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2nd June 2004

7:38pm: Thunderboomers!
So, yesterday Brent showed up at my place to borrow an old OAC Finite Textbook that I had managed to get my hands on. Well, while I was making cookies I noticed a thunderstorm coming. Brent then started making fun of me because I was dancing around the kitchen singing “thunderboomer, thunderboomer!” with a spoon in my hand. I explained to him how I love thunderstorms, as well as how Samara and I used to make forts out of my bed, curtains, and some clothes pegs and have sleepovers during thunderstorms when we were younger. I must say, after yesterday’s events I cannot decide if I like thunderstorms more or less, for just after I finished cleaning up from cookie making, my brother called up from the basement for our dad. I knew that dad wouldn’t hear him over the storm so yelled down to him (meanwhile thinking “If you want to talk to dad, come up and talk to him”). I got a response to the extent of “the basement is leaking”. So, I yelled up to my dad and ran down stairs. When we discovered it was the in ground window that was leaking (and might burst) I grabbed a bucket and started out in to the torrential downpour and started bailing out the windowsill. Evan stayed inside and caught the water in an empty garbage can. He did come out and continue bailing while I grabbed a few bricks from the front and started building a wall around the windowsill because the water was coming in faster than I could bail it. Somewhere in the middle, my brother went in to keep catching water and dad came out and started digging a trench in my brother’s skateboard shoes. That was the funny part. We eventually got everything bailed out without much damage aside from a wet wall and carpet, a nice trench running the length of our backyard and up either side of our house (there was about 3 inches of water up the one side of our house) and uprooting numerous plants in my mom’s garden. Then we went over and helped our neighbours, Harry and Linda, who were having construction done and now have an inground pool… in their basement. After this, I extended the trench so it would run out to the road and then I went across the street and bailed out Deb’s staircase that leads down into her basement. Most people would hate this, but I had a whole bunch of fun (despite my back hurting now and I have to put the backyard back together tomorrow). I was soaked to the bone, covered in mud and grit, yet laughing like crazy (much like when I was half yelling and half laughing at the waves that kept coming into the canoe on the way back from Killarney). I have been told numerous times that I am backwards and here is just one more proof!
7:51pm: The Problems of Mixing Laundry and Astrophysics...
So, I randomly stumbled on another blog the other day and along with a few other Trek quotations, I found this. It gave me a great laugh, being a Physicist (well, working on getting there!) and I thought I would share it with all of you out there. You don't have to be a Pysicist to find it funny though. Enjoy!

"Laundry is the fifth dimension!! ... um ... um ... th' washing machine
is a black hole and the pink socks are bus drivers who just fell in!!"
9:46pm: I may not be a Trekkie
A few comments on the Trek quotations I found on the other blog I ran into...

"Emotions are alien to me. I'm a scientist."
-- Spock, "This Side of Paradise", stardate 3417.3
So is it a problem if I am an "unemotional" scientist, yet an "emotional" female? What does that make me? Quasi-emotional? I must say, that is far better than either extreme...

"Evil does seek to maintain power by suppressing the truth."
"Or by misleading the innocent."
-- Spock and McCoy, "And The Children Shall Lead",
stardate 5029.5.
I just thought that this spoke truth on so many levels, so decided to share.
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