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  bartender, you see
this wine that's drinking me
came from the vine that strung Judas
from the devil's tree roots
deep, deep in the ground
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[09 May 2003|05:53am]
bertho, you owe me a blowjob ;)
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Support [17 Oct 2002|09:48am]
Self, there's plenty of support to be done over on LJ. You've been actively ignoring support all night. Why do you come over here and answer a support question?

It's a drug, I tell you. A drug.

Or maybe it's just nice to be a screened user again, instead of "Rah, whomp the stupid user!" I got to be nasty to two nasty people this morning, though. That was a plus.
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obFirstPost [16 Oct 2002|10:02am]

I'm not really here. You want to go and read this instead.
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