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Some meme. [23 Mar 2005|11:52pm]
1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Have you ever had a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain it.
7. Describe me in 1 word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When was the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this in your blurty and see what I say about you?
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It's dusty in here. [16 Mar 2005|12:28pm]
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[31 Aug 2004|01:30am]
Any clevelanders want to come with me thursday night to watch a preview screening of Shaun of the Dead with Q&A afterwards? It's only in Atlanta.
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Whoops [08 Jun 2004|12:39am]
Well, I dunno when I last made an entry.

How is everyone out there?

I finished school for the year, and in a week I'm shooting a video with Three-Jay for M&M/Mars. I'll be flying up to the Windy City on the company account and damn if that isn't sweet. I've got to talk to the rental house and make sure they reserve a camera and some lights for us.

The suck part is that I'll be missing my first three days of JOY School while I traipse around up there.


If it all goes well, then we'll come back in August and shoot some more stuff.

Lucky me, I get to record the sound.

And edit. And from the sound of things, there are going to be at least 3 or 4 different cuts if all goes according to ze plan.

Over and out for another few months of radio silence,
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Howdy [19 Mar 2004|12:30pm]
Hey kids,

How's it going?
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IT'SA MY BIRTH-A-DAY! [06 Dec 2003|02:59pm]
You really ought to buy me a present.

But seriously. I had a lot of fun last night. Hopefully that trend will carry over to tonight.

Say no to alcohol kids. It's serious bidness.
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i watched some movies this month... [01 Dec 2003|03:02pm]
November Movies
11/1- The Nightmare Before Christmas (print) ******
11/1- An American Werewolf in London (print) ****
11/1- The Royal Tenenbaums (DVD) ****
11/1- CHUD ***
11/3- The Nightmare before christmas (DVD) *****
11/3- Mars Attacks (Print) ****
11/4- Stagecoach (print) ***
11/5- Matrix: Revolutions (print) -**
11/6- Casablanca (print) *****(*) Bogey bonus
11/6- A Brief History of Time(p) ****
11/9- Derrida(p) ***
11/9- Unforgiven(p) ****
11/10- Miller's Crossing(p) ****
11/12- Singing in the Rain(p) ****
11/14- Kissing Jessica Stein(p) ****
11/15- Rushmore(DVD) ****
11/16- The Wild Bunch Director's Cut(print) **.5
11/16- The Usual Suspects(print) ****
11/17- Critters(p)***
11/17- Freedom Downtime(DivX)*****
11/19- Romeo + Juliet(DVD)****
11/21- Young Frankenstein(print)*****
11/22- Run Lola Run(print) * x a bazillion
11/24- Spirited Away (DVD) *****
11/26- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(DVD) *****
11/27- Beetlejuice(DVD)*****
11/27- Bubba Ho-Tep(print)***(*) BC bonus
11/27- Fear and Loathing on the Road to Hollywood(DVD)***
11/27- Edward Scissorhands(DVD) ******
11/28- O Brother, Where Art Thou?(DVD) *****
11/28- The Missing(print) **
11/28- The Hills Have Eyes(DVD) *** [maybe, i need to see again undistracted]
11/29- Swingers(DVD) ***
11/30- The Station Agent(Print) ****

This months recurring theme is apparently Tim Burton...
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Once again, in lieu of content. [07 Oct 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | busy ]


               FADE IN:


               A light rain is falling on Olympia. What moonlight that is 
               able to penetrate the thick layers of clouds overhead reflects 
               eerily off the puddles of rainwater and the fog. 

               The light illuminates the silhouette of a large man as he 
               trudges steadily north along the interstate's shoulder. His 
               features are obscured by the darkness, but he appears to 
               have a large bulky sack thrown over one shoulder.

               The man approaches a sign. He adjusts the weight of the large 
               cloth bag and, rubbing his chin, attempts to discern what 
               the sign says. Lightning flashes and illuminates both the 
               sign that reads, "Exit 105 - Port of Olympia" and THOR's 

               Thor, the god of thunder, nods to himself and continues down 
               the exit ramp.



               A sleek black limousine pulls around the front of the elegante 
               facade of the expensive Italian eatery and stops in front of 
               the entrance to the restaurant. The limo's back door opens 
               and a STEWARD quickly steps out opening an umbrella for one 
               of the passengers.

                         Right this way, sir.

               TYR, the Norse god of law and justice, climbs out of the 
               limo, carrying a attaché case in his left hand. His right 
               hand is missing, bitten off long ago. He is clean shaven and 
               his blonde hair is cut short and stylish. His eyes are hidden 
               behind a pricey set of designer sunglasses. He is wearing a 
               crisp dark suit. It, too, looks very expensive. 

               Tyr's movements are calculated and precise. He is very careful 
               not to acknowledge the steward's presence. Tyr strides into 
               the restaurant and the steward clumsily tries to keep the 
               umbrella over him.

               ODIN climbs out of the limo next. He is an old, almost 
               grandfatherly, man wearing a black suit and a red tie. His 
               full grey beard matches the color of his hair, which is close 
               cut and well receded. Odin's most prominent accesory is a 
               black silk eyepatch.

               The steward comes running back to help the old man out of 
               the vehicle. He takes Odin by the arm and is promptly thrown 
               to the ground. The steward looks up at Odin, more frightened 
               than hurt.

                         I do not need your assistance, whelp!

               The Steward whimpers. Odin glares at the sprawled young man 
               then slams the limo door and stalks into the restaurant.


               EXT. MOM'S DINER -- NIGHT

               Thor looks through the thickening storm at Mom's Diner and 
               Truck Stop at the top of a high hill. The inside of the diner 
               is well lit and there seems to be a lot of commotion going 
               on inside.

               Thor secures the bag and starts up the hill. 


               INT. MOM'S DINER -- NIGHT

               The gods of old are having a good time eating, drinking, and 
               telling tales of the good old days. The diner is made up of 
               the standard linolium and vinyl color combinations that only 
               greasy truck stops and the criminally insane can acheive.

               A sign hangs by the door. It reads, "MOM'S DINER/EST. 
               1952/Valerie Carrington, PROPRIETOR."

               VAL, one of the last of the Valkyries, is a plump redhead in 
               her fifties. She leans on the counter, a cigarette hanging 
               out of the corner of her mouth. She is chatting with ANUBIS.

               ANUBIS, Egyptian judge of the dead, is a tall slender black 
               man. He is by far the sharpest dressed of the bunch. He's 
               wearing a black suit with coattails that seem almost 
               outrageous in this day and age. His head is neatly shaved 
               and an cheap pair of drugstore sunglasses hide his eyes.

                          Any word from the big guy, Val?

                         Not a peep since he called for the 
                         meeting. To tell you the truth, I'm 
                         getting a little worried.

                         You don't think they...

                         I wouldn't put it past the sons-of-
                         bitches. They've already shown how 
                         well they can be trusted.

               Anubis grunts in agreement as Val takes a drag. She grinds 
               the half-finished cigarette out in an ashtray.

                                     VAL (CONT'D)
                         Sure, he's not always been the most 
                         punctual guy, but he would never 
                         call for a gathering without an 

               Val is interupted by the door being kicked open hard enough 
               to almost knock it off its hinges. The room is startled into 
               silence. The bell above the door DINGS and CLATTERS to the 

               Thor limps in, cradling the sack in his arms. He is soaked 
               in blood. Anubis pulls off his shades to get a better look 
               at him, revealing that he has yellow eyes.

                         Holy Shit...

               A murmuring rises amongst the assembled gods. Val quickly 
               moves over to Thor.

                         Thor, are you okay?

               Thor throws his bundle to the ground. It lands with a THUD. 
               The ropes holding the tarp around its contents have snapped 
               and a high-powered rifle goes spinning across the floor. The 
               bloody body of APOLLO lies motionless on the floor.

               Thor presses one arm against his belly and the others realize 
               that not all of the blood on Thor is Apollo's. Thor sounds 
               as if he's been shot in the lung.

                         We have been betrayed. Apollo made 
                         his choice and he has suffered the 

               Thor is wracked by a spasm of coughing. He spits blood at 
               the corpse and collapses.



               Odin and Tyr make their way to a private room at the Gondolier 
               where ZEUS waits for them. The room is lit primarly with 
               track lights and candles, obviously meant more for romance 
               than shady business dealings. Zeus motions for the two to 
               sit down.

                         We have a problem, gentlemen. Our 
                         gambit did not pay off.

                         Thor? He survived?

                         Not only does he still live, but he 
                         now is certain of the Child's 

                         Perhaps we were wrong in placing our 
                         trust in the traitor Apollo.

                         You underestimated Thor's power.

                         Did you really think that a simple 
                         firearm could really kill my son? 
                         Honestly, Zeus, you're going senile 
                         in your old age.

                         Apollo is the greatest marksman ever 
                         to walk the Earth.


                         Excuse me?

                         Apollo was the greatest marksman 
                         ever to walk the Earth. Thor is not 
                         the kind of boy to let someone who 
                         tried to kill him go with a warning. 
                         I have no doubt that your sniper is 
                         no more. As for Thor learning of the 
                         Child, that is your own fault as 
                         well. You place far too much trust 
                         in familiar people. You must remember, 
                         Zeus, the old pantheons are broken. 
                         We are all fighting for survival in 
                         these times. Our worshipers are few 
                         and very far between. There are no 
                         great temples to be praised in. There 
                         are no sacrificial virgins to be 
                         had. There are none to die for our 
                         cause but us.

               Zeus sighs.

                         You are right, my old friend.

                         Fortunately, not all of us have to 
                         die for our cause. Sacrifices must 
                         be made, however.

                                     ODIN (CONT'D)
                         I am afraid that you've fallen too 
                         far from Olympus to be of use to us 
                         any longer. My son may be an idiot, 
                         but I do not appreciate it when people 
                         try to kill him.

               Zeus's eyes grow wide and he gulps very loudly.

                         Now, look, Odin...I had to do it. He 
                         was putting us all in...

               Odin nods to Tyr. Zeus eyes grow wider still as Tyr flips 
               open the attaché case and pulls out a very large silenced 
               pistol. Engraved along the side of the pistol is the word 

               Zeus scrambles out of the chair and tries to run. Tyr calmy 
               pistol whips Zeus and he falls to his knees. The candles 
               cast a flickering silhouette of the two across the wall behind 

                                     ZEUS (CONT'D)
                         Please! No.. No! Don't do it!

               Tyr places the barrel against Zeus's forehead and pulls the 
               trigger. The gun THWIPS with the distinctive sound of a 
               silenced gunshot. Blood splatters across the wall and Zeus 
               collapses like a sack of potatos. Odin smiles.

                         Good bye, Old friend.

               Tyr puts the gun back in his case as Odin rises. The pair 
               quickly and calmly leave the room, closing the door behind 



               Thor returns to conciouness in Val's dimly lit apartment 
               situated above the diner proper. His jacket and shirt have 
               been cut off and lie in a bloody heap in the corner.

               Thor has been patched up. A length of bandage has been wrapped 
               around his chest. He sits up groggily and peers around the 

               His eyes stop on the beautiful DANA, a tall slender woman 
               with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes. She's wearing a 
               fuzzy green sweater and brown corduroy pants. A first aid 
               kit sits in her lap.

                         So finally the thunder god stirs.

                                     DANA (CONT'D)
                         I was beginning to think we'd seen 
                         the last of the Odinson.

               Thor grunts a short laughter. Then, immediately regreting 
               it, he winces.

                         It'll be a long time before this 
                         world will be rid of me. Is everyone 

                         Downstairs? Yes, and eagerly awaiting 
                         news from you, I'd wager. You sure 
                         do know how to make an entrance.

                Thor half-smiles and stands up, trying to ignore the waves 
               of pain. Dana also rises, hands on her hips.

                                     DANA (CONT'D)
                         And just where do you think you're 

                         Like you said, my public awaits.

               Dana moves over to Thor and waggles a finger at him like an 
               angry mother.

                         And they can just go on waiting. 
                         You've got to get some rest.

               Thor puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her on the 

                         Don't worry about me. We thunder 
                         gods heal quickly.

               Thor opens the door and walks down the narrow staircase.

               INT. MOM'S DINER -- NIGHT

               The various gods and goddesses in Mom's Diner are heavily 
               engaged in coversation, merrymaking, various drinking contests 
               and scarfing down some greasy home-cooked meals courtesy of 

               Everything goes quiet as Thor enters the room. Thor walks 
               between the tables, silently nodding to the assembled deities. 
               Upon reaching the center of the room, Thor looks around and 
               clears his throat.

                              (addressing the gods)
                         We are not what we once were. Long 
                         ago people worshiped us. They feared 
                         us. They looked to us for guidance. 
                         Now we're lucky if the masses even 
                         acknowledge that we ever existed. 
                         We've been consigned to a few passages 
                         in a history book. We, who once held 
                         the power to shape the fates of this 
                         world, now struggle to maintain even 
                         the most mundane of existences.

               This  provokes a murmur from the crowd.

                                     THOR (CONT'D)
                         We were immortal, once. And, we still 
                         are in some respects. Until we are 
                         utterly forgotten, we will never be 
                         gone, but if Zeus is correct, there 
                         is only so much belief to go around, 
                         which is why he and his minions want 
                         so much to get rid of us all. While 
                         we hold as true to the Old Ways as 
                         we can, Zeus has forsaken all that 
                         he stood for in his day. He is nothing 
                         than a scared old fool vying for any 
                         sort of power he can get ahold of. 
                         He holds dominion of Phone companies, 
                         Internet Providers, and Tech Stocks.

               These last few words come out of Thor like someone trying to 
               read in a foreign language. The internet makes as much sense 
               to Thor as a pocket calculator makes to a fish.

                                     THOR (CONT'D)
                         He grows powerful from these things, 
                         indeed, but he also grows arrogant. 
                         He sends a traitor to put an end to 
                         me and our cause.

               Thor indicates the bundle, which has been rolled back up and 
               placed off to one side.

                                     THOR (CONT'D)
                         However, he put too much trust in 
                         this loose-tongued turncoat.

               The assembled gods whisper to each other. Thor ignores them.

                                     THOR (CONT'D)
                          Even with all the strength of his 
                         technology, Zeus's power wanes. He 
                         needed a way to restore him to his 
                         former glory, but he needed to do it 
                         without massive temples and human 
                         sacrifices. He found it.

               The gods' whispering grows even louder. Thor raises his hands 
               to quiet them.

                                     THOR (CONT'D)
                         There is a child with a special power 
                         of belief. This Child has all the 
                         powers of a god, but no ability to 
                         control himself. Zeus charged Apollo 
                         with the task of abducting the child. 
                         I got in the way.

               A young CHAOS GOD, garbed in a tattered Sex Pistols T-shirt 
               and plaid pants, stands up and yells across the room at Thor.

                                     CHAOS GOD
                         How the 'ell do you know this ain't 
                         some kind of set-up?

                         My source is very reliable.

                                     CHAOS GOD
                         What, you mean him?

               The Chaos god points to Apollo's corpse.

                                     CHAOS GOD (CONT'D)
                         You're basing all this on the rambling 
                         of a dying man?

               Thor shakes his head and pulls open the door way. He calls 
               out a CAW into the wind and rain. HUGINN, the Raven of Thought 
               who once belonged to Odin, flies in and lands on Thor's broad 

               A few gods gasp in recognition. Anubis moves towards Thor.

                         Hey, man, do you think that's wise? 
                         Bringing him here and all?

                         Don't worry, friend, Huginn is loyal 
                         to only me, now.
                              (Adressing the gods 
                              once again.)
                         Now, we must find the Child and 
                         protect him from the enemy! Focus 
                         your minds and seek out his power. 
                         Can you feel it? All the Power that 
                         ever was and ever will be flows 
                         through him. The Child is like a 
                         lighthouse on a midnight coast! If 
                         we can claim him, then we can retake 
                         the world!

               The gods cheer uproariously!


               The CHEERS of the gods of old echo through the night. In a 
               nice little neighborhood of perfect families with pretty 
               houses, a small BOY looks out his window and up at the night 
               sky. He hears the laughing of the ancients planning his fate. 
               He is scared. He draws the covers up to his chin.

               Lightning flashes outside and thunder BOOMS loud enough to 
               rattle the windows in the neighbor hood. Like a knife the 
               lightning slices open the sky and the rain plummets from the 
               sky like so much blood.

               The boy pulls the covers all the way over his head, curls 
               up, and sleeps a restless night.


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Anything else [26 Sep 2003|12:54am]
"Couldn't you tell I was into you by the way I was ignoring you?"
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Well. [11 Sep 2003|12:16am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I leave for school in the morning. if you want to see me before i go, well, too bad. It's too late now. That's what you get for not paying any goddamn attention.

See you around, assuming i survive the trip up there.

In other great fucking news, thanks to the School of the Arts accepting someone To-Fucking-Night, my already cramped double room will now be a triple. Hot damn.

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Evil George Jetson [02 Sep 2003|11:42pm]
First off, I just got back from atlanta. I drove down to see American Splendor. It was an excellent film and a great little theater. If you get a chance to hit up the Tara, do it. They show the more independent of films and whatnot. All the trailers are for movie i want to see. Once upon a time in the midlands especially.

And now, the movies i've seen in august.

The Big Lebowski ****
Surf Nazis Must Die ***
The Toxic Avenger ****
Python (w/director's commentary) ***(*) +1 Wil Wheaton Bonus
Bend It Like Beckham *****
Toxic Avenger Part II *
Stand by Me (w/director's commentary) ****(*)
About Schmidt ***
Toxic Avenger Part III *
Toxic Crusaders ***
Toxic Avenger Part IV ****
Cannibal: the Musical ****
Apocalypse: Soon ***
Cannibal: the Musical ****
Cannibal: the Musical (w/drunken commentary) *****
American Psycho ****
Fight Club *****
Ed Wood ****
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on Heaven's Door ****
Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail (w/DC) ****
SLC Punk! ***
Lawrence of Arabia *****(*) Peter motherfuckin' o`toole bonus
Dogma ****
Freddy vs. Jason ***
Chicago ****
Rabbit Proof Fence (<3 a.b.) ****
Cecil B. Demented ****
Bowling for Columbine ****
Equilibrium (w/DC) ****
8/26 Open Range ****
8/26 Animal House ****
8/27 Road to Perdition [DISC ERROR FUCKER]
8/27 Cecil B. Demented (w/john waters commentary)
8/28 Day of the Dead ***
8/29 Junk [japenese zombie movie] ***
8/30 Road to Perdition *****
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To the high school kids. [02 Sep 2003|01:12pm]
Sorry I didn't make it today, but I couldn't get myself to sleep last night. Around 4:30 I realized that waking up that early would be bad for me. Especially with driving to Atlanta.

Maybe tomorrow. Or Friday.
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I don't update much anymore, on account of the eye. [31 Aug 2003|04:23am]
I think that i'm in love with allison banks.

I'd like to have flowery prose to back it up. But it's late and all the letters and words have gone to bed, and i'd rather not wake them.
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[26 Aug 2003|09:45pm]
It was me.
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Damnation. [26 Aug 2003|05:41pm]
Soul Calibur II didn't arrive today.


I did get Animal House and Day of the Dead, though, so it wasn't a total waste.
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[21 Aug 2003|02:00am]
My friends, you are posting far too many things.

You are making me look bad.

I have Mr. Show Season 3 and Bowling for Columbine now.

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Hang the bastard, hang him high... [13 Aug 2003|02:55am]
I'm od'ing on movies this month. I think it's a sick need to make up for last month. I've watched Alfred Packer: The Musical 3 times in 2 days. Blahhhhhhhr.

I'm gonna try and watch American Psycho: Unrated before i sleep.

Anyone want to watch a movie some time?
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doh [12 Aug 2003|02:58am]
I meant to write a bunch of long and glorious entries about all my friends. Y'know like a series, but it's way to much to do, so maybe just a line or two a day. I'll start with laura.

You're a ray of sunshine on what would've been an otherwise cloudy day, a breath of fresh air. I don't think you know how much of an impact you have on the people around you. Just your presence lifts people spirits. You seem so alive at times that it's almost intimidating. And you're magnificently weird. I don't mean like in a carrot-top way or anything, just off-the-wall, out-of-the-box or whatever cliche you can think of enough to make me look at things from a different point of view.

I'll miss you.

Who's next?
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HEADACHE BAD. [10 Aug 2003|12:08am]




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C'est moi. [08 Aug 2003|01:21am]

You're The Cheat

You are a very evil person, but lack true ambition. You are a follower instead of a leader. You have many entertaining hobbies, and are probably a real interesting person, but no one can understand you. You'll probably be kicked around your entire life.

Which Homestar Runner Character Am I?

Content is for pussies.
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