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11th August 2006

1:29pm: Welcome to Lia's world of Random
Hi everyone, my name is Lia.
right now I'm trying to figure out...what the hell kind of hairstyle I should invest in!
I have $200 to spend on a hairstyle..and I can't decide what to do?
Should I get it cut or keep the natural length..or get it extended to a ridiculously long length? haha I dunno, I'm starting to get aggravated with this constant indecision. Well, let's see...I really want a "NEW LOOK" to go with my "NEW, something" I dunno..I just want something different! But not too where it's like everyone I run in to is commenting on how "different" I look haha! Now thats bad...very bad.

Well, I can't go anywhere until my boyfriend comes back with my car...his Lino <3 L o v e H i m
anywayss...I drive an 01' Saab 95 aero!* its a cute car, I really want an 06' 93 those..are LUX/FAB!! The most disgusting thing happened today..the dog, the well-trained dog...peeeed on..Get this....THE BED!!!!!! of all places..I've never heard of a dog peeing on a bed before..I was like, gees you gotta be kidding me..what you like the bed that much you felt the need to claim it? His name is Fat... one word: A w e s o m e !! well except for today because the little shmuck pissed on the bed and ruined the sheets...(he's not really a shmuck by the way) and I had to pour bleach all over the bed and scrub out the peeeee....and then use Lysol..and more bleach and water..Ugh! what a MaFuggin mess (HEHE).

It's Friday..damn I just realized that* Ohmygersh..PULSE comes out tonight* I wonder if I can convince Lino to go...he says its useless going to see a scary movie with me because I cover my eyes the entire time haha...I say..ONLY on the GORY SCENES !!! (hehe) now if its a movie like "Hostel" then Ya! I had my eyes covered the entire movie because the movie...let's just say it should've been called "GORE" and I'm not talking about Al Gore okay...I'm talking about BLOODY, UCKY, YUCKY...NASTY stuff...

Now what Hairstyle? hmmm...I'll let you know when I's that?

ttul Sunshine
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