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crucial 94% [6th Aug 2003 | 22:50]
Mm, I had my first assessment as part of my training today and what did I get? Yes, a nice 94%. We needed at least 85% so I'm pretty pleased. WOO!

Tomorrow the second and last assessment and I actually have the job.

Oh, did I mention that its my birthday on Tuesday?
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[ mood  |  cranky ]

Stupid Caps. Hmmm... I'm hell bored.

I have a new wonderful job. I'm in training at the moment, it was all good on Monday when I was there at 7am and finishing at 3. thinking this is coo I'll be like this for the next 2 weeks. Which is good because Josh works 7-3 and how perfect is that?

We get this little quiz and turns out I'm a little smarter than 12 other people. So us 12 that are smarter are going to be training in ADSL and not home and therefore our training times have been changed from 7-3, to 2pm-10. Hence I don't see Josh and its only been a day and a half since I've seen him and I'm feelin all depressive inside. Yesterday it was worse but I was still gettin over my anger of this stupid place.

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I never knew that loving you would be so entertaining [14th Jul 2003 | 20:10]
[ mood  |  content ]
[ music  |  Gus and Frank - So Entertaining ]

... one minute the sun is out, next thing its raining.

Today that song was on as I got into the car. I was singing it loud and good on the way home from work keeping to the back of my mind that its Josh and I... Ok, thats not true. Josh and I of the past 2 days.
I'm a wreck because of it, I was so worried today that he didn't want me anymore. Heh, I just shook my head now and smiled... I'm so whipped, but it feels good.

Anyhow, I went over to his place this arvo, I don't think he was to willing but I wanted things sorted and good again (i talk like its been this way for weeks don't I?). I took over the toy I bought him yesterday (yah, he likes toys so I bought a Foot Soldier from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... they've re-released em he has em all now cept for Splinter). I went over there and gave him it and he seemed happy about it. Kissed and hugged me which I was so happy about. I hate when I don't get to touch him.

He started drinking a bit. I hate it, I know I should be like 'he's only sayin this cause he's been drinkin' but he was saying how much he loves me and wants to be with me forever. I couldn't help but smile, wondering how long I'd be happy for and if he'll mean it tomorrow. For now I'm all cloud nine though.

We were watching Neighbours - as you do... its like our thing. we're so hip on the neighbours scene :P - and how Lori and Connor are havin the pregnancy issue and Josh said he'd be so happy if we found out that I was pregnant. Meanwhile I kinda thought I was this month (i'm not... phew!) and was thinking about how I was scared and would never want it. But seeing his enthusiasm I think if we were together longer and it came down to it I'd have a child for him just because he wants kids so bad.

I can't believe I just said that

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love is in the air.... do do do, do do do [30th Jun 2003 | 21:47]
[ mood  |  giddy ]

Myes, Josh and I have been together for a month today and it still feels so good and right and anything else thats good. I can't believe how much I feel for him after this much time. I've never felt this way about anyone before. What I felt for Scott doesn't compare and we were together for 5 times as long.
I cried at work because of him (Josh). I said something stupid and he took it the wrong way and I was like 'don't be angry I'm sorry' and said that a million times and of course he hugged me. I was crying (it seems to be a weakness with me. Anyone will hug me if I'm crying... that doesn't mean I did it on purpose to make Josh not angry with me anymore). I was also hell stressed. Hugh and I were meant to be working together... notice the italics. He wasn't helping me and I was getting swamped and wanted to hit something. But the point was I cried for that. I hate him being angry and especially with me.

Uhm, what else... I don't know, nothing seems to matter except him at the moment. When I'm with him I think of how I can make him happy and when I'm not with him I'm wishing I was.

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Free from germs [13th Jun 2003 | 09:27]
[ mood  |  happy ]
[ music  |  we built this city, yeah we built this city on rock and roll ]

Test results... negative. To EVERYTHING! Woo YEAH!

I got a lot tested hehe. Hep B & C, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Diabetes, Iron, my chlorestorl.... however you spell that.
Yeah, but my doctor suggested a Hep B immunisation shot.. well 3 because they come in 3's. Just for me to be safe.

So Josh and I are happy, we're infection free. YAY!

And well I'm happy... so damn happy :) That emoticon doesn't gage it. I'm hell happy and I'm missin Josh hell bad right now and it hasn't even been 24hrs since I saw him last but I'm getting twinges in my tummy whenever I think of him... which is like always :D

I see him in 2.5 hrs. Thankfully! :P

Bye kids... and Kel if you read this, where are ya chica? Haven't seen you in yonks!

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