore board shorts and a drive-thru records tee. I'm not really a ocean type of person. It's dirty and icky I hate the ocean. But I still wanted to go to the beach so I can hang with my friends and not have to go to school. So I get to school and I went in the auditorium because that's where we had to meet and I was surprised to see Tyler there. I thought he couldn't go because he gets pretty bad grades and you have to have decent grades to go. Well I thought oh well. If you don't know, Tyler is this guy that is really really HOT but a total jackass to me and my friends. He seems so cool like the music he listens to is cool but he hangs out with a bunch of preps. I don't really understand why I am like in love him him because I know for a fact he hates me. He thinks I'm annoying and stupid. Lets see I've liked him since the beginning of the year and I have 4 more days of school I not once have I talked to him... I guess I'm just a pussy.
Well anyways he was going to the beach I thought "Yay he's going to the beach yay, he's gonna go swimming yay he's gonna look wet and sexie" lol. So I'm getting ready to get on the bus with Savannah, Tempest, and Casey. Then I find Melissa and Amanda. So I got on one of the buses it just so happened to be the one Tyler WASN'T ON! Yeah.... So Savannah sat next to me on the way to the beach. We didn't really talk on the way over there. I just listened to my CD player. It was kinda funny because I saw him and Michael on another bus I waved but I don't think they saw me. Ashley B. saw me and waved back... She thought I was waving to her lol. It's okay Ashley's pretty cool.
So we finally get there after being on the bus for what seemed like forever. The we unloaded the U-Haul with all the boogie boards and chairs and stuff. I saw Tyler get his chair... I stood behind him... Anyways Casey let me use her chair while she went boogie boarding. Tyler sat up his stuff about 15ft away from our group (Me, savannah, casey, amanda, tempest, melissa, christy, danielle, lindsey, casey c., jessica, and brittany) So he went in the water right away with Michael. He pretty much sat up is stuff and drove right in. Well everyone left me so I just sat in the sun and listened to music. So an hour in a half later Brianna calls me on my cell phone from her house her mom picked her up early from school. We talked for a while then everyone came out of the water and got food. There was a huge bar-b-que. So me and melissa and Amanda go get burgers and I come back and sit down and I look to my right and I can see Tyler.... beautiful Tyler.... eating chips.... with his shirt OFF!.... all wet..... GOD HE LOOKED SO FUCKING HOT! Um sorry hehe. Well he just looked so hot. All I wanted to do was go over and say hi BUT I'm a fucking pussy and if I like someone they will never know it NEVER! I'm just a loser...
Caitlyn called me a little later she's exspelled so she talked to me. I wish she could've been there because she likes Tyler too. PLUS I know she would've MADE ME go talk to him. And I don't think you know how bad I wanted to talk to him. I knew if Caitlyn was there she'd be like," You wanna talk to him come one," then she would grab my arm and pull me over there and be like "talk or i'll kick your ass". So then we'd approch him, me probably looking at my shoes trying not to look up because my face would be bright red from blushing of embassment. Then Caitlyn would probably say something like, "Yo, my friend here wants to say something to you," or "Hey this girl right here has the hots for you will you go out with here?" But was she there, NO. She was never there for me when I need her. I wish I had some sorta confedense or self-essteen so that I can talk to guys on my own with out my friends always telling my what to say.
After he was done eating he sat by himself, Michael went boogie boarding. He just layed in his chair and listened to his CD player which I also did. It was kinda funny because i'd look over then I'd look away and a little bit later I'd see him looking at me though the corner of me eye. Yeah he always stares at me I don't know why. In english he does that too. I don't know why maybe cuz I'm fat, annoying, stupid, lame, ugly..... the list goes on and on.
Anyways yea he was hot... I'm gonna miss him all summer long k bye.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME! [08 Jun 2003|09:56am]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | Fixation on the Darkness // Killswitch Engage ]

Well yesterday was my birthday. I'M 14, I'M 14, I'M 14, I'M 14, I'M 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed Good Charlotte Friday night, I really wanted to go too. I feel like I'm the only kid that didn't make it to civic tour. Watch Monday when I go into school people are gonna all be talking about it and stuff and I'm gonna be all bummed. I got a new printer for my birthday!!! Do you know what that means? Thats right I can print out more pictures of Benji. Lol.
Last night was so much fun. I had a hawaiian party. Yea Bree was there and Caityn was there and Austin was there and Jessica and Chelsea was there and Casey was there and Brandon was there and Sean was there..... Yeah it was really fun. It was a little akward at first because everyone was just sitting there at the beginning. We were waiting for other people to show up... But after we ate and opened presents it was okay because we were running around putting ice down each others shirts. It was so funny. I kinda sucked because I thought it was gonna be all sunny I mean why not? I live in Cali and it's June... But no all day it drizzled. That was a bummer.
Bree was there first because she spent the night at my house. We decorated the patio and got everything setted up. Then Jessica was the second person to come. Then Caityln and her mom. Then Raul. The Austin. The Sean & Casey. Then Chelsea. Then my dad. It was so funny because all the kids were outside on the patio and all the grown-ups were in the kitchen. I was like Hey when my dad gets here lets all point and laugh. And yeah it was really funny. So yea the cake was so good. My cake was awesome. Ya know how you can get pictures on a cake. Well my mom got GC on my cake it was really cool.
I got the warped Tour cd from Austin and I got a an AFI shirt from Bree and I got some other stuff.... Yea...... My and chelsea and brianna were dancing around it was so funny because Chelsea reminds me of this chick me and Caitlyn use to know Tylena yea she was just so funny. She kept hitting me with her butt she knocked me over a couple of times it was really funny. Thats how she "dances" but she was doing it on purpose. It was really silly. It was gettin dark. Jessica left. The party wasnt over yet though... I sat right down next to Sean yeah.... it was really strange... well g2g tell you the rest later

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I CAN'T FUCKIN BELIEVE IT! [24 May 2003|12:00pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Overrated by Allister ]

I can't believe it I just can't believe it. I'm sure all you emocore kids out there heard the bad news about Taking Back Sunday. For those who haven't... about Monday or Tuesday it was annouced that John Nolan, guitarist for Taking Back Sunday, has left the band. He left becuase vocalist, Adam Lazzara, was cheating on his girlfriend which happened to be Johns sister. John got very angry and decided to leave the band. Yea it sucks. Everyones saying how the band is gonna just break up for good and stuff. I just hope that doesn't happen. I was really looking forward to seeing them at Warped Tour it's just not gonna be the same with him. :'(

Well I haven't updated in about 2 weeks I've been really busy. I just can't believe one of my favorite bands might break up. *sigh* I haven't been having my Benji dreams I miss those. My life seems to be crumbling down around me. Monday all the stupid preps said they were gonna beat the shit outta me because I told a huge secret to some of my friends and i guess I GUESS i wasnt suppose to tell anyone? This is what happened Friday last week in woodshop we had a sub in woodshop and he was in the shop and a bunch of the preps were in the drafting room. I was reading my Kurdt Kobain (Thats how kurt spells it) Book and they really didnt know i was there and so when the sub was in the other room they all decided to sit on the floor in the back and play spin the bottle. They were all like this doesnt leave this room okay and everyone argeed EXCEPT ME hell i was invisible to them they didnt even notice i was sitting there. The rules were if you landed on a girl and u were a girl no matter what u had to kiss them it was same for the guys. So I was reading and everything was kinda boring this girl Jayme and this othe chick Bandi had to kiss like 3 different times that was nothing they didnt care. It was the guys who cared! This guy Alex spun the bottle and it landed on this dude Pat and they got all grossed out at first and Bandi was like you HAVE TO DO IT! So they DID! Usually I wouldnt care but the fact that they said they wanted it to be a secret bugged me. I thought if I told know one would know it was me cuz they didnt know. So i told a few of my friends who told a few of their friends and so on and so on. Some how they found out it was me and all the preppy girls came up to me the next day and was like how come u told? I was like told what? they were like about alex and pat? and i was like whos that? and they were like quit acting dumb why did u tell? and i was like i have no fucking idea what you're taking about? and so they left and they havent talked to me since. but evryone still says im gonna get beat up. i have my friends by my side so its all good i guess plus if i ever got into i fight with them id diffenetly win. come one a bunch of preps? they pull hair and scratch and bite they cant fight.oh well

Theres about 3 weeks left of school... I've had a crush on this guy tyler since the beginning of the year not once have talked to him. I always thought he thought that i was a poser . i guess. I like all the bands he likes but some how i kept saying no i dont wanna talk to him he doesnt like me? It was weird cuz i talk to his friends but ive NEVER talked to him. His friend Dan i talk to. I aide for a math teacher at my school and dans in her class and we talk sometimes and my fave band is Finch so i was wearing a Finch shirt one day and Dan just started talking to me? I use to sit across from this girl michelle shes really cool and tyler and they use to talk about bands and tyler was talking about going to all these shows and he was talking about how he went to see finch with his friend sean. i used to talk to sean too hes really cool. well anyways and i went to that same show and i still wasnt sure if i could talk to him. i used to sit by tylers friend tommy in science we use to talk ALL the time he was mostly insulting me but still we talked. I dont understand y i cant talk to him. in engish it seems like hes always starring at me? im not sure if its because he thinks im weird or if he secretly likes me too or what? theres been times when id be right there about to talk to him but then nothing comes out so i turn and run? my engish class had to do a play about anne frank and we were put into groups and i was in his group and i still didnt have any parts with him. God seriously must hate me!

I have other reasons why I think he hates me
1. My cd player broke on the bus and i had to listen to rap all the way to skool everyday last week
2. I got this each rash on my arm but it went away 2 days ago
3. I keep hitting stuff or hurting myself or running into things im just generally gettin injured.
4. I keep losing stuff or someone is stilling my stuff?
5. My parents are the most irresponsible parents ever its okay sometimes but other times its just annoying
6. I never get a break I have so many projects and reports do its not funny
7. No one will tell me how to get to Sesame Street
8. Theres no food in the house
9. I'm gonna have to walk home everyday from Brees for the next 3 weeks because Brees mom said that shes grounded do to her grades and i have no where else to go after school. Thats a five mile walk home!
10. Caitlyn is dying right in front of my eyes because everyday after school she fuckin goes over to brenas to smoke weed.
11. My favorite stripped shrit ripped in the washer
12. My grandma says that i cant have my birthday party if I keep annoying her about buying food
13. I was born into a family of gambohlics thats y we have no food or money
14. I don't ever sleep anymore because of all the homework i have to do
the lis goes on and on oh well i g2g peace

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Uranium! [10 May 2003|10:16pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Bile-Love Stinks ]

Uraniums on.... I love this show. This might sound a tad lesbian but JULIYA'S FUCKIN HOT!!!! JULIYA ROCKS!!! Man shes so... shes so... FUCKIN HOT! Lol. I dunno she's just sexy as fuck. She's the reason why I like metal now. Lol. Okay I'm done... Well I'm still kinda depressed about my dream. Ya know what sucks. The Civic Tour is gonna be in town the day before my birthday and I don't know if my mommy got me tickets for my Bday. I hope she did. I watched The Princess Diarys cuz it was on TV and I was bored okay! Well anyways ya know the geeky sorta guy, well I kept thinking man that guy looks SO familiar and he was talking about a band and a car or something I dunno I wasn't really paying attention. I was like how come I know that guy and I figured out that he was from Rooney. After a while I saw it more. I remembered seeing Rooneys video on MTV once and I was like omg thats the lead singer guy. It was really weird. I met this nice dude Sean he's 15 and he's really nice my friend Brianna is confinced, "U 2 ARE GONNA BE AN 'ITEM' SOMEDAY" shes weird. He is cute and nice but I don't thionk he's interested. Plus I'm in love with another man thats right Benjamin Levi Madden!!! Man Benji rocks. So does Juliya. I'd fuck um both lol. I'm not a lesbian and I'm not bi... I'm just attracked to Juliya thats the only chick that I think is hot. I'm gonna go 2 sleep now im tired.

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What IS "Love"? [01 May 2003|10:33pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Screamer by Good Charlotte ]

::::: WARNING::::: This entry contains mushy crappy love stuff so if your not into that dont read this! If you dont't care then before reading this if you wanna understand what is going on I suggest you read the entry before this: "My Dream" so that way you can comprehend what the hell I'm talking about.

Well Kids... Today I did nothing really. I went to bed at almost 5 am last night so I slept. I woke up today at noon ate and went back to bed and woke up at 3 pm. I thought about that dream ALL DAY LONG!!! It played back in my head over and over again. That's all I could think about. Just me and Benji... I sit here right now staring out my window wondering what Benji's doing right now... He probably has a show? I know I sound like a pathetic little groupie and someone should come and crush my pathetic little dreams. But I think I'm in love... What is love? I ask myself that all the time? I've never been in "LOVE" with a real person. Like a person I actually know or go to school with. Not like I love Benji or Randy.... I know for a fact that no one has ever loved me. *tear* Nah, jk I don't care. I just hope that one day I'll find Benji or Randy and I can say "DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!" Lol. The stars resemble the letters BLM in the sky... Benji Levi Madden.... Everywhere I go, everything I do... I think about him. The posters all over my walls. The TV on awaiting All Things Rock to come on. It's sad that I can be inlove with someone so much and yet know I can never have them... It amazes me. Like I said before "I'm PATHETIC!" I sit here pondering what he's thinking, what he's doing... I wish he only knew... knew I was thinking about him.... knew how I dream about him all day and all night.... knew that my love is so strong for him..... I long for him to hold me in his arms... I want to be close to his tattooed body... I wanna feel his lips againist mine. I miss him... I miss him so much. The dream felt so real. I can feel his lip rings and his soft pouty lips as if it really happened. Like I was just to drunk to remember and I assumed it was a dream lol. I can feel his arm wrap around the back of my neck... his warm strong arm. His eyes looking deeply into mine as if he was trying to see into my soul. The sound of his voice sent shivers down my back when he whispered that he was falling in love with me. But good shivers. I miss him... I wish I could just be trapped in my own dream never to awaken again. Love Conquers all right? I want to spend the rest of my life with him too... I want to wake up every morning and have his body next to mine. I want to have his strong tattooed arms hold me when I'm cold. I want to have those long passionate kisses that last forever again. I want to feel him. I need him. He's like a drug. I can't get enough... I wish I could just be near him, to hear his voice, to feel his touch. These are the only thoughts that run through my mind. The only thing I can think about.... Him. I need him to be next to me. Without him I feel incomplete. like there's something missing in my life... Him. A empty spot where my heart was. The only way I could be whole again is if I had him. But its not like I had him before so why is it different now you ask? I did sorta have him... in the dream. To wake up is like losing him to my subconsious. Like he died and I can never get him back unless I fall into a deep slumber. What do I do when I'm awake. What do I do to be with him.... nothing. I can do nothing. But sit and and ask all these questions and think these thoughts. How come I'm here and not with him? How come? Is there no God? Is there no hope? Why? Why must he corrupt my mind? Its like he got inside my head and said "Macy only think about me Benji..." This is NOT a simple little crush it's so much more than that. I wish it was. Its so complicated. But to know I can never have him makes me want him more. I only wish that one day faith can bring us together, the empty hole will be filled, let my days with him be full of laughter and joy, I'll be able to have what I always wanted... Him... in my arms... next me at all times... for now I'll just have keep playing my dream back over and over again in my mind. I wish he knew how I felt when he kissed me. I wish he knew...........................

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My Dream [30 Apr 2003|11:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | She's Over It by Never Heard Of It ]

Well latley I've been thinking about Benji from Good Charlotte a lot. He's a hottie! And a couple of dayz ago they were on this show IMX on MMUSA/Fuse and it was just a really kick ass intereview and stuff, but Juliya one of the hosts wasnt on that day. Ya know the metal one she has her own show on the same channel Uranium... ring any bells? Come on! The really hot goth chick! Yea her. She's pretty hot for a chick. Well I thought it would be cool if her and Benj' hooked up. I mean they're both REALLY HOT! Ya know. So I had this dream that I sorta looked like her and this is how it goes...

I looked like Juliya a lot. The hair. The clothes. The peircings. I looked just like her. So I was walking into some club/bar place and they were filming All Things Rock in there. Benji and Joel host that show on MTV. I was looking outta my eyes and then like the picture goes to Benji and Joel as if now I was the camera. Sorta? So Joel is about to introduce the next video and they're both looking at the camera reading the cue cards. Then Benji pauses in the middle of his sentence and gets up and walks slowly over to me as I enter the room... kinda in a trans. Then I'm looking through my eyes again (the dream goes back and forth eyes then to camera). Benji walks over to me. Then it goes back to camera and Joel was like Benj' we're kinda in the middle of the show?!" Then he points to the Benji and me and smiles. "Come on Benji!" He shouts. The camera zooms in on us (That's how I got to see myself.) Now my vision shifts back to me. "I saw your tattoo, I couldn't help but come over here", he said. Joels still sorta yelling at Benji but he doesnt notice. Lol. Benji points to my arm. I had a little yellow star outlined in black with the word "hope" in it in cursive lettering. "Look I have the same one" he points to his fore-arm. Back to camera now. "Well um my brother seems to be occupied, haha, so I'll play the video for you kids. Here's AFI with Girls Not Grey", Joel said. Now back to me. So Joel walks over and he was like "DUDE?!" but not in a mean way he kinda smiled. Benji turns around. "Hey bro" he says. I wave hi. "What are you doing" Joel asked. Benji was like "This is um... This is..." I was like "I'm Macy". lol "Ya. Macy" Benji said. "Look bro she's got the same tat as me..." I showed Joel. He was just like "Neat. we have to get back to show." And so Benji was like "Do you wanna come sit with us until we finish the show?" I was like Sure! So then we sat down in front of the camera. I sat in between the twins. "That was just Marilyn Manson with 'Mobsence' " Joel said to the camera. (I'm the camera again now sorry I didnt tell you that) Then Joel was like "Look at who decided to join us again" points to Benji. "And look it's our new friend Macy..." He looks at me in that sorta "man your hot" kinda way. I just smile and wave to the camera. Benji got a little jelous. "No dude, she's just MY friend." He says while he puts his arm around me. Joel was just like "Okay...." Then they were introducing another video and while they were doing that I had a cheesy vision... (Back to me again) ya know the one where me and Benji are running towards each other in a field. Lol. Then they went to commercial. Benji was like "Um...? So do you um live around here?" (I wasn't quite sure where I really was I think I was in NY) "Yea I live 2 blocks away from here" I answered. "Thats Awesome" he said. "What do you do?" I said that i was a drummer in my band. And he was like that's cool. The show was over now. Me and Benji talked some more Joel still sat with us. "Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful lips?" Benji asked. I blushed. Then he kissed me. "Soft too" he laughed. I was like "Shhhh...." And we had this long passionate kiss that seem like it lasted forever. Lol. Joel was just like watching. He was about to say something but Benji was like "Macy I know I just met you but you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I think I'm in love with you. I seriously want to spend the rest of my life with... you." And I was like "really?!" And he was like "Really, Really." then I was like "I love you to benji." And then we had one of those long passionate kisses again. And Joel was like "But I love you also Macy..." And I gave him a kiss too, just to shut him up. I told Benji that. hehe. And then right as we were leaving the bar I woke up.

I think that was the best dream I had ever had. EVER! It was great. But the sad thing is it was only a dream... and I was mad when it was over. Well g2g bye.

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[16 Apr 2003|10:51am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Daylight- Endor ]

Well little kiddies how are you? I'm good thanx. So it's Wedsnday April, 16th my 3rd offical day of spring break! The weekend doesn't count. So I updated my Xprofile you might wanna check it out i got some awesome Journal icons you guys can steal. (I stole them) Hehe. So a couple of nights ago, Like Monday or Sunday, I was talking to my friend Briannas cousin online. He is so cool! He likes all the same music as me and stuff it was awesome. OMG yesterday, well I have these guy neighbors that like to hang out in front of my window and play foot ball in the street (My window faces the street.) and yesterday one of them walked by my window with their friends and his friend was HOT! He looked like a little punk rocker dude he was so cute he looked about 14 and i was blasting Finch out my window as usual and they stopped in front my window. I was sitting on my bed right next to the window with my stereo and he looked up and said something to my neighbor and he shugged and then the hot guy waved to my and smiled and I waved back and they continued up the street. We had a moment. Lol. Yep. Hehe was HOT!!! Since I moved about a couple of months ago I haven't really had time to talk to my nieghbors or get to know them. I wish I did know them so I can talk to their friends. Like a few days ago a bunch of guys were in front of my window it was like 10:00 at night and they were just hanging out.
Well anyways I watched my drive-thru records DVD about 20 times yesterday! "Buddy's so cultured...." hehe. "I'm not cultured, I'm not fuckin cultured, Fuck you! You don't even know how to read a map." lol. Senses Fail rock! I saw them when I went to go see Finch like last month with A Static Lullaby and The Movielife. Yea. That was an awesome show! I got to meet Mike from Senses Fail too. I was going to the bathroom right after Senses Fail played and I wanted a Sense Fail shirt and Mike was at the merch stand all sweaty and stuff. It was great!!! Lol. Yep. And I got to see Randy in all his Randyness... Man I'd pull his pants off with my teeth... Lol. He is the hottest fucker EVER!!! Randy rawks my world! He's so sexy..... Well yea. So is Benji from Good Charlotte those are the 2 hottest guys ever. I'm kinda sick of people calling Good Charlotte sellouts. THEYRE NOT. Just because they're on MTV makes them sellouts I see. Well i hate MTV (they play to much crap it's suppose to be music television!) but that's not the point. The point is a sellout is a person or group pf people that change their style of music just to be popular. Good Charlotte's music has always been Pop-Punk. Happy sounding music ya know. Just becuase people actually enjoy their music and buy their CD don't make them sellouts. It's not like they did this on purpose... Well that's it for me for right now see ya.

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Warped Tour & Spring Break [09 Apr 2003|10:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Cute without the "e"- Taking Back Sunday ]

Howdy! I just found out that this one rumor with finch might be true! I was on their website a couple of days ago and this guy on the message boards posted that Finch was dropping outta Warped Tour due to "personal reasons" what the fuck is that suppose to mean. Then this guy kept saying oh they're gonna break up, they're gonna break up. It made me so mad I swear if they broke up I would jump off the roof of my house. I LOVE FINCH MORE THEN LIFE ITSELF!!! My family is all mad at me because I don't love them anymore. Lol. Well anyways, I decided to check for myself so I went to the Warped Tour website to see what's up. So I'm looking at the complete list of bands and I don't see Finch. I start to panic. I guess it's kinda dumb for me to get all worried becayse they weren't even gonna be on tour when the tour was gonna be here, but what about all the other Finch fans, Huh? They're being let down. It's kinda dumb to that they don't post it in the news, but yet it says that Avril Lavinge isn't gonna be there. OMG MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND ME! AVRIL ISN'T GONNA BE AT WARPED TOUR. *sarcasm* Who the FUCK cares about AVRIL? She a stupid popstar. It makes me so mad. Oh well. I'm still gonna go cuz i wanna see Taking Back Sunday and the Used.
Spring break is now only 2 days away! 2 weeks, NO 3 weeks! I forgot my moms putting me on independent study the week I'm suppose to go back because she's going to Vegas and I don't have a ride to school and i live like 2 miles away from school. YES!!! My mom's making me stay at my dads for the 2 weeks were off because she's sick of us kids. Lol. I like it at my dads better anyways. He lets me stay up as late as I want, he lets me watch anything I want, he lets me stay on the phone or computer all day, It's great! Well I'm gonna go to bed now. Bye. FEED THE BLACK!

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[08 Apr 2003|06:40am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | The only good fascist is a very dead fascist - Propagandi ]

Yay! Only 3 more days 'til Spring Break! Woohoo! I'm gonna sit all vacation long and watch little kid shows like blues clues and bob the builder! And watch my 2 awesome dvds, my Drive-thru Recods one and the Atticus Dragging the Lake video because they both have my sexy stud Randy Im them. My future husband, my soulmate, the father of my babies. LOL. That's going a little bit crazy. He's so cute and he's only 19 (Only 6 years older then me I still have a chance!) and he plays in a little band called Finch, he's guitarist (his guitar turns me on!). Oh well I'll i gots ta say is that he's my sexy ho, my byatch if you will. Lol. so yea well that it bye.

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Stuff [02 Apr 2003|09:30am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Ruby Soho-Rancid ]

{x} current clothes: drive thru shirt and red dickies
{x} current mood: bored
{x} current taste: root beer
{x} current hair: pony tail
{x} current annoyance: my brother
{x} current smell: dust
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: my homework
{x} current desktop picture: Good Charlotte
{x} current favorite group: Finch and GC
{x} current book: BOOK?
{x} current refreshment: Root Beer
{x} current worry: I'll be alone forever
{x} current crush: Randy Strohmeyer
{x} current favorite celebrity: Benji Madden
{x} food: Chinese
{x} drink: DUDE ROOT BEER!
{x} color: black and red
{x} shoes: adios biatch
{x} candy: Skittles
{x} TV show: Uranium
{x} movie: Van Wilder
{x} dance: Slam
{x} vegetable: potato
{x} fruit: pineapple
{x} who do you like: Benji Madden
{x} who likes you: Nobody *Unloved*
{x} what annoys you: people
{x} what do you want to do: listen to music
{x} who is one person you never get sick of: Randy Strohmeyer
{x} who is one person you would marry tomorrow: Benji Madden
{x} do you sleep on your back, stomach or side? side
{x} what would you take if you were stuck on a deserted island? Benji, my stereo and my whole cd collection, lots of kinky sex toys (for me and benj')
{x} who would you take to that island if you had to take anyone, dead or alive? Benji
{x} do you like the water? yep
{x} if your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would you save? My Finch cd
{x} have you ever said `i love you` and not meant it? yea when i'm talking to my grandma lol
{x} what is your favorite sesame street character? big bird
{x} what time is it? i dunno late
{x} what time did you wake up this morning? around noon
{x} who would you trade places with for a day? Juliya from uranium
{x} from what countries do the best accents come from? france or french-canadian
{x} if you could kiss one person before you die, who would it be? randy or benji probably benji cuz ive been fantasizing about him latley
{x} have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? no
{x} finish this sentence. "i wouldn't be caught dead.. " : hanging out with avril lavigne
{x} what is the worst thing that can happen on a date? i dunno fart?
{x} do you regret any of your past relationships? no never dated anyone *unloved*
{x} would you rather live in the mountains or by the ocean? by the ocean
{x} cried: yes
{x} bought something: yes
{x} gotten sick: yes
{x} eaten: yeah
{x} been kissed: no
{x} felt stupid: always
{x} wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: yea
{x} moved on: huh
{x} talked to an ex: ---
{x} missed an ex: ----
{x} talked to someone you have a crush on: no
{x} had a serious talk: yea
{x} missed someone: yeah
{x} hugged someone: no
{x} fought with your parents: yea
{x} dreamed about someone you can't be with: yes!!!!

social life
{x} best girl friend: Bree and Caitlyn
{x} best guy friend: David and Andy
{x} boyfriend: n/a
{x} if no, current dating partner: no1
{x} hobbies: music!
{x} pager: no
{x} are you center of attention or the wallflower: both sometimes it depends the situation
{x} what type of automobile do you drive: i dont drive yet
{x} would you rather be with friends or on a date: date dammit!
{x} do you have a job: not yet
{x} do you attend church: nope
{x} do you like being around people: sometimes
{x} who is your role model: Juliya from Uranium and Brody Armstrong
{x} have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: ALL THE TIME LMAO
{x} have you ever cried over the opposite sex: yes
{x} do you have a "type" of person you always go after: punk rockers (tats r so sexy)
{x} have you ever lied to your best friend: yea
{x} ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: yes
{x} rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship
{x} want someone you don't have right now: yes
{x} ever liked your best guy friend: yes
{x} do you want to get married: yes
{x} do you want kids: yes
{x} what is your favorite part of your physical appearance: im ugly
{x} what is your favorite part of your emotional being: humor
{x} are you happy with you: not really
{x} are you happy with your life: could be worse
{x} if you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: I'd be with benji
Love Macy

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