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Wednesday, February 9, 2005


Ahh, so sleepy. I think I'm catching "the cold" as my mother would say in her broken english. I certainly hope not. I am supposed to be going to Cincinatti this weekend with a friend of mine, Stephanie, to visit her family, well, namely her cousin, Luke. Its going to be Valentines weekend, so it's not like I'm in love with this guy. He's simply a really fun guy ... and who wants to spend another Valentines day alone? It's going to be an hour drive. Eek.

Call me negative, but I have this bad feeling that we won't be able to go. First of all, I have this other friend, Shannon, and she really wants to go this weekend too. But, um, Shan can get a little out of hand. She invited herself on this trip. I can't take her for eight whole hours. Oh geeze. Plus, I am going to be spending time with Luke (that's Steph's cousin ... did I say that already?) and Steph is going to be with her family ... where is Shan gonna be? Either way she will be a third wheel. But there is no way of telling her that she isn't invited because that girl has a vicious temper. And to top this all off, Steph says that she is going to try and get a job between now and Friday, so that could change our plans. And tonight she made the comment that if she's sick or if I'm sick ... then we aren't going to go. Ok look, I'm a big girl. If we can't go ... that's completely chill. I don't care. Just don't play me. Be straight up, ya kno? Hm ... this should be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Current mood: sleepy
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